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“Fundamental Transformation” to Chill the Blood
… (“I am sick to death over the disingenuousness and deception with regard to discussions of gun control in America and the blatant attempts of the Obama administration and the political left to capitalize on recent violence perpetrated with firearms (some of which, for the record, may have been orchestrated) in order to coalesce the power of a government that edges closer to tyranny with each passing hour. And although it can be easily explained, the obliviousness on the part of a large segment of the American people (who will ultimately accept whatever measure our would-be dictator devises) of what is occurring before their very eyes is equally sickening.”)

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During an ABC Nightline interview broadcast on December 26, 2012, President Barack Obama said that one benefit of his re-election was the ability “to have men with guns around at all times.” This week, Obama signed a bill extending armed Secret Service protection for former US presidents to the remainder of their natural lives.


I’m sure the irony of all this juxtaposed against his ongoing effort to disarm law-abiding Americans has not escaped the reader.



mussobama (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




On January 3, Keith Ratliff, a 32 year-old firearms enthusiast, was found fatally shot in the head in his Carnesville, Georgia home. Police are investigating the case as a homicide. Ratliff’s YouTube channel for fellow firearm enthusiasts was ranked as one of the top 10 channels on YouTube, with 3.4 million subscribers and more than 537 million views.


Although I have no proof, my inclination is to suspect that the Obama administration or one of its surrogates is responsible for Ratliff’s death, the first of many such executions that will take place in order to silence individuals whom the government deems a threat to their oligarchical collectivist agenda.


There; I’ve said it.


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The Bible Supports Gun Ownership – Pastor James David Manning – – YouTube

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The Bible Supports Gun Ownership – Pastor James David Manninghttp://www.atlah


Dr James Manning



RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


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Abraham Lincoln’s Execution .: Knowledge Base… (“Unless historians or other scholars can refute what Professor John Chandler Griffin has reveale in Abraham Lincoln’s Execution, the history not only of the administration of the 16th President of the U.S. and his death at the hands of John Wilkes Booth will have to be rewritten, but also that of the American Civil War.”) « AMERICAN BLOGGER: GUNNY.G ~ WEBLOG.EMAIL

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Unless historians or other scholars can refute what Professor John Chandler Griffin has reveale in Abraham Lincoln’s Execution, the history not only of the administration of the 16th President of the U.S. and his death at the hands of John Wilkes Booth will have to be rewritten, but also that of the American Civil War.


English: John Wilkes Booth.

English: John Wilkes Booth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Griffin, professor emeritus at the University of South Carolina, has revisited what happened in the 1860’s for two basic purposes: first, to demonstrate that members of Lincoln’s cabinet were implicated with the Confederate Secret Service in the murder of Lincoln (which is why Griffin calls it an execution in lieu of an assassination); and, second, to demolish the standard mythology re the character of Lincoln and his motives in instigating the military action that metastasized into all-out civil war.


Rather than “The Great Emancipator,” Lincoln appears in Griffin’s book as “The Great Dictator.” Blocking the South’s secession in order to establish and maintain a centralized government, Griffin writes, was the true motive behind Lincoln’s instigation of civil war, and not the elimination of slavery. In fact, Griffin documents, Lincoln repeatedly expressed his view of whites as superior to blacks, opposed equal rights for them, wrote to Illinois legislators that “eliminating every black person from American soil would be a glorious consummation,” appropriated taxpayer money to fund his plan to export freed slaves to a variety of countries; and, despite his famous Emancipation Proclamation, engaged in manipulations so that only slaves in the south would be freed and not those in the north. Lincoln’s prejudices also showed up, Griffin points out, in Lincoln’s support of the war on American Indians unwilling to move to reservations, resulting in their systematic extermination.


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On Matthews’ Hard Ball, David Corn says Rush Limbaugh is “inviting John Wilkes Booth…”

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On Matthews’ Hard Ball, David Corn says Rush Limbaugh is “inviting John Wilkes Booth…”

watching MSNBC‘s Hardball | January 11, 2013 | Seizethecarp

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 5:46:16 PM by Seizethecarp

Rush Limbaugh

Cover of Rush Limbaugh

Chris Matthews opened Hardball with video from the past two days of Jim Yeager, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh defending the second amendment. David Corn says Rush is “inviting John Wilkes Booth…” Matthews says Rush should know better.

