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Obama ‘Makes Up Meeting With Teacher Who “Lost His Job”… And He Is Actually Still Employed’

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Obama ‘Makes Up Meeting With Teacher Who “Lost His Job”… And He Is Actually Still Employed’ Barack Obama talked about Robert Baroz on Thursday Said Baroz got ‘three pink slips’ – but he ‘never lost job’ Said he ‘had chance to meet him’ – but they ‘never met’ By DAILY MAIL REPORTER 8th October 2011

Barack Obama is today facing accusations that his tale about a teacher told he was losing his job three times was not entirely accurate. The President claimed on Thursday to have ‘had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz’ – but they have reportedly never met.

He also talked about the teacher ‘receiving three pink slips because of budget cuts’ – but neglected to mention he reportedly never lost his job.

Speech: President Barack Obama is facing accusation that his tale about a teacher told he was losing his job three times was not entirely accurate

‘He’s got two decades of teaching experience,’ President Obama said in a press conference on Thursday. ‘He’s got a master’s degree. ‘In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts. Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching our kids?’

‘He’s got an outstanding track record of helping his students make huge gains in reading and writing. In the last few years, he’s received three pink slips because of budget cuts.

‘Why wouldn’t we want to pass a bill that puts somebody like Robert back in the classroom teaching our kids?’

The nearest they reportedly ever got to meeting was when Mr Baroz was on the front row of a jobs bill press conference at the White House last month.

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Issa: Heads should roll over ‘Fast and Furious’

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The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a video today asking who should held acountable for “Fast and Furious,” a scandalous Department of Justic operation that purposefully put assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug lords and is now blamed for killing hundreds of people, including U.S. border agents.

The video takes hard aim at U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who on May 3, 2011, swore testimony before the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., that he had only heard of the operation “weeks” before.

Yet Issa and fellow watchdog Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, say they have a series of at least five weekly briefing memos from Michael Walther, director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, detailing the program to Holder and dating back to July 2010, long before the “weeks” in Holder’s testimony.

In the video Issa alleges Holder either “misrepresented the facts, or he’s sufficiently incompetent that he didn’t know what was in his weekly briefings.”

Sign the petition to indict Eric Holder.

The video itself can be seen below:

(Story continues below)

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Sarah Palin says criticism of Hank Williams Jr. is “disgusting”

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Country music star Hank Williams Jr is the victim of double standard after being dumped by ESPN for comparing President Obama to Hitler, Fox News analyst Sarah Palin said Thursday.

“Hank Williams and what he is going through now, I think it’s a very clear illustration of a greater societal problem and that is the hypocrisy on the left — the liberals who can throw these stones at a conservative and they knowing that they’re not going to be held accountable,” Palin told Fox colleague Sean Hannity on his radio show Thursday.

Williams, the son of country music legend Hank Williams who died in 1953, was the voice behind ESPN’s Monday Night Football opening song which included the words “are you ready for some football?” for decades.

The network pulled the intro, “All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight,” for Monday night’s game after Williams went on Fox earlier that day and compared Mr. Obama to the Nazi dictator responsible for the death of six million Jews….

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Obama appease Qccupy Wall Streets Professional Protestors to Boost Reelection Chances

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Obama appease Qccupy Wall Streets Professional Protestors to Boost Reelection Chances ^ | 7 October 2011 | Trueblackman

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The Hippie Stimulus: Occupy Wall Street, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act..

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The so-called Occupy Wall Street movement is drawing some support from beyond the standard assemblage of superannuated hippies, dopey college kids and fatuous liberal journalists. Yesterday “several prominent unions, struggling to gain traction on their own, made their first effort to join forces with Occupy Wall Street,” the New York Times reports: “Thousands of union members marched with the protesters from Foley Square to their encampment in nearby Zuccotti Park.”

“Several major labor groups–including the Transport Workers Union, the Service Employees International Union, the United Federation of Teachers and the United Auto Workers–took part in the march,” the Times adds, although “some more traditionally conservative ones, like those in the construction trades, stayed away.”

One common characteristic of the four unions the Times cites is that they all include members who work for the government or, in the case of the UAW, for corporate welfare cases. As Michael Barone noted in a February 2010 column: “One-third of [2009's] $787 billion stimulus package was aid to state and local governments–an obvious attempt to bolster public-sector unions.”

Thus far Occupiers have been carrying around largely hand-lettered signs saying things like “I could lose my job 4 having a voice” or “Bank’s got bailed-out We got sold out!!!” to quote verbatim a couple of examples from a recent slide show from London’s Daily Mail….

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Hawaii Court Sets Hearing About Obama’s Birth Certificate: Fox News Will Be In Attendance

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From attorney Orly Taitz: Update! My hearing in HI, in Taitz v Fuddy, Onaka is in 5 days, October 12th, 8:30 am. If you are a resident of Honolulu or if you are visiting Honolulu on October 12th and you are a supporter of mine, please, come to the hearing to support me. First circuit court of HI, Judge Rhonda Nishimura, 777 Punchbowl str., Honolulu, HI, October 12th 8:30 am.

This case was filed against the registrar Alvin Onaka and Director of Health Loretta Fuddy, seeking access to the original birth certificate of Barack Obama for expert examination.

If you are a tea party member in HI, please, relate this message to the Tea Party members, Republican party members or any decent resident of HI, who wants the truth and justice to prevail. Please, relate this message to the local media.

FOX reporter will be in the courtroom during October 12th hearing in Taitz v Fuddy, Onaka

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George Soros, Agent Of Chaos

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The Left: Billionaire George Soros declared sympathy for the mobs swarming Wall Street and blaming banks for the economy. Strange that a man who should be anathema to these parasites’ agenda is actually their patron.

The “Occupy Wall Street” blame-the-banks movement in New York and other large cities is proving itself to be more AstroTurf than grass-roots political movement by the day.

The latest presence: billionaire big-foot hedge-fund speculator George Soros who has declared fealty to this unkempt bunch. “Actually, I can understand (the protestors’) sentiment, frankly,” he told reporters in New York. “I can sympathize with their grievances.”

Not only is the $22 billion-dollar man declaring the motley mob the protagonists in a vast struggle against capitalism, the activist groups he’s funded, such as the Tides Foundation,, and a new one, led by self-described communist Van Jones called “Rebuild the Dream,” are now its most active organizers.

