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New York Post


August 23, 2008 –DENVER – Joe Biden is one of the mouthiest politicians in all of Washington, but that’s precisely why he may be the perfect pick as Barack Obama‘s vice president.

His ability to steal center stage during any hearing has made him unrivaled for grating on fellow lawmakers’ nerves.

He makes his point – often two or three times – quite bluntly, but always colorfully and memorably. And it’s usually Biden who makes the evening news and the next day’s papers.

His refreshingly unguarded bluntness also has been the source of some of the worst headaches in his latest failed attempt at the Democratic nomination.

In just the last primary alone, Biden’s wild mouth managed to run him afoul of Indians, 7-Eleven clerks and African-Americans.

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August 22, 2008


UPDATED 6-22-08 @ 6:18 PM CDT

Below is an update on the suit brought against Obama, the DNC and the FEC.  I have a thought and want to share it.  If there is a valid question, which there is, to the Constitutionality of Obama’s eligibility to run for POTUS, what difference does it make what the Plaintiffs political party is?  The fact that this Federal Judge asked those questions rather than addressing the Constitutional Eligibility of Barack Obama’s candidacy, and the fact that this was an open court hearing that the American Media has yet to report makes clear the DNC and Barack Obama are to be exempt from the Laws of and the Constitution of The United States of America.

UPDATE on Berg v. Obama Lawsuit

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Philip J. Berg, Esq. Files Federal Lawsuit Requesting Obama Be Removed as a Candidate as he does not meet the Qualifications for President

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Philip J. Berg, Esq. Files Federal Lawsuit Requesting Obama Be Removed as a Candidate as he does not meet the Qualifications for President

Thursday, 21 August 2008 22:09 administrator

For Immediate Release: – 08/21/08

Suit filed 08/21/08, No. 08-cv-4083

Contact information at the end of this press release. Documents filed with the court and a copy of this press release can be downloaded at the end of this press release.

(Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 08/21/08) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, [Berg is a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania; former candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate in Democratic Primaries; former Chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County; former member of Democratic State Committee; an attorney with offices in Montgomery County, PA and an active practice in Philadelphia, PA, filed a lawsuit in Federal Court today, Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083, seeking a Declaratory Judgment and an Injunction that Obama does not meet the qualifications to be President of the United States. Berg filed this suit for the best interests of the Democratic Party and the citizens of the United States.

Philip J. Berg, Esquire stated in his lawsuit that Senator Obama:

1. Is not a naturalized citizen; and/or

2. Lost his citizenship when he was adopted in Indonesia; and/or

3. Has dual loyalties because of his citizenship with Kenya and Indonesia.

Berg stated: “I filed this action at this time to avoid the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.

There have been numerous questions raised about Obama’s background with no satisfactory answers. The questions that I have addressed include, but are not limited to:

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Gunny G: “In Poly-Tiks, Nuthin’ Happens By Accident”….

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I Smell a Clinton Coup Brewing

By JB Williams

22/08/08 — “CFP” — – Tuesday, August 19, 2008 — After Barockstar’s near fatal empty suit performance at Saddleback Saturday, the Obama spin machine is in damage control overdrive. I wonder if they’ve had time to realize that they have been triangulated by the Clinton war room and set up to take a fall at the DNC convention?

That old Clinton war room stench is in the air again… It seems the empty suit and his empty headed staff is not quite up to speed on Clintonian strategeries.

Consider the latest Clinton maneuvers:

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Eligibility Goes Beyond Citizenship by Jeff Schreiber

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Eligibility Goes Beyond Citizenship

by Jeff Schreiber

I don’t know if the allegations found in Phillip Berg’s civil action are true. I did not sever Barack Obama’s umbilical cord, I do not know anyone who did, and therefore I cannot know for sure absent more than circumstantial evidence whether or not Stanley Ann Dunham opened wide and gave birth to the Illinois liberal in Kenya, in Hawaii, or elsewhere.

Perhaps we can look into the destination for mass shipments of gold, frankincense and myrrh in early August of 1961. Or perhaps we could just ask Keith Olbermann — I’m sure he has a framed photograph of the blessed event.

What I do know is that, when the United States Constitution was penned mere steps from where Berg’s lawsuit was filed yesterday afternoon, those imperfect but brilliant gentlemen who wrote the fifth clause of Article II, Section 1 established the trio of specific eligibility requirements–citizenship, age and residency–in hopes of increasing the probability that the elected officials who were to assume the presidency in years to come would be of sound mind, of good judgment, and in possession of a soul rooted in an undying love for America.

It was important to those courageous men that the future leaders of their fledgling nation understand what it means to be an American. Every clause in that document is there for a reason, each a lesson learned from fresh wounds of tyranny gone but not forgotten, and the framers made a point to require that, at the very least, a potential president must have been a citizen of the United States “at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.” Unfettered, undivided devotion and loyalty to America was of the utmost concern; simply put, only those who fought and bled for Her independence, or at the very least understood the meaning behind, need for and potential of this great experiment could be trusted with its charge.
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The War Bubble

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The War Bubble

by Karen Kwiatkowski
by Karen Kwiatkowski


We hear a lot about housing bubbles, credit bubbles, even oil bubbles. These bubbles exist. They are birthed and nurtured by statist governments fixated on central planning. Statist governments that obsess constantly about control over property, movement, and the minds and hearts of individuals. You know, governments like the one in Washington, D.C.

For libertarians, these bubbles are predictable. But predictability doesn’t make them less sad or less painful for the bulk of Americans, who pay dearly for their government’s outrages.

But there is an exception in the predictable sadness of bubbles. Paul Farrell’s latest column at advances the outrageous American war economy, and concludes that the massive “war bubble” will explode, and soon. I naturally agree with what Mr. Farrell had to say – after all, most of his article was plain old statistical fact about what Eisenhower recognized in the 1950s, and what Bob Higgs has explained in his excellent books and articles.

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McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’

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McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’

Prison Planet
August 21, 2008

Think Progress
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today at a townhall meeting, an audience member praised Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for his vow to “[1] follow bin Laden to the gates of hell.” After a long question about veterans’ care, the questioner said she believed we needed to reinstate the draft, to which McCain seemed to readily agree:

QUESTIONER: If we don’t reenact the draft, I don’t think we’ll have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell.