English: John Wilkes Booth.

English: John Wilkes Booth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matthews also introduced the segment (usually rebroadcast at 7:00 PM EST) by saying he was “going to nut country” and said that was a quote from JFK just before he went to Dallas for the last time.

Right before Hardball, Martin Bashir said that the report that the armed officer assigned to the school that were the latest shooting occurred wasn’t there because he was snowed-in “proves” that armed officers at schools are not the solution.

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“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama

In remarks with Afghan president Hamid Karzai at the White House this afternoon, President Barack Obama said the U.S. has fallen “short of the ideal” in Afghanistan:

“So, you know, I think that, have we achieved everything that some might have imagined us achieving in the best of scenarios? Probably not. You know, there’s a human enterprise, and you know, you fall short of the ideal,” said Obama.


The president went on to say that America has achieved some measure of success in Afghanistan, however. “Did we achieve our central goal? And have we been able, I think, to shape a strong relationship with a responsible Afghan government that is willing to cooperate with us to make sure that it is not a launching pad for future attacks against the United States?…

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Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:

Today’s Dictionary Lesson

cuomoDemagogue |ˈdeməˌgäg| noun
a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

This concludes today’s dictionary lesson.

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Originally posted on The Differences of US..... Move US to Think:


Good Morning,

The WP reports that the White House is working with its allies on a well-financed campaign in Washington and around the country to shift public opinion toward stricter gun laws and provide political cover to lawmakers who end up voting for an assault-weapons ban or other restrictions on firearms. With President Obama preparing to push a legislative agenda aimed at curbing the nation’s gun violence, pillars of his political network, along with independent groups, are raising millions of dollars and mapping out strategies in an attempt to shepherd new regulations through Congress.

Australia has gone this route before..

So has Britain….


My governor Andrew Cuomo (New York) brought forth a proposal to install the toughest gun control laws in the nation writes Randy Thomas. He presented a seven-point gun control plan in his annual State of the State address. His proposal would require follow-ups for…

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Originally posted on Rat Nation:


According to the recently released Freedom Index  – an objective comprehensive analysis of both personal and economic freedom around the world – the United States limps in at number seven.

The good news? Barack Obama was very concerned with the results. The bad news? He had hoped the U.S. would place much further down the list. 

The Freedom Index was put together for the Fraser Institute by Ian Vasquez of the Cato Institute and Tanja Stumberger of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, who created the index as an objective measurement of overall human freedom, combining for the first time economic freedom with other forms of freedom – including personal freedom.

A description of the index from Fred McMahon, Dr. Michael A. Walker Research Chair in Economic Freedom (Fraser Institute) and editor of Towards a Worldwide Index of Human Freedom:

“Our intention is to measure the degree to which people…

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Originally posted on Doug Wead The Blog:

Conservatives and Liberals still argue about government’s role in ending the Great Depression and many people see the discussion more relevant today than ever before.  Conservatives point to a compelling 2004 study by two UCLA economics professors showing that Roosevelt’s New Deal policies actually prolonged the recovery.  Written four years before the recent crisis the report concludes that “ill conceived stimulus policies” prolonged the Depression.  But the conventional wisdom of history flows with such force that in 2008 George W. Bush dare not risk laissez faire.

The real story of how America came out of the Great Depression, and FDR’s role in the process, may be less about liberal and conservative government policies and more about good business sense than most modern ideologues might suspect.  The real story is about gold.  And FDR’s frugal, exacting, yes even “conservative,” management style.

What unfolding historic records now show is that FDR picked…

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Prison » DHS Source Confirms Alex Was Being Stalked… (““Bumper lock him. Make it obvious. Do whatever you can, just make sure he knows. Handle him as a hostile.” Those were the instructions reportedly given to federal agents …”)

January 11, 2013 4 comments

Both before and after the appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Monday, Alex and Infowars video producer Rob Dew knew they were being followed and that people seemed to be casing them around New York City.

