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Is Lebanon next on Isis hit list?

August 5, 2014 2 comments

Is Lebanon next on Isis hit list?

BBC ^ | 8/5/2014 | Carine Torbey & Suzanne KianpourPosted on 8/5/2014, 2:51:26 PM by BorgesNews that jihadists from the Islamic State IS had declared the creation of a “caliphate” last month initially sent Lebanon’s social media networks into a frenzy of puns and jokes depicting them as backward, bloodthirsty bearded men.

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BBC Drops Chemtrail Bombshell! Geoengineering Would Backfire! | Chemtrails

January 9, 2014 26 comments

B4 Its News…

BBC Drops Chemtrail Bombshell! Geoengineering Would Backfire!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 10:24

(Before It\’s News)


pattonpol (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)





For EVERYONE out there who still believes that chemtrails and geoengineering the weather are merely a ‘tinfoil hat’ conspiracy, PLEASE sit up and take notice of this story below from BBC which, once and for all, not only CONFIRMS the weather geoengineering ‘conspiracy’ but shares that the results of this ‘geoengineering’ of the weather would backfire!


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


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US claim on Syria chemical attack ‘nonsense’ – Putin….. “Mr Putin challenged Washington to present the evidence behind its claims to the United Nations Security Council.”

August 31, 2013 3 comments

US claim on Syria chemical attacknonsense‘ – Putin


BBC ^ | 8/31/13


Posted on Saturday, August 31, 2013 7:21:23 AM by SoFloFreeper




Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


















Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed US claims that Syria’s regime used chemical weapons, describing them as “utter nonsense”.





bigbrowatch (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




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Do The Multitude Of Crises Mean That The Endgame Is Near? : Personal Liberty Digest™

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment

rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



The elites love to play us for fools.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the proposal to steal 10 percent or more of the wealth of Cypriot savers in order to bail out the European Union banksters is not a blueprint for what would happen in future bailouts. “Cyprus is no template,” he said, according to the BBC.

After much hue and cry from the island’s masses and almost two weeks of bank holiday, the Cypriot elected class and the EU agreed to “let” Cypriots keep their savings up to 100,000 euros and steal only as much as 60 percent from savers who have more. This decision came, no doubt, after enough time had passed to let the Russian oligarchs remove their money from Cyprus’ jurisdiction — which would explain the sudden silence of Russian President Vladimir Putin after his initial objections to the plan.

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They Called Them – Spitfires | Veterans Today

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

David Cundall Makes Spitfire History with Burma-Myanmar Find


…by Jim Dean, VT Editor …featuring David Cundall


The plane that save Britain in WWII



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




We ran across this David Cundall story on the BBC last year when we published our first piece on it. It seemed like something out of a dream, scores of brand new Spitfires buried in Burma at the end of WWII.


Even more amazing was the War Department did not lead the way on their recovery, but a stubborn and determined British farmer that made it a life’s quest.


David Cundall has his team in Myanmar now and they are digging up what will hopefully be their first Spitfire.


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‘Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation | Veterans Today

October 16, 2012 2 comments

Unbeknownst to young Malala, she was picked up, groomed and her sincere intentions exploited by the world’s most notorious intelligence agency.

by Zaki Khalid


RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

As I write this column, local media here in Pakistan is broadcasting prayer and vigil gatherings from across the country over the brutal terrorist attack which severely injured young Malala Yusufzai and her classfellows inside their school bus. And why shouldn’t these be done? Seeing my fellow countrymen’s sense of unified care and humanity has reminded me not all people here have hearts that have gone rigid (Thank God for that!)


GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Who is Malala Yusufzai? Like many other motivated whiz kids from Pakistan determined to prove their talents and exercise them further for society’s collective prosperity, young Malala from the once besieged mountain city of Swat is a 15-year old student who studies in the ninth class, just a level blow the Class 10 (Matriculation) duration, qualifying after which she will officially be a high school graduate (pre-collegiate studies).


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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According to this, Venezuelans run our voting machines and count the votes.