MCCAIN: Ma’am, let me say that I don’t disagree with anything you said.

Watch it (via [2] Progressive Accountability):

In June, McCain said it would take an “all-out World War III” to make the draft necessary — which seems to mean [3] he’d consider it. In July 2006, when asked to react to Newt Gingrich’s claim that “You’d have to say to yourself this is in fact World War III,” McCain said, “[4] I do [agree] to some extent.”

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Very Strange Timing for Little Georgia to Attack the Big Bear

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Mid-Summer Alert

08/08/08 to 8/28/2008 —

Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer
Maj. William B. Fox
Dr. James H. Fetzer
Capt. Eric H. May
SFC Donald S. Buswell

August 21, 2008

Lt.Col. Guy Razer

Very Strange Timing for Little
Georgia to Attack the Big Bear

In our 18 July 2008 Mid-Summer Alert 1 we warned about military exercises with the potential to go “live” in the form of a false flag event in the late July/early August time frame. We described “Immediate Response 2008,” which ran for three weeks beginning in mid-July and involved a thousand American troops training in the nation of Georgia.
We believe that part of this exercise actually went “live.” According to the 15-17 Aug Wayne Madsen Report, “United States and British signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts of Caucasus region communications…reveal that Georgia was involved in a sneak attack on the evening of August 8th against South Ossetia and its Russian peacekeepers.” Georgia opened up with indiscriminate rocket salvos against civilians inside the Russian protectorate of Ossetia, followed by invasion troops on the same day that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and U.S President Bush attended the opening of the Chinese Olympics.

Maj. William Fox

The Israeli Connection In
the Anti-Iranian “Great Game”

According to the Wayne Madsen Report (8 Aug), George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI), which sponsored a themed “Rose Revolution” for control of Georgia in 2003, has also worked for years to stir up problems in South Ossetia. Regarding Iran, “Israel warned Russia that it would do `everything possible’ to prevent Russia supplying S-300 anti-aircraft/missile equipment to Iran.”
Significantly, Israel has not only been a major supplier of weapons and advisors to Georgia, but also has numerous high level connections. For example, the Georgian Defense Minister David Kezerashvili lived in Israel as a boy and speaks fluent Hebrew. The late Georgian Prime Minister, Zarab Zhvania who died in 2005, was Jewish and a close friend of the current president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. Georgia has so many other close ties with both Israel and the U.S. that both countries probably blessed the invasion as part of a broader geopolitical strategy to intimidate Russia out of its support for Iran in contemplation of a coming attack on Iran.
In “Leave It Alone, George,2 William S. Lind notes bellicose rhetoric from Bush that reinforces worst fears. The 11 Aug Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that “President Bush called the violence unacceptable and Vice President Dick Cheney . . . said Russia’s actions in Georgia `must not go unanswered.’” Lind states, “If . . . Washington provoked the conflict, [this] would be as great a crime as the Bush administration lying us into war with Iraq . . . It beggars the imagination to think that America could find itself in a nuclear confrontation with a post-Soviet Russia. But if the White House acts in accordance with its rhetoric, the next few weeks or even days may witness just such a strategic catastrophe.”

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Why Are Rush, Drudge, and Fox News Not Reporting Berg v. Obama?

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Why Are Rush, Drudge, and Fox News Not Reporting Berg v. Obama?
8/22/08 | Vision

Posted on Friday, August 22, 2008 1:11:39 PM by Vision

If the lawsuit has been filed, why is Berg v. Obama being ignored?

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Former Congressmen Warn Troops: As Senator He Abandoned American POWs Trapped in Indochina; as President He’ll Abandon You

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Former Congressmen Warn Troops: As Senator He Abandoned American POWs Trapped in Indochina; as President He’ll Abandon You

Special to the U.S. Veteran Dispatch
By former U.S. Congressmen Bill Hendon (R-NC)
and John LeBoutillier (R-NY)
August 16, 2008

“He [McCain] has told me several times over the years that the myth of live POWs was a cruel hoax on the families. He chaired hearings into the issue in the 1990s and found nothing. ‘The committee … pored over thousands of records and every claim of a sighting, no matter how outlandish,’ says Salter. ‘It was all untrue.’” Jonathan Alter, When Ross Perot Calls…, January 16, 2008

Senator John McCain’s heroic and inspiring wartime service in Vietnam notwithstanding, we know from personal experience he is not fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief of America’s armed forces. Here is how we know this:

In mid-summer 1991, the U.S. Senate created the Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs and charged it with conducting a no-holds-barred investigation into the long-festering matter of American POWs reportedly still held captive by the Communist North Vietnamese and Pathet Lao. On the day the legislation creating the Select Committee was passed, August 2, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted nationwide showed that 69% of Americans surveyed believed that Americans were still held captive in Southeast Asia and 75% believed the U.S. government wasn’t doing enough to get them home.
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Update: “Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter, announced he’s filing a federal lawsuit today, claiming that Obama lost his citizenship when his mother relocated the family to Indonesia when Barack was a boy. “

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Raining on Barack’s parade
Philadelphia Daily News ^ | 8/22/08 | By Daily News

Posted on Friday, August 22, 2008 8:39:32 AM by Treefiddy

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has faced so many false rumors about his family history that it has put his birth certificate on the Internet: he was born in Honolulu, nearly two years after Hawaii became a state, making Obama a U.S. citizen by birth.

But that hasn’t stopped Montgomery County lawyer Philip J. Berg from challenging Obama’s qualifications to be president.

Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter, announced he’s filing a federal lawsuit today, claiming that Obama lost his citizenship when his mother relocated the family to Indonesia when Barack was a boy.

Under the law, however, moving to a foreign country does not negate an American’s citizenship.

Berg said that he’s acting on his own, not as an agent for the Clinton campaign. Republicans were prepared to file a similar lawsuit after the Democratic convention, he said.

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Why I Cannot Support Senator John McCain for President

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Why I Cannot Support Senator John McCain for President

29 August 1999

I wish I could support John McCain and as a fellow returned POW. I have found I am expected to support him, but I cannot. If I cannot support him, then the next best thing I find is that I am expected to remain mute and say nothing. As I have proven in a terrible jungle prison, I have the ability to remain mute in the face of those who wished to trade me my very life for just a few words. My remaining mute then, is the driving factor behind my feeling compelled to speak out now.

