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Gunny G’s GLOBE AND ANCHOR Weblog: Advice on Avoiding The Government Watch List

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Gunny G’s GLOBE AND ANCHOR Weblog: Orders From On High Obeyed by Military! by Gary D. Barnett

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Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

~ Smedley Butler, Major General USMC

Is there any order given to U.S. military personnel that is not obeyed? Is there anyone that the U.S. military won’t kill (murder) when given an order? Is there any order that any in the U.S. military thinks is unconstitutional, considering that all in the military have taken an oath to uphold that set of rules? Will there ever be an order that U.S. troops will disobey? As far as I can tell, the answer to all these questions is no!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the war against Libya being unconstitutional, but one has to wonder why these questions are coming now? It certainly isn’t due to any sudden moral awakening by the politicians or most of their constituents, because every single war since WWII has been unconstitutional. And in my opinion, every single war since the Revolution has been completely unjust and unnecessary. If I am correct in my opinion, that means that every order to kill, maim, occupy, and destroy those in other lands obeyed by American forces has been not only unconstitutional but also immoral.

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By Coach Dave Daubenmire

March 31, 2011

I know what you are thinking. Coach Dave is finally coming out of the closet as a “Birther.” He has joined that ‘”fringe element” in America that doesn’t think that Barack Obama is an United States citizen.

Well, to be perfectly honest, I have been part of that group for quite awhile. I question where the president was born. What is wrong with that? “Trust but verify” a wise man once proclaimed. I think Obama would be wise to come clean on a lot of things.

He is a “shady” character. That is what my mother would have called him 30 years ago when folks were permitted to make judgment calls about people without being called names. Today there are groups of people that you are not able to criticize, at least not unless you are willing to face an onslaught of accusations designed to destroy your character.

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Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

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In a special video address, Alex Jones terms the al Qaeda intelligence operation a ‘swiss army knife’ for destabilization. Simply put, it is a tool to foment crisis that allows the globalists to offer up a solution.

The shadowy enemy supposedly run by Osama bin Laden and top jihadists like Anwar al-Awlaki is really run out of U.S. foreign policy and the Pentagon. It is perhaps government’s greatest hoax… and one of the oldest tricks in the book.

For the average person who has lived through the phony ‘War on Terror’, a post-9/11 age of fear that has swirled around the persona of bin Laden, it may be quite confusing to now read headlines like Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side. Indeed the rebel forces trying to topple Gaddafi admittedly include thousands of al Qaeda forces while enjoying total backing– weapons, planes, funding and forces– from the U.S., Britain, NATO and other allies.

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Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11

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Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex

Al-Zarqawi Video Is A Pentagon Propaganda Psy-Op

11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real

Who is behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon acknowledges fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend”

via Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run.

The Ancient Evil Religion of Political Correctness ~ “The elite of the every generation would be turned over to the Professors to be indoctrinated into the new religion”

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“At the beginning of the Twenty First century a new religion rose to great acclaim and with much fervor. Its followers worshiped an all-powerful god named Political Correctness and a host of minor deities including Diversity, Tolerance, Sensitivity and Inclusion. Its priests were called Professors and they were charged with passing on its teachings to the youth and guarding its most holy of secrets. Collectively, this priesthood was called Academia and they resided in their own communities called Universities. Sustained by the public treasury their power grew and their prestige spread like a swarm of locusts upon the earth.

The elite of the every generation would be turned over to the Professors to be indoctrinated into the new religion. It was at the Universities that the young were taught to despise the old ways and to reject the teachings of their parents. The old traditions, cultures, holidays, religious practices, and beliefs were reviled, trampled and belittled so that they could be replaced in the minds of the young with the new teachings of the new religion. After their period of indoctrination and training the new prostheletizers of Political Correctness would be sent forth to spread its doctrine far and wide. They became fervent missionaries of a coming Utopia and the masses were swayed by the new gospel they preached.

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Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? Who Cares?

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The most influential and powerful position in the world is the President of the United

States. And that position is protected and guided by our constitution. Yet damn fools like

O’Reilly have the audacity to ask questions like “do you think Obama’s birth place is

important?”. O’Reilly might just as well be asking “do you think our constitution is


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Is Donald Trump even a ‘natural born citizen’?

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Is Donald Trump even a ‘natural born citizen‘?

Birthplace was New York hospital, but mom’s origin raising questions

Posted: March 30, 2011

8:07 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs

© 2011 WorldNetDaily

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Is potential Republican candidate Donald Trump himself eligible to run for U.S. president?

Donald Trump

The question has arisen in the wake of high-profile statements by billionaire developer and Palm Beach resident who has suggested Barack Obama’s presidency could be “illegal” if he does not release his long-form, hospital-specified birth certificate to prove he’s constitutionally qualified to occupy the White House.

“To be honest with you, I want him to have a birth certificate,” Trump said on Fox News, “because [otherwise] that would mean that his presidency was, I guess you’d have to say, illegal. You have to be born in the United States.”

Help get TV commercials on the air to bust Obama’s eligibility wide open!

Trump this week released two copies of his original birth certificates, one from the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, N.Y., and the other long-form, official government document from the New York Department of Health, confirming Trump’s birthplace at Jamaica Hospital on June 14, 1946.

