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U.S. Marine Arrested for Facebook Posts


(SALEM / RICHMOND) – A decorated U.S. Marine who served his nation in two wars, Brandon Raub, of Richmond Virginia, was arrested for airing his critical views of the U.S. government on Facebookthis weekend.



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We just reported yesterday that a Human Rights activist in Bahrain is being prosecuted for six Twittermessages. Politically, this country is increasingly resembling Bahrain and other nations that arrest those who speak out critically over federal policy.



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His mother, Kathleen Thomas, says it is another case of the word ‘terrorist’ being applied to arrest and detain a citizen. You can hear the pride she feels for her son when she explains what he has been through, and by all counts Ms. Thomas makes her points loud and clear.


The law enforcement officials rolled up to the man’s home around 7:00 last night. “He was there, the FBI, Secret Service and Chesterfield Police showed up in a storm,” she said.


Thomas says her son was questioned about why he was writing certain comments, “He basically said ‘I have some disagreements with the government and share this’, and they said, ‘You have to go with us’”.



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(Excerpt) Read more at salem-news.com …


via U.S. Marine Arrested for Facebook Posts.




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