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As predicted in Revolt! Dick’s and Eileen’s new book – States Lead the Way Toward ReformIt is not only the Arab world that is in turmoil! Reform Governors like Scott Walker Wisconsin, John Kasich Ohio, Mitch Daniels Indiana, Tom Corbett Pennsylvania, Butch Otter Idaho, and Rick Scott Florida are leading a movement for fundamental change in America.

In Revolt!, Morris and McGann’s new book, they describe how newly elected Republican Governors – impelled by their budget crises and empowered with GOP Legislatures – will accomplish sweeping changes in our politics.Read how: Republican Governors will destroy the political base of the Democratic Party by ending automatic dues deductions from paychecks by unions. GOP Legislatures will strip teachers of tenure, end seniority based pay, enact merit pay, and promote school choice, dramatically eroding the power of the teachers’ unions. Collective bargaining reforms will free school boards and principals to run their schools and end union control.

State fiscal problems will force them into bankruptcy. And, in bankruptcy, they can cancel all union contracts.For all the changes coming in Washington, the Tea Party revolution’s most important changes will be at the state level. Good-bye AFT, SEIU, AFSME, NEA!

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