“People before profits,” “Occupying Wall Street,” and “Marx was right” are the result, which can be read in the protest signs on Wall Street. And the common thread in all of this is to blame banks.

That makes Soros’ presence curious. For one thing, two years ago, Soros was a vocal proponent of bank bailouts himself. The U.S. needs “radical and unorthodox policy measures” to prevent a repeat of the Great Depression, he told Reuters in 2009, calling for all of TARP’s $700 billion in funds to recapitalize banks and write down U.S. accumulated debt.

It isn’t the only oddity. A notorious currency speculator whose secretive vandal-like attacks on Third World (and U.K.) currencies have left economic wreckage, Soros gets little affection from global grass-roots people.

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Sarah Palin: Not Retreating, Just Reloading

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In an announcement that’s been four years in the making, former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, said she will not run for President of the United States in 2012.

Palin, who has been in the presidential limelight since 2008, made her announcement on the Mark Levin Show late Wednesday, saying, “I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office – from the nation’s governors to Congressional seats and the presidency. We need to continue to actively and aggressively help those who will stop the “fundamental transformation” of our nation and instead seek the restoration of our greatness, our goodness and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.”…………

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VIDEO: “Capitalism: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?” Andrew Breitbart’s Journey Through #OccupyLA

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#OccupyLA protest, Los Angeles, CA – October 6, 2011


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Constitutional Role of Judges (Justices Breyer & Scalia before Senate Judiciary Committee)

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Justices Breyer and Scalia testified on the role of judges in the American republic and democratic systems within the U.S. Question topics included the politicization of the judicial confirmation process, cameras in the courtroom, the role of juries, and the 14th Amendment.

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Obama ‘makes up meeting with teacher who “lost his job”… and he is actually still employed’

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Barack Obama is today facing accusations that his tale about a teacher told he was losing his job three times was not entirely accurate. The President claimed on Thursday to have ‘had a chance to meet a young man named Robert Baroz’ – but they have reportedly never met.

He also talked about the teacher ‘receiving three pink slips because of budget cuts’ – but neglected to mention he reportedly never lost his job.

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Stinking up Wall Street one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR (gross pictures)

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This are the shocking scenes that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living rough in New York’s financial district of creating unsanitary and filthy conditions.

Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car.

Elsewhere we found piles of stinking refuse clogging Zucotti Park, despite the best efforts of many of the protestors to keep the area clean.

The shocking images demonstrate the extent to which conditions have deteriorated as demonstrations in downtown Manhattan enter their fourth week.

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There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave the Military Industrial Complex | Veterans Today

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And we heard all of them from two dozen brilliant speakers during a three-day conference this past weekend. If you missed it, the video is all online. So is the text of many of the papers presented. Here are a few excerpts to whet your appetite:

“Let’s say we want to create 29 million jobs in 10 years. That’s 2.9 million each year. Here’s one way to do it. Take $100 billion from the Department of Defense and move it into education. That creates 1.75 million jobs per year. Take another $50 billion and move it into healthcare spending. There’s an additional 400,000 jobs. Take another $100 billion and move it into clean energy. There’s another 550,000 jobs. And take another $62 billion and turn it into tax cuts, generating an additional 200,000 jobs. Now the military spending in the Department of Energy, the State Department, Homeland Security, and so forth have not been touched. And the Department of Defense has been cut back to about $388 billion, which is to say: more than it was getting 10 years ago when our country went collectively insane.” — David Swanson

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And We Thought We Were Free | Veterans Today

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Slowly but surely the fear driven Orwellian noose closes as our civil liberties and freedoms, which were once taken for granted, are gradually restricted or ended and always for the same reason ~ National Security and the never ending War on Terror

George Orwell’s 1984 revealed that the key to social control is a never ending war, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the so-called War on Terror; for it keeps the masses fearful, silenced and obedient while their freedom and civil liberties gradually vanish. And then we begin to see things like this ~

Suspect Everyone / We have almost reached a state of 1984 surveillance that treats everyone as a potential suspect. 30 Second Homeland Security Video The Drop Off – If You See Something, Say Something.

In that regard, as I watch the TSA security fiasco unfold as well as George W Bush and Dick Cheney’s recent book tours ~ where they rationalize their illegal wars and economic rape of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as justify torture as a means to this criminal end ~ I immediately think of Milton Mayer’s classic THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE FREE (The Germans 1933 – 1945).

For German exceptionalism in the 1930’s was really not too different, in many ways, than American exceptionalism in the last decade and we are very likely headed for the same disastrous fate ~ particularly regarding fading civil rights and liberties and the real consequences of the recently renewed Patriot Act . (See “Are You a Terrorist?” Extra! 11-12/01, )


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US Government Official: JFK Cover-Up, Film Fabrication | Veterans Today

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Douglas Horne, who served as the Senior Analyst for Military Affairs of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), a five-member civilian panel that Congress entrusted with the authority to declassify documents and records related to the death of JFK held by the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and other government agencies, where only the President could over-ride its decisions, recently published INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), a five-volume study of the efforts of the board to declassify documents and records held by the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and other government organizations related to the assassination of JFK.

As a former government official, historian, and author

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Ventura Attends ‘Occupy’ Protest, Says Movement Cannot be Dictated by Democrats or Republicans

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura dropped by Minneapolis to support ‘Occupy’ protesters. Ventura pointed out that the face of the movement cannot be dictated by Democrats or Republicans because both parties were “bought and paid for” – and that he never took a dime in corporate money to get elected.

Alex Jones is now protesting against the Federal Reserve in Dallas. Keep up to date with proceedings via the Alex Jones Channel on You Tube. Watch the video below in which the revolution against the Fed is launched……….



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As Post Office faces insolvency, Congress misses the message

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At one time, the U.S. Post Office was the only section of the American government that actually made money and put its profits in the general fund. Then the government totally shafted the entire operation. Thus what we have today is the near final result.

Maybe, the U.S. Postal Service, as it is called, will have to compete with FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. This will be real fun to watch — a government operation that actually will have to demonstrate accountability and generate a profit (HAR!)

While such an outlandish idea of a competent and responsible section of the federal government might actually someday exist, Oh, I forgot. How many jobs does the USPS represent? Hmmm? Are we looking at another stimulus bailout from Obama and the Politburo?

This could get real entertaining.

