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Concession: Buchanan’s Speech – 1992 GOP Convention

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Concession: Buchanan’s Speech – 1992 GOP Convention web site ^ | Aug 17, 1992 | Patrick J. Buchanan

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2008 1:26:13 PM by Jack Black

1992 Republican National Convention Speech Houston, Texas by Patrick J. Buchanan August 17, 1992

Well, we took the long way home, but we finally got here. And I want to congratulate President Bush, and remove any doubt about where we stand: The primaries are over, the heart is strong again, and the Buchanan brigades are enlisted–all the way to a great comeback victory in November.

Like many of you last month, I watched that giant masquerade ball at Madison Square Garden–where 20,000 radicals and liberals came dressed up as moderates and centrists–in the greatest single exhibition of cross-dressing in American political history.

One by one, the prophets of doom appeared at the podium. The Reagan decade, they moaned, was a terrible time in America; and the only way to prevent even worse times, they said, is to entrust our nation’s fate and future to the party that gave us McGovern, Mondale, Carter and Michael Dukakis.

No way, my friends. The American people are not going to buy back into the failed liberalism of the 1960s and ’70s–no matter how slick the package in 1992.

The malcontents of Madison Square Garden notwithstanding, the 1980s were not terrible years. They were great years. You know it. I know it. And the only people who don’t know it are the carping critics who sat on the sidelines of history, jeering at ine of the great statesmen of modern time.

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Republic, Democracy: Definitions from the Training Manual Issued November 30, 1928

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Definitions from the Soldiers Training Manual Issued November 30, 1928
No. 2000-25 WAR DEPARTMENT, WASHINGTON, November 30, 1928.

CITIZENSHIP Prepared under direction of the Chief of Staff This manual supersedes Manual of Citizenship Training The use of the publication “The Constitution of the States,” by Harry Atwood, is by permission and courtesy of the author. The source of other references is shown in the bibliography.
“TM 2000-25: 118-120″

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By: Devvy
July 3, 2008

© 2008 –

“The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” George W. Bush, September 13, 2001. “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” George W. Bush, March 13, 2002

The move to impeach President George W. Bush has been around for years. A large number of Americans actually thought that by voting in Democrats and “taking back” Congress in 2006, not only would America withdraw from this heinous, unconstitutional war in Iraq (and Afghanistan), they could also expect the incompetent, Nancy Pelosi, to spear head the impeachment of Bush. Of course, these duped Americans were played, again. There was never any doubt in my mind that there would be no impeachment.

Many years ago, the foolish Republicans went after Marxist Bill Clinton for the wrong reason. Clinton sold our most sensitive defense secrets to the communist Chinese. Instead of Congress going after him for provable treason, gutless Republicans in the House went after Clinton over a sex charge. Of course, if one has read David Schippers book, Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment, they will fully understand the whole episode was rigged and there was never any serious intention of removing Clinton from office. The same applies to Bush. The Democrats want him to stay in office for political currency – in other words, American soldiers are expendable to get closet communist, Barack Hussein Obama, into the White House. Millions of Democrats have come to realize they were had, but continue to support the ring leaders of such treachery. A form of insanity.
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by Alan Stang
July 4, 2008

Many women, some womanoids and a few men are responding to my pieces on feminism. What you have been reading all these months, doing double duty as magazine articles, are sections from my next book, a companion volume to Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? You may recall that my wife, the Love Priestess, demanded I write that one, about the sodomite infiltration of the Republican Party.

This new one is entitled Why Women Are So Crazy: Not In Their Place. Yes, it’s mealy-mouthed – I admit that – but because the subject is so explosive, I am trying to avoid controversy. The Love Priestess has demanded the right to do a Foreword, but there is nothing to fear; I shall get the last word in a Preface. Meanwhile, let’s suggest some practical remedies.

We know that one of the main purposes – maybe the main purpose – of the conspiracy for world government is to destroy marriage, the real thing, joining one man and one woman. That is why the conspiracy is frenetically promoting all kinds of perversions and calling them “marriage.” The conspiratorial purpose is to destroy the idea – if it is everything, it is nothing – and the scheme is working. Marriage is already shaky. It will be gone when a man can marry a (male) giraffe.

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by Alan Stang
July 17, 2008

[Announcement: Did you know Alan Stang has a new radio show? For details click here.]