Donald Trump’s official birth certificate – for full image, including certifying note from registrar, click here (courtesy ABC News)

But some have still wondered if Trump can be considered a “natural born citizen” as the Constitution requires since his mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, was born in Stornoway, Scotland, thus giving her British citizenship at her birth in 1912. Donald’s father, real-estate mogul Frederick Christ Trump, was an American by birth in New York City in 1905.

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Gunny G: Here’s a good article and question, I think. This one kinda grabbed me…

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Here’s a good article and question, I think.
This one kinda grabbed me…

Would the US Military Stand Down and ‘Empower a Revolution’ If Faced With Riots and Civil Unrest? by Mac Slavo

Or, to just prevent martial law from being effective….I might add.
(Scroll Down Link below and Read entire article/Reader Responses…)

Myself, I think, NO…a potus would not allow such a thing; nor would the generals and admirals consider allowing such a thing on their own.

What the troops think/do themselves is beside the point, as they would, for the most part, ultimately follow orders in any case. But some reading this would question this point too.Those, if any, who failed to follow orders would be… ineffective.

This question can be likened to the members of the scotus, congress and other responsible individuals and groups who are said to have failed to do the right thing in many instances in recent history, and actually throughout our history.
Many reasons have been cited for this…but here we are up to our arses in alligators w/o a paddle, so to speak.

This is a question that many have turned over in their minds but are reluctant to speak on, and for good reason due to…call it PC…at one level or another.

Semper Fidelis



Gunny G: AKA: R. W. “Dick” Gaines
The “G” WebLog @Network54
“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored; Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. “
~John Adams

So Few Can Grok This!


Chuck Baldwin — The American Redoubt

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The Internet is filled with good and bad. Personally, I believe the Internet (along with a precious few independent newspapers and radio talk shows) is analogous to colonial America’s “Committees of Correspondence”: it is the last resource of uncontrolled, unfiltered information left. I dare say if it wasn’t for the Internet (and the massive private ownership of firearms), it is doubtful that there would be anything left of the once great American republic. There isn’t much left as it is.

To help readers locate a variety of quality web sites, we posted a list of sites that I personally have found helpful. I invite readers to peruse these fine web sites.

Scrolling down the list, one will find James Wesley, Rawles’ web site: “Survival Blog.” This is one of the very best online resources for preparedness that I know of. Furthermore, I recommend that everyone read Rawles’ fantastic book, “Patriots: A Novel Of Survival In The Coming Collapse.” This book should be regarded as must reading for every American who cares about the future of his country and his family.

Order Rawles’ book at

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Man’s claim to have Obama ‘records’ starts buzz (Drudge Title)

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A Colorado Springs “birther,” retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, has Internet blogs abuzz with what may be an illegal foray into an online Social Security data base and how he obtained a copy of President Barack Obama’s draft registration from 1980.

“Col. Greg Hollister, USAF (Ret.) contacted the Selective Service, falsely impersonated President Obama, improperly registered his own address as President Obama’s address, and by this false impersonation and identity theft he managed to obtain a duplicate registration acknowledgement card with President Obama’s Selective Service information on it,” a blogger posted on last week. “This may violate several federal criminal statutes, and apparently caused the federal record of President Obama’s address with the Selective Service to be altered to show that he lives in Colorado Springs, CO.”

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Devvy’s Email Alerts…” I am sick to death of Band Aids and the gutless wonders who refuse to do what Eisenhower did (Note: I wish the word Wetback had not been used, but it was):”…

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Posted on my web site with links;

A usurper (someone who hold office illegally) is encouraging illegal aliens to remain in our country. Lawlessness breeds lawlessness.

Obama on Illegal Aliens to Illegal Alien: We Don’t Want to Deport Them; ‘We Want Them To Succeed’

Don’t want to deport them? Obama/Soetoro/Dunham is openly advocating violating federal immigration law.



Success by more human garbage coming across the border:
Read more…

Reuters: Obama Signs Secret Order Authorizing Covert CIA Support For Libyan Rebels

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President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, government officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

Obama signed the order, known as a presidential “finding”, within the last two or three weeks, according to four U.S. government sources familiar with the matter.

Such findings are a principal form of presidential directive used to authorize secret operations by the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA and the White House declined immediate comment.

Related Reading: CIA Operative Appointed to Run al-Qaeda Connected Libyan Rebels

Related Reading: Former Libyan Al Qaeda Leader Says There Are 1000 jihadists Amongst Rebels

via Reuters: Obama Signs Secret Order Authorizing Covert CIA Support For Libyan Rebels.

Shh! Obama gets anti-secrecy award

March 30, 2011 1 comment

President Obama finally and quietly accepted his “transparency” award from the open government community this week — in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.

The secret presentation happened almost two weeks after the White House inexplicably postponed the ceremony, which was expected to be open to the press pool.

This time, Obama met quietly in the Oval Office with Gary Bass of OMB Watch, Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight, Lucy Dalglish of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and Patrice McDermott of, without disclosing the meeting on his public schedule or letting photographers or print reporters into the room………………………..

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US Strategy – Or the Lack Thereof| The Post & Email

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Why are we so worried about what others think? Did these so-called allies not have to be bailed out numerous times for their failed thinking in the past? Will we ever learn from our own history, so we are not doomed to repeat failed thinking? Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Have we become a paper tiger?