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Get Big Brother out of my medical records

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Get Big Brother out of my medical records John Rossomando Follow John on Twitter

According to Kansas GOP Congressman Tim Heulskamp, Big Brother could be peering into your health records and finding out everything about you – including things you would rather keep private.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, he says, wants a national database where every American’s health records could be warehoused, for states to have their own databases, and for federal bureaucrats to have access to these records.

But this sets off the specter of political mischief using your most sensitive personal information. We’ve seen things like this done with FBI records and all sorts of documents in the past, so what’s to say this will not happen in the future?

“You had all of these Democrats all upset with the Patriot Act over having somebody go over somebody’s library card,” Huelskamp says. “But here you would have it that the federal government would have access to everybody’s private health care records, and consistency is not the forte of the left and of the Democrats in general.”

The idea of the federal government having cavalier access to medical records is a scary proposition because how can we rely on the government to use them responsibly?

We can’t.

I’m sure that even some liberals would have a problem with faceless, nameless bureaucrats sifting through their medical records.

This is why passing Heulskamp’s bill that would force HHS to keep its nose out our health records is so important by defunding the database.

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Barry Sanders to Perform Monday Night Football in Place of Hank Williams Jr

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Whether it was the decision of ESPN or Hank Williams Jr., the song that has been the staple of ESPN’s Monday Night Football intro for 20 years is no more. With that, NFL fans across the country immediately began to speculate as to what would be the next song to lead into everyone’s favorite Monday night programming.

It turns out there may not be a song at all, at least for the time being.

Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders announced via Twitter that he will do the intro for this week’s matchup between the Lions and the Bears.

“Ok, I admit it,” Sanders said. “I will be at MNF this week and doing the intro.”

It’s fitting that the network was able to get Sanders to do it, as this will be the first time that the Lions are playing a prime-time game since 2005, and the first time they appear on MNF since 2001.

From the sound of it, the spoken word will be the intro of choice for now.

According to the Detroit Free Press, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said, “This is the format we’ll likely use the remainder of the season. We haven’t made any decisions beyond that.”

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Why is Eric Holder Still AG?

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RUSH: Since it’s Open Line Friday — Snerdley, stop screening a call for second. I want you to listen to this because have an effect on your future screening because I’m putting out a call there to liberal seminar callers. You liberal seminar callers who use Friday as your golden opportunity to get on the most listened to show in the country, maybe you call in here and tell me why Eric Holder is still attorney general when it clearly appears he was not forthcoming about the amount of information he was in fact provided about Fast and Furious. Why are you silent about this? Two hundred people are dead! You cringe at the loss of a single life (except in the womb). Where are you? A border agent is dead.

Oh, I guess that’s okay. Certain federal employees don’t deserve to live. Keeping the poor and oppressed of the world out of the country? Yeah, you don’t have to live; it’s okay if you die. Is that it? Two hundred people dead in a program that had as its primary purpose to undermine the Second Amendment. Eric Holder lied about the Marc Rich pardon. He lied, “I didn’t know Marc Rich did all that!” He shepherded that pardon outside of the normal procedures that take place for pardons. Presidents are not lobbied personally by advocates for the pardonee. It comes from the Justice Department, but Holder was Marc Rich’s advocate and he got a private meeting with Clinton and he didn’t tell him everything that he knew and he claimed, “I didn’t know it all,” just like he’s claiming now he didn’t know all this Fast and Furious stuff.

But his top aide, Sharyl Attkisson has revealed, was getting e-mails with handwritten notes on them but somehow not sharing them with the attorney general. Not one of them! So maybe some of you liberal seminar callers can tell me why Eric Holder is still attorney general. You remember Fast and Furious. Thousands of weapons sold to drug dealers and cartels at the direction of the Obama administration. It was their idea to undermine the Second Amendment. And what of the secret group working under the National Security Agency that approves assassinations that we just learned about yesterday? They can assign people to be killed!

Nobody can do anything about it. I thought you liberals oppose stuff like this. I thought you opposed FISA because it involved intercepting terrorist communications overseas without a warrant. Well, here Obama has a secret group, no oversight of any kind, determining assassination targets. Why aren’t you talking about that, liberal seminar callers/ Why aren’t you suspend about that? You got the regime with a secret group that can decide who lives and who dies, with no oversight. Suddenly your moral outrage doesn’t exist. Isn’t that funny? What about the crony capitalism involving Solyndra and the wanton giveaway? You want to talk about the banks? How about Solyndra? Do you idiots realize how much this man is costing you and your kids?


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Mental illness? Yes, but also homophobia

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Posted on Friday, October 07, 2011 3:03:02 PM by presidio9

Is teen suicide contagious?

Recent media coverage surrounding the seeming rise in youth suicides has suggested as much, working hard to warn us against a veritable epidemic of mental illnesses thought to be mysteriously infecting Canadian teenagers. But arguing that mentally ill youth are both more susceptible to, and the root cause of, suicidal ideation endorses a cultural passivity surrounding suicide. This lacklustre approach also enables each of us to overlook our responsibility in creating a culture that accepts teen suicide as inevitable and as an enigma beyond the scope of our comprehension or accountability.

Bloated with uncertainties and obscure opinions about the unknown psychological problems of our youth, much of the coverage of teen suicide firmly places the onus of suicidal thoughts on the teens themselves. By suggesting suicidal youth would benefit from more professional care and “psychiatric beds,” this prognosis not only exonerates each of us from our social responsibility to create safe spaces, policies and programs for our teens but strategically overlooks the evidence that there are other risk factors that go beyond mental illness.

The media, for instance, have habitually avoided the relationship between youth suicide and queer sexuality. This omission is glaring, given that studies have overwhelmingly cited

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Steve Jobs Was Not God

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Steve Jobs is dead. A tech genius has passed on. Sad. Certainly a devastating loss to Steve Jobs’ close friends and family members, as well as to Apple executives and shareholders. The rest of you? Calm down.

Among my Facebook friends yesterday, more than one wrote publicly that they were “crying” or “can’t stop crying” or “teared up” due to Steve Jobs’ death. Really now. You can’t stop crying, now that you’ve heard that a middle-aged CEO has passed, after a long battle with cancer? If humans were always so empathetic, well, that would be understandable. But this type of one-upmanship of public displays of grief is both unbecoming and undeserved.

Real outpourings of public grief should be reserved for those people who lived life so heroically and selflessly that they stand as shining examples of love for all of humanity. People like, for example, the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, who—along with his family—was bombed, beaten, and stabbed during his years of principled activism in the US civil rights movement. Shuttlesworth died yesterday, the same day as Steve Jobs. He did not die a billionaire.