When John was blown from the sky over that lake in Hanoi, did the enemy already know whose son he was? No, they did not until John told them. He was seriously hurt in his ejection and he needed medical attention. In exchange for what the rest of us would call “First Class” care, he talked. He not only told them who his father, the Admiral was, but he expounded in detail on the Chain of Command and then built himself up by describing himself as one of the “very best pilots”. You will not find this form of “resistance” in the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or in the Code of Conduct. As a matter of fact, it is expressly forbidden. Now, if the US Navy wants to give John a pass on this, it is all right with me, but that free pass negated John’s pointing fingers at others, or at least it should have. Just ask Robert Garwood, or anyone else who crosses him, if he is a finger pointer. He is the worst.

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Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain: Fellow POW By Phillip Butler

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In case you missed it:

Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain: Fellow POW

By Phillip Butler
27/03/2008 — –

As some of you might know, John McCain is a long-time acquaintance of mine that goes way back to our time together at the U.S. Naval Academy and as Prisoners of War in Vietnam. He is a man I respect and admire in some ways. But there are a number of reasons why I will not vote for him for President of the United States.

When I was a Plebe (4th classman, or freshman) at the Naval Academy in 1957-58, I was assigned to the 17th Company for my four years there. In those days we had about 3,600 midshipmen spread among 24 companies, thus about 150 midshipmen to a company. As fortune would have it, John, a First Classman (senior) and his room mate lived directly across the hall from me and my two room mates. Believe me when I say that back then I would never in a million or more years have dreamed that the crazy guy across the hall would someday be a Senator and candidate for President!

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Send in the Marines? by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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Send in the Marines?

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

One of many costs of war is the impression it gives that government is a savior, a glorious means by which social problems are solved and a mechanism for the righting of wrong. In all postwar times, we can count on interventionists to invoke the war analogy to address a huge range of problems. If the government can do such a great job in war, it is asked, why shouldn’t it also manage the economy, cure disease, abolish unemployment, end poverty, and 10,000 other things?

This is not just a rhetorical tactic; it represents grave ideological degeneracy that is encouraged and promoted by war. War prepares the public for the idea that government is the answer to problems, not a deadly machine that specializes in destruction and killing, something to be feared and restrained as the founding fathers believed, but a liberator, a bringer of high ideals, the means by which the greatest things are accomplished.

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John McCain Losing His Cool! (+ numerous other videos, etc.)

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John McCain Losing His Cool–plus many more videos on the whispered temper tantrums of the possible potus!!!!!

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“Soldier Worship”: J. Gresham Machen on Imperialism, Militarism, and Conscription

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J. Gresham Machen on Imperialism, Militarism, and Conscription

by Laurence M. Vance
by Laurence M. Vance


Who is J. Gresham Machen and why should we care what he said about imperialism, militarism, and conscription?

John Gresham Machen (1881–1937) was a conservative Presbyterian New Testament scholar who taught at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1906–1929. Because he believed that the seminary had left its historic theological position, Machen left Princeton in 1929 and founded Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, teaching there until his untimely death in 1937.

Machen was widely recognized in his day as one of the most scholarly and zealous defenders of conservative Protestantism. His most enduring works are The Origin of Paul’s Religion (1921), The Virgin Birth of Christ (1930), Christianity and Liberalism (1923), and New Testament Greek for Beginners (1923), all of which are still in print today.

Machen was not a pacifist, and neither was he connected in any way with one of the historic peace churches. He was the epitome of an orthodox, conservative Christian. And that is why we should care about what he said about imperialism, militarism, and conscription. Too many Christians today believe that a conservative Christian should identify politically with the conservative movement, which today generally supports war, militarism, and an aggressive U.S. foreign policy – at least when a Republican president is in charge.

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NAZARIO TRIAL, DAY ONE: “This kind of case is supposed to be in a military court”

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  • NAZARIO TRIAL, DAY ONE: “This kind of case is supposed to be in a military court”

    Friday, August 22, 2008 7:58:28 AM · by RedRover · 3+ views

    Defend Our Marines ^ | August 22, 2008 | Nathaniel R. Helms
    Riverside, California–There is a lot at stake in the utilitarian court room dominated by the Seal of the United States District Court for Central California at Riverside. This is where former Marine Corps Sergeant Jose Luis Nazario, 28, is on trial for allegedly killing enemy combatants his squad captured in the opening hours of the battle for Fallujah, Iraq almost four years ago. Two other Marines in the squad he led are charged with unpremeditated murder and dereliction of duty by the Marine Corps. For the record, Nazario says it never happened. On trial with Nazario is almost 250 years…
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Today’s Toons…. 8.22.08

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Today’s Toons…

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Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court (Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency)

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Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court (Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency) ^ | 8/21/08 | Jeff Schreiber

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2008 8:00:24 PM by LdSentinal

A prominent Philadelphia attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter filed suit this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen. Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States.

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Down With the Presidency by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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Down With the Presidency

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The presidency must be destroyed. It is the primary evil we face, and the cause of nearly all our woes. It squanders the national wealth and starts unjust wars against foreign peoples that have never done us any harm. It wrecks our families, tramples on our rights, invades our communities, and spies on our bank accounts. It skews the culture towards decadence and trash. It tells lie after lie. Teachers used to tell schools kids that anyone can be president. This is like saying anyone can go to Hell. It’s not an inspiration; it’s a threat.

The presidency – by which I mean the executive state – is the sum total of American tyranny. The other branches of government, including the presidentially appointed Supreme Court, are mere adjuncts. The presidency insists on complete devotion and humble submission to its dictates, even while its steals the products of our labor and drives us into economic ruin. It centralizes all power unto itself, and crowds out all competing centers of power in society, including the church, the family, the business, the charity, and the community.