The thought of “winning hearts and minds” is moot; we must understand that this is a tactic, just like carpet bombing, internment camps, enhanced interrogations; they are not strategic plans. Tactics are tools used to ensure that a strategic plan is completed. Once completed, the war has reached an end-state. Sadly, policy makers and military decision makers have proven their incompetence in determining the end-state for Afghanistan. Without a clear end-state, designed and set, a strategic plan cannot be created, executed, or fulfilled. Therefore, we are seen as a weak, directionless ship without a rudder.

Those who have ever been taught strategic planning in any formalized military school should know that such planning must be accomplished through a systematic methodology of “reverse planning,” and an end-state must be identified. Once identified, it is then and only then, that decision makers can make critical decisions with confidence, and be responsible leaders.

George Patton and Douglas McArthur, arguably two of the greatest war time leaders in our history, were men who accepted responsibility for their actions. Patton was publicly ridiculed by the Nazi’s due to inept U.S. leadership incapable of understanding his leadership style. He and McArthur ultimately paid the consequences when each was forced to relinquish command. They had very few regrets in their actions. Whether they were right, wrong, or indifferent, their actions obtained the praises of the men and women who followed them into battle.

America – Bring out our Warriors now and save our Country…It is time to stand tall in this battle to save America!

via US Strategy – Or the Lack Thereof| The Post & Email.

The Known Unknowns of Libya

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The Libyan war may be dumbest war we have ever stumbled into. It is a war where the Secretary of Defense has admitted we have no national interest, a war where we don’t know on whose behalf we’re fighting or why we’re even there. A war that the White House did not bother to run by either congress or the American people, except after the fact. A war that appears to be fought at the behest England, France, their oil companies, and a motley collection of Libyan rebels ranging from former regime thugs to Al Qaeda.

A week after launching it, the administration still can’t get its own story straight as to why we’re fighting it at all. According to Obama, he went in because he refused to wait for images of mass graves. Other things he refused to wait for were basic intelligence, stated objectives and congressional approval. It took us ten years to decide to remove Saddam, it didn’t even take Obama ten days.

Was there any indication that there would be the implied genocide that comes with mass graves? Hardly. On Feb 22nd, Libyan diplomats began claiming in broken English that Gaddafi was committing ‘genocide’. Since they had trouble with the language, it’s an open question if they even knew what genocide was. And since Libya is an Arab-Muslim country and the civil war is fought between Arab Muslims, who exactly would Gaddafi be committing genocide against? The Tuaregs are the closest thing Libya has to a minority—and they’re fighting on his side. If there’s a possible genocide here, it would be of the Tuareg people by the rebels if they win.

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(Bill O’Reilly) Tonight on ‘The Factor’ Donald Trump enters the No Spin Zone!

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Donald Trump enters the No Spin Zone! The outspoken real estate mogul talks 2012, birth certificate controversy and more!

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Did Obama Call the Libyan Situation a ‘Turd Sandwich?’ (NBC Anchor Says ‘Yes’)

March 30, 2011 1 comment

Don’t call it a Kinetic Military Action!

Yet another neck-snapping moment provided by one of the MSNBC anchors.

Savannah Guthrie was part of the ‘panel’ on Meet The Press this past Sunday and she gave us all one for the video clip file. This was all happening in advance of the President’s Monday night address to the nation. ‘And the President is obviously not happy with his set of choices. One person told me, in a meeting he called this military action in Libya a ‘turd sandwich’ but he was quoting one of his national security aides who likes to use that term.’

If you just want the short clip. . . here is the instant replay of Savannah’s last sentence;

Can you imagine what the reaction if an American president described the situation he faced as a ‘turd sandwich?’ Part of me wants the President to be that honest with the American people, and another part wonders how many of us would be able to handle that much honesty?

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump

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“Nobody comes forward. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. It’s very strange.”—Donald Trump on Obama

Proofers want PROOF that Obama is who he says he is. While birthers focus mainly on Obama’s birth certificate, or rather lack thereof, proofers are more concerned with the overall cover-up—the astonishing paucity of verifiable information about Obama’s life.

Due to the lack of documented history, we are supposed to content ourselves with his self-serving “autobiography” “Dreams from My Father.” (Leaving aside the question of who actually wrote Obama’s book, who writes their autobiography before they have done anything worth writing about? Okay, there’s Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” but I mean other than Hitler). (Link) (Link)

Obama’s autobiography was first published in 1995, BEFORE he had even run for the Illinois state legislature, let alone the US Congress, let alone the Presidency. The book was not exactly a bestseller when it first came out, as most people’s reaction to his autobiography was understandably, “Who?” (Link)

There are certainly a number of people that would love to know “who” today. Like modern-day versions of Butch and Sundance, we ask ourselves “Who is that guy?” Below is a partial list of the plethora of documents that proofers are interested in:

* Obama’s birth certificate—Not released

* Obama/Dunham marriage license—Not released

* Noelani Kindergarten records—Lost

* Soetoro/Dunham marriage license—Not released

* Soetoro adoption records—Not released

* Punahou School records—Not released

* Noelani 3rd Grade records—Not released

* Occidental College records—Not released

* Social Security documentation—Controversial

* Selective Service documentation—Controversial

* Passport—Not released

* Columbia College records—Not released

* Harvard College records—Not released

* Illinois Bar Records—Not released

* Medical records—Not released

* Illinois State Senate schedule—Lost

* Law practice client list—Not released


via Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump.