In addition to being intimidated in New York, Alex was also the target of thinly-veiled death threats on the Piers Morgan program the night following his appearance.


alexjones (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

In a segment on the show, sports columnist for the Daily Beast, Buzz Bissinger, shockingly stated:

“I don’t care what the justification is that you’re allowed in this country to own a semi-automatic weapon – much less a handgun. But what do you need a semi-automatic weapon for? The only reason I think you’d need it is, Piers, challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally and pop him.”

Morgan’s guests laughed at the thought of Jones’ murder. Guest Abby Huntsman, a host and producer at HuffPost Live, said, “I’d love to see that…in uniform,” to which Morgan said, “I’ll borrow my brother’s uniform.”

After Doug Hagmann, of the Northeast Intelligence Network, learned that Jones was appearing on the CNN program, he contacted his DHS insider source who told him that federal agents were indeed “assigned to follow Alex Jones during his visit to New York.”

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Originally posted on We Moved > Go To::

Ask yourself….What has happened and why? McCarthy was right, my friends. According to this picture, the Bolshevik cabal on Marxist insanity have been taking our guns for over 60 years.  “You say you want a revolution, well, y’know”….revolution through EVOLUTION.  

My own family always had guns in the home.  We had old guns dating back to the “Civil War” hanging on our wall.  Guns are American. With no guns, there is no America.  Some other rag-tag, 3rd world banana republic will become our reality if ever we are so stupid to give up our guns.

I believe this is the website this is possibly from. I found this image on my F/B  


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Originally posted on

 by Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume

The Nonaggression Axiom

The central axiom of the libertarian creed is the “nonaggression axiom.” “Aggression” is synonymous with invasion and is defined as the initiation of force or violence (or threat thereof) against the person or property of another.

Everyone has the absolute right to be “free” from aggression. This implies that the libertarian stands for “civil liberties”—e.g. the fundamental rights to speak, publish, assemble, and even engage in “victimless crimes” which are not “crimes” at all. The libertarian definition of “crime” is a violent invasion of someone’s person or property. The State itself is guilty of true crime on a massive scale. For example, conscription is slavery and war (especially modern total war) is mass murder. Both are aggressive acts against persons and property. These positions are currently considered “leftist.”

On the other hand, the libertarian position opposes any invasion of or government…

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Originally posted on Indyfromaz's Blog: The Thoughts of An Independent Arizonan:

From 1954 through 2012, the federal government shelled out a total of almost $72 trillion on all spending, combined. Over the same period, it collected revenues of under $56 trillion from all sources. The $16 trillion difference is today’s federal debt.

But this simple math hides the fact that the dollar in your pocket today doesn’t buy what the dollar in your grandfather’s pocket bought years ago. There is a sleight-of-hand to Washington’s method of dealing with long-term debt. Like every shell game, those who play will lose to those who make the rules.

And make no mistake, we are all playing by Washington’s rules.

See for yourself: Inflation Calculator

$1 in 1954 now cost $8.56.

Just since Obama, it’s $1.07

And that 7% “tax” ,if you will, hits the poor just as much as anyone else. Just don’t try to explain that (as I have) to the low-information, unenlightened…

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Who really killed the Connecticut children? | Veterans Today

January 11, 2013 1 comment

by Kevin Barrett


When something unbelievably evil happens in one of our schools, like the recent murder of 27 children and teachers at the Newtown School in Connecticut, the media always tells us the same thing: blame the lone nut(s).



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




But history suggests that many if not most schoolyard massacres, like other large-scale acts of domestic terrorism, have a much more sinister agenda.


Sheriff Pat Sullivan, who ran the Columbine investigation, was arrested last year and convicted of coercing sexual favors from a child in exchange for methamphetamine. His ridiculously short sentence, served in the jail that bears his name, amounted to a slap on the wrist. Rumor has it that Sullivan is part of a pedophile network along the lines of the Finders of Lost Children and the perpetrators of the Franklin Scandal child sex ring.


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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":




The retirement of Congressman Ron Paul from the House of Representatives last week did not end the Texas libertarian’s influence in Congress. And if the first week of the new Congress is any indication, his influence has only multiplied.


Congressman Paul’s battles to audit and ultimately abolish the Federal Reserve Bank have been picked up by his former colleague Paul Broun of Georgia, who scored 92 percent on The New American‘s “Freedom Index” in the last Congress.