I’ll go further. The U.S. presidency is the world’s leading evil. It is the chief mischief-maker in every part of the globe, the leading wrecker of nations, the usurer behind third-world debt, the bailer-out of corrupt governments, the hand in many dictatorial gloves, the sponsor and sustainer of the New World Order, of wars, interstate and civil, of famine and disease. To see the evils caused by the presidency, look no further than Iraq or Serbia, where the lives of innocents were snuffed out in pointless wars, where bombing was designed to destroy civilian infrastructure and cause disease, and where women, children, and the aged have been denied essential food and medicine because of a cruel embargo. Look at the human toll taken by the presidency, from Dresden and Hiroshima to Waco and Ruby Ridge, and you see a prime practitioner of murder by government.

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I’m Innocent,’ Missing Girl’s Mom Says Leaving Jail

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I’m Innocent,’ Missing Girl’s Mom Says Leaving Jail ^ | 08/21/2008 | Staff

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2008 1:46:27 PM by Red Badger

Media Mob Prompts ‘Black-List’ Threat From Attorney

ORLANDO, Fla. — The mother of a missing Orlando girl said, “I’m innocent” before walking out of jail and encountering a frenzied mob of reporters and photographers in a case that continues to grab national attention

Casey Anthony, 22, left the Orange County Jail Thursday after celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla helped post her $500,000 bail.

Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, said she wanted to walk out of the jail with her head held high before being rushed by the media.

“Just as we were walking out, I covered her up and she stopped me, and you may notice we stopped for a brief moment and she told me in my ear that she wanted me to take the umbrella down and she said to me, ‘Jose, I’m innocent and I’m going to walk out of this place with my head held high.’ We were about to do that and you all bombarded us. You could have had all of the photographs you wanted.”

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Gun Rights on Trial

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Published by The New American (

Gun Rights on Trial

Created 2008-09-01 17:00

A homeowner suddenly confronted by a knife-wielding intruder reaches desperately for a handgun with which to defend himself. But the firearm lies disassembled and unloaded in a drawer, useless. Before the homeowner can reassemble and load his pistol, and confront his attacker, the assailant strikes, and strikes again — with fatal results.

The real cause of the homeowner’s death in this scenario? That he had the misfortune to reside in the District of Columbia. For besides banning most semiautomatic pistols (the type of firearm that most knowledgeable Americans prefer for personal self-defense), the District requires that all registered handguns possessed by its civilian residents remain unloaded and either disassembled or fitted with a trigger lock unless there is a “reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm to the person.”

Precisely how, except as a club, is an individual supposed to use a handgun that is unloaded and disassembled or trigger-locked to protect himself from immediate harm? The District leaves that to speculation. But the District’s attorney general has explained that “we are trying to balance the right to have a handgun for use of self-defense in the home, with protecting our citizens.”

One might have thought that having “a handgun for use of self-defense in the home,” fully loaded and ready to fire at a moment’s notice, is one very good way of “protecting our citizens.” Apparently the District’s officials imagine otherwise, and they intend to enforce their fantasies on the city’s crime-plagued residents, even if the consequence is those citizens’ otherwise preventable deaths or severe bodily injuries at the hands of homicidal criminals.

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Ron Paul Has Already Won

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Ron Paul Has Already Won

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


The ‘What’s Next’ Series

Ron Paul’s bid for the U.S. presidency ranks among the most heroic anyone has ever undertaken. We live in emergency times, with a choice between forms of socialism or fascism. The parties’ leadership have embraced this decrepit old model, despite all evidence of the bankruptcy of statism. Ron alone dared pose a challenge. His bid has also been the most unusual in modern history. Its main energy has come not from a political machine, but from millions of volunteers, most of them young and most of them exposed to new political and economic truths for the first time.

In that sense, and in addition to garnering more primary votes than any libertarian candidate in American history, Ron has accomplished precisely what he set out to do. He has re-founded the libertarian movement on a principled basis, liberated the ideas of peace and free enterprise from monopolistic control, exposed the political apparatus for the fraud that it is, and laid the groundwork for a future flowering of liberty.

Let us consider why this is so.


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Gy G’s

Sites & Forums!
R.W. “Dick” Gaines
GySgt USMC (Ret.)



“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering
if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t
have that problem.”
-Author Unknown

President Ronald Reagan seems to be universally
credited with the above quote, and the quote
itself is generally shown with Reagan’s name
below it.
But, was he the originator of that saying?
No, he was not!
He did speak those words in 1985 (or whenever)
alright, but he was not the first one to do so.
I, personally, know that the above “quote” was
known to Marines long prior to 1983/1985. In fact,
when I heard Reagan use it, I recall that I
jokingly remarked to the effect that he would
likely then be credited with it. But I never
really thought that all reference to the original
speaker of those words would be lost.

Today, a search of the Internet would seem to
indicate Reagan as the original speaker/writer of
those words, and it must appear that way on a
thousand Marines’ websites that I’ve seen! Now
that the saying has found its way into print
together with Reagan’s name, the world believes
what it sees is fact, and If the true reference
is still out there somewhere, it is in indeed
I am surprised that I can now find so few
old-time Marines who remember it before Reagan.
Most likely it was first written or voiced by a
Marine–but possibly someone else– in a
statement, a book or some other writing.

No, I do not think that President Reagan intended
to misrepresent this quote–I do think too many
people erroneously just assume/believe he is the
original author of it.
Not a big thing you say? You’re right, but ya
see, I have this big red coffee cup w/a Marine
Corps Emblem (not an ega, mind you–but
that’s another story) on one side and this “quote” on the
other; the side w/the quote is the side I look
at each time I take a sip–it has begun to annoy
me to the point that I have finally decided to do
something about it!

