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My wife and I have discussed the phenomenon of Ann Barnhardt on a few different occasions.



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We both find her intriguing and have basically concluded about her what she concludes about herself – that she is an anomalously masculine woman, that masculinity does not find its optimum expression in her because she is a woman, and that her manner and activity would find a better vehicle of expression in a man.



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This is not to criticize what she is doing, or to say she should refrain from doing it.



One thing in her, on the other hand, that is an unmistakable expression of femininity is her ability to … how do you say … suggest men ought to be doing some work, the seed of which suggested activity resides with great potency at the moment only in her mind. The ability to “suggest” is a very feminine quality that should complement the masculine very wonderfully. It reminds me of something I heard from somewhere, perhaps a priest’s homily, that the woman cultivates human life from the physical seed implanted within her womb from the man, while the man cultivates great human work from the spiritual and intellectual seed implanted within his heart and mind from the woman.


The greatest example of a woman planting this seed, if we allow it to be called that, is that of our Blessed Mother, most notably in her suggestion to our Lord that something needed to be done on behalf of the newly-wedded couple at their wedding feast when they ran out of wine, thus prompting the first recorded miracle of our Lord in the Gospel. However, just as there is a particular time when the man’s seed will bear fruit in the woman, and it would be futile and even crude for the man to insist that it be otherwise, so also there is a particular time when the woman’s suggestion will bear fruit in the mind of the man, and if the woman insists otherwise we are then allowed to become keenly and painfully aware of what the meaning of nagging is. And just as the woman has little or no control over the time when she will bear fruit, so often neither does the man have control over when he is to bear his fruit and take action. I hope that Miss Barnhardt understands this. Something tells me that she does, because rather than complaining about men not being willing to take action, she calls on us to pray to God for this thing…………..




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