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FReeper Canteen ~ Hall of Heroes: Alexander Bonnyman Jr ~ September 15, 2014…..

September 14, 2014 1 comment

FReeper Canteen ~

Hall of Heroes:

Alexander Bonnyman Jr ~

September 15, 2014Serving The Best Troops and Veterans In The World !! | StarCMCPosted on 9/14/2014, 8:04:44 PM by Kathy in Alaska

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Sarah Palin’s Whole Family Reportedly Involved in a 20-Person Brawl

September 11, 2014 1 comment

Sarah Palin‘s Whole Family Reportedly Involved in a 20-Person BrawlTV Guide ^Posted on 9/11/2014, 2:28:42 PM by bigdaddy45

Sarah Palin may have channeled her inner lipstick-wearing pit bull this past weekend, when her entire family was reportedly involved in a brawl in Alaska.

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September 9, 2014 2 comments

Before It’s News

These truly are the days of old. In the Cold War the US payed American citizens to watch out for Russians invading from the arctic. Well, now Putin is close to doing such.

Russia has now conquered an island just off the coast of Alaska. The island is roughly 300 miles away from the shores.

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A Secret Plan For The Soviet Invasion Of Alaska | Fortuna’s Corner

September 1, 2014 1 comment

August 31, 2014

A Secret Plan for the Soviet Invasion of AlaskaU.S. Trained Alaskans as Secret “Stay-Behind Agents”

http://www.realcleardefense. com/articles/2014/08/31/a_ soviet_invasion_of_alaska_was_ a_real_possibility_107405.htmlBy Robert BurnsWASHINGTON AP —

Fearing a Russian invasion and occupation of Alaska, the U.S. government in the early Cold War years recruited and trained fishermen, bush pilots, trappers and other private citizens across Alaska for a covert network to feed wartime intelligence to the military, newly declassified Air Force and FBI documents show.Invasion of Alaska?

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Feds Fly Unaccompanied Minors to Alaska

August 1, 2014 1 comment

Feds Fly Unaccompanied Minors to Alaska

Breitbart’s Texas ^ | August 1, 2014 | Kristin TatePosted on 8/1/2014, 10:56:53 PM by 2ndDivisionVetVIDEO-AT-LINK

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“World Goes On “High Alert” After Arizona Quake Confirms Worst Fears” …..The European Union Times –

June 30, 2014 1 comment

World Goes On “High Alert” After Arizona Quake Confirms Worst Fears

Posted: 29 Jun 2014 10:38 AM PDTAn ominous report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate GRU that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that confirmation has been received from China’s Ministry of State Security MSS that the world’s largest ever military maritime exercises now underway in the Pacific Ocean have been ordered to their “highest alert” status after the 5.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Arizona hours ago was confirmed as being a part of the still expanding, and mysterious, North American magnetic anomaly.

Important to note, and as we had reported on in our 13 June report Russia Issues Grim Report On North American Magnetic Anomaly, Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev then warned that a “catastrophic event” may be nearing for the North American region his forces had “electronically swept” for “magnetic anomalies” barely a fortnight ago stretching from Alaska to California.Within 10-days of General Bondarev’s 13 June warning, this new GRU report says, a “precursor” to this potential “catastrophic event” did indeed occur in Alaska when this region was struck by a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake on 23 June and described by witnesses as lasting “several minutes” and was felt as a “steady shake and roll, shake and roll, shake and roll”.Of graver concern,


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Dave Brat rising: A better Ron Paul?

June 16, 2014 1 comment

Dave Brat rising: A better Ron Paul?

The Hill ^ | June 16, 2014 | Bernie QuigleyPosted on 6/16/2014, 4:57:03 PM by 2ndDivisionVetLike former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin R and former Rep. Ron Paul R-Texas, Dave Brat sends a shock through the New York/Washington axis.

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his...

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his honor at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



















His victory shows a classic denial of political reality by the political establishment. It comes because the establishment holds fast to “the way we were” and won’t let go……..


obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)














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