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Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine – SMALL WARS JOURNAL

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Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine
By SWJ Editors

Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine
FM 3-24, Relevant Case Studies or Seductive Analogies?
by Andrew Salamone, Small Wars Journal

Military History and the Drafting of Doctrine (Full PDF Article)

Military professionals value history as a tool for accomplishing objectives
ranging from predicting future events and outcomes to developing new
strategy and doctrine. Examining individual case studies helps reveal
patterns and trends useful in forecasting, while drawing historical
analogies between current and prior situations with similar characteristics
can reveal “lessons learned,” which are often applied to future
contingencies. The U.S. Army and Marine Corps counterinsurgency manual (FM
3-24) published in December 2006 is an example of the degree to which
history can influence the making of present-day military doctrine. The
manual is based on the lessons learned from counterinsurgency experiences as
far removed as the 1950′s. While the consideration of history is undeniably
important, so is the need for in depth analysis of the selected case studies
and historical analogies from which lessons are drawn. Such analysis ensures
similarities are more than superficial and that the lessons we are learning
are the correct ones. This paper calls into question the validity of the
historical analogies used in FM 3-24 and cautions against the continued
reliance on historical case studies that are diminishing in relevance.
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Why Bush Will Pardon AIPAC for Espionage

August 21, 2008 1 comment
August 20, 2008
Why Bush Will Pardon AIPAC for Espionage

by Grant F. Smith

In 2005, Col. Lawrence Franklin was indicted alongside two executives of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for allegedly violating the 1917 Espionage Act. Franklin later pled guilty to passing AIPAC a classified presidential directive and other secrets concerning America’s Iran policy. AIPAC then allegedly forwarded the highly sensitive information to Israeli government officials and selected members of Washington’s media establishment. This covert leaking appears to be just one of many AIPAC programs designed to encourage tougher U.S. policies toward Iran, from financial boycotts to naval blockades and possibly even military strikes.
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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 21, 2008

That was the defining question asked by Pastor Rick Warren at his “Christian” forum the other night.

Even though both candidates disagreed on how evil should be dealt with, both McCain and Obama made it clear that they believe there is such a force.

Seeing how this was a debate involving self-proclaimed Christians, in a Christian church, hosted by a Christian pastor, this was a great opportunity for America’s leading evangelical to define for all America the root cause of our nation’s problems.

Instead, Pastor Warren moved on to climate change, adoption, and other peripheral issues. Perhaps I am wrong, but I would expect “America’s Pastor” to handle the debate in a manner that would reflect the attitude of the Berean Christians who “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Sadly, Pastor Warren looked more like Tom Brokaw than John the Baptist.

How could a Christian pastor not more aggressively defend the Cross? Why are CNN, Time Magazine and the God-hating media fawning over this “evangelical” pastor? Could it be that they love his non-judgmental form of Christianity? Are you aware that Rick Warren is drifting towards an affiliation with “the religious left.” From a political perspective, “left” usually is a synonym for “liberal” or “socialist”, while “right” refers to “conservatives” or “capitalist.” The “left” believes that government is the answer to most of America’s problems, while the “right” believes that government IS the problem.

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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 21, 2008

Why must the world blow its nose into the United States of America when we already suffer double pneumonia? Why do other countries back their busses up to our borders and unload their excess population into America? Why does the world feel that it can bombard the United States with its problems? When will the countries and peoples of the world solve their own problems in their own lands? When will world leaders get a grip on reality by advancing their people into the 21st century?

Again, you’re invited you to listen to the archived interview with George Noory and Frosty Wooldridge,, August 11, 2008. Emails continue pouring into my computer with angry, frustrated and exasperated Americans as they see their country inundated with unending legal and illegal immigration.

Responses include:

“I have realized the destruction of overpopulation for many years. I have been a Land Surveyor for over 40+ years. We would show up for the original boundary survey, and remain throughout all phases of construction, then dip the running sewers to build the next phase. I now work at the State of UNafornia where they have ‘diversity celebrations’ monthly!! I have belonged and donate to for years and help with Barb Coe at rallies when elderly citizens were getting beaten. I realized what you stated about the ironic twist of Capitalism depending on massive population growth and wrote Reagan, Greenpeace & Sierra clubs stating the problem, but got sideways answers. You are the ONLY one that I hear outside of CAPS stating the obvious. We are literally drinking treated sewage water here in UNafornia as they have no choice. Today, all of Long Beach is off limits due to sewage at the beaches. We don’t need anymore feces generators!” Dave, Huntington Beach, CA

“Aside from the younger generation and the “Bee-Hive” life style I am also concerned that my generation will in some way be the last to be duel-classed for lack of better terms. I lived in Arizona for about 15 years and watched as the spirit of the west swiftly eroded to become just an extension of East L.A. That’s why I moved farther north to Idaho. But sure enough the same stuff is happening in small areas even up here. We need to clean this mess up and drop that press ‘1’ for Spanish crap. I’m not prejudice and in fact lived in Florida for about 5 years and was the only white kid in a class.” Chris, Middleton, Idaho

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“the fate of missing U.S. Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher”

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August 21, 2008 –
© Jack Cashill

by Jack Cashill

In late April 2003, after the fall of Baghdad, CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer replayed an earlier conversation he had had with the Iraqi foreign minister, the wily Tariq Aziz.

One overlooked part of this conversation caught the very sharp eye of aspiring filmmaker Chris Kusnell.

When Blitzer asked Aziz about the fate of missing U.S. Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher, Aziz answered that Speicher was killed in a crash on night one of the Gulf War.

As proof, Aziz volunteered that Speicher was not among the POWs released “immediately after the end of the war in April 19, 1991.”

“I stopped right there,” Kusnell tells me, “and thought, ‘What the f—- is he talking about? The war ended February 26.’”

This set Kusnell to wondering—“Why would Saddam Hussein’s mouthpiece go on American television, on the worldwide face of western cable news, and state that April 19 was the day the war ended?”

It slowly dawned on Kusnell that April 19, 1995 was the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. “To me it sounded like a taunt,” says Kusnell, “like Saddam was slyly taking credit for something he’d never been able to take credit for.”
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“What? You expect us to believe that Washington would kill Americans? Yes, that is exactly what I expect you to believe” (Khazars…part 4)

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Khazars, Communists, Zionists And These united States, Part 4

by Alan Stang
August 21, 2008

[Announcement: Did you know Alan Stang has a new radio show? Click here for details.]

Israeli influence in these united States, legal and illegal, is immense and has been well covered. Some observers say it amounts to control. At the top of that influence is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which of course is legal, except that a couple of its officials await trial for a species of espionage.

Larry Franklin, an Air Force Reserve Colonel with a Top Secret clearance, was convicted and sentenced to thirteen years in prison for passing information to them that wound up in Jerusalem. Jonathan Pollard, in prison for many years, spied on us in Israel’s behalf. There are many others.

