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Dog Coughs Up Missing Wedding Ring Lost 6 Years Ago – ABC News

July 1, 2014 1 comment

When Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring six years ago, she was devastated. After checking every spot in the house, the yard, the car, and even her dog’s poop for a few weeks, she gave up.“My husband and I had been married for 20 years at that time,” Matykowski told ABC News.

“We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn’t just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?”The ring’s whereabouts became clear earlier this month when Tucker, the family’s dog, coughed up the truth – and the ring.The 10-year-old Rottweiler mix adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society, is known as the “food burglar” in the house.PHOTO:

Matykowskis wedding ring had been hiding in Tuckers stomach for the past six years.WAOWPHOTO: Matykowski’s wedding ring had been hiding in Tucker’s stomach for the past six years.“He is 10 years old, but he acts like he is 2,” Matykowski said.Last Monday, Matykowski was eating popsicles out on the yard with her two granddaughters. She noticed Tucker panting, so she got up to get some water for him.“Just when I turned around and looked at my granddaughter, the popsicle was gone already,” Matykowski said.


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As Hillary Clinton attempts to define legacy, majority of public approves of her…

June 9, 2014 1 comment

As Hillary Clinton attempts to define legacy, majority of public approves of her…News OK ^ | 6/8/14Posted on 6/9/2014, 7:50:38 AM by SoFloFreeperHillary Rodham Clinton retains broad public support for her performance as secretary of state, a sign that President Obama’s struggles abroad and Republican attacks over Benghazi have not been a major drag on her reputation, the Washington Post reports.

Hillary Clinton - Caricature

Hillary Clinton – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
















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Hagel: Military Should Review Transgender Ban

May 11, 2014 1 comment

Hagel: Military Should Review Transgender Ban

AP via ABC News ^ | May 11,2014 | AP

Posted on 5/11/2014, 4:21:54 PM by John W

The prohibition on transgender individuals serving in the U.S. military “continually should be reviewed,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday.


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Martial Law Cannot Be Far Away Now! Massive Car To Car Warrantless Search In DC Region | U. S. Politics

March 18, 2014 1 comment

(Before It’s News)

The ‘Police State’ in America officially exploded into the DC Capitol Region as hundreds of cars were stopped in a massive roadblock and a warrantless car to car search ensued for alleged bank robbers and drivers were met by the likes of what we see below. One woman had to vomit and was ordered to close her door. The story unfolds below. Live cell phone video of ‘the event’ is also below.

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North Korea parades its American prisoner in chilling ‘confession’ video …

November 30, 2013 1 comment

North Korea parades its American prisoner in chilling \’confession\’ video …

The Daily Mail Online ^ | November 30, 2013 | MARIE-LOUISE OLSON

Posted on Saturday, November 30, 2013 8:31:18 AM by Uncle Chip



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ABC News Uncovers Obama Admin Has Flooded America With Islamic Terrorists Disguised As Iraqi Refugees | Terrorism

November 20, 2013 1 comment

(Before It\’s News)

On August 8, 2013 NTEB News warned you of the plan by the Obama Administration to sneak into the country scores of highly-trained Muslim terrorists disguised as refugees from war-torn Iraq and Syria. Today, ABC News confirms that this has happened exactly as we warned you it would.

ABC News: Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Power Grid Attack Feared. Corporations Unplugging…

November 8, 2013 1 comment

Walmart, Safeway, Google, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, etc. are
  unplugging from the power grid because they fear that the grid
  may go down.





realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)












  Recently, an apocalyptic federal prophesy was divined by Janet Napolitano,
  Director of Homeland Security, declaring that:
    “a massive cyber attack and a natural disaster, the likes of which have
     never been seen before, are coming.”  [ABC-News]




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