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Marxist Revolution of the West | BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN !

…..A little more than 230 years ago, the most important, significant, and profound revolution in the history of the world occurred, a revolution based on a single concept, individual liberty.


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The result of that revolution was the creation of the most prosperous, free, and cultured country the world has ever known. That revolution was the American revolution.


About 70 years ago, seven men planned another revolution, completely unlike the American revolution. It would not be “political” and would not be carried out by means of violence or war as the American and all other political revolutions have been, because the ambitions of those men were much higher than the mere replacing of one political system with another.


They were aiming at nothing short of a world-wide revolution that would entirely change the minds of men, replacing all of Western Civilization with a new “cultural paradigm” that would usher in a word-wide totalitarian utopian state.

Most of the world has never heard of this revolution, and more…………………..


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