There is no need to belabor all this. By now it is clear that Israel – which, remember, is a foreign nation with its own foreign policy – does exert enormous, unseemly influence on our country, including espionage. Perspective is lacking because the obverse side of this possibly fatal relationship receives little attention: the possibility that Washington actually controls Israel.

Israel receives more U.S. foreign aid than any other country. An article by David R. Francis in the Christian Science Monitor says that, since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. Francis says that, if divided by today’s population, that is more than $5,700 per person. Paraphrasing the late, great Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois, a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

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By: Devvy
August 21, 2008

© 2008 –

Earlier this month, Bruce E. Ivins, a skilled microbiologist who assisted the FBI in their investigation of the 2001 anthrax mail attacks, supposedly killed himself. Seems to be the thing for microbiologists over the past ten years. Allegedly the Federal Department of InJustice was ready to file criminal charges against Ivins for the attacks. Those clever crime busters at the FBI originally tapped another government scientist, Steven J. Hatfill, as the chief suspect. They hounded and harassed this man for years and finally, when they could no longer hide their complete ineptness, they settled with Dr. Hatfill to the tune of $5.82 MILLION dollars.

There was never any evidence that Dr. Hatfill possessed any anthrax, but that didn’t stop the men and women of the “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” bureau from pursing and ruining the wrong man’s life. Because there’s no money in the treasury, that $5.82 MILLION dollar settlement had to be borrowed from the “FED” with the interest heaped upon the backs of we the people. No doubt those responsible for that monumental screw up in the FBI will be promoted, not fired. This time around, how convenient that just as the G-men were about to get their new man, he ups and kills himself. Dead men tell no tales nor do they sue for damages like Dr. Hatfill, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars for another sloppy investigation by the FBI.

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The Essence of Liberty – Chapter 17: The Decade of Greed?

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The Essence of Liberty

A Condensed Version of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods. Available from the

Ludwig von Mises Instute

Compiled by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume

Chapter 17: The Decade of Greed?

No successful presidential candidate had run of an anti-government, pro-freedom platform since the New Deal.

How was Regan different?

Ronald Regan was different. He supported privatization, entrepreneurial sprit and the moral superiority of the free market. Such things had been despised during the 1960s and 70s. Regan made them intellectually respectable again.

Critics called it the “decade of greed.” Joe Sobran defined it for them: “Today, wanting someone else’s money is called ‘need,’ wanting to keep your own money is called ‘greed,’ and ‘compassion’ is when politicians arrange the transfer.”

Charitable giving during the “Decade of Greed”

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Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Ed (“Too Tall”) Freeman of Boise died Wednesday

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Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Ed (“Too Tall”) Freeman of Boise died Wednesday
Idaho Statesman ^ | 8/20/2008 | Katy Moeller

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2008 5:56:12 PM by Domandred

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Ed Freeman of Boise died Wednesday morning, according to a friend of the Freeman family. He was 80 years old.

– SNIP –

As a flight leader and second in command of a 16-helicopter lift unit, he supported a heavily engaged infantry battalion at Landing Zone X-Ray in the la Drang Valley.

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“MY APARTMENT” …by Dick Gaines

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“MY APARTMENT” …by Dick Gaines

A few months ago, in the city of Rochester, NY, I stopped at a bar on Mount Read Blvd. near the old Kodak plant. The large Marine Corps emblem that adorned the bukhead outside had stopped me cold as I rounded a curve and came upon the old building and bar named “My Apartment.” Another sign outside announced “Marine Corps Birthday Ball Every Year November 10th!”–or words to that effect.

Inside, the young man at the bar advised me that the bar had long been/and still was owned by an older former Marine–his name escapes me at the moment. The Marine had suffered a stroke a year or two prior to my visit, and except for Nov. 10th and New Years, seldom ever came into the bar anymore. The bulkheads were lined back-to-back with numerous old full-size Marine Corps recruiting posters and other memorabilia from days long gone by. There wasn’t a bare spot anywhere in the place where something else ‘Marine Corps’ could have been hung–and the bartender remarked, “you should see all the stuff in the basement!” I spent considerable time examining the posters and photographs there.
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Secession 101 by William Buppert

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Secession 101

by William Buppert

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I have discussed secession in two fictional conversations published on LRC prior to penning this one, and wanted to devote this essay to what secession is. The common definition is “[t]o withdraw formally from membership in an organization, association, or alliance.” We seem to be of two minds on this in these united States: the War of Northern Aggression (1860–65) as portrayed in academia and the media paints a dark and malevolent picture of secession as a means to keep humans in bondage and sanctify evil deeds. As a revisionist historian, I have learned to take these assumptions with a grain of salt. Just look at the LRC King Lincoln archives for a dose of real history and not the mass-manufactured hagiographic state worship that passes for most history today. On the other hand, we are a nation birthed and mid-wifed through secession from England to establish our embryonic nation and expand across the continent. It was, after all, the Anti-Federalist papers that provided the original antivenin to big government here. Secession is a topic that can either get you labeled an oddball in conversation or quickly lead to your demise in less tolerant states. So let’s examine this from the bottom up.
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It is not the job of journalists to protect the sensitivities of people or to participate in American propaganda

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Ambivalence of War

by Charley Reese


“It is well that war is so terrible,” Gen. Robert E. Lee said, “or else we might grow too fond of it.”

“War is hell,” Gen. William T. Sherman said to a graduating class of a military school.

So statements by the last of the Christian knights and the first of the 20th-century warriors (Sherman was ahead of his time) illustrate the ambivalence that war causes. It is, especially seen from a distance or through the sanitized lenses of America’s lap-dog television networks, an exciting adventure. It is the ultimate sport – the animal kingdom’s most ferocious predators locked in a struggle to the death. Brave young men risking all to fight for their country – or so they’ve been told, though the real reasons are usually quite different. It is a natural impulse to cheer for our side.

But as much as I love Lee and despise Sherman, Sherman was right. The glory of war is all moonshine. It is pure hell. That’s why the American networks censor, without even being told, the ugly images of war. That was the case when they decided not to air the pictures of dead Americans that Iraqi television made available and that were broadcast globally by Al-Jazeera, the independent Arab television network.