JB Williams — UN Res. 1973 vs. the US War Powers Act of 1973

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The fact that Obama, Clinton, Gates and many other career politicos are outright liars is no secret to anyone. The steady string of outright lies flowing from the lips of these people over the last few years makes me think that they all went to the Bill Clinton School of professional lying.

But what is so troubling today is the plethora of media darlings who are willing to enforce blatant administration lies with outright lies of their own, leaving the American people drowning in a sea of deceptions, so deep that they have no clue which way is up.

In addition, we have libertarian anti-war nuts full of empty campaign bluster, who are otherwise just as shocked as I am that anyone believes them. Libertarians have been crying wolf over “illegal wars” since WWII. When they actually have a truly illegal war, they have no idea what to do about it, let alone the backbone to do it.

via JB Williams — UN Res. 1973 vs. the US War Powers Act of 1973.

Pelosi, why the two Certifications of Nomination?

March 30, 2011 2 comments

It seems that former Speaker of the House and Chair of the Democratic National Convention, Nancy Pelosi, might have made a mistake similar to that made by Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in the movie “A Few Good Men”.

Colonel Jessup issued two concurrent, but conflicting orders, which presumably resulted in him being tried and sent to prison.

One important lesson from the movie is that no one is above the law. Another is that Demi Moore is one foxy chick.

I must admit, however, that Nancy Pelosi is still a very attractive woman for her age, although for some, the enthusiastic application of cosmetics can make one look like an over-ripe tomato.

But I digress.

Allegedly Pelosi issued two different certifications verifying the eligibility of Barack Obama for the Presidency, which were both prepared on the same day and notarized by the same individual.

The Certification of Nomination sent to the state of Hawaii mentioned the Constitutional requirement:

“THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 through 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.. ”

The Certification of Nomination sent to the other 49 states did not mention the Constitutional requirement:

“THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 though 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively.. ”

If this is true, it would appear that in Pelosi’s view, the Constitutional requirements for Presidential eligibility are optional in 49 out of 50 states or it could simply be a legal safety hatch for any future unpleasantness.

One might hypothesize that Hawaii, knowing that there could be a potential Constitutional problem, demanded legal cover.

One wonders, in such a scenario, if any of the other 49 state Democratic National Committee organizations knew about the different Certifications of Nomination?

via Pelosi, why the two Certifications of Nomination?.

America’s worst generation ~ “did America’s greatest generation give birth to America’s worst generation?”

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I just finished reading Ayn Rand’s, The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution which is a compilation of articles she wrote in the late sixties and early seventies. In these articles she takes dead aim at the drug induced hippie movement and dissects them with her unique philosophy, objectivism. While she was recounting the debauchery and horrors of Woodstock, I was left wondering; did America’s greatest generation give birth to America’s worst generation?

Tom Brokaw coined the term for those who came of age during the Great Depression and then went on to fight in World War II in his book America’s Greatest Generation. There have been several great generations in America’s relatively short but storied past and arguing which one is the best is not my intention here.

While reading the book I scribbled the following note on my bookmark (I always use a 3×5 card for a bookmarks so I can scribble notes to myself): America’s greatest generation may have prevented the world from speaking German but they gave birth to a generation of lost souls who aim to impose the same kind of tyranny on the world.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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The Final Days of the Glenn Beck Phenomenon?

March 30, 2011 1 comment

The mainstream media has been reporting with glee that Glenn Beck may be leaving his Fox News show for a web-only show or his own cable station. Beck’s detractors are hoping he is imploding and this is the end of his superstardom in politics. There have been signs of friction between Beck and Fox News, and the network will not confirm whether his contract will be renewed in December.

The left is terrified of Beck. He has become one of the biggest leaders in the conservative movement. His enemies have responded by trying to force him out of his Fox News show. The far left group Color of Change organized a boycott of the show in 2009 after Beck called Obama a racist. The group claims that 300 advertisers have left, including Wal-Mart, Geico and Sprint. Liberal rabbis took out a full page ad in the Washington Post earlier this year asking Fox News to sanction Beck over critical statements he had made about them. Some Christian conservatives have kept quiet instead of defending him because of his Mormon faith. His theological differences with mainstream Christians occasionally surface on his television show.

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Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level

March 30, 2011 1 comment

What does the world think? Obama has been using air strikes and drones against civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and probably Somalia. In his March 28 speech, Obama justified his air strikes against Libya on the grounds that the embattled ruler, Gadhafi, was using air strikes to put down a rebellion.

Gadhafi has been a black hat for as long as I can remember. If we believe the adage that “where there is smoke there is fire,” Gadhafi is probably not a nice fellow. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that the current US president and the predecessor Bush/Cheney regime have murdered many times more people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than Gadhafi has murdered in Libya.

Moreover, Gadhafi is putting down a rebellion against state authority as presently constituted, but Obama and Bush/Cheney initiated wars of aggression based entirely on lies and deception.

Yet Gadhafi is being demonized, and Bush/Cheney/Obama are sitting on their high horse draped in cloaks of morality. Obama described himself as saving Libyans from violence while Obama himself murders Afghans, Pakistanis, and whomever else.