One positive thing I certainly can say about the recently departed White House press secretary and network commentator is that, as far as I know, he wasn’t a hypocrite, unlike so many others, with regard to the medical treatment he took. He did himself what he would have had the rest of us do.

Recently, we have seen a spate of celebrity deaths. In 2005, ABC anchorman Peter Jennings died of lung cancer, despite a regimen of what his obituary called “aggressive chemotherapy.” Peter was only 67. Actor Heath Ledger, still in his twenties, died more recently from misuse of immensely profitable prescription drugs.

Next was the sudden demise of Tim Russert. A blood clot did him in. No doubt all these celebrities enjoyed the best, most expensive attention the nation’s official medical industry can offer. Tim was only 58 and was taking heart medications when he died. Apparently they did nothing for his clots.

And now Tony Snow is gone. Like all these others, he was young, only 53. I heard Tony on the air during his illness. He was guesting on a radio talk show, explaining his problem and his treatment. On that program, Tony Snow said he was using the orthodox therapies prescribed by the official, government medical industry. He took the time to speak with contempt of so-called “alternative” methods. If I recall correctly, he specifically ridiculed things like aloe vera.

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Gunny G: Duke Wayne’s Sands of Iwo Jima – Flag Raising Scene….

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Here is the scene from John Wayne’s Sands of Iwo Jima!

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by Marc H. Rudov
August 4, 2008

Money and Children

Nothing symbolizes spineless deference more than a man on bended knee proposing marriage to his girlfriend. When he utters to her that timeless four-word question — “Will you marry me?” — he is taking the biggest risk of his life: disappointing her. Through this emasculating act, he’s really asking her to bury him.

And, if he should, G-d forbid, disappoint his delicate flower, one only wonders how she might retaliate. Americans, who hate to see their women disappointed, will give her lots of latitude — whether she throws his clothes out the window, slaps him in the face (as Teri Hatcher, out of petty anger, did to Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies), or kills him with virtual impunity, as Mary Winkler did to her sleeping husband, using the abuse or bipolar-disorder defense.

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By Chuck Baldwin
August 12, 2008

For the record, I score Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson as being America’s worst Presidents. On one hand, I credit Lincoln with breaking up the two-party monopoly prevalent in his day. We have not seen a Whig in a while. In this respect, I wish someone today could be another Lincoln and somehow break up the current two-party monopoly that plagues our country, because the party that replaced the Whigs (the Republican Party) is worse than the Whigs ever were. As President, however, Lincoln was a disaster. I encourage anyone wanting an honest, objective analysis of Lincoln’s Presidency to read Thomas DiLorenzo’s two masterpieces, “The Real Lincoln” and “Lincoln Unmasked.

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The Front-Runner’s Fall

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September 2008 Atlantic Monthly

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was undone by a clash of personalities more toxic than anyone imagined. E-mails and memos—published here for the first time—reveal the backstabbing and conflicting strategies that produced an epic meltdown.

by Joshua Green

The Front-Runner’s Fall

Also see:

The Clinton Memos

Read the full collection of the campaign’s strategy memos and emails.

For all that has been written and said about Hillary Clinton’s epic collapse in the Democratic primaries, one issue still nags. Everybody knows what happened. But we still don’t have a clear picture of how it happened, or why.

The after-battle assessments in the major newspapers and newsweeklies generally agreed on the big picture: the campaign was not prepared for a lengthy fight; it had an insufficient delegate operation; it squandered vast sums of money; and the candidate herself evinced a paralyzing schizophrenia—one day a shots-’n’-beers brawler, the next a Hallmark Channel mom. Through it all, her staff feuded and bickered, while her husband distracted. But as a journalistic exercise, the “campaign obit” is inherently flawed, reflecting the viewpoints of those closest to the press rather than empirical truth.

How did things look on the inside, as they unraveled?

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The Essence of Liberty Civil Rights

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A Condensed Version of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods. Available from the

Ludwig von Mises Instute

Compiled by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume

Chapter 15: Civil Rights

Historical overviews of the civil rights movement generally focus on well-known events. This chapter focuses on the legal ramifications of the movement.

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) introduced the “separate but equal” doctrine. The 14 th Amendment guaranteed all citizens equal protection of the law. However, it did not require that blacks and whites use the same facilities as long as the separate facilities were equal.