That was the wrong decision. It is not the job of journalists to protect the sensitivities of people or to participate in American propaganda. Those ugly pictures of young Americans, their faces mutilated by bullets and shrapnel, are the true face of war. That’s what war is: death, mutilation and destruction. Why hide from Americans what they wanted? The polls say 70 percent or more support war. Well, you should be willing to look at what you support – all of it, not just a censored, prettified version of it.
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Rants: Edgar J. Steele – Impending WW III….

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We have had an overwhelming number of requests for links to archived recordings of the recent Internet Radio discussions between Edgar J. Steele and 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik about impending World War III.

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Hemp: The Outlawed Plant

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Hemp: The Outlawed Plant
Demon Marijuana

Grown worldwide for millenia as a source of food, medicine, fiber and paper, hemp was banned for the first time in human history in 1938 by the United States.

The original impetus for outlawing the hemp plant came from the DuPont and Mellon families with an important assist from William Randolf Hearst.

Hearst owned timber rights for millions of acres of forest land, the raw material for newsprint. DuPont had patents for numerous synthetic products that hemp is competitive with.

Harry Anslinger, the virulent racist who headed the Bureau of Narcotics and spear-headed the campaign against “demon marijuana” was married to the niece of Richard Mellon of the Mellon banking family.

For those who believe that the world is run by and for the benefit of a few interlocking families, this episode provides evidence for that position.

Enforcing marijuana laws and jailing offenders is a multi-billion dollar a year business that employs tens of thousands of people.


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The Essence of Liberty – Chapter 18: Clinton

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A Condensed Version of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas E. Woods. Available from the

Ludwig von Mises Instute

Compiled by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume

Chapter 18: Clinton

Bill Clinton was only the second president in history to be impeached. The charges against him revolved around false statements he made under oath with regard to an amorous relationship he had with a White House intern.

The Clinton years proved to be a missed opportunity for Republicans. To dwell upon the president’s character left the impression that his policies were not so objectionable. Republicans had a golden opportunity to make the case for limited government but they didn’t.

Clinton, a “centrist?”

Government continued to expand under Clinton. There were counterproductive expansions of government power in agricultural, housing and environmental policy. There were the massacres of innocents by federal law enforcement at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas. There was the AmeriCorps boondoggle.

Consider Clinton’s position on affirmative action. He spoke the language of moderation so as not to alienate middle-class whites. But nothing changed.

In 1996 California voters passed Proposition 209 outlawing affirmative action quotas by state and local governments. Clinton’s Justice Department presented the absurd argument that this violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment declared that all Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the laws. It was now being used to justify special treatment for certain protected groups.

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On David Hackworth, Thomas Paine, etc.

August 20, 2008 1 comment

On David Hackworth, Thomas Paine, etc.

For instance, I know nothing about Colonel David Hackworth other than what I’ve read on the web, and though he doesn’t strike me as an enemy of the state, he staunchly opposed many things that are wrong with government.

His life was anything but easy. He was born on Armistice Day, 1930, and before he reached his first birthday, both his parents had died. His grandmother fetched him from an orphanage and raised him on tales of the American Revolution and the Old West. At 14, he lied about his age to join the Merchant Marines, and at 15 he was a member of a U.S. Army reconnaissance company in Italy facing five-star General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the latter’s visit. Hackworth recounts the experience:

[Ike] stopped in front of me – 15 years old and quaking – and asked: “How do you like the chow?”
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From “The Buck Stops Here” to “Above My Pay Grade”

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‘Pay grade’ unartful dodge
Smart money shouldn’t be on Obama
By Michael Graham | Wednesday, August 20, 2008 | | Op-Ed

“Well, uh, you know, I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or, uh, a scientific perspective, uh, answering that question with specificity, uh, you know, is, is, uh, above my pay grade.” – Sen. Barack Obama, on “When does a baby get human rights?”

In 1948, they had Harry Truman and “The buck stops here!”

In 2008, they’ve got Barack Obama and it’s “above my pay grade.”

This is definitely not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.
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Seven States that Will Decide the Election

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- Pajamas Media – -

Seven States that Will Decide the Election

August 20, 2008 – by Ari J. Kaufman

The Electoral College is what it is: an antiquated system that irks both political parties at times. But it is still, as the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby[1] pointed out last month, “the best system for picking a chief executive suited to a nation like ours: a geographically large, ideologically diverse, socially complex federal republic.” It won’t be eradicated or severely amended anytime soon, so it’s time to begin to embrace it, at least when November 4 rolls around.

Though the cliché “my vote does not matter” argument is short-sighted, it is true that, as in many recent elections, only a handful of states will decide our next commander in chief. All the polling and punditry is nonsense, when in fact race, gender, and so on matter far less than locale.

As someone who has lived in ten states, driven through all the lower 48, and visited every “major” U.S. city not named Spokane or El Paso, I’ll endeavor to explain why seven states will essentially outrank all others in importance come the fall.

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Confessions of a Gear Head

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Confessions of a Gear Head

by Steven Greenhut
by Steven Greenhut


I love cars, but I also love it when the market weeds out the lousy carmakers.

Being a libertarian, I’m often accused of being pro-business, which is absurd. I’m a believer in free markets, and an essential tenet of free-market thinking is that businesses must be free to fail if they are insufficiently responsive to the needs of the consumer. I love it when lousy businesses fail. Unfortunately, politicians from both parties often try to use taxpayer subsidies and government-enforced protections to help out their favorite businesses or to keep them from falling into the “wrong” hands.

For instance, Missouri’s Democratic senator and Republican governor both recently tried, unsuccessfully, to use their influence to stop the sale of St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch to Belgian-based booze giant InBev. Anyone who has ever tasted the flavorless pale-yellow concoctions sold by the company known for its Clydesdale horses would be shocked that anyone would want to buy the firm responsible for them, rather than tar-and-feather those who ran it.

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NATO’s ‘Empty Words’ – The Russians may be bullies, but like all bullies they know weakness when they see it

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Wall Street Journal
August 20, 2008
Pg. 18

NATO’s ‘Empty Words’

“Empty words.” That’s how Moscow glibly dismissed NATO’s criticism yesterday of Russia’s continued occupation of Georgia. The Russians may be bullies, but like all bullies they know weakness when they see it.