Death, of course, is not a competition. All deaths are sad for the living. Everyone deserves to be mourned, and well-known people will inevitably be mourned more loudly than others. But it is actually important to keep our grief in perspective. When we start mourning technocrats as idols, we cheapen the lives of those who have sacrificed more for their fellow man.

Steve Jobs was great at what he did. There’s no need to further fellate the man’s memory. He made good computers, he made good phones, he made good music players. He sold them well. He got obscenely rich. He enabled an entire generation of techie design fetishists to walk around with more attractive gadgets.

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Occupy Hollywood: Take a Long Look At The Robber Barons You Are NEVER Instructed To Hate

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Occupy Hollywood Take a long look at the robber barons you are NEVER instructed to hate. by John Hayward 10/07/2011 Liberals are strangely incurious about why their betters never instruct them to hate Hollywood during their class-warfare lectures. I mean never. Movie stars, singers, producers, directors, and star athletes are the millionaires you’re never told to envy. Their “fair share,” and the methods they use to avoid paying it, are not topics for discussion.

Liberals are even willing to extend this consideration to a grotesque caricature like Michael Moore​, the greedy millionaire who made a fortune by making his fans look stupid, and refused to employ union labor while doing it. He walked right past union operatives to receive a warm welcome from the Wall Street protesters. He moved out of a luxurious New York City penthouse to avoid paying his “fair share” of New York taxes on his immense movie profits, celebrated the release of a movie lambasting capitalism with a posh party at another swanky penthouse, and filled in a wetland to put the finishing touches on his million-dollar Michigan estate.

There are some obvious tactical reasons why the leadership of the Left meticulously avoids pointing fingers of blame at Hollywood millionaires. The Left gets a huge amount of funding and ideological support from entertainers, of course. Those entertainers are very good at generating emotional reactions, and drawing attention to themselves while they support various charitable and humanitarian endeavors – which is great for the worthy causes they support, but also creates an armor of selfless morality for celebrities that is unavailable to largely unseen businessmen who donate big money to charity.

Also, there’s a sense among the liberal rank-and-file that entertainers earn their millions, in a way that businessmen do not. Average liberals don’t know what goes on in a corporate boardroom, but they’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve the kind of work that goes into producing the glittering value splashed across movie and TV screens. Of course someone who starred in a movie that made $200 million deserves to be rich!

Paradoxically, Hollywood wealth has a…….


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Order aims to shield information

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President Obama will sign an executive order designed to stop the release of documents to places like WikiLeaks, The New York Times reports:

The order by President Obama culminates a seven-month governmentwide review of policies and procedures involving the handling of classified information, and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of breaches.

The directive enshrines many stopgap fixes that the Pentagon, the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency made immediately after the initial WikiLeaks disclosures last November. Since then, for instance, the military has disabled 87 percent of its computers to prevent people from downloading classified data onto memory sticks, CDs or DVDs.

The Pentagon has also developed procedures to monitor and detect suspicious behavior on classified computer systems

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Idiotic Marxists, Communists & Socialists Are Discrediting ‘Occupy Wall Street’

October 7, 2011 3 comments

Watch the two videos below. In the first, Occupy Sacremento protesters are unable to even say why they are protesting. The only one able to talk does so to point out that he is a Marxist/Communist.

In the second video, a thug from SEIU (an Obama-supporting Union), stalks Breitbart by following him around everywhere. Most of the protesters display little knowledge and the only thing they seem to be sure of is that they are Socialists and hate capitalism.

As we have repeatedly warned, if the genuine protesters don’t want to be completely discredited by these idiots, there needs to be a massive educational effort focused on the real causes of the economic collapse – banks refusing to loan bailout funds and the Fed’s ceaseless re-printing of money – both of which have been overseen by the Wall Street-financed Obama administration.


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The Democrats Envy the Tea Party, So They Created a Bad Imitation

October 7, 2011 1 comment


RUSH: Okay, so the protests, I finally, ladies and gentlemen, have seen a whole bunch of pictures of the” Occupy This” protest, and they’re nothing. You look at pictures of, say, the 9/12 event Tea Party event in Washington. You look at any number of Tea Party events — and, by the way, there have been 300-and-some-odd Tea Party events; not one arrest. Already 700 arrests. In Sacramento, the Occupy Sacramento group, the local Eyeball News crew showed up out there and asked them, “Why are you here?” and these people go nuts. They don’t know why they’re there! In some places, Hispanics admit to being paid to show up.

Oh, yeah, and the organizer says, “Yep, yep, I — I — I’ll have to tell you, some people here are paid. I’m not gonna identify ‘em for you, but they are.” This is not spontaneous, and it’s not large, I didn’t know — now, maybe I just didn’t think about this hard enough, but I didn’t know that the left had such jealousy of the Tea Party. That’s what this is all about. I just thought it was pure hatred. I thought they hated the Tea Party for all the obvious reasons: It’s organic, leaderless, spontaneous, and it’s real. It’s made up of people who have never before done anything like they’re doing: Showing up at town halls, engaging in public protest.

Every member of the Tea Party is a solid individual, most of them work, take time off from work to do what they’re doing. They dramatically, dynamically oppose everything the Democrat Party stands for. Well, you can understand the Democrats hating and reviling that, but what I didn’t know is, they’re jealous! I think the jealousy may be stronger than the hatred. So their jealousy has led them to create this mock imitation, which is a sham. Looked at in that light, this is laughable. Most of the protestors at these things don’t even know why they’re there. They can’t answer the question, “What is your agenda? What do you want?” All they can say is, “Well, we hate the banks! Punish the banks!” Really, folks, it’s a joke.


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Marx in the Parks – Now Voting on the Mishmash of Reasons Why They’re There

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They’ve been there for a few weeks (with support from Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Lumpy Riefenstahl, and some fruitcake who hates Jews) now they are going to vote as to why they are even there to begin with.

They’re voting for their list of (76% want to call them “demands” while 15% want to call them “grievances”) online. You can vote too:

Most are there for a variety of grievance/demands, but here’s how the voting is going for adding each to the official list of grievance/demands:

84% say they are there to support the Forced Acquisition of the Federal Reserve for $1 billion

77% say they are there because they want to reinvestigate the 9/11 attacks

90% say they are there because they want to end the war on drugs

72% say they are there to end capital punishment

77% say they are there to demand free education from kindergarten through college

90% say they are there to end flash trading

93% say they are there to demand to repeal REX-84 concerning martial law

79% say they are there to demand equal gender rights

This is just a smattering of the 27 platform planks they are voting on.