Indeed, the Obama regime has been torturing a US soldier, Bradley Manning, for having a moral conscience. America has degenerated to the point where having a moral conscience is evidence of anti-Americanism and “terrorist activity.”

The Bush/Cheney/Obama wars of naked aggression have bankrupted America. Joseph Stiglitz, former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, concluded that the money wasted on the Iraq war could have been used to fix America’s Social Security problem for half a century. Instead, the money was used to boost the obscene profits of the armament industry.

The obscene wars of aggression, the obscene profits of the offshoring corporations, and the obscene bailouts of the rich financial gangsters have left the American public with

annual budget deficits of approximately $1.5 trillion. These deficits are being covered by printing money. Sooner or later, the printing presses will cause the US dollar to collapse and domestic inflation to explode. Social Security benefits will be wiped out by inflation rising more rapidly than the cost-of-living adjustments. If America survives, no one will be left but the mega-rich. Unless there is a violent revolution.

Alternatively, if the Federal Reserve puts the brake on monetary expansion, interest rates will rise, sending the economy into a deeper depression.

via Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level.

President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports

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President Obama on Wednesday will call for a one-third cut in oil imports by 2020, part of a plan he says will reduce U.S. dependence on foreign petroleum.

With rising gasoline prices at home and political turmoil throughout the Middle East, Obama will seek in a speech at Georgetown University to rally Americans — and bickering lawmakers — behind a program that draws about half of that import cut from energy savings and about half from greater energy production, according to Obama aides who briefed reporters Tuesday.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports.

Let’s see some of the interesting articles that Freepers can find from “Days Gone By”

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Although Google has scrubbed much of it’s past, using the can take you back as far as the mid ’90’s with millions of captured web pages with active links. Lots of fun and good for investigative purposes. When you type in a URL, pick “Show all”. There is also advanced keyword search. Let’s see who can come up with some interesting Blasts from the Past. I am starting with this one that I found on Free Republic dated April 14, 1998. Note: When you go back, only the highlighted days will have content.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via Let’s see some of the interesting articles that Freepers can find from “Days Gone By”.

Gunny G: Old Corps Enlisted Rank 1798–1958…. (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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Old Corps Enlisted Rank 1798 — 1958 Except as otherwise indicated, the following information is  from, Enlisted Rank Insignia In The U.S. Marine Corps 1798–1958*, by Michael O'Quinlivan, Historical Branch, G-3 Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps Washington, D.C. June 1959 *Note: There is no information available on rank insignia as worn by the Continental Marines. When the Marine Corps was re-established by Congress in July 1798, noncommissioned ran … Read More

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Psyops: Is Barack Obama a CIA Trained Manchurian Candidate? (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~) (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~) (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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News Link  •  Obama Administration 09-05-2010 • Psyops: Is Barack Obama a CIA Trained Manchuriam Candidate? The nexus of Obama’s almae matres: Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, as well as that of his parents, the University of Hawaii, in the CIA’s mind control, behavioral modification, and mass hypnosis projects is deeply troubling. The fact that Obama has failed to provide a full accounting of his past academic and professiona … Read More

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RONALD REAGAN’S WISDOM ON THE MIDDLE EAST: LEAVE! Ronald Reagan’s wisdom on the Middle East: LEAVE! OC Register ^ | July 21, 2006 | John Seiler Posted on 06/17/2007 1:22:37 PM EDT by OrthodoxPresbyterian Ronald Reagan is America’s most beloved president of recent years. We remember how he restored prosperity while ending the Cold War without getting us all nuked…. It’s worth looking back on R … Read More

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THE CONSTITUTION LIMITS THE PRESIDENT EVEN AS "COMMANDER IN CHIEF" PART 1&2 ******************************** " The Constitution does designate the President as "Commander in Chief." Article II, Section 2, Clause 1. Not, however, as "Commander in Chief" of the country as a whole, with the plenary powers of some Fuhrer or Duce, but only as "Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States." As will be explained b … Read More

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The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it… Welcome To The Reservation… (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~) (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it... Welcome To The Reservation... (via ~ The GUNNY "G" BLOG & E-MAIL ~) – Prison – – Welcome To The Reservation Posted By admin On January 12, 2011 @ 1:10 pm In Featured Stories,News In Focus,Paul Watson Articles | 21 Comments American Indian activist Russell Means explains how history has come full circle Paul Joseph Watson Prison [1] Wednesday, January 12, 2011 The United States is one big reservation, and we are all in it. So says Russell Means, legendary actor, po … Read More

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Measuring Force (Thomas Sowell nails Obama)

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You don’t just walk up to the local bully and slap him across the face. If you are determined to confront him, then you try to knock the living daylights out of him. Otherwise, you are better off to leave him alone.

Anyone who grew up in my old neighborhood in Harlem could have told you that. But Barack Obama didn’t grow up in my old neighborhood. He had a much more genteel upbringing, including a fancy private school, in Hawaii.

Maybe that is why he thinks he can launch military operations against Moammar Qaddafi, while promising not to kill him and promising that no American ground troops will be used.

It is the old liberal illusion that you can measure out force with a teaspoon, not only in military operations micro-managed by civilians in Washington, like the Vietnam war, but also in domestic confrontations when the police are trying to control a rioting mob, and are being restrained by politicians, while the mob is restrained by nobody.