October 8, 2012 Leave a comment


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gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Smartmatic Voting Machines:


Venezuela‘s Smartmatic caught in its lies


By Aleksander Boyd


Caracas 30.10.06 | Finally US officials and the MSM have caught up with the news about Smartmatic and its fully owned subsidiary Sequoia. About time. Since I do not want to bore readers with things I reported over a year ago I would instead address the pack of lies that Antonio Mugica, front boy of the Chavez regime in Smartmatic, is sending out. First off the BBC, ever so lenient and accomodating vis-a-vis thugs associated with regimes considered friendly. The Beeb carries some words of Mugica today whereby he states “No foreign government or entity – including Venezuela – has ever held an ownership stake in Smartmatic” (sic). That’s a lie:


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October 3, 2012 Leave a comment



GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


alexjones (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Federal Court Rules In Favour Of Indefinite Detention Of US Citizens

Steve Watson | Obama’s emergency stay on NDAA block extended.

Printable Gun Revolution Moving Forward Despite Corporate Second Amendment Fears

Adan Salazar | An open-source site where gun enthusiasts convene to share and download gun design blueprints and files.

7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip Debunked

Prison | Jon Scobie lifts the lid on what really went on behind the scenes of the BBC’s 7/7 conspiracy hit piece.


Prison » Ventura on CNN: ‘Every War Starts With a False Flag’

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment


Gov. Jesse Ventura (Ref-MN)

Gov. Jesse Ventura (Ref-MN) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In a monumental television moment for truth seekers, Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN’s prime time Piers Morgan Tonight and proceeded to lash Morgan and his large audience with a barrage of questions and facts surrounding the nation’s most pivotal event.


Morgan, a seasoned journalist whose exploits include filling a judge’s seat on the reality show America’s Got Talent, faltered, quite comically, against the former Minnesota governor’s intense line of questions and facts, trying in vain to dispel a majority of what the truth advocate was saying.


Here’s a transcript of what took place:


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August 24, 2012 Leave a comment



alexjones (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


BBC In “War Crime” Cover-Up Controversy

Paul Joseph Watson | Broadcaster lies in claiming its reporter didn’t characterize forced suicide bomber incident as “war crime”.

Republicans Consider Returning To Gold Standard: Real Or Red Herring?

Zero Hedge | Stranger than fiction perhaps.

China could penetrate US with new huge missile

The Register | The People’s Liberation Army is actively developing an intercontinental missile capable of penetrating US defences.


US Army psy-ops behind Wisconsin massacre? | Veterans Today

August 6, 2012 1 comment


Wade Michael Page, the “man with a 9/11 tattoo” blamed for the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, turns out to be a US Army psy-ops specialist.

Does the US military, or corrupt forces within it, stage false-flag massacres of civilians inside the US and other “friendly” countries as a kind of “psychological operation”?

Of course it does.

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Prison » Another false flag attack appears imminent; here’s how to protect yourself and your family NOW

July 25, 2012 2 comments



isdees (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



alexjones (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Mike Adams


In the tragic aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shooting which has all the earmarks of a staged “false flag” event, a follow-up false flag now appears imminent. To be effective in achieving its political aim, it will have to be orders of magnitude larger and more deadly than what took place in Colorado. This article is largely focused on the safety solutions for you and your family,



because above all I want people to be safe. But before we get that part, let’s explore the logical reasoning behind why another false flag attack appears imminent.


For starters, the Batman movie theater shooting was obviously staged (…). The evidence of this includes eyewitness reports of multiple shooters, James Holmes being drugged out of his mind in court (a common tactic used against patsies), his work as a graduate student in a government-funded neuroscience program that specifically researched altered perception of time and reality, and Holmes having somehow obtained the skill set to build a highly complex maze of makeshift grenades, binary liquid explosives, intricate flammable devices, trip wires and booby traps. The attack in Aurora, Colorado was not a run-of-the-mill random violent act by a graduate student; it was a carefully planned, plotted, funded, and well-trained attack carried out for a specific purpose.


