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Is (Disposable) Joe Biden Is ‘The Leaker’?

Now that any thinking person can see that the sensitive security information leaked to the NY Times in an apparent effort to aggrandize the President’s national defense credentials had to have come from Obama’s inner circle– regardless of how much feigned offence he purports to take at the suggestion, even Dianne Feinstein is livid.

As for the identity of that highly-damaging mystery leaker.. there’s plenty of reason to suspect it just might be VP Joe Biden.

Not only is Biden the most dispensable member of the President’s cabinet, Slow Joe also fancies himself a foreign policy expert -never mind the fact he’s consistently been on the wrong side of history for 40 years now- and is widely known as a guy who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, type-cast for taking the fall when the time comes- hey, he’s been awfully quiet lately, hasn’t he?

Plugs publicly spilled (to Fox News!) the Fisker product plan in 2009, freaking out the company management that had just presented the fledgling electric car manufacturer’s confidential business strategy to an Obama Administration who subsidized them to the tune of $193M (three years later, Fisker is already out of cash and laying off workers- and good ole Joe helped).


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