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The Greatest Story Never Told

October 28, 2011 2 comments

On Saturday, August 3, 1929, Winston Churchill, accompanied by his younger brother, Major “Jack” John Churchill (age 49), Winston’s son, Randolph Churchill (age 18), and Jack’s son, Johnny (age 20), departed England for their trip to Canada and the United States aboard the ocean liner, Empress of Austrialia.


Why they went and what they did there is the subject of Pat Riott’s, The Greatest Story Never Told: Winston Churchill and the Crash of 1929.

On the back cover he writes:

In 1929, a financial disaster of unprecedented proportions swept through the United States with lightening speed. The American people began a slow decent into an 11-year financial hell that became known as The Great Depression. Learn:

Why Winston Churchill being at the New York Stock Exchange on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929, was not “quite by chance,” as he later wrote.

Why Wall Street “plunger” Bernard Baruch was Churchill’s “favorite American.”

Why on October 29, 1929, the same evening of the crash, Churchill was guest of honor at a bizarre “celebration” attended to by over 40 “bankers and master plungers” of Wall Street at the Fifth Avenue mansion of Bernard Baruch.

Where the shiploads of gold (the real money) went in the weeks and months after the crash.


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Obama ‘proof’ has yet to convince Trump

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Mega-millionaire Donald Trump started sounding off about his doubts regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president months ago, and now the traditional media won’t let it drop. Nor has “The Donald” changed his opinion that there remain significant questions to be answered.

The latest to raise the issue was CNN’s Piers Morgan, who confronted Trump with the challenge, “Do you accept what he produced as valid?”

Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in modern history, in “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.”

He was referring to the image of a Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” that was released by the White House in April, a document that imaging experts have stated on the record they doubt is real.

Trump, who in April claimed credit for creating the circumstances that prompted Obama to release the “Certificate” image, was blunt.

“No, I don’t necessarily accept it,” he said.

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REMEMBER OBAMA’S ARMY? ~ How America’s labor unions serve as ground troops for the radical left…

October 28, 2011 1 comment

While running for the presidency, Barack Obama made a mysterious and bizarre campaign promise.

He said that as president he would create “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military, to advance his “objectives” for America.

The astonishing announcement, made July 2, 2008, to an audience in Colorado Springs, was ignored by virtually the entire media – except WND. Nobody bothered to ask Obama specifically what he meant, or how he could possibly assemble and fund such a massive civilian army, or why – and he never spoke of it again.

Fast-forward to late 2011.

“President Obama, this is your army! We are ready to march! Let’s take these son-of-a-b*tches out …!”

That was Teamsters union president James Hoffa, addressing a large Labor Day rally at which Obama also spoke, proclaiming brazenly what leftist radicals have long understood: America’s largest labor unions – especially the huge government employee unions like the 3-million-member National Education Association and 2-million-member Service Employees International Union – provide battalions of ground troops in the ongoing war to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist utopia.

“But wait,” you might ask. “I know most unions lean left, some engage in street tactics and their dues strongly support Democrats. But what about Obama’s statement that his civilian army would be ‘well-funded’ by the government?”

As the scathing November 2011 issue of Whistleblower proves, “OBAMA’S ARMY” is very large – and very well-funded.

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Many cities leaving Wall Street protesters alone

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NEW YORK (AP) — While more U.S. cities are resorting to force to break up the Wall Street protests, many others — Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis and Portland, Ore., among them — are content to let the demonstrations go on for now.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for example, said Friday that the several hundred protesters sleeping in Zuccotti Park, the unofficial headquarters of the movement that began in mid-September, can stay as long as they obey the law.

“I can’t talk about other cities,” he said. “Our responsibilities are protect your rights and your safety. And I think we’re trying to do that. We’re trying to act responsibly and safely.”

Still, the city made life a lot harder for the demonstrators: Fire inspectors seized a dozen cans of gasoline and six generators that powered lights, cooking equipment and laptops, saying they were safety hazards.

In the span of three days this week, police broke up protest encampments in Oakland, Calif., Atlanta and, early Friday, San Diego and Nashville, Tenn.

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Army mulls pros and cons of French manicures, tattoos in revised grooming policy

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. Raymond Chandler, the sergeant major of the Army, tells Army Times correspondent Lance Bacon that in preparing updated Army regulations on grooming and appearance, he’s taken to Facebook to debate the finer points of French manicures, earrings, pony tails, and tattoos for U.S. troops…

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The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a pair of lawsuits against the national Democratic Party

October 28, 2011 1 comment

The Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a pair of lawsuits against the national Democratic Party

Use this form to become a member of the Liberty Legal Foundation Certification Class Action against the National Democratic Party.

The lawsuits don’t ask anything about Obama’s birth or for any determination from the court about his eligibility or his birth certificate.

The national Democratic Party is the defendant, and the court is asked to enjoin officials from certifying that Obama is eligible for the office for the 2012 election.

“This complaint does not request or require this court to find that President Obama is not qualified to hold the office of president of the United States. Instead, this complaint is directed toward defining the term ‘natural-born citizen’ under the Constitution of the United States, and toward negligence or intentional misrepresentations of the Democratic Party.

“This complaint requests this court to affirm the Supreme Court’s definition of ‘natural-born citizen’ as ‘all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens.'”