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Prison » UFO Invasion At Olympics 2012 Is Y2K-Style Hysteria

July 1, 2012 7 comments

UFO Invasion At Olympics 2012 Is Y2K-Style Hysteria

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English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The BBC is focusing its new documentary about “conspiracy theorists” around the premise that aliens will invade London during the Olympics. This entire meme is clearly being pushed by the establishment to discredit the truth movement.

Olympics 2012 Conspiracies & The BBC –

The BBC isn’t interested in this very credible scandal….

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Prison » BBC Planning Huge New Conspiracy Hit Piece

June 8, 2012 37 comments


Friday, June 8, 2012

The BBC is set to air a new ‘Conspiracy Road Trip’ hit piece on the 7/7 London bombings. As we saw with last summer’s 9/11 version, the program tries to get “truthers” to recant and swallow the official story – in the process ideologically burning them at the stake for the consumption of the viewing sheeple.


drronpaulrev (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


isdees (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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‘Barcode everyone at birth’

May 24, 2012 Leave a comment

This week science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon argues that everyone should be given a barcode at birth.

“If I were empress of the Universe I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached – a barcode if you will; an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals.

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Prison » Global Warming Author Says “Bar-Code Everyone at Birth”

May 23, 2012 2 comments

In a fascinating insight into the mentality of those who espouse the mantra of catastrophic global warming, writer Elizabeth Moon has a short piece for the BBC in which she argues that everyone should be involuntarily implanted with a microchip at birth so that “anonymity would be impossible”.

Global Warming Author Says “Bar Code Everyone at Birth” Elizabeth Moon, who writes about global warming, wants everyone implanted with microchips for ease of identification and enforcement.

Moon, who has published essays warning of the dire effects of global warming and even made catastrophic global warming part of the background to her novels, made the stunning revelation in a BBC Radio programme on possible futures. Asked for her vision for the future of humanity, Moon stunned and “terrified” the other guests with this vision:

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Prison » Pentagon researching ‘narrative networks’ as way to hijack the brain with false stories

May 15, 2012 1 comment

If someone – or some government entity – were able to figure out the science behind what makes people violent, what do you suppose they would do with that knowledge? It’s a legitimate question, because the Pentagon is trying to find out.

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Former Obama Speechwriter to Pen White House Sitcom Another distraction from the economy

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

How closely will art imitate life? NBC says it’s rolling out a new sitcom next season about life in the White House, written by former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, the BBC reported.1600 Penn will profile a fictional First Family, featuring Bill Pullman as the Commander in Chief and Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman as the First Lady, as well as The Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad as their eldest son and Modern Family director Jason Winer.Excerpt Read more at …

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We’ll mock Jesus but not Mohammed, says BBC boss

March 5, 2012 Leave a comment

The head of the BBC, Mark Thompson, has admitted that the broadcaster would never mock Mohammed like it mocks Jesus.

He justified the astonishing admission of religious bias by suggesting that mocking Mohammed might have the “emotional force” of “grotesque child pornography”.

But Jesus is fair game because, he said, Christianity has broad shoulders and fewer ties to ethnicity.


Mr Thompson says the BBC would never have broadcast Jerry Springer The Opera – a controversial musical that mocked Jesus – if its target had been Mohammed.

He made the remarks in an interview for a research project at the University of Oxford.

Mr Thompson said: “The point is that for a Muslim, a depiction, particularly a comic or demeaning depiction, of the Prophet Mohammed might have the emotional force of a piece of grotesque child pornography.”

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Prison » The Billionaires’ Brokered GOP Convention with BBC’s Greg Palast

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

On the Friday, February 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with bestselling author and freelance journalist for the BBC and the British newspaper The Observer, Greg Palast.

He is the author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Vultures’ Picnic, and other titles and has appeared in a number of films, including American Blackout, a documentary about voter disenfranchisement and the use of voting machines in both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.