We went that route in the 1960s, and the results were not inspiring, either domestically or internationally.

The old saying, “When you strike at a king, you must kill him,” is especially apt when it comes to attacking a widely recognized sponsor of international terrorism like Colonel Qaddafi. To attack him without destroying his regime is just asking for increased terrorism against Americans and America’s allies. So is replacing him with insurgents who include other sponsors of terrorism.

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The Post & Email Plans to Expand| The Post & Email

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 29, 2011) — The Post & Email will be making some changes to its website which are now under way.

The way the newspaper is set up, many of our readers have believed that once a story “moves off” of our home page, it is no longer accessible or in print. Every article we publish is available for an unlimited time even if it is not visible. However, in the interest of making our articles easy to find for a longer length of time, we are looking into expanding to a second page.

Another modification will be the removal of the Hawaii Petition Campaign images from our home and inner pages. Having done two mailings, we believe this endeavor has served its purpose, particularly with the focus which Donald Trump has brought to Obama’s vital records and other details of his life. If Hawaii government employees have broken the law by lying to the public or covering up Obama’s lack of documentation, we are confident that they will be brought to account given that the truth about Obama is emerging.

We have also changed our Comments policy. Those wishing to leave comments must now register before doing so. This will assist us in eliminating needless bickering among readers and time spent moderating comments which could be better used investigating, writing and reporting on the actions of government.

There have also been problems with comments appearing for moderation, and I am hoping that this change solves the problem. Please do not leave more than three links to other material in your comment, as it will automatically be delayed or discarded. Please keep your statement brief and on point relative to the article about which you are commenting.

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How Much of a “Peaceful Religion” Can We Take?| The Post & Email

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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is a main prayer location for Muslims

(Mar. 29, 2011) — “If the Arabs disarm, there’ll be peace. If Israel disarms, there’ll be a bloodbath,” so it has been said. Ignorance has always been the enemy of an open society (ever watch The View?). Unrestricted transfer of information is the cornerstone of a free people, irrespective of the vehicle used. “Will you marry me?” written in smoke by a small plane, called skywriting. “Throw the bum out!” seen in an editorial in a newspaper. And on a book of matches, “Earn youR G.E.D.” But, without a doubt, the heart of an open society, the epicenter, if you will, is to be found in every single village, town, and city across America, even if it comes once a week on wheels: the library.

A sanctuary, a refuge, an entertainment center, uncensored authors, a help center, the modern-day oracle, an education center, a history lesson, and a current-event home. The library where Mein Kampf shares space with Paradise Lost. Where books on politics and the mating rituals of giraffes are explained. Where the complete works of Shakespeare and the unabridged volumes of The Decline and Fall are found. Uncensored copies of Huckleberry Finn still reside, having escaped the pogrom of Socialistic-bent educators suffering from political correctness (censorship) disease. The bastion of freedom resides within the walls of the hope for the future.

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Pseudo-Sciences: Sociology and Psychology…. (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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All You Need To Know About Cultural Marxism, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Humanism, etc. The Roots of Revolution by Reginald Firehammer In the opening article to this series, ” Marxist Revolution of the West ,” I explained that the revolution that has all but destroyed Western civilization, and is in its final stages in every aspect of Western society and culture, though explicitly plann … Read More

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EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans

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As Americans focus on March Madness and Dancing With the Stars instead of the radioactive plume spreading all across the country, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is attempting to make the mainstream media cover up of the Fukushima cloud a bit easier.

The agency now notorious for its infamous claim that the air was safe to breathe after 9/11 is now seeking to raise the PAGs (Protective Action Guides) to levels vastly higher than those at which they are currently set allowing for more radioactive contamination of the environment and the general public in the event of a radioactive disaster.

PAGs are policies established by the EPA that guide the agency in enforcing the various environmental laws such as the Clean Air and Water Act in the invent of a radioactive emergency such as a nuclear/dirty bomb or factory meltdown like that occurring in Japan.

The EPA had already established PAGs in this area in 1992. They can be found here. However, the agency now plans to amend and revise these standards this year.

Because regulatory agencies form their own policies (although they can be directed by either the President or the Congress), there is no requirement to seek Congressional approval for these changes. All that is required is that the agency place the proposed changes in the Federal Register for public comment before it finalizes its draft into legal policy.

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Libya bombing an attempt to create ‘New World Order’?

March 29, 2011 2 comments

The author of a military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya recently advocated for a “global rebalancing” and “international redistribution” to create a “New World Order.”

The author, Ramesh Thakur, is a fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, which is in partnership with an economic institute founded by philanthropist billionaire George Soros. Thakur is also closely tied with other Soros-funded initiatives.

WND was first to report last week that Soros is also a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine “Responsibility to Protect,” cited by the White House as allowing the use of force to attack Gadhafi’s forces.

The joint U.S. and international air strikes targeting Libya are widely regarded as a test of Responsibility to Protect – a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.”

Autographed! Get the book that finally exposes Obama and his team of anti-American radicals: Aaron Klein’s “The Manchurian President” at WND’s Superstore

The term “war crimes” has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC, which applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in the Gaza Strip. There has been fear the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops.

