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White House: Homeland Security Considering ‘Physical Obstacles’ To Deter Fence Jumpers

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on CBS DC:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — The Obama administration said Thursday that a review is underway to potentially enhance security at the White House after the latest fence-jumper incident.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked if they are considering putting in a higher fence to deter people from jumping over. Earnest responded that the homeland security deputy secretary is working with the department’s general counsel to conduct a review about the “security posture” around the White House.

“They’re considering a wide range of things, including the deployment of personnel, the deployment of technology, and even physical obstacles – like a fence – that are critical to protecting the first family, the White House and those of us who work here,” Earnest stated.

Earnest said the review should be completed within the next couple of weeks.

“That review will then be considered by an independent panel of experts that’s been assembled by…

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Black D.C. Judge, Reggie Walton, Backs Obama’s, Holder’s IRS Assault on Conservative Groups

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on MN Prager Discussion Group:

Obama’s Marxist authoritarians unite to make disappear the Obama government using the IRS to destroy conservative groups from organizing during 2012 Obama reelection campaign.


by Melissa Quinn at the Daily Signal:

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., sided today with the Internal Revenue Service and dismissed lawsuits by tea party organizations seeking redress for improper delays and scrutiny of their applications for tax-exempt status.

District Judge Reggie B. Walton ruled that two lawsuits by True the Vote and Linchpins of Liberty, along with 41 other conservative organizations, were moot because the IRS took steps to address the scandal and “publicly suspended its targeting scheme.”’

Please read the full report below:

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Is the UK lawfully actually a member of the EU? Who gave Government and Parliament “divine right” to give away what is yours or mine without specifically asking us?

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Originally posted on ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~:

uk and eu 2b Capture

If someone took any of our property and sold it or gave it away without permission, say a car or a mobile phone, do they have the right to do that? No they do not!

Would you have the absolute right to have it back in law? Yes of course you would! Is it a harm? Definitely… So what if you or I had an inheritance to give to our children, could that just be taken and given away to say someone you don’t even know? Say in Italy or France? What about our constitutional rights? Can they be taken and given away without you being asked, or could your next door neighbor sign away your right to a fair trial? Your right to challenge being unlawfully held by say the police on made up or false charges? Of course not… Can anyone simply decide to give away what is…

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Dallas Man’s Halloween House Decorations Look Like Ebola Patients’ Quarantined Apartments

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on TIME:

A Dallas man’s Ebola-themed Halloween decorations are going viral.

Dressed in a protective suit, James Faulk set up biohazard barrels and bags of “biowaste” surrounded by yellow caution tape in front of his University Park house and wrapped the second-floor balcony in white tape that says “quarantine.” The decorations are supposed to mimic the scene outside the apartment complex where Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola in the U.S., stayed when he fell ill.

Faulk told the Associated Press he’s trying to lighten the mood, as residents in the Dallas area are on edge after two of Duncan’s nurses contracted the virus as well — though one was determined to be free of the virus Friday morning.

The question is whether it’s too soon to make light of the virus in general.

LM Otero—AP

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Putin lashes out at US, West for destabilizing world

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:


Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov)

Vladimir Putin has lashed out at the United States for destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains. He also accused the West of inflaming the situation in Ukraine and said Russia was not interested in building an empire.

The Russian President delivered a fierce broadside aimed at the United States at a speech for the Valdai Club in Sochi, which is an informal group of scholars. He hit out at Washington for behaving without regard to the rest of the world’s interests

“The system of international relations needed some changes, but the USA, who believe they were the winners of the Cold War, have not seen the need for this.” He added that the US has been trying to create the world “for their own gains.”The Russian President added that because of this, regional…

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Banker Suicides Return: DSK’s Hedge Fund Partner Jumps From 23rd Floor Apartment

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on peoples trust toronto:

The summer, thankfully, has been largely bereft of the dismal trend of bankers committing suicide, but as Bloomberg reports, Thierry Leyne, a French-Israeli banker and partner of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the disgraced former chief of the IMF, was found dead Thursday after apparently taking his own life by jumping off the 23rd floor of one of the Yoo towers, a prestigious residential complex in Tel Aviv. This is the 16th financial services executive death this year.

Bloomberg reports that Thierry Leyne, the French-Israeli entrepreneur who last year started an investment firm with former International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has died. He was 48.

Leyne died yesterday in Tel Aviv, according to his assistant at the firm, who asked not to be identified. Le Figaro newspaper reported that he committed suicide.

Last year, Leyne joined Strauss-Kahn in establishing the Paris-traded firm Leyne, Strauss-Kahn & Partners after…

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Ebola: World Bank Chief Calls for Health Workers in West Africa

October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Originally posted on TIME:

The global health community needs “thousands” more health-care workers in West Africa to tame the Ebola virus epidemic that has so far killed nearly 5,000 people, the president of the World Bank told reporters Friday.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, chief of the international financial institution, said a lack of trained medical personnel in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone is one of the main challenges hampering the international effort to control an outbreak that has ravaged three West African countries and risks spreading to its neighbors.

Kim said the global community has stepped up its response to Ebola, but conceded that the World Bank, like other international organizations, was late to recognize the severity of the epidemic. The spread of the virus in the three stricken nations at the heart of the epidemic has left healthcare workers in triage mode. As a result, they are often unable to use “the ideal…

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