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Why Irish soldiers who fought Hitler hide their medals

December 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Why Irish soldiers who fought Hitler hide their medals

BBC ^ | December 27, 2011 | John Waite

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 10:46:14 PM by decimon

Five thousand Irish soldiers who swapped uniforms to fight for the British against Hitler went on to suffer years of persecution.

One of them, 92-year-old Phil Farrington, took part in the D-Day landings and helped liberate the German death camp at Bergen-Belsen – but he wears his medals in secret.

Even to this day, he has nightmares that he will be arrested by the authorities and imprisoned for his wartime service.

“They would come and get me, yes they would,” he said in a frail voice at his home in the docks area of Dublin.

And his 25-year-old grandson, Patrick, confirmed: “I see the fear in him even today, even after 65 years.”

Mr Farrington’s fears are not groundless.

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PEARL HARBOR MOTHER OF ALL CONSPIRACIES ~ “…the reason we can’t be allowed to know about the treason of FDR boils down to one current fact; the democrat Party is merely a front for worldwide Communism”

December 14, 2011 1 comment


BBC ^ | 12/14/11 | BBC

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 2:56:24 PM by STD

He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. The real reason we can’t be trusted with the truth about Pearl Harbor; the reason we can’t be allowed to know about the treason of FDR boils down to one current fact; the democrat Party is merely a front for worldwide Communism. If every school child learned the truth about FDR’s treason, the democrat party would never win another national election.

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Why the diner is the ultimate symbol of America (BBC)

November 29, 2011 2 comments

Why the diner is the ultimate symbol of America (BBC)

BBC ^ | November 29, 2011 | Stephen Smith

Posted on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 1:42:14 PM by decimon

With its chrome counter and cherry pie, the diner is an icon of American culture. What’s the global appeal of this humble eatery, asks the BBC’s Stephen Smith.

Sitting in a diner, on the inside looking outside.

This is a quintessential American experience. Add a booth, a Formica counter and a cup of joe – as diner patrons call their coffee.

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Anyone Remember Phil Harris And That Tree?

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Anyone Remember Phil Harris And That Tree?

The Aged ^ | The Aged P

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 8:58:52 AM by sussex

Always loved this 1947 Phil Harris record – when I was a kid it was regularly being played on BBC radio…the henpecked husband being chased by an angry wife wielding a rolling pin was a staple figure of comedy in the 30s, 40s and 50s…hence the plaintive plea to the woodman.

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Confronting The Gaystapo [UK]

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

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Pro-Israeli Lobby Group Made BBC, Sky News ‘Change Narrative’ On Stories

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Pro-Israeli Lobby Group Made BBC, Sky News ‘Change Narrative’ On Stories

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Billionaire-funded organization boasted of ‘briefing’ journalists before stories were published

Paul Joseph Watson


Monday, November 7, 2011

Ahead of a widely-expected Israeli-led attack on Iran, Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, an elitist pro-Israeli lobbying firm, has been caught “briefing” the British mainstream media on how to present news items relating to Israel, bragging in a leaked email of how BBC and Sky News editors “changed their narrative” on stories after meeting with BICOM representatives.

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Declaration of Independence Was ‘Illegal,’ Grounds for Treason, British Lawyers Say

November 6, 2011 4 comments

Declaration of Independence Was ‘Illegal,’ Grounds for Treason, British Lawyers Say

Fox News ^ | 10/20/11

Posted on Sunday, November 06, 2011 9:42:22 AM by Libloather

Declaration of Independence Was ‘Illegal,’ Grounds for Treason, British Lawyers Say

Published October 20, 2011 |

The Declaration of Independence was “illegal” and “treasonable,” according to a team of British lawyers, the BBC reports.

The assertion was made at a debate in Philadelphia between British and American lawyers over the legitimacy of the United States of America.

At the debate, pitting British barristers against American attorneys, lawyers for the former colonial power argued that America’s Declaration of Independence in 1776 “was not only illegal, but actually treasonable,” according to the BBC.