By 1954 the Supreme Court was anxious to declare segregated schools unconstitutional. But they could not argue that the “equal protection” clause prohibited segregated schools for a couple of reasons. First, the Court had already ruled that it did not (in Plessy) and second, the same Congress that passed the 14th Amendment had also approved segregated schools in the District of Columbia.

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OohRah! What The Hell Is That??? by Gunny G

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Ever wonder where some of the most common items of our Marine Corps history came from? Things like the term “Jarhead,” etc.? Most of these things are pretty well known by all Marines. But, then, there are also numerous cases where our accepted history is just plain inaccurate. For instance, Major Devereaux’s last message from the besieged Wake Island in early World War Two–“Send Us More Japs”–or that the red stripe on the blue uniform trousers of officers and NCOs (sometimes referred to as bloodstripes) commemorates  the Marine blood spilled at the battle of Chapultapec in 1847. These two items are not true, and there are many more things like this that I have addressed elsewhere on my websites.

And then there are some cases where the origin of certain traditions are altogether unknown. Take for example, the case of the well known OohRah! What is its origin? What is its meaning? When and where did it start? Is it related to similar cries now in use by other military services? Nobody knows for sure. Yeah, most everybody has an opinion, but what is the straight scoop? Some of the more popular “opinions” on this include that OohRah comes from either (take your pick) a Turkish or a Russian battle cry, and was somehow adopted by U.S. Marines. For many years, I, myself, leaned in the direction that it may have originated with the 1956 film, The DI, staring Jack Webb as T/Sgt Jim Moore, who, in that movie, the “gunny” commands his recruit platoon (paraphrased), “Let me hear you GROWL, tigers!”

In any case, opinions on this abound–some ridiculous, some even humorous,  but like I already said, nobody seems to knows for sure. OohRah is now well-entrenched in Marine Corps tradition, and although I have found that it is generally disliked and its use disapproved of by many old time Marines, one thing is for sure–it is here to stay! Personally, I think that provided we could determine valid and meaningful historical origin, much of this disapproval  by old timers would soon be forgotten. And it seems like OohRah’s origin is not so far distant in our past that there should still be some old salts around even now who can clue us in on the straight scoop.

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What Rielle Hunter Can Tell Us About WMDs

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What Rielle Hunter Can Tell Us About WMDs

“There has been a little buzz surrounding John Edwards and his alleged affair. Because the only source has been the National Enquirer we have decided not to cover the rumors or salacious speculations.”

~Tony Pierce, Los Angeles Times, July 24

When the media refuse to look for something, whether that something be a high profile bimbo or a low yield nuclear bomb, the result will be the same: They won’t find it.

The saga of Saddam’s WMDs is chock-a-block with Rielle Hunters, people with extraordinary stories to tell if only someone would bother asking. [more]

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Jerome Corsi Discusses His Best-Selling Book “The Obama Nation”

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Jerome Corsi Discusses His Best-Selling Book “The Obama Nation” – Video 8/13/08
Blogs for John McCain ^ | August 14, 2008 | brianinmo

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:56:00 AM by

Here is video of Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the #1 best-selling book The Obama Nation, discussing his book on Hannity & Colmes last night, August 13, 2008. Corsi talks about Obama’s opposition to protecting the life of a baby who is born alive after an attempted abortion. He also discusses a number of other explosive facts in his book . . .

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by Alan Stang
August 14, 2008

[Announcement: Did you know Alan Stang has a new radio show? Click here for details.]

Last week I confessed I had no solution to the problems that have endured for millennia in the Middle East. The good news is that I do have a solution for the people of these united States, a solution of genius guaranteed to please everyone. First, remember America’s traditional foreign policy, bequeathed to us by a departing George Washington in his Farewell Address.

The President admonished us to avoid “foreign entanglements.” He was talking about the entanglements that for centuries provoked European wars in his time and now in ours. He urged us to be friendly to all other nations and hostile to none; to enjoy the unparalleled blessings and riches of our own country; and, more important than anything else, to mind our own business.

Of course the conspiracy for world government had and has other ideas. In the 1930s, George Washington was still too formidable to run at directly, so, without mentioning him, they concocted the term “isolationist” to discredit someone who shared his beliefs. In the world government lexicon, an “isolationist” is someone who pretends no other countries exist and will have nothing to do with them, who sticks his head in the sand and refuses to trade.

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