Remember, just yesterday, Nancy Pelosi said of the Marx in the Parks protest – “it’s focused!”

via Marx in the Parks – Now Voting on the Mishmash of Reasons Why They’re There.

A Seminar Caller on Clarence Thomas

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RUSH: Joe in Albany as we start with you on Open Line Friday today. Hello.

CALLER: (whispering) Hey, Rush. I was telling that… I was saying that the Republican Party are the biggest affirmative action organization for plaque people in America. As long as you’re willing to pretend that, you know, racism doesn’t exist and betray your race, you’re welcomed with open arms. I mean, imagine if, say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had, uhhh, $700,000 in spousal income from and then they ruled on some huge bill that had before them — say, like the Citizens United decision — and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had fraudulently not declared her spouse’s income, uh, from

There would be impeachment hearings in the House right now. We’re not seeing any of that with Clarence Thomas, and that’s exactly what happened. His wife took $700,000 from the Heritage Foundation. He went and ruled on Citizens United, which Heritage Foundation had a hand in, and, duhhh, it’s radio silence from you guys.

RUSH: What did Heritage have to do with Citizens United?

CALLER: Uh… She… His… Uh… Ummm… His wife worked at Heritage.

RUSH: What did Heritage have to do with Citizens United?

CALLER: They wanted to see it repealed.

RUSH: So? So did I.

CALLER: (silence) So his wife took –

RUSH: You know what? I’ve had dinner with Ginni Thomas, and I think I bought it.

CALLER: So you’re telling me that Ruth Bader Ginsburg could take $700,000 from, rule on an issue –

RUSH: I’m gonna tell you here that if you want to open this door, I’ll guarantee you I can find more examples of this kind of chicanery on the left than you can cite. I can find more conflict of interest. Plus, this is the problem with taking calls from people like you: I don’t know how to deal with people like you. There’s no talking to you about the issues. You want to get rid of Clarence Thomas because you know a worthless, unconstitutional piece of legislation might be overturned — might be declared unconstitutional — and you don’t want that. You want an unconstitutional piece of legislation to be declared legal and constitutional.

So you’ll do whatever you have to, follow whatever pied piper type device you get from these left-wing blogs that you read in order to support the supposition that what’s illegal should be made legal. There is nothing constitutional about the individual mandate, and – all these little side issues that you want to try to come up with here to distract from what’s really going on is exactly why this country is never gonna make any progress whatsoever as long as people like you have any power. Because your aim is to tear down this country and to destroy it and remake it in an image that nobody wants and nobody would enjoy. This is pure inanity. Snerdley, you asked me, “What would you say to these protestors?” It’s like talking to a brick wall. Anyway, who’s next? Where we going next? Louie in Denver. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Herman Cain‘s comment about a third of the blacks will think for themselves? I don’t think it’s a black thing. It crosses all lines. I’m white. I’ve tried for a long time to talk about conservative topics with my friends, and they all agree on the surface, but when you ask ‘em specifics, when it comes down to it, I ask you to vote Republican, “No, I’m a Democrat.” So the brainwashing is everywhere. I’ll state a poll. With today’s economy going on, with what’s going on in today’s economy, how could 40% of the people be happy or approve of what the president’s do doing.

RUSH: Well –


via A Seminar Caller on Clarence Thomas.

The U.S. Drone Fleet Is Fully Infected By A Computer Virus

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An unnamed computer virus is compromising the security of U.S. Reaper and Predator drones as they fly missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Pakistan.

Wired reports the virus was found about two weeks ago and hasn’t kept the drone pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from conducting missions.

There haven’t been any reports of classified data breaches, but the virus has resisted the military’s best efforts to remove it.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via The U.S. Drone Fleet Is Fully Infected By A Computer Virus.

Is Arrogant, SPENDAHOLIC, Obama Using His “Jobs” Bill Money to Buy Voter Approval for “His” Economy?

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“Step right up folks, and contribute to the 447,000,000,000 Dollar “Re-elect the Leader of the Abomination!” campaign slush fund. Now that over 4, 000,000,000,000 dollars have been destroyed to keep unemployment above 9 % , mortally wound our once major banks, and just otherwise re-distribute all the wealth that we could find in this soft Nation, all we ask is that YOU cough up the rest of your money through your toenails, so that WE can continue to help YOU, stupid as you are.” [Translation Credit : This is a Cyber-FR-filtered, CO2 enriched, politically VERY correct, slightly rough translation of Con-Artist Obama's many, generic, sucker speeches].

When the US Congress first heard the arrogant, SPENDAHOLIC, Obama’s speeches about DEBT, DEBT, DEBT [ this is a rough translation] , did any of them realize that SPENDAHOLIC Obama had NO evidence that ANYTHING he has done financially has EVER succeeded?

With no positive financial evidence, there is no reason to provide for Obama’s Campaign Slush Fund, again. Just stop Obama from having a conflict of interest. Such an accusation could ruin his now pristine legacy!

via Is Arrogant, SPENDAHOLIC, Obama Using His “Jobs” Bill Money to Buy Voter Approval for “His” Economy?.

Do Dems Dare Dump Barry?

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Democrats face an impossible political situation: smile, nod, and re-nominate Obama for a second term in 2012 or begin to maneuver Obama into walking gracefully away, in hopes, perhaps, of finding a chance to run again in the future.

The size of the Democrat Obama collapse is hard to exaggerate. The twin defeats in New York and Nevada House races were slobberknockers in the political ring. Wisconsin had a series of elections — State Supreme Court election and several State Senate recalls — and Democrats lost in a strongly union state where even labor hacks could not turn out votes in low-turnout elections to match enraged Wisconsin voters.

Polls show the same nightmare for Democrats led by Obama. Rasmussen tracks presidential popularity, but the crucial number is in the strongly disapprove category. These are voters highly unlikely to change their minds and strongly likely to show up on Election Day. This number has been hovering for weeks around 45%, and once it hits 50%, then whoever opposes Obama in November will win. Gallup shows that Republican voters are much more excited about voting than Democrats, which simply reinforces the Rasmussen numbers.