The lawyers representing the British team decided that the Americans had no legal grounds for secession. “[President Abraham] Lincoln made the case against secession and he was right.”

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Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Government front group Demos, an integral part of the British establishment which was founded by Marxists, is terrified that children are using the Internet to question what they are taught in school, and has vowed to abolish any such critical thinking to reinforce the education system’s role as a tool of indoctrination.

A BBC News report reflects Demos’ panic at “conspiracy theories” (ie any critical thought that questions the official consensus) being brought into the classroom.

It’s a delicious irony that we’ve highlighted many times before and it underpins the entire education system. While complaining that children are not engaging in “critical thinking,” Demos, a government front group, is abolishing any notion of critical thinking by telling students that they should only believe what the government and the mainstream media tells them is true – the same establishment that has been caught proliferating lies time and time again.

In reality, it is the very fact that students are increasingly engaging in “critical thinking,” ie questioning the official version of events, that has the likes of Demos so petrified.

Having been caught lying and covering-up all manner of scandals, from the WMD farce, to Climategate, to the death of Dr. David Kelly, the British establishment and its sycophantic media cheerleaders like the BBC are losing credibility fast, that’s why young people are turning to alternative sources of information to try and get the truth, something deemed intolerable by the system.

While young people are being intimidated out of critical thinking, they are simultaneously being bombarded with the likes of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, which was sent by the government to British schools in 2007, a documentary found by a British high court judge to contain nine significant errors while making claims in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration.”

It seems believing in “conspiracy theories” is only acceptable for the likes of Demos and the British government if those “conspiracy theories” are generated by and supportive of the state.

Indeed, a University Professor in the United Kingdom recently conducted a comparative analysis of a BBC documentary on 7/7 “conspiracy theories” and an independent documentary in which the official story behind the London bombings is questioned. The Professor concluded that the documentary produced by “conspiracy theorists” was more accurate and more likely to be a truthful representation of the events of 7/7, but don’t expect the government to recommend it be included on the curriculum any time soon.

Other government front groups have also launched state-funded projects to “demolish conspiracy theories” about events like 9/11, or in other words ‘abolish’ any critical thinking about the event and reinforce official propaganda through the school curriculum.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Demos is a front for the insidious Common Purpose network, a group that Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish has exposed as playing a fundamental role in the advancement of Britain’s role in the new world order. Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose, sits on Demos’ advisory council.

The group has waged war on “conspiracy theories,” particularly the suggestion that 7/7 and 9/11 involved state complicity, and has urged the government to “fight back” by infiltrating conspiracy websites to spread state propaganda. Demos has also characterized people who question the official fable of 7/7 and 9/11 as extremists and terrorist recruiters.

The strategy mirrors that advocated by White House information czar Cass Sunstein, who in a 2008 white paper similarly called for conspiracy websites to be infiltrated and undermined in order to dilute their influence. In the same report, Sunstein also called for taxing conspiracy theories (any viewpoint that differs with the official version) and outright banning free speech of which the authorities disapprove.

Demos was founded in 1993 by marxists Martin Jacques and Geoff Mulgan, and was closely affiliated with Tony Blair’s Labour government. Mulgan went on to work inside Downing Street in 1997. Current British Prime Minister David Cameron also works closely with Demos and has given speeches at the group’s events.

Demos has routinely acted as a platform for elitists who wish to drastically alter society, eliminate freedoms, and sacrifice British sovereignty in pursuit of global government. On August 9, 2006, British Home Secretary Dr John Reid, another former marxist, gave a speech at a Demos conference stating that Britons “may have to modify their notion of freedom”, claiming that freedom is “misused and abused by terrorists.”

Demos is partnered with numerous other globalist organizations from government and industry, including IBM, The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, and Shell International. The organization’s logo includes an all-seeing eye within its design.

