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‘Dragnet’: Why Conservatives Should Still Love Joe Friday


This is the city: Los Angeles, California.”


With those words, an episode of the 1960s version of “Dragnet” would start. Perhaps the most accessible version of the classic cop concept .


Just how good was it? Consider this: Its cancellation in 1970 was not because the network didn’t feel it was pulling in ratings, but because show creator/star Jack Webb was focusing on other shows, like “Adam-12” and “Emergency!” (which was this author’s favorite as a kid). The 1950s “Dragnet” was cancelled for the same reason – Webb wanted to pursue other projects.




“Dragnet” has aged well. Around his death, Webb was planning a third incarnation with Joe Friday, starring alongside Kent McCord (Joe Friday and James Reed as partners). After he died, two re-boots were attempted, but each lasted only two seasons.


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