So for Democrat leaders, there really is no choice. They are stuck with Obama, and even tweaking the ticket — like replacing Biden with Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton — will not really change anything. Worse, as Obama is seen more and more like poison, campaign funds and volunteers will evaporate; Democrats running in 2012 will scoot their standard-bearer aside, hoping for sheer survival; and the collapse of this least of presidents will become a certain

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via Do Dems Dare Dump Barry?.

The Latest Batch Of Useful Idiots

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The protest that began as Occupy Wall Street is spreading to cities across the nation. But what isn’t spreading is awareness of what the participants are protesting for. After numerous media interviews of people who are unable to articulate why they’re there or what they want, many are writing off the movement as silly or even a failure. But could protest for protest’s sake without any specific grievance be the plan? Could the impossibility for government, Wall Street or any other actual entity to address the unrest mean success because unrest is in fact the goal?

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via The Latest Batch Of Useful Idiots.

Environmental Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: The Escalation of BP’s Liability

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“If you got caught humping another woman – [if] you’re both naked and caught in the act – you’d want BP to explain to your wife how it didn’t happen.”

This colorful analogy was proposed by Dean Blanchard, a seafood distributor on Grand Isle, Louisiana, to explain oil giant BP’s continuing machinations to evade liability in the aftermath of the April 2010 disaster.

During a recent discussion in his office, Blanchard told Al Jazeera that the fishing waters off Louisiana are only producing one per cent of the shrimp they formerly produced. “Half of the local fishermen have shut down,” he stated. “They are dying. And [as] for the fishing, every day they are hauling dead porpoises in front of my place. I have a claim filed with BP, but none of us in the seafood business are being paid.”

Speculating that he may soon have to close down his company, Blanchard spoke for hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast residents who remain angry and frustrated when he added: “I worked 30 years to establish my business, and now BP has destroyed my life.”


via Environmental Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico: The Escalation of BP’s Liability.

The Wayseers Join Oath Keepers To Occupy The Occupation! (occupy wall street)

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On Thursday, Constitutional watchdog Oath Keepers announced their support for the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Fed protests:

Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances to their government, as the Constitution prescribes for all Americans. That is one thing. Another facet of our initiative is to use these public gatherings to reach and teach many who now hunger for the truth — we can show them how the Constitution will protect them better than an oversized, bloated Federal behemoth hell-bent on controlling every aspect of each citizen’s life.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via The Wayseers Join Oath Keepers To Occupy The Occupation! (occupy wall street).

Dixie Chicked

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Dixie Chicked

The Washington Times ^ | Oct. 7, 2011 | Jennifer Harper

Posted on Friday, October 07, 2011 12:57:35 PM by lakeprincess

“Is the Hank Williams Jr. incident a parallel to the Dixie Chicks?” asks, an insider site for the radio industry…the Dallas-based country trio met with both adulation and criticism after singer Natalie Maines told a cheering London audience that she was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas,” just 10 days before President George W. Bush ordered a military invasion of Iraq in 2003.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Can Obama strike an alliance with Occupy Wall Street? (They were already Obama supporters)

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As the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators moved to Washington on Thursday and swarmed outside the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, President Obama was at the other end of Lafayette Square trying to align himself with the swelling protest movement.

“I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel, that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country, all across Main Street, and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place,” the president said at a news conference in the East Room.

For the struggling president, the nascent movement offers a chance at salvation, the opportunity to excite liberals with the sort of populist energy that has fueled the Tea Party for two years. But, as liberal leaders already know, the young movement must be careful to avoid Obama’s embrace: He decimated the progressive cause once, and he would do it again if given the chance.

Liberal activists who rallied behind Obama in 2008 watched as he defied their wishes and instead made unrequited concessions to the Republicans. “Every one in this crowd, I am certain, has had disappointments and frustrations with this White House,” Robert Borosage, a director of the Campaign for America’s Future, told the audience as he convened the Take Back the American Dream Conference, an annual gathering of liberal activists in Washington, this week. He accused Obama of being “too cautious” and “pre-compromised” and criticized his performance on jobs, global warming, defense and foreign policy.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via Can Obama strike an alliance with Occupy Wall Street? (They were already Obama supporters).

Bone marrow cells migrate to tumors and can slow their growth

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Study published in the American Journal of Pathology

Philadelphia, PA, October 6, 2011 – Bone marrow-derived cells (BMDCs) participate in the growth and spread of tumors of the breast, brain, lung, and stomach. To examine the role of BMDCs, researchers developed a mouse model that could be used to track the migration of these cells while tumors formed and expanded. Their results, published in the November issue of The American Journal of Pathology, strongly suggest that more effective cancer treatments may be developed by exploiting the mechanism by which bone marrow cells migrate to tumors and retard their proliferation.

“Our results provide an excellent in vivo experimental model where the temporal dynamics of tumor-infiltrating BMDCs may be monitored in an immunocompetent host and novel therapies targeting BMDCs for the inhibition of tumor progression may be investigated,” commented lead investigator Wafik S. El-Deiry, MD, PhD, Professor and Chief, Hematology/Oncology Division at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Associate Director for Translational Research at the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute. “In the future, it may be possible to use specific identified tumor-infiltrating BMDCs to deliver therapeutic cargo.”

(Excerpt) Read more at .

via Bone marrow cells migrate to tumors and can slow their growth.

Our Leadership Recession

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President Harry Truman had a great insight about the correlation between our political leaders and progress when he said, “In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still.” Unfortunately at this point, just standing still would seem an improvement over the current backward slide in which we are stuck.

But of course standing still is not the goal; America and our economy need to move forward. Thus, President Truman’s addition, “Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

Many frequently comment on the ever-growing list of detrimental changes to business, and thus the economy, that have been enacted over the last couple of years. There’s plenty to comment on from the Obama administration: Stacking the National Labor Relations Board with anti-business union activists, ramming through unpopular and costly job-killing legislation, unleashing barrages of environmental and occupational regulations to punish small business owners to the point of a never-ending stream of layoffs, and pushing large companies like Boeing and Gibson to the point of sending jobs overseas. These bear repeating so that we don’t forget that actions have consequences, and a lack of leadership has severe consequences.

America still has the largest economy and is still the best place to build and grow a business in the world. The economy could roar again. It’s hit big bumps before and recovered, but our problem is really that we are in a leadership recession.

As President Truman said, courageous and skillful leaders enable progress to happen. And many times those leaders know the courageous and skillful action is to get out of the way.