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The Cain Enigma

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Sometimes life resembles fiction. Other times it resembles “Star Trek.”

Do you remember how, when things on the Enterprise got a little emotional, Spock would overload? How he was repeatedly left baffled as his Vulcan devotion to science and logic crumbled in the face of situations and questions that could not be calculated — like, why did Captain Kirk and the lithe alien with the beehive from that planet where everyone sort of looked like Ursula Andress keep looking at each other that way?

This week in American punditry was a little like that, as we sorted through a Vulcan-like hailstorm of numbers, polls, calculations and historical comparisons intended to help us gain a more complete understanding of two important aspects of the present moment: our national mood and the persistent rise of Herman Cain. Perhaps, as some commentators suggested, the two are related.

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Israeli prisoner swap may be prelude to attack on Iran

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JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to execute a 1,000-for-1 prisoner exchange last week despite his frequently voiced opposition to such lopsided deals is seen by several Israeli military commentators as an effort to “clear the deck” before possibly undertaking an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Amir Oren, the veteran military analyst for Ha’aretz newspaper, took note of Israel’s exchanging 1,027 Palestinian convicts for army Staff Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who had been captured by Hamas in 2006. Mr. Oren wrote that the price paid by Mr. Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak “can be interpreted only in a context that goes beyond that of the Gilad Schalit deal.”

He noted that Israeli leaders in the past have shown a readiness to absorb “a small loss” in order to attain a greater success, generally involving “some sort of military adventure.”

Mr. Oren also noted that, until recently, Mr. Netanyahu had faced opposition to attacking Iran from Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and Mossad intelligence chief Meir Dagan. Both retired earlier this year and have been replaced by men believed to hold a different view on Iran. The Islamic republic has not been a top agenda item since the outbreak of the Arab Spring. Yet Iran’s nuclear program, which Western nations believe is geared for making an atomic bomb, has remained a key concern, despite Tehran’s denials that it is seeking to build a nuclear weapon.

According to Israeli media reports, a shift in the Israeli government’s views on Iran might have prompted Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s Middle East visit in April: His main mission was to pass on a warning from President Obama against any unilateral attack on Iran.

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Blowing Smoke – With a politically incorrect puff, Mark Block lights up the presidential race.

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Blowing Smoke

With a politically incorrect puff, Mark Block lights up the presidential race.

As I strolled up First Street, I spotted him immediately. Mark Block, as he likes to say, was “being Block.”

He was smoking.

To be exact, he was puffing a Marlboro Light. And like most in Washington, he was doing it outside on a Wednesday afternoon, banished from the indoors.

As Block paced, a drizzle began. Others took cover. Block lit up another cigarette, gripping an iPhone to his ear as he circled his campaign papers, which were piled in binders on the pavement.

When the drops fell harder, he picked up the folders and stepped under the awning of the Capitol Hill Club, muttering campaign musings to his caller as politicos streamed past.

Everyone noticed him, from business-casual interns to slick-haired lobbyists. One congressman gave him a thumbs-up; most incoming diners simply grinned.

Block, you see, is a celebrity this week. He is a YouTube sensation.

As chief of staff for Herman Cain, Block recently starred in an online video. In the 55-second spot, he talks up Cain’s effort. He also smokes.

“We’ve run a campaign like nobody has ever seen,” Block says in the clip, leaning against a fence. “But then, America has never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”

As he takes a drag, Block looks straight at the lens. The camera zooms in, focusing on his gray eyes and drooping, salt-and-pepper moustache. Then Cain appears for the closing seconds.

Cain’s brief appearance is as memorable as Block’s monologue. The presidential contender slowly turns his head and smiles. “I Am America,” Krista Branch’s country hit, blares.

Cain’s cheeky expression — endearing, to be sure, but also a tad long — has unsettled more than a few viewers. So have Block’s intense, rambling remarks. But it’s trippy and it works, Block insists as we take chairs for lunch with Linda Hansen, Cain’s deputy chief of staff.

Late-night comics have celebrated and mimicked the clip. But the mainstream press, of course, is not amused. Inside the Beltway, Block’s smoking has stirred a certain horror.

Pundits are befuddled. Block broke — without shame! – an unwritten rule of political correctness. Even President Obama, a longtime chain smoker, takes his packs in private.

Block couldn’t care less. The video, in a couple days, has garnered millions of clicks. On cable television, it is a sizzle story. Talking heads on every network — some giggling, some wagging their fingers — have attempted to decode its meaning, its message, and its leading man.

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Experts begin to doubt Obama’s re-electability

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Where’s the evidence President Obama can win the 2012 election?

Where’s the evidence that swing-voters even want to listen to him?

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Editorial: Ron Paul’s $1 trillion in cuts

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The odds of Ron Paul being nominated by Republicans and defeating President Barack Obama are, in the words of one news service, “beyond remote.” Perhaps. But Mr. Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” is breathtaking, nevertheless. Candidates whose success may be less remote would do well to adopt this plan in large measure…

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Spin Begins: The Economy is Back!

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RUSH: We’ve got the sound bites coming up. The media is having an orgasm over this 2.5% growth rate. “The economy is back!” All right. In fact, here. Grab sound bite four. This is Stephanopoulos. This is last night, ABC’s World News Tonight.

STEPHANOPOULOS: (giddy) All day today they were hard to miss, perhaps because we hope for them so much, signs of life in our economy! Starting with the stock market, on a tear of 340 points today! October is now on track to be the single best month in 25 years — 25 years! We learned today that the American economy grew faster than expected over the summer, not roaring yet but a growth spurt that see has tamped down fears of a second recession!

RUSH: Oh, yeah, 2.5%! They’re excited as hell. “That means it’s okay for Obama!” It means nothing of the sort. Obama’s not trending upward. Don’t believe anybody who tells you he is. But do believe this. Stock market, 340 points? The stock market is way ahead. People with skin in the game are way ahead. The stock market is already reacting to the very real possibility Obama will not win a second term. That’s why the market is up, and we will be back.


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Port Of L.A. Spends Nearly $200K [Stimulus Funds] On Party

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While the City of L.A. is laying off workers and cutting back services, we uncovered one city agency spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a party. And we obtained the video to prove it.

It was like a Hollywood premiere party, complete with a red carpet and paid with public money.

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Jon Stuart Daily Show: Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Jon Stuart Daily Show: Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview


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Pelosi on low congressional approval: Congress has always been ‘the object of mockery’

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Pelosi on low congressional approval: Congress has always been ‘the object of mockery’ By Daniel Strauss – 10/28/11 04:39 PM ET

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) explained Americans’ low approval of Congress as something that’s been going on throughout the country’s history.

Pelosi added that she fell into the category of Americans who did not approve of the body’s job performance lately, as well.

“The fact is that Congress has always been the object of mockery in the history of our country,” Pelosi said Friday in an interview with CNBC. “I myself would include those who are dissatisfied with the conduct of Congress. I don’t know who know who is in favor of how things have gone forth because you’ve seen a polarization.”

Pelosi’s comments come amid recent polling that finds Congress at deep approval lows.

On Friday, a YouGov/Economist poll found that just 8 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, while 67 percent disapprove. That low disapproval number near perfectly matches findings by a New York Times/CBS News poll that found Congress’s job performance had won a 9 percent approval rating among Americans.

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Top Tier: Ron Paul Polls Third In Three Early Voting States

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Double digit support but Paul feels he must pick up a win

Steve Watson

October 28, 2011

Top Tier: Ron Paul Polls Third In Three Early Voting States 210811Paul

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is polling in third in the key early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, according to a new CNN/Time poll released yesterday.

The Texas Congressman attracted 12% in telephone polls with potential voters in all three states.

MItt Romney and Herman Cain were polled first and second respectively in all three states.

In Iowa and South Carolina, Cain appears to be closer to Romney, trailing by just 2 and 3 percentage points.

In New Hampshire, however, Romney leads with 40%, while Cain remains just one percentage point ahead of Paul.

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The Latest in Self-Driving Cars

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GM demonstrated its EN-V concept vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. The small, maneuverable electric vehicles ride on two wheels, like the Segway. They can also be networked and drive themselves. In one demonstration, the vehicles dropped off the driver, and then made their way to a parking spot on their own. GM intends the vehicle especially for megacities such as Shanghai, which is where it unveiled the first slick concept version of the cars.

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Righthaven ordered to pay nearly $120,000 in attorney fees, court costs

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Newspaper copyright infringement lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas was hit Wednesday with an order to pay $119,488 in attorney’s fees and costs in its failed lawsuit against former federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiase.

This was by far the largest fee award against Righthaven, but likely will be dwarfed by an upcoming award in Righthaven’s failed suit against the Democratic Underground. Before Wednesday the largest fee award against Righthaven was for $34,045 — an amount Righthaven says it’s having trouble paying or even posting a bond to cover.

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Marines Storm Reddit After Occupy Oakland Shooting of Scott Olsen (all 10 or so??)

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 4:57:23 PM by markomalley

Marines have been flocking to the social networking/aggregator site Reddit to voice their anger at the life-threatening injury inflicted on 24-year-old Iraqi war veteran Scott Olsen by Oakland police during the recent Occupy protests. Video showed Olsen go down after taking a tear gas canister to the head. As fellow protesters tried to assist him, police lobbed a flash grenade into their midst–right next to Olsen’s already fractured skull.

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How Mitt Romney will lose to Barack Obama

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Those in the Republican establishment who believe that Mitt Romney is the most electable (in November 2012) candidate currently running for the GOP presidential nomination ought to consider the following scenario extremely carefully and seriously: Ron Paul, after losing the GOP nomination, decides to run as a third party candidate. Ron Paul has all the things necessary to do so: a committed base of supporters across the country, a decent amount of money and the ability to raise more, and a good beginning at national name and face recognition (thanks to what he’s stirred up during the GOP contest).

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Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters

October 28, 2011 2 comments

A radio ad for a handgun training class that bars Muslims and Obama voters has sparked an investigation in Texas.

“We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your [Concealed Handgun License],” the ad says. Then towards the end, it adds: “If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision under the law.”

And then: “If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you, and God bless America.”

The ad ran for six days on KHLB, Mason’s local station. It’s also been heard tens of thousands of times on Youtube.

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Members of the Electoral College Take an Oath to Uphold the Constitution| The Post & Email

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by Paul Hollrah, ©2011

Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution defines the duties of the Electoral College

(Oct. 28, 2011) — As a two-time member of the Electoral College, I am aware that the vast majority of electors totally misunderstand their duties and responsibilities. Most are convinced that their only duty is to ratify the selections made at their party’s national nominating convention. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Writing in the Federalist Papers, in defense of the proposed Electoral College, Alexander Hamilton expressed an overriding concern of the times. He wrote: “These most deadly adversaries of republican government (cabal, intrigue, etc.) might actually have expected to make their approach from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this than by raising a creature of their own (a “Manchurian candidate?”) to the chief magistracy of the Union?”

The fears that Hamilton expressed were not given credence until late in the 20th century and early in the 21st century. In 1996, had Democratic electors known of the huge sums of money poured into the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign by the People’s Republic of China, would they have voted unanimously to reelect Bill Clinton and Al Gore? I suspect that many veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War would have had second thoughts.


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George Will column on Mitt Romney: ‘Has conservatism come so far … for THIS?’

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Playbook has a sneak peek at George F. Will’s Sunday column, which fires a shot through the growing GOP establishment consensus that Mitt Romney would be an acceptable, electable nominee:

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Perry’s right: Republicans drowning in debates

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Everyone knows why Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants to skip some of the coming Republican presidential debates. He’s a lousy debater, and the biggest single factor in his fall from front-runner to back-in-the-pack has been his poor performance in a number of high-profile debates.

That said, Perry has a point when he suggests there are just too many debates scheduled in the rapidly dwindling number of days before voters go to the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and other key primary states.

There are at least a dozen GOP debates scheduled between Nov. 9 and the Florida primary on Jan. 31. A few more are in the works but not yet confirmed. Given that there will be breaks in the debating for Thanksgiving and Christmas — nobody expects voters to pay attention then — that’s a lot of debates in very little time.


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Karl Rove finds the non-Romney candidates unacceptable

October 28, 2011 2 comments

Rove is very much in a “do I have to do everything myself” mode these days, which is why he’s also running the GOP’s congressional campaign as an independently funded venture. Here he is practically acting as a Romney surrogate on Fox and attacking Herman Cain, because actual Romney surrogates seem unable to.

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Does aspirin have a surprising new health benefit? (reduce risk of developing cancer)

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Taking aspirin may significantly reduce your chances of developing cancer according to scientists from the Universities of Newcastle and Leeds, England.

LONDON, ENGLAND (Catholic Online) – The results of the research are published Friday in the medical journal, the Lancet. The results show that patients who have a history of cancer in their families, and take aspirin every day for a number of years, have 63 percent lower chance of developing the disease.

The authors of the study explained that they had long suspected this link, and that evidence supporting it has been growing, however, this is the first proper scientific test that has evaluated the effect of aspirin on cancer risk.

The study shows that it has a significant preventative effect on cancer, but that fact doesn’t kick in until after several years of regular use.

The study tracked almost 1000 patients from 16 different countries. Some of the patients were followed for more than 10 years. The trial focused on individuals with a condition known as Lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome is a rare inherited disorder that increases a person’s risk of developing colon cancer, and other cancers such as skin, brain, and many others. Increased risk is caused by mutations that prevent proper DNA repair in cells. Approximately half of all people with Lynch syndrome can be expected to develop cancer.

The study followed 161 individuals who took either two aspirins a day or a placebo, beginning at different times between 1999 and 2005. By 2007 scientist found no difference in risk between the two groups however, researchers continued to monitor the groups.

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Occupy Phoenix Asks: When Should You Shoot a Cop?

October 28, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to Occupy Phoenix, the latest violent embarrassment to American society. This group of occupiers is asking, “When should you shoot a cop?” Pamphlets asking this question and laying out justifications for doing so were left at the Occupy Wall Street location in Phoenix, Arizona and found by a Maricopa County Sheriff Deputy.

That’s right folks, according to the OWS crowd, changing society “almost always requires” killing law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers in the Grand Canyon state have been placed on high alert and the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center has published a safety memo in response to the threats of unapologetic cop killing.

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To All My Valued Employees…

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To All My Valued Employees
Unknown ^ | 10 28 2011 | Unknown

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 12:48:27 PM by Dick Bachert

To All My Valued Employees:

There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of this company, and more specifically, your job. As you know, the economy has changed for the worse and presents many challenges. However, the good news is this: The economy doesn’t pose a threat to your j What does threaten your job however, is the changing political landscape in this country.

However, let me tell you some little tidbits of fact which might help you decide what is in your best interests.

First, while it is easy to spew rhetoric that casts employers against employees, you have to understand that for every business owner there is a Back Story. This back story is often neglected and overshadowed by what you see and hear. Sure, you see me park my Mercedes outside. I’m sure you’ve seen my big home at last years Christmas party, all these flashy icons of luxury conjure up some idealized thoughts about my life.

However, what you don’t see is the BACK STORY :

I started this company 28 years ago. At that time, I lived in a 300 square foot studio apartment for 3 years. My entire living apartment was converted into an office so I could put forth 100% effort into building a company, which by the way, would eventually employ you.

My diet consisted of Ramen Pride noodles because every dollar I spent went back into this company. I drove a rusty Toyota Corolla with a defective transmission. I didn’t have time to date. Often times, I stayed home on weekends, while my friends went out drinking and partying. In fact, I was married to my business — hard work, discipline, and sacrifice.

Meanwhile, my friends got jobs. They worked 40 hours a week and made a modest $50K a year and spent every dime they earned. They drove flashy cars and lived in expensive homes and wore fancy designer clothes. Instead of hitting the Nordstrom’s for the latest hot fashion item, I was trolling through the discount store extracting any clothing item that didn’t look like it was birthed in the 70’s. My friends refinanced their mortgages and lived a life of luxury. I, however, did not. I put my time, my money, and my life into a business with a vision that eventually, someday, I too, will be able to afford these luxuries my friends supposedly had.

So, while you physically arrive at the office at 9 am, mentally check in at about noon, and then leave at 5 pm, I don’t. There is no “off” button for me. When you leave the office, you are done and you have a weekend all to yourself. I unfortunately do not have the freedom. I eat, and breathe this company every minute of the day. There is no rest. There is no weekend. There is no happy hour. Every day this business is attached to my hip like a 1 year old special-needs child. You, of course, only see the fruits of that garden — the nice house, the Mercedes, the vacations… you never realize the Back Story and the sacrifices I’ve made.

Now, the economy is falling apart and I, the guy that made all the right decisions and saved his money, have to bailout all the people who didn’t. The people that overspent their paychecks suddenly feel entitled to the same luxuries that I earned and sacrificed a decade of my life for.

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GOP Insiders Near Unanimous in Predicting Romney Nomination (Includes Full List of GOP Insiders)

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The large Republican presidential field, along with the dramatic surges and collapses of several of its candidates, may ultimately be much ado about nothing. That, at least, is the conclusion of the Republican strategists surveyed in this week’s National Journal Political Insiders Poll, who almost unanimously identified Mitt Romney as the most likely candidate to win the nomination. In the five times the GOP Insiders have been asked that question in 2011, Romney has never surrendered the top spot.

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Super Committee Dems Propose Massive Tax Increases

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Democrats in the Senate Super Committee released its list of proposals to reduce the deficit, and it unsurprisingly includes over $1 trillion in new taxes. ABC reports, “Democrats have proposed a framework for the Super Committee that multiple aides confirm is around $3 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade through a cocktail of cuts to entitlements, including Medicare, and as much as $1.3 trillion in new tax revenues.” The Super Committee is faced with the task of finding a minimum of $1.3 trillion in savings before November 23, lest a round of automatic spending cuts will take effect.

Democratic Representative John Lewis of Georgia defends the proposal by demonizing the so-called wealthy (anyone making over $250,000 a year). “The people of this country are looking for fairness. They are sitting in and sitting down to protest the unwillingness of the government to legislate with their best interests in mind,” said Lewis, who also criticized proposals to cut entitlement programs. “These proposals rob from the poor, the sick and the elderly, the very least amongst us.”

Regardless of the tired talking points, however, history reveals that tax increases will not target the group that lawmakers are attempting to hit with new taxes. Instead, the middle class finds itself suffering as a result because those who do comply with paying the new taxes were individuals who own businesses that drive the economy in this country. The uber-wealthy will simply find places to hide their money, such as in foundations.


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U.S. Government Seeks to Create Website Ban List

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The U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced a “rogue websites” bill that has managed to attract bipartisan support even though it would force Internet Service Providers to create a list of banned websites and prevent users of those websites from accessing their sites. The list is all too similar to the “ban lists” that are found in China. reports: “US lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday that would give US authorities more tools to crack down on websites accused of piracy of movies, television shows and music and the sale of counterfeit goods.”

Entitled the Stop Online Piracy Act, the bill reads:

A service provider shall take technically feasible and reasonable measures designed to prevent access by its subscribers located within the United States to the foreign infringing site (or portion thereof) that is subject to the order, including measures designed to prevent the domain name of the foreign infringing site (or portion thereof) from resolving to that domain name’s Internet Protocol address.

It is the House version of a bill that was introduced in the U.S. Senate earlier this year called the Theft of Intellectual Property Act or Protect IP Act.


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Confessions of an Ex-Democrat

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[snip]…Furthermore, in the interests of full disclosure, I should confess that for a long time I was a Democrat. But, in my own defense, I was never a liberal. For those of a tender age, I should hasten to mention that there was a time when it was possible to be one without being the other. So, for instance, I could be a registered Democrat while simultaneously opposing unilateral disarmament. I could be a Democrat and still believe that Whitaker Chambers was telling the truth and that Alger Hiss and Julius Rosenberg were lying when they denied being Soviet spies. I could oppose Jim Crow laws while at the same time regarding racial quotas as reverse racism. I could be angry about Watergate and still oppose the slandering and libeling of Clarence Thomas. I could even be a Democrat and still despise the universally beloved Walter Cronkite, whose pose as an objective newsman was as phony as Obama’s attempt to foist himself off as bi-partisan, for doing his best to make certain we didn’t win the Vietnam War.

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Is The Media Finally Ready To Do Its Job?

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The New York Times reports that President Barack Obama has found a way around his pledge to not accept money from lobbyists. While not officially registered with the Senate as lobbyists, at least 15 Obama bundlers (supporters who contribute their own money to his campaign and solicit it from others) are involved in lobbying for Washington consulting shops or private companies and have raised over five million dollars for the president’s re-election campaign so far.

This is really three stories in one. One, the president seems to have violated at least the spirit a campaign promise. Two, the president has employed a technicality to get around an overt ethical reversal. And three, one of the most left-leaning, Obama-supporting mainstream media outlets uncovered, investigated and is reporting on the story.

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Cain’s Cigarette-Puffing Aide Has Checkered Past

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He is the man with the mustache who takes a rebellious drag on a cigarette in the Herman Cain Internet ad gone viral.

“We’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever seen,” he says before taking a puff. “But then America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain.”

Meet Mark Block, Cain’s unorthodox campaign manager. Perhaps no one is more responsible for the Georgia businessman’s meteoric rise in the presidential polls than Block, a Republican strategist and tea party leader who’s left a trail of questionable campaign work behind him.

Block has been accused of voter suppression and was banned from running Wisconsin political campaigns for three years to settle accusations he coordinated a judge’s re-election campaign with a special interest group.

Records show Block has faced foreclosure on his home, a tax warrant by the Internal Revenue Service and a lawsuit for an unpaid bill. He also acknowledges he was arrested twice for drunken driving.

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We are all Scott Olsen’:Occupy protesters hold vigil for injured veteran [ Unions did this ! ]

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The Marine veteran, who won medals in Iraq, has become a rallying cry for the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators across the nation, with Twitter users and protest websites declaring, “We are all Scott Olsen.”


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Prison » Obama Has Declared Record-Breaking 89 Disasters So Far in 2011

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From Hurricane Irene, which soaked the entire East Coast in August, to the Midwest tornadoes, which wrought havoc from Wisconsin to Texas, 2011 has seen more billion-dollar natural disasters than any year on record, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

And as America’s hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires set records this year, so too has President Obama in his response to them.

During the first 10 months of this year President Obama declared 89 major disasters, more than the record 81 declarations that he made in all of 2010.

And Obama has declared more disasters — 229 — in the first three years of his presidency than almost any other president signed in their full four-year terms. Only President George W. Bush declared more, having signed 238 disaster declarations in his second term, from 2005 to 2009.

Full story here.

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Why President Obama and His Advisers Are Absolutely Convinced He Will Be Re-elected In 2012

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President Obama and his team are quite optimistic they will win reelection in 2012, notwithstanding the bad poll numbers he is facing and the absolute collapse of confidence with Washington and indeed the American economy.

There are a number of reasons why the president and his advisers are so optimistic.

First, it is his judgment that with the horse race now tied for president, he has managed to weather the storm of a declining economy and declining confidence much better than he, or frankly most observers, would have expected.


But what heartens the president’s advisers is they believe they have locked into a strategy now that they are convinced can and will pay dividends.

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Laurie Roth – Americans must stand against Muslim Brotherhood

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Things are going as planned and Obama and his handlers couldn’t be happier. Global controls, regulations and rules combined with encroaching Fundamentalist Islam is the double barrel shot gun that threatens to take down America, Israel and the West. Right now, it is attempting to transform the Middle East into an Islamic radical, Muslim Brotherhood zone.

I recently interviewed Rev. Lainie Dowell, an author and political activist who has studied in depth Barack Obama, Islam and the African nations push to create the United States of Africa. She said from her research that this had been going on since the 1960s and she believed that Barack Obama wanted to be the head of this after he destroyed America. Kadafi, who we assassinated recently was the known pick to run this 55 state confederation and emerging super power.

Interestingly, Sher Zieve, another hard hitting commentator also told me that she had seen an interview on You Tube with Van Jones, talking to school kids. When asked by a child what Obama would do after he was done being President, Van Jones said Obama might rule the world. This was quickly scrubbed but not before many heard those words from his own lips. So… America simply a stepping stone to worldwide control?

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Cross dresser shows up at middle school to fill in as a substitute (Vancouver, WA)

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Parents of some Vancouver sixth graders are worried about what to tell their kids after a male substitute teacher showed up at school this week in women’s clothing.

The substitute teacher filled in at Wy’East Middle School on Wednesday, covering a humanities class.

Students said it was obvious that their substitute teacher was a man dressed in women’s clothing and from what we understand, some of the kids had a hard time settling down because they were laughing and making jokes. Some were eventually pulled out of class.

The school and the Evergreen School District would not talk on camera but told us if the lesson plan is followed, they don’t take issue with cross dressing. The exception would be if the outfit violated the dress code by being too short, too tight or low cut.

The substitute teacher has worked in the school district 19 days this school year at 13 different schools. He was given the chance to talk with us but declined.

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DHS Announces Halloween Checkpoints In Tennessee To Keep Children Safe

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Following the announcement that TSA agents would be involved in manning highway checkpoints in Tennessee, the State’s Homeland Security Commissioner said yesterday that a raft of new “security checkpoints” would be in place over the Halloween period to “keep roadways safe for trick-or-treaters”.

DHS Announces Halloween Checkpoints In Tennessee To Keep Children Safe dui%20checkpoint%2002%2017%2011

Well, if it’s ‘for the children’, who are we to kick up a fuss?

“State Troopers will be conducting safety checkpoints, sobriety roadblocks, saturation patrols and other enforcement techniques to look for aggressive or impaired drivers,” over the next few days, in order to “keep roadways safe for trick-or-treaters,” according to Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons, whose office’s role includes “terrorism prevention”.

Since the Jackson Sun has already announced where the checkpoints will be located, enabling any bad guys to avoid them, is this really about keeping the kids safe or is it about revenue generation?

States raise much-needed cash from impounding vehicles from unlicensed drivers, but legal precedent dictates that the checkpoints would be in violation of the 4th amendment and therefore unconstitutional unless “public safety” can be cited as a pretext. Hence, they’re labeled DUI checkpoints and every traveler has their protection against unreasonable searches and seizures violated.

If it’s “for the children,” then the constitution is null and void.

Apparently, because one person was killed in a car crash in Tennessee last Halloween, that justifies the bill of rights being discarded in favor of Soviet-style checkpoints.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In reality, this represents another example of how Homeland Security has stepped way beyond its mandate and is becoming a literal occupying force in America.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Transportation Security Administration officials would be manning highway checkpoints in Tennessee targeting truck drivers.

After public outrage, the TSA attempted to neutralize the controversy by claiming that the inspections were carried out by State Troopers (the TSA agents were there to try to recruit truck drivers into becoming snitches for the ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign), and that the checkpoints were merely temporary.

In reality, the program was the latest phase of the TSA’s rapidly expanding VIPR program, under which TSA agents have been deployed to shake down Americans at everywhere from bus depots, to ferry terminals, to train stations, in one instance conducting pat downs of passengers, including children, who had already completed their journey when arriving in Savannah.

So let’s not concern ourselves with the fact that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano admitted to how her department was authorizing illegal aliens, felons who have knowingly broken the law, to work inside the United States, so long as we’re safe in the knowledge that Americans will be getting searched at checkpoints in order to take care of trick-or-treating children this Halloween – that’s what really matters.

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Ron Paul Does Not Rule Out A Third-Party Run

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Real Clear Politics

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ron Paul would not pledge to rule out a third-party run for president if he did not get the Republican nod. Paul said he is running for the Republican nomination and to make such an announcement now would undermine his current campaign.

Paul was discussing his candidacy with the panel on FOX News’ “Special Report.”

However, Ron Paul hinted several times during the interview that the thought is in his mind. Paul noted that there are more registered Independents than Republicans or Democrats in the state of New Hampshire.

When asked if he would pledge not to run as a third candidate Paul dodged giving a direct answer. “I pledge that I have no intention of doing it,” Paul said cheerfully.

“Well, you know, I have to vacillate a little bit in my life,” Paul said when pressed more about his opinion. Transcript below.

Full story here.

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Clueless Boobeoisie Want Hillary Clinton to Run

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If we are to believe a recent Time magazine poll, the boobeoisie would vote in large numbers for the war criminal Hillary Clinton over the likes of Mitt or Rick or Herman.

Clueless Boobeoisie Want Hillary Clinton to Run

“Clinton leads Mitt Romney, 55% to 38%; Rick Perry, 58% to 32%; and Herman Cain, 56% to 34%, among likely voters in a general election” writes USA Today.

Ron Paul is not figured into the equation.

Clinton says she has no interest in running for president.

Clinton, Obama, Romney, Perry – it does not matter what hand-picked establishment candidate eventually warms a seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The agenda remains the same. If elected by way of a rigged electoral college and Diebold voting machines, Hillary will read from the same script as Obama, Bush before him, her husband before Bush, and Reagan before Clinton, etc.

The news here is that the great unwashed, Mencken’s “boobeoisie,” are so easily bamboozled as to be a cosmic joke.

“Hillary, I’m sorry for not listening to you back in 2008,” confessed a Democrat on the pages of the Chicago Tribune back in August. “But perhaps you’ll give me another chance. Resign as secretary of state, and run against Obama in 2012. I will work my heart out for you. And I bet that millions of other angry Democrats will be with me.”

Millions of Democrats will be fooled once again, as they are invariably. Democrats are especially gullible and politically naïve, followed by mindless Fox News watching Republicans.

Both repeatedly prove Einstein right – insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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“I actually believe that she would have liked to have danced on a table in exultation, I thank the stars that we were saved from that!” ~ Jim R. Schwiesow — Graceless Diplomacy: A Hallmark of US Thinking

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Did you note the gleeful hilarity with which our Secretary of State greeted the news of the grim and ignominious assassination of Ethiopian leader Moammer Gadhafi at the hands of an American backed rabble of depraved and perverted insurgents of infinitely less worth and morality than their victim. Hillary, that eternal progressive and everlastingly execrable embodiment of the disease of classless collectivism, exhibited the malevolent mentality that is the very heart of the liberal progressive ideology.

These single-minded social anarchists continually inveigh against the God-given gift of individualism and free-will and endeavor to reduce mankind to an amorphous, dependent and malleable aggregate of dependent droids. Dear reader liberalism or progressivism is a spiritual disease as deadly and negative as the deadly pathologies of a physical kind.

But, I digress – back to Hillary that black widow of the demonization euphemistically referred to as the Obama Administration; that this so-called lady would let go of any semblance of dignity and professional bearing to reveal an entirely savage and barbarous personal character in a televised public interview was astounding.

If it had not been too inelegant I actually believe that she would have liked to have danced on a table in exultation, I thank the stars that we were saved from that!…As it was she remained seated, but let go with a perfectly cold-hearted and grisly narration of the bloody assassination during which her great exhilaration – seemingly born of a sadistic and perverted character – was evidenced by graceless laughter and a mirthful shaking of her plump body with pure pleasure.

One can only speculate as to the dark forces that enable a human being to experience such a vicarious thrill from the grisly butchery of another human being.


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Should more Republicans skip the debates?

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When a credible candidate for significant political office makes a statement or adopts a strategy that seems obviously counterintuitive, criticism will shower down first, followed by a wave of wait-maybe-this-is-brilliant rebuttals. Byron York offers a bit of the latter (as well as some of the former) in a thoughtful piece that poses the question of whether Perry’s announcement that he might not attend future debates isn’t just self-serving, but actually a rational strategy that other Republicans should adopt:


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Boehner: ‘Great concerns’ Obama is exceeding Constitution

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that he has “great concerns” that President Obama might be exceeding his constitutional authority in ordering his administration to adjust regulations surrounding “underwater” mortgages and student loans, saying, “this idea that you are just going to go around the Congress is … almost laughable.”


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Michelle: GOP Would Curb Freedom of Speech, Religion

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In a chilling appraisal of President Obama’s Republican opposition, First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday suggested a Republican victory in the 2012 presidential election would result in curbs on freedom of speech and religion.

Speaking at a fundraiser at a private residence in Tampa, Mrs. Obama noted the power of the president to appoint members of the Supreme Court.

She clearly indicated that a Republican would select justices who would attack basic First Amendment rights, saying, “that’s what’s at stake” in the election.

From the White House transcript:

Let’s not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices — (applause) — and for the first time in history, our daughters — and our sons — watched three women take their seats on our nation’s highest court. (Applause.) But more importantly, let’s not forget the impact those decisions will have on our lives for decades to come — on our privacy and security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly, and love whomever we choose. That is what’s at stake here. (Applause.)

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Ford Mustang Boss 302: Kind Of A Big Deal (HOTTT Stang)

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It’s been 42 years since Ford unleashed the Boss Mustang in the United States. There have been other great Mustangs since then–Shelby, Bullitt and Cobra among them–but the Boss mystique has entranced die-hard fans since its halycon days on the racetrack.

Their devotion has paid off: New to the U.S. market is the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302, a $41,105, 444-horsepower nostalgia machine that is the quickest, best-handling vehicle Ford makes.


- The engine. It’s a 444-horsepower 302 4V Ti-VCT V8 with a “runner in the box” intake manifold and forged pistons, sodium valves, valve springs, new rods, oil cooler and high-lift cams. All of that means it’ll do 155mph and hit 0-60mph considerably faster than the GT’s 4.6-second split. (The Boss Laguna Seca edition is even faster.) Fuel economy is decent at 17mpg in the city and 26mpg on the highway.

- The engine. Did I mention it sounds great? It has to do with a new quad exhaust system but all you really need to know is that these particular notes will be instantly recognizable to anyone who should know.

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Marine Scott Olsen Will Undergo Brain Surgery, And OccupyMARINES Are Making Demands

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After being struck by a projectile at Tuesday’s Occupy Oakland evictions, Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen is lucid and awaiting brain surgery.

The Guardian reports Olsen “responded with a very large smile” when his parents arrived from Wisconsin to visit him at the hospital. Medical officials say Olsen’s able to write and hear, but is having trouble speaking.

Meanwhile, Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan who left town after authorizing the raid, has separated herself from the police. Quan said, “I only asked the chief to do one thing: to do it when it was the safest for both the police and the demonstrators.”

Her interim police chief then denied his men had used rubber bullets or flashbang grenades. His goal, he said, “… isn’t to cause injury to anyone.”

In response to the police tactics, OccupyMARINES have issued a formal list of requests in Oakland. Whether these requests are pursued or met should be an indicator of how strong or extensive this branch of the movement has become.

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I hate the Marine Corps. Do you?

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Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of

October 28, 2011 1 comment

Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of ^

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 10:42:28 AM by Minus_The_Bear

Scott Olsen is the Marine Corps veteran critically injured at Occupy Oakland Tuesday night, during a confrontation between the protesters and the police. The latest news is good: his condition has been upgraded from critical to fair and he is apparently conscious and able to respond to doctors and family members. I sincerely wish him a full recovery, and I also hope that a proper investigation is conducted to determine whether police misconduct is responsible for his injuries.

But I ran across something this evening that may add a new dimension to this story. It has been widely reported that Olsen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. But apparently his opposition to the U.S. military and the Marine Corps in which he served runs a little deeper.

The site is no longer live, but Olsen was the founder of, a private user forum apparently dedicated to bashing the Marine Corps. (click to enlarge)

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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