(Story continues below)

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Globalist Bid To Ban Cars Is Part Of “Planned-Opolis” Agenda

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Only the elite will be allowed to drive vehicles, while the rest of the population will be tightly regulated by super-computers, a global food council, and an omnipresent nanny state

Globalist Bid To Ban Cars Is Part Of Planned Opolis Agenda 290311top

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Paul Joseph Watson


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The controversy generated by the European Commission’s announcement that it intends to ban all cars from city centers by 2050 only scratches the surface of the true tyranny that the globalists have in store for us as part of their “planned-opolis” agenda, which represents a chilling hybrid of communist and fascist control measures that will completely subjugate the population and eviscerate all traces of freedom, mobility and independence.

“Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years,” reports the London Telegraph……………………….

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The hypocrisy of the American left

March 29, 2011 1 comment

Self-righteousness is a dangerous vice. It breeds arrogance and moral blind spots for those who come to believe they are superior to those who share different worldviews.

Televangelists have fallen prey to this feeling of superiority, until the time they are caught crawling on the ground outside a hooker’s hotel room. Politicians have also wallowed in the grandiosity of their moralistic worldview, until they too fall prey to the hypocrisy that eventually snags all self-righteous moralizers. For a decade now, we have been told of George W. Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s moral failings. They have been regularly compared to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and every other tyrant of the past century. Bush has been damned by the ministers of the far left as a war criminal, a fascist and a Nazi when labeling his policies as overly ideological and deeply flawed would have sufficed.

But that was never enough for the carnival barkers on cable news or the blogosphere. For the American left, Bush had to be condemned as an immoral beast who killed women and children to get his bloody hands on Iraqi oil.

That extremism required that the Bush years be filled with images of CODEPINK protesting on Capitol Hill, anti-war activists clogging the streets of New York City and left-wing commentators beating their chests with the self-righteous indignation of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

But in the morally murky afterglow of the Obama years, the certainty of these secular saints has melted away.

President Barack Obama bowed to his generals’ demands by tripling troops in an unending war. CODEPINK did nothing.

Obama backed down on Guantanamo Bay. Anti-war protesters stayed at home.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Did Socialists Choose Democrat’s VP Candidate? ~ “…Barack Obama was promoted to the U.S. presidency, by an alliance of several Marxist groups…” (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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…It is a central theme of this blog that Barack Obama was promoted to the U.S. presidency, by an alliance of several Marxist groups including Democratic Socialists of America. While this sounds far-fetched to some, there is nothing new about socialists working inside the Democratic Party to put "their" candidates into very high positions. The late Millie Jeffrey was a leader in United Auto Workers and a high ranking Democrat in Michigan and on … Read More

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Take Two: Donald Trump Releases Official Birth Certificate

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Donald Trump learned the hard way this week that if you’re going to call on the president to release his official birth certificate, you’d better do the same.

Trump, who has been putting pressure on Obama lately to make public his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, decided to set a good example and release his own on Monday. Only problem was, the certificate that Trump provided to the conservative Website Newsmax wasn’t his actual birth certificiate, but rather a “hospital certificate of birth.”

On Tuesday, Trump, who is contemplating a presidential run in 2012, sought to correct the oversight, providing a copy of his official birth certificiate issued by the New York City Department of Health to ABC News.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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What is a Traitor?| The Post & Email

March 28, 2011 1 comment


by David F. LaRocque

Rep. Brian Bilbray has been contacted by letter and in person about the Obama eligibility issue

(Mar. 28, 2011) — Congressman Bilbray,

I would respectfully suggest to you, sir, that the work you are doing could be likened to “re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” while the nation is in danger of sinking beneath the waves of an unprecedented Constitutional and leadership crisis which has engulfed the nation.

We have a criminal incompetent Marxist usurper, and very likely an illegal alien, in the White House. This person is violating the United States Constitution every day he is in office, and in a multitude of ways, yet I see no evidence that you are concerned about this most urgent and critical matter, even to the slightest degree.

Please read the following excerpt from an article published today by the Canada Free Press, authored by Dr. Gerald Stephens, a former Marine, and provide me with your substantive response, something which you have so far failed to do in spite of numerous messages to your office and private meetings with you and your staff on this subject:

There is also dismay and disgust for other Republicans that are seemingly retarded or deaf. Their miserable cowardice to confront and resolve the perilous conditions afflicting the existence of our freedom and liberty is beyond comprehension. Discussion swirls around how they would be perceived if they shut down the government for the purpose of halting destructive runaway federal spending…they tinker a little with this and that without doing anything serious in the hope that you are too dull to catch on to their slight of hand tricks.

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Gunny G: Re “Devil Dog/Teufelshunde/Teufelhunden, etc.” (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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Gunny G: Re "Devil Dog/Teufelshunde/Teufelhunden, etc." German Myth 13: Teufelshunde – Devil Dogs Did German soldiers give the U.S. Marines the nickname "Teufelshunde"? Do the Marines Have It Right? No one can question the bravery and valor of the U.S. Marines. But is the legend about their "Devil Dogs" nickname based on fact? Every Leatherneck is indocrinated with the tale of how Marines came to be called "Devil Dogs." If you visit Marine recruiting … Read More

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The Story of Obama: All in the Company by Wayne Madsen (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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Excerpt Only… The nexus of Obama's almae matres: Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, as well as that of his parents, the University of Hawaii, in the CIA's mind control, behavioral modification, and mass hypnosis projects is deeply troubling. The fact that Obama has failed to provide a full accounting of his past academic and professional employment history, coupled with the presence of a major CIA presence within his and his parents', grandpare … Read More

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“Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values,” says school administrator! (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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We've been saying it for a while: The sexuality agenda is now in the elementary schools, and it's worse than you can imagine. (Excerpt) Read more at … via "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator!. … Read More

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Obama: Blunder in Chief

March 28, 2011 1 comment

At the end of the day, Obama will not win over his critics and his approval ratings will continue to sink. And as the 2012 election approaches, the winds of change may have turned against Obama for good… and not even the best community organizer will be able to offer the kind of hope he would need to see a second term.