Earlier this week the On Leadership editor at the Washington Post interviewed longtime Google CEO and current Chairman Eric Schmidt about his recent testimony in front of the US Senate. The interview focused on Google’s role as a leader in innovation and economic growth in the technology sector. Schmidt had a very telling observation:

“I’ll give you a formula. This is an Andy Grove formula. So I’m sitting at this dinner in 1995—Andy Grove was the CEO of Intel—and he gives this speech, and he says, “This is easy to understand. High tech runs three-times faster than normal businesses. And the government runs three-times slower than normal businesses. So we have a nine-times gap.” And I said, “Works for me.” But all of my experiences are consistent with Andy Grove’s observation. And so what you want to do is you want to make sure that the government does not get in the way and slow things down.”

In my experience of owning and operating a business, this hits the nail on the head. Government is always going to be many steps behind. Ideas, innovation, creativity, ingenuity, all the important ingredients to economic growth and job creation, are not found in government, only taxed and regulation by government.

Our current leaders would do well to heed the words of another President, John F. Kennedy, who said that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Our leadership recession could be turned around by learning that as long as you assault the private sector it will continue to be stunted. Here’s hoping (and praying) for a leadership turnaround—for we only have until 2012 to avoid a “double dip” leadership recession.

via Our Leadership Recession.

Fed court to reexamine library web filters

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RICHLAND — Central Washington’s library system will head back to federal court Oct. 25 to further argue its filtering of public Internet access.

The hearing in Richland before U.S. District Court Judge Edward F. Shea will consider motions left dangling after the Washington Supreme Court last year upheld the North Central Regional Library district practice of narrowly filtering Internet pages related to pornography and gambling.

The state court’s 6-3 decision sided with the NCRL and its 28 branch libraries in a 2006 suit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, representing three North Central Washington residents — Sarah Bradburn of Republic, Pearl Cherrington of Twisp and Charles Heinlen of Okanogan — and the Second Amendment Foundation. That gun rights lobbying group managed a magazine website,, which was blocked by the library’s filters.

Also blocked were web pages about drug and alcohol addiction, an art gallery site, health information sites, the personals section of, the MySpace pages of presidential candidates and the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra page.

The case was originally filed in federal court, which handed it off to the state Supreme Court for ruling on issues relating to free speech law under the state constitution. Some federal questions remain to be decided, including the plaintiffs’ claim that the state ruling abridges free speech under the U.S. Constitution.

“One would expect the First Amendment to apply with special force in public libraries,” Seattle plaintiffs’ attorney Duncan Manville wrote in a July 2010 brief.

The library system’s response memo argued that the state ruling addressed all relevant constitutional questions, citing a 2003 case, United States v. American Library Association, which allowed Congress to require web filtering in many public schools and libraries.

“Nothing in ALA or other federal First Amendment law warrants a different analysis and conclusion than that reached by the Bradburn court,” the libraries argued in a brief by attorney Thomas D. Adams.

In a press release Thursday, library director Dean Marney said the NCRL has a responsibility to filter its online content appropriately.

“Our mission is to promote reading and lifelong learning,” Marney wrote. “It is crazy to think that we should be required to use tax dollars to allow open access to Internet pornography or to become illegal casinos.”

Jefferson Robbins: 664-7123

via Fed court to reexamine library web filters.

The TSA: Protecting Us From Bald Women and Artificial Knees by Becky Akers

October 7, 2011 1 comment

Listen up, Ms. Dorn: the TSA has nothing whatever to do with safety. Just the opposite, in fact. The agency irradiated you though you’re already battling cancer. Then it sexually molested you. That’s criminal endangerment, not security.

Ms. Dorn did score a victory of sorts. Rather than applaud its goons for “following protocol,” as it usually does when their brutality outrages the country, the TSA apologized, albeit half-heartedly: “We do our best to treat passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve,” prated the smarmy “Blogger Bob,” who regularly channels Joseph Goebbels on one of the TSA’s official websites.

Let’s have a show of hands: how many agree that the TSA “do[es its] best to treat passengers with the dignity and respect they deserve”? Yo, Joe: I don’t think the propaganda’s working. Maybe ask Adolph for some pointers?


via The TSA: Protecting Us From Bald Women and Artificial Knees by Becky Akers.

Your Car Passed… But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Safe To Drive by Eric Peters

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Most people who bring their vehicles in for the safety theater performance have no idea about all this. They just assume that if their vehicle gets a sticker why, it must be safe since, after all, the sticker says so. The sticker absolves them of all further responsibility from making sure that their vehicle is in fact safe – sticker or not. For the next year, people like the owner of the minivan with the near-bald tires will motor on – because that sticker is good for a full year, even if the tires may not be “good” for more than another month. Same story with the brakes. So long as they “passed” yesterday, no need to think about them tomorrow. Or next month. Or six months from now, when the little leak becomes a big one and the system loses hydraulic pressure during a panic stop and you pile-drive into the car ahead that slowed down unexpectedly.

But hey, your car “passed.”

The point to take away from all this is simple: Don’t assume your car – or one you’re thinking about maybe buying – is in perfect (or even good) working order just because there’s a sticker on the windshield.

It’s ultimately up to you to be sure.

via Your Car Passed… But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Safe To Drive by Eric Peters.

Obama’s Very Real Death Panel by Anthony Gregory

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What’s more striking, however, is the deafening silence. Sure, the ACLU opposes all this, as do a smattering of public voices. Yet it seems for everyone expressing proportional concern about this, there are a thousand leftist protesters whining about the top one percent, and a thousand conservatives whining about the leftist protesters.

How fitting that the presidency that Tea Partiers accused of planning to convene death panels to handle health care rationing has openly admitted to having created such a panel whose declared purpose is not simply to withhold socialized medical resources, but to direct the cold-blooded murder of citizens who are sufficiently bothersome enemies of the regime. Yet in a majestic irony, many of the conservatives who feared Obama’s life-and-death bureaucracies are cheering on his most explicit and frightening seizure of dictatorial power in all his presidency, and perhaps one of the greatest of all presidential power grabs in the sweep of U.S. history.


via Obama’s Very Real Death Panel by Anthony Gregory.

Ron Paul: Unadulterated, Unfiltered, Uncensored, 100 Octane

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Ron Paul triumphant at the National Press Club, against a hostile host and hostile questioners.