The most NATO ministers could muster at their meeting in Brussels was a statement that they “cannot continue with business as usual” with Russia. There was no move to fast-track Georgia’s bid to join NATO, nor a pledge to help the battered democracy rebuild its defenses.

Asked about NATO reconstruction aid, NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer pointedly said, twice, that it would go for “civilian infrastructure.” So here we have a military alliance going out of its way to stress that it will not be providing any military aid. The alliance didn’t even cancel any cooperative programs with Russia, though Mr. de Hoop Scheffer said “one can presume” that “this issue will have to be taken into view.” That must have the Kremlin shaking.

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Everything that happens today, happens for a reason. News headlines are engineered daily for us, along with financial markets and monetary systems, the wars that kill thousands, viruses that kill more, and our weather patterns which kill more

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by Darren Weeks
August 18, 2008

“All countries, where appropriate, should develop and implement resettlement programmes that address the specific problems of displaced populations in their respective countries…” —Agenda 21, Chapter 7

Everything that happens today, happens for a reason. News headlines are engineered daily for us, along with financial markets and monetary systems, the wars that kill thousands, viruses that kill more, and our weather patterns which kill more. Crisis after manipulated crisis, ours is a highly engineered world, controlled by the richest of families whose purpose is to move us further and further toward their synthetical societal dictatorship under their oligarchic world governing system.

We are witnessing our wealth being incrementally stolen from us by inflation, created shortages of our energy supplies, and massive taxation both with and without “representation”. We have pending global carbon taxes, and the ongoing and purposeful movement of our jobs to other countries via treasonous trade policies with our avowed enemies.

But most of all, our wealth is being annihilated by the unrestrained and largely unchallenged theft of all private property rights by state and federal agencies, private land trusts, private developers, and sell-out city councils.

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Today’s Toons…. 8.20.08

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Today’s Toons


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AWAITING OBAMA’S CALL By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.

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By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
August 20, 2008

At this point in the course of human events, why would any astute—for that matter, any rational—politician in the Democratic or Republican Parties want to be President of the United States? On Inauguration Day, either Barack Obama or John McCain will find himself in deep trouble. (Oh, yes, I should prefer nominal Republican Ron Paul or Pastor Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party as President, because I know for what they stand, that they can be depended upon to do what they say, that they have a sound grasp of what needs to be done, and that they just might be able to do it. But, as of now, their chances for election are vanishingly slim.)

In January of 2009, among other problems, the new President will find himself confronted with:

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“There are only two things we should fight for,” wrote US Marine veteran and author Smedley Butler, twice awarded the Medal of Honor

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Sex On The Beach
& War Porn
Douglas Herman

“There are only two things we should fight for-” US Marine, Smedley Butler

On any given Sunday, you can go to the beach in Santa Monica, and see a memorial to those US soldiers who died in Iraq. Arlington West, the memorial is put up and taken down every Sunday by volunteers. Indeed, on Memorial Day, a crowd gathered at the Santa Monica pier to hear decorated US Marine veteran, Ron Kovic, speak about the significance of the war. Ron compared Iraq to Vietnam, drawing parallels as he grew increasingly heated.

That day on the beach a visitor could inhale the heady fragrance of the sea, view the beautiful young girls, and hear the children play. They could also view flag shrouded caskets and facsimile crosses, neither of which we ever see on the nightly news.

Some might say these four thousand died for our freedoms, but many more would say they died for a massive and continuing lie. From cradle to grave without savoring life along the way. No laughing little children to embrace them, No wonderful wives to stand beside them. No parents to honor and make them proud. No glorious beach girls to welcome them home with open arms and legs, no flowers to smell, no surf to frolic in, no LIFE to enjoy, all because some shriveled old men in Washington wrenched that life away and scratched ‘duty’ on their headstones.

All this I thought while gathering the crosses at the end of the day, reflecting on the names and faces of the dead. Pedro, Patrick, Roberto, Ryan, Chris and Gary. The day was beautiful, sunny and poignant, a day these thousands, and their families, would have enjoyed.

The war, based on fraudulent, ‘sexed up’ intelligent reports, has left us with five years of war porn. Debased US politicians, whores basically, either too cowardly or traitorous to face the truth, raped and pillaged two countries while mouthing words like democracy or freedom.

This letter is addressed to all those vets who decided, for one reason or another, to become spokesmen and women for the continued occupation of Iraq. Vets For Freedom, one group calls itself. Maybe you’ve seen them on TV. Earnest young veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, the group is effective and their message clear. “The surge is working-Now let’s finish the job.”
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How Foreign Policy Affects Gas Prices By Ron Paul

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How Foreign Policy Affects Gas Prices

By Ron Paul

19/08/-08 “ICH” – – We’ve heard how the value of the dollar affects gas prices – and indeed the price of everything.  I was pleased that my request for a hearing on such was granted by the Financial Services committee and we were able to hear some very informative testimony.  Certainly domestic policies, regarding off-shore oil drilling bans, ethanol mandates, refining capacity, and CAFE standards are interventionist and harmful enough in the energy market.

But how does foreign policy affect gas prices?  One important factor is that oil on the world market has been priced in dollars exclusively since 1973.  Only two leaders have gone against this arrangement – Saddam Hussein in 2000 and more recently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the recently opened Iranian Oil Bourse which trades in non-dollar currencies.  But since oil is otherwise exclusively traded in dollars, this means that oil producers have vast amounts of assets held in dollars.  Especially since the War on Terror and the PATRIOT Act, many oil-producing nations and banks are concerned the US government may freeze assets based on flimsy pretexts.  This fear contributes to dollar weakness, and therefore also high oil prices.

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(Google wants to) Bring wireless Internet to everyone, everywhere.

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(Google wants to) Bring wireless Internet to everyone, everywhere. ^ |

Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1:39:31 PM by E. Pluribus Unum

About freeing the airwaves

One of America’s most valuable natural resources is our “white spaces” — the radio airwaves, or spectrum, that have long carried analog TV signals. Three-fourths of the white spaces are completely unused today, and — especially once TV is broadcast in digital only starting in 2009 — could be used to kick-start a revolution in wireless technology, including universal wireless online access and numerous new products and services that can’t even be imagined today.
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