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Obama Speech Analysis: a Weird Journey Through the Mind of a Narcissist

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The President’s address was an exercise in psychodrama, a weird journey through the mind of a narcissist who can’t believe all the nasty things people are saying about him.

Obama‘s id is wrestling with the comparisons between his Libyan intervention and George Bush’s action in Iraq. He made a point of criticizing Iraq, which had a vastly larger international coalition behind it than Obama does now, united in the struggle to depose an even more gruesome and sadistic monster than Qaddafi. He warned us that we might be stuck in post-Qaddafi Libya for a while because “40 years of terror left Libya fractured.” The left never cut Bush any slack for trying to rebuild a country traumatized by decades of terror from Saddam Hussein.

The President’s ego is very sensitive to the criticism that his handling of the Libyan situation was lazy and disengaged. He’s constructed a new narrative in his own mind, where he “created the conditions for others to step up,” leading the Europeans to declare “a willingness to commit resources.” Thus does Obama retroactively become the hero of a military operation France, England, and Hillary Clinton dragged him into, and which he authorized with a few peevish phone calls from a South American junket.

Obama is clearly working through some deep issues about the Clintons. He took a few unexpected, oblique shots at Bill Clinton, noting that “the international community waited more than a year” before intervening in Bosnia, while Obama got ordinance dropped on Tripoli “in 31 days.” He also congratulated himself for refusing “to wait for images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.” You might want to put some ice on that, Mr. Clinton.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Exhume the Gunnery Sergeant By LtCol Robert D. Heinl, Jr. (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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Exhume the Gunnery Sergeant  By LtCol Robert D. Heinl, Jr. Note: Retrieved from an old Gunny G webpage… ***** Marine Corps Gazette June 1949 Exhume the Gunnery Sergeant By LtCol Robert D. Heinl, Jr. Nobody—except a few administrative zealots and perhaps the Washington office of International Business Machines—is satisfied with the present Marine Corps nomenclature for the first three enlisted paygrades. If you question the foregoing assertion, just go up to ex-Sergeant Major Fieldesk, and ask him how h … Read More

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Obama Deconstructed: An Interview with Jack Cashill

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Donald Trump’s recent comments calling for President Obama to show his birth certificate have brought added pressure on him to do so, because it seems to have been the impetus for at least some discussion of it in the mainstream media. But in reality, the unwillingness of Obama to release his original, long-form birth certificate is just one piece of much larger narrative that brings into question much of Obama’s past.

In an exclusive interview with Accuracy in Media, journalist and author Jack Cashill recently discussed his new book, Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President. In it, Cashill makes a convincing case that Obama did not write the two books that helped launch his candidacy, Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope. He argues that Dreams was actually written by William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist who was a founder of the communist Weather Underground.

Through comparative writing samples, comments at unguarded moments by Ayers, and reporting by author Christopher Andersen in his book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of An American Marriage, Cashill is very persuasive. By comparing Obama’s book to Ayers’ book, Fugitive Days: A Memoir, Cashill finds examples of the same unlikely spelling errors in each, a number of the same listed literary influences, and similar qualities and features in the writing that are understandable for Ayers, but not likely at all, according to Cashill’s analysis, for Obama.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Why the Rapture is Not in Revelation (via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

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The “rapture” has been a convenient escape hatch for Christians. When times worsened, the “rapture” was preached with great vitality. Millions were assured that before all hell breaks loose that they would be taken to heaven to watch the Great Tribulation from up above the heavens so bright.Lasseigne manufactures a “rapture” theology in Revelation 4:1–2. John told to “come up here” is thought to be a “symbolic picture of the rapture” 76. This is … Read More

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Trump fails to produce birth certificate

March 28, 2011 3 comments

Donald Trump made headlines earlier today when he provided what he said was a copy of his birth certificate — but a quick check reveals it’s actually not an official document.

The paper that Trump released says “Jamaica Hospital” on top and lists the date and time of what he says was his birth to “Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump.” The piece of paper has a seal at the bottom.

But after several New York City-based readers contacted POLITICO‘s Maggie Haberman, her call to city officials revealed that an actual birth certificate, which is issued by the Department of Health, would have the agency’s seal and also a signature of the city registrar – neither of which the Trump document has. Officials said the city Health Department is the “sole issuing authority” of official birth certificates in New York, and that the document would clearly say so, and “city officials said it’s not an official document.”

It appears instead to be a hospital “certificate of birth,” meaning the piece of paper the hospital gave to his family saying he was born. Such a document typically has the signature of the hospital administrator and the attending physician.

(Excerpt) Read more at …


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