Although the group poses as an independent think tank, Demos is little more than a public relations firm for the British government and security services. Its efforts to demonize conspiracy theories in order to “increase trust in the government,” as its own report states, is a transparent ploy to do the bidding of its masters, by demonizing anyone who challenges a corrupt, lying state and its nefarious activities as an extremist and a potential domestic terrorist, while infiltrating schools and acting as thought police to ring-fence what ideas children can and cannot entertain.


via Prison » Government Front Group Vows to Abolish Critical Thinking.

IMF Advisor: Global Financial Meltdown in 2 to 3 Weeks

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

A week after the BBC exploded Alessio Rastani to the stage, it has just done it all over again. In an interview with IMF advisor Robert Shapiro, the bailout expert has pretty much said what,once again, is on everyone’s mind: “If they can not address [the financial crisis] in a credible way I believe within perhaps 2 to 3 weeks we will have a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system.

We are not just talking about a relatively small Belgian bank, we are talking about the largest banks in the world, the largest banks in Germany, the largest banks in France, that will spread to the United Kingdom, it will spread everywhere because the global financial system is so interconnected.

All those banks are counterparties to every significant bank in the United States, and in Britain, and in Japan, and around the world. This would be a crisis that would be in my view more serrious than the crisis in 2008…. What we don’t know the state of credit default swaps held by banks against sovereign debt and against European banks, nor do we know the state of CDS held by British banks, nor are we certain of how certain the exposure of British banks is to the Ireland sovereign debt problems.”

But no, Morgan Stanley does, or so they swear an unlimited number of times each day. And they say not to worry about anything because, you see, it is not like they have any upside in telling anyone the truth. Which is why for everyone hung up on the latest rumor of a plan about a plan about a plan spread by a newspaper whose very viability is tied in with that of the banks that pay for its advertising revenue, we have one thing to ask: “show us the actual plan please.” Because it is easy to say “recapitalize” this, and “bad bank” that. In practice, it is next to impossible. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this brief relief rally driven by the fact that China is offline for the week and that the persistent source of overnight selling on Chinese “hard/crash landing” concerns has been gone simply due to an extended national holiday. Well, that holiday is coming to an end.

By the way, Reuters, Shapiro is not a Yes Man -we’ll spare you the ruminations…..


via Prison » IMF Advisor: Global Financial Meltdown in 2 to 3 Weeks.

Tories, Tea Partiers, Nazis: Chris Huhne lashes out at the forces of evil

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

‘What’s worse than the Nazi Party? The Tea Party!’

When he lays into the ‘Tory Tea Party tendency’, I’m guessing that Chris Huhne means me. I am, as far as I know, the only elected Conservative actually to have organised a Tea Party – that is, an anti-tax rally (see here). Not that the Environment Secretary seems to have our views about tax in mind. Rather, he is using ‘Tea Partiers’ in the sense that most British Lefties do, to mean ‘horrid people’. The Environment Secretary usually claims that his opponents are like Nazis. This time, though, he’s taking off the gloves. Never mind Adolf Hitler; these Right-wing Tories are like… like… Sarah Palin!

The Tea Party, perhaps more than any other contemporary movement, brings out the ‘Yeah, but what they’re really saying…’ tendency. The ‘tea’ stands for ‘Taxed Enough Already‘ but, if you relied on the BBC and the Guardian for your information, you might not know it. Many Lefties pretend – or perhaps have genuinely convinced themselves – that the Tea Party is clandestinely protesting against immigration or abortion or the fact of having a mixed race president; anything, in fact, other than what it actually says it’s against, viz big government. The existence of a popular and spontaneous anti-tax movement has unsettled the Establishment. They’d much rather deal with a stupid and authoritarian Right than with a libertarian one. Hence the almost desperate insistence that the Tea Partiers have some secret agenda (see, for example, this unintentionally hilarious Grauniad piece).

Despite having been told in no uncertain terms what to think, most Americans remain stubbornly of the view that the Tea Party’s central contention is moderate…..

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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“…Two Generations Down The Line The Mission Has All But Been Accomplished”

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

“…Two Generations Down The Line The Mission Has All But Been Accomplished”:


Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America

New investