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Drone Wars: The Empire Strikes Out

In the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Running Man,” Schwarzenegger patrols a futuristic American city in an advanced helicopter system designed to keep the streets free of citizens after dark.

Stunningly, the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security is outsourcing Schwarzenegger’s characters job by encouraging and helping local law enforcement purchase unmanned drones to patrol the skies of places like Arlington, Texas.

I first learned of the domestic drone program while speaking with a Dallas/Fort Worth-based radio talk show host about federal legislation that would significantly increase the federal government’s capacity to censor the Internet. When he asked about the purchase of drone aircraft to patrol the town which houses the Texas Rangers, I was somewhat skeptical but also taken aback.

However, when respected columnist Charles Krauthammer goes on a rant against the use of drones for surveillance on Americans here in America, perhaps it’s time to wake up. Here is what Krauthammer said on Fox News Special Report,

“I’m going to go hard left on you here, I’m going ACLU,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said in opposition to the use of drones on the U.S. homeland. “I don’t want regulations, I don’t want restrictions, I want a ban on this. Drones are instruments of war. The Founders had a great aversion to any instruments of war, the use of the military inside even the United States. It didn’t like standing armies, it has all kinds of statutes of using the army in the country.”

The only thing Krauthammer gets wrong in that statement is that it is groups like the National Rifle Association which has stood up for Americans’ civil liberties and rights, and not just the ACLU which seems to pick and choose which rights they think are worthy of defending……..


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