UPDATE from Joshua Crosby: “I think what makes this forum so powerful for Ron is that he was allowed to give extended answers and he was able to show the logical foundation for his answers. In most of his interviews, he has to jump straight to the conclusion and it is so foreign to the prevailing groupthink that it makes him sound irascible. I wish in those interviews he were allowed to give more than a soundbite because it is when you really have the underpinning for what he’s saying that you find that he is only saying what you knew to be true all along.”



via Ron Paul: Unadulterated, Unfiltered, Uncensored, 100 Octane.

Obama should have been deported with Barak Sr.

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Obama should have been deported with Barak Sr.

700 f2d 1156 diaz-salazar v. immigration and naturalization service ^ | October 9, 2011 | edge919

Posted on Friday, October 07, 2011 12:05:25 PM by edge919

It has been claimed by Obama apologists that in relatively recent cases, circuit courts have given their opinion on the term “natural-born citizen” as meaning nothing more than being born in the country. Supposably this would presume that Obama, if it can be legally proven that he was born in the United States, as he claims, is a natural-born citizen in spite of being born of a foreign national father and NOT being born to citizen parents, as the Supreme Court defined NBC in Minor v. Happersett, etc.

One example of such a recent decision is Diaz-Salazar v. the INS (1982), in which it says:

The relevant facts which have been placed before the INS, BIA, and this court can be summarized as follows: The petitioner has a wife and two children under the age of three in Chicago; the children are natural-born citizens of the United States.

But, there’s a problem. Following the guidance in this case, the children, despite the claim of being NBCs, would have been deported with their father.

In the case at hand, no special circumstances are presented sufficient to bring petitioner’s situation within the extreme hardship standard. His children are still of pre-school age and thus less susceptible to the disruption of education and change of language involved in moving to Mexico. There are no unique reasons why petitioner, in comparison with the many other Mexicans in his situation now resident in the United States, will be unable to find employment upon returning to Mexico or why he or any member of his immediate family requires health care available only here. Thus, although we recognize the unhappy prospects which the petitioner faces, we cannot hold that the BIA abused its discretion in denying the petitioner’s motion to reopen deportation proceedings.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

via Obama should have been deported with Barak Sr.. Hijacks ‘Occupy’ To Push Obama Tax Agenda

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George Soros-funded Obama campaign front group is actively attempting to hijack the growing Occupy Wall Street movement in a bid to push the Obama administration’s tax agenda, and is now clearly trying to steer the narrative of the protests to ostracize End the Fed advocates and anyone opposing tax hikes for the middle class. is a lobbying organization that routinely backs Democratic candidates. The group aggressively supported Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign and is now “Perhaps the lead lobby organization for his policies….apart from Obama’s own Organizing for America,” reports Source Watch. It received the largest “soft money” contribution in American history when George Soros donated $5 million dollars to the group in 2003.

The fact that Soros, a Wall Street billionaire criminally charged with insider trading, and, a front group for the Wall Street-financed Obama administration, are now joining forces to voice their “support” for an anti-Wall Street movement, should set alarm bells ringing.

A posting on the website today represents a brazen bid to drown out a minority of voices amidst the ‘Occupy’ demonstrators who are trying to educate leftists that it is the Federal Reserve, and the ceaseless money printing policies given the green light by the Obama administration, the latest incarnation of which is Obama’s “Jobs Plan,” that represent the root cause of America’s economic decline.

The image shows a group of protesters demonstrating against income tax hikes for the middle class under the headline “Some Protests Make Absolute Sense. Then There Are The Others.” Added to the image is text that claims all of the public infrastructure shown in the photo was paid for with income tax funds……..


via Prison » Hijacks ‘Occupy’ To Push Obama Tax Agenda.

The “list” ~ Kill or Capture…

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By Doug Hagmann Friday, October 7, 2011

By now, most Americans have learned about the existence of a “kill or capture list,” or a list of people who presumably have sufficiently demonstrated their ill intent or deeds against the United States of America. As normal Americans and civilized people of the West, it is likely that we envision those on such a list as the very faces of evil themselves and deserving of the full weight of ultimate justice that the U.S. has to offer. That justice can be delivered from afar, from a drone that the name on the list will never hear or see, or up close and personal. The method is dictated by circumstances.

The making of “the list”

According to the release of a document by our government with the self-proclaimed most transparent administration at the helm, the list is created and maintained by a secretive panel of unnamed government officials consisting of a subset of the White House National Security Council. There is no public record of the panel’s operations or decisions, nor is there any U.S. law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate……….


via The “list”.

Ten Years in Afghanistan: German General Says NATO Mission Has ‘Failed’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

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A top German general who was instrumental in planning the Bundeswehr‘s mission in Afghanistan has said that the intervention has failed and the Taliban will regain power within months of withdrawal. Ten years after the invasion, he is far from alone with his critique

via Ten Years in Afghanistan: German General Says NATO Mission Has ‘Failed’ – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

Jon Christian Ryter: “Lincoln’s war against States rights was a victory for federal supremacy. Which was the whole purpose of the Civil War”

October 7, 2011 1 comment

Jon Christian Ryter: “Lincoln’s war against States rights was a victory for federal supremacy. Which was the whole purpose of the Civil War

Jon Christian Ryter — Obama Tests “Election Crisis” � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

The 17th Amendment took the US Senator out from under the thumb of the State legislators and put them under the purview of the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business. It was an arrangement they liked.

States rights disappeared on April 8, 1913.

Lincoln’s war against States rights was a victory for federal supremacy. Which was the whole purpose of the Civil War.


Additional Titles (ClickHere!)


Hillary Cannot Be POTUS, The Arnold Amendment, Etc.


via BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984+ IS NOW HERE!: Jon Christian Ryter: “Lincoln’s war against States rights was a victory for federal supremacy. Which was the whole purpose of the Civil War”.


Prison » Kelly: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Officers

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Kelly: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Officers

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Friday, October 7, 2011

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had some strong words for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters Thursday, blaming participants for starting skirmishes which led to more than 20 arrests on Wednesday.

via Prison » Kelly: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Officers.

Judge Rejects Obama Admin. Appeal – Refuses to Block Alabama Immigration Law

October 7, 2011 1 comment

Judge Rejects Obama Admin. Appeal – Refuses to Block Alabama Immigration Law

Stand With Arizona ^ | 10-07-2011 | John Hill

via Judge Rejects Obama Admin. Appeal – Refuses to Block Alabama Immigration Law.


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