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When It Comes to Killing in the Name of Religion and Nationhood, Christians Hold the Modern Record

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There are few Americans — if any but extremist Armageddon (of any religion) and anti-government militia supporters — who feel anything but the deepest of sorrow for the victims of the Boston Marathon apparent religious act of terrorism – conducted by what appear to be a radicalized permanent resident and his younger brother, an American citizen. It was — as was 9/11 —  a heinous, shocking act.
But the insightful Juan Cole puts into perspective that most followers of Islam are peaceful people.  The Jihadists and their networks compose a small percentage of believers in the Islamic faith.

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Mission not-accomplished: Obama’s big speech helping ISIS recruit new terrorists

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Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry

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Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry

Marine Corps Gazette ^ | September 17, 2014 | Capt Lauren F. SerranoPosted on 9/17/2014, 3:40:00 PM by Timber Rattler

While reading the February issue of the Marine Corps Gazette, I skimmed past the “Be Bold” advertisement calling for readers to submit articles that challenge a Marine Corps policy or way of doing business.

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“The results were unanimous: Lying to help another person was consistently perceived to be good, while lying that had no effect on the other person or that actually harmed them was perceived to be wrong. In the paper, Levine and Scheweitzer write: “Individuals with altruistic intentions are perceived to be more moral, more benevolent, and more honest, even when they lie.” (Emphasis theirs.)”

As long as the definer of “HELP” is not the “HELPEE”- we got a problem.

Lying to make somebody “feel better” isn’t any better.  (Lots of things must feel bad before they’re recognized or corrected)  Psychopaths lie because of how it might MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL TO TELL THE TRUTH!    So do those who lie with “altruistic intentions”… We’re so selfish.

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ISIS and The CIA — What You Need To Know!

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from WeAreChange:

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen about the current situation with ISIS in the middle east and how U.S intelligence agencies played a role to there rise. Wayne Madsen is an American investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.

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Scotland’s vote on Thursday is merely a heartening symptom of a global trend: towards decentralization. Unrest and dissatisfaction with the current political and monetary system is increasing globally, and this portends independence movements.

Ou rah! Bring it on!!

Be sure to scroll down and view the extract from Brave Heart. Now those were some tough sumbitches. If you are from the South, you very likely bear some of those genes. — jtl, 419

Secessionist movements have gained in popularity in recent years as the global economic crisis persists and as people awaken to the fact they are owned by people often thousands of miles away. Making headlines most recently is a movement in Scotland seeking independence from London and the United Kingdom (UK).  Whatever way Scots vote on Thursday, the seeds have been sown for a Scotland that will…

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Israel: Archaeologists Discover Crescent-Shaped “Moon God Monument” For The Ancient Mideast Moon God “Sin”

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In Hebrew, the name “Lucifer” is “heylel” and means “light-bearer.” The Arabic equivalent is “hilal” and means “crescent moon.”  Revealing the adversary’s corrupted ambitions, the Prophet Isaiah writes how Satan had said in his heart that “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation … I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”  Through “the man of sin” he will magnify himself above everything that is called god, even above God Himself, and will continue to pursue the iniquity of his disdain to the bitter end, to exalt his own throne upon the mount of his own congregation — the nation or “Ummah” of Islam — which derogates all other faiths and gods in order to honor its own. It is therefore no surprise that the…

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