“I applaud Congressman Paul’s efforts. He was fighting for liberty,” Broun told The Hill newspaper, which covers Congress from Washington, D.C. The story, entitled “Georgia’s Broun keeps Ron Paul’s anti-Fed mission alive in new Congress,” details how Broun — like former Congressman Paul, a medical doctor —…

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":

The source was not identified, it was said, because the death is “an ongoing investigation.”

Quite frankly, this doesn’t pass the smell test.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

CDR Price has a wife and young daughter back home in Virginia, and for the officer’s tragic death to be labeled an “apparent suicide” on Christmas Eve, makes us wonder if this was really something else.

Looking into the dead commander’s background, there is nothing to indicate he would do such a thing, much less put his beloved family through such a terrible ordeal at this time of the year.

Price’s past was like a storybook tale. He was a varsity wrestler and member of the championship football team at Pottstown High School in his native Pennsylvania. A member of the National Honor Society there, he was a much-decorated Naval officer who’d been boss of

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":

By J.B. Williams


January 8, 2013




big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




The American people do not vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates, they vote for electors, who in turn, cast their vote for president and vice president. Electors are sworn to cast a vote only for “eligible” candidates and to certify that all candidates on the ballot are eligible for office and have been duly elected, before casting their ballot before congress.


Twice now, in 2008 and 2012, Electors failed in their sworn duty, certifying and casting their ballot for Barack Hussein Obama, despite knowledge that Obama is not constitutionally eligible for the office of president and that he had won both elections through historic fraudulent efforts.



gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




The law requires that the Electoral College certify the ballot and present its vote to…

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":

(SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL) A communication professor known for conspiracy theories has stirred controversary at Florida Atlantic Universitywith claims that last month’s Newtown, Conn., school shootings did not happen as reported — or may not have happened at all.



obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Moreover, James Tracy asserts in radio interviews and on his that trained “crisis actors” may have been employed by the Obama administration in an effort to shape public opinion in favor of the event’s true purpose: gun control.



RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




“As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shootingcontinue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers, there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends,” writes Tracy, a tenured associate professor of media history at FAU and a former union…

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":

FLASHBACK:Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should ‘Cower’ in Shame Like Smokers


NewsBusters ^ | 1/10/13 | NB Staff


Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:34:40 PM by illiac


The hot new video at is 1995 footage of Attorney General Eric Holder, when he was the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. In his remarks before the Woman’s National Democratic Club, broadcast by CSPAN 2, Holder said people should be ashamed to own guns, just the way that cigarette smokes now “cower outside of buildings” to smoke.


English: Eric H. Holder Jr.

English: Eric H. Holder Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we’ve…

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!":



A Mexican village is periodically raided for food and supplies by bandits led by Calvera (Eli Wallach). As he and his men rode away from their latest visit, Calvera had promised to return for more booty and loot the village again.


English: Federal Bureau of Investigation copy ...

English: Federal Bureau of Investigation copy of mugshot taken following arrest of actor Steve McQueen in Anchorage, Alaska, 1972. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Taking what meager goods they have, the village leaders ride to a town just inside the American border hoping to barter for weapons to defend themselves. While there, they encounter veteran gunslinger, Chris (Yul Brynner); after listening to their tale, Chris suggests that the village hire more gunfighters as they would be cheaper than guns and ammunition.


The village men relentlessly try to convince Chris to be their gunman; while at first he agrees just to…

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Originally posted on Freedom Is Just Another Word...:

“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” –George Mason, Speech at the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

Anonymous-style threat to expose more journalists’ personal information

That is only fitting. They want to ‘expose’ law abiding citizens. Then same for them. Since I want to know where liars live. Because lying is a gateway to more terrible activities. Look at Buck Ofama..

New York City to Restrict Prescription Painkillers in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms

Nanny Bloomberg strikes again!! #nocommonsense.

Don’t Buy Piers Morgan’s Lies (And Those Of The Other Gun Grabbers)

They have no facts to back them and the facts that prove them wrong they dismiss. So they fall back on lies and more lies. Empowered by the Liar in Chief Buck Ofama!

Second Amendment Foundation Requests Meeting…

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Judge Andrew Napolitano – Constitution Club USA

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Judge Andrew Napolitano


Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)




Posted by Keith Broaders on January 6, 2013 at 10:28am in Judge Andrew Napolitano


View Discussions


Judge Andrew Napolitano Video Presentations


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Gunny G: Let’s be damn sure that no man’s ghost will ever say “If your training program had only done its job.” « AMERICAN BLOGGER: GUNNY.G ~ WEBLOG.EMAIL

January 11, 2013 133 comments

Let’s be damn sure that no man’s ghost will ever say “If your training program had only done its job.”


I have been advised by an e-mail correspondent (namely, Dr. R. E. Sullivan, PhD and Col USMC (Ret.) who is a historian and many other things) that the above well-known inscription is no longer seen on the masthead of The Parris Island Boot (base newspaper), and has been replaced by We Make Marines.


“Sully” states that:



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




“Also, digging through some of my older (what I laughingly call) Archives I resurrected a copy of the Parris Island Boot from late 1944. The masthead proclaims: “Let’s Be Damned Sure That No Boy’s Ghost Will Ever Say, ‘If Your Training Program Had Only Done Its Job….’”


Just for the heck of it I looked up the present masthead on the Parris Island Boot which is: ”We Make Marines.”


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Supreme Court to Hear Case About Obama Eligibility???

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Supreme Court to Hear Case About Obama Eligibility??? ^ | Jan 10, 2012 | Marc Dumon


Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013 7:44:07 AM by voicereason


On Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court scheduled a birther case brought on by Orly Taitz which calls into question Barack Hussein Obama‘s eligibility to be president of the United States. Dr. Taitz, a lawyer from Santa Margarita, Calif., also made the announcement on her website on Jan. 9.


Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. R...

Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






As of this writing, major news networks such as ABC, Fox News, CBS, and NBC have yet to report on the high court’s decision to review Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to hold political office in the United States or any of its territories. The case is identified as Edward Noonan, et al., v. Deborah Bowen, California Secretary of State.


On Feb. 15, all nine justices will hear arguments on whether Obama used forged government documents and fake identification in order to get elected as commander-in-chief. Edward Noonan, et al., contend that if Obama had been ineligible to run in 2008, other Democratic candidates should have replaced him on the presidential ballot. Additionally, electoral votes from states such as California that went towards Obama should have been deemed null and void. Continued at source….


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Revolution? By Chuck Baldwin…

January 11, 2013 1 comment

By Chuck Baldwin


I have been writing this column for over a dozen years, and I can safely say the column I wrote last week, “My Line In The Sand Is Drawn Here,” produced more response than any column I have ever written — maybe more than any two or three columns combined. And what is even more noteworthy: unlike most columns, the responses to this column were at least 90% favorable.


English: This is a photo of Dr. Charles "...

English: This is a photo of Dr. Charles “Chuck” Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party (a United States third party) Presidential candidate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




In last week’s column I said, “Throughout the United States, there are tens of millions of fully-armed citizens who are more than capable of defending themselves and their communities against any enemy — whether that enemy is an internal or external one. In fact, many millions of these citizens have been trained in the US armed forces. Firearms — especially semi-automatic rifles — in the hands of millions of American citizens is truly the only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny for the people of the United States. That Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein want to disarm the American people should be considered an act of war against our liberties! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is a line in the sand that none of us can afford to ignore.”


I also wrote, “Make no mistake about it: to take away an American’s right to a semi-automatic rifle is to FULLY DISARM HIM. There is no Second Amendment; there is no right to keep and bear arms; there is no citizen militia; there is no liberty without the semi-automatic rifle!”


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YEAGER GOES TO THE FRONT – (“At some point, someone has to step up, man up, and SAY IT. No masks, no anonymity, no bullshit.”) ~ ANN BARNHARDT | NCRenegade

January 11, 2013 1 comment

This man is totally sane.


I respect what he has done here, because I did something similar myself a while back.


At some point, someone has to step up, man up, and SAY IT. No masks, no anonymity, no bullshit.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




This is my name, and this is the situation, and anyone who doesn’t like it can come and try to do something about it. Mr. Yeager knows EXACTLY what he has done. God bless him. Pray that he has fortitude and doesn’t walk back one syllable of this, because that would be just about the worst possible outcome.




He isn’t crazy – he’s just FIRST. And FIRST is almost always attacked and mistaken for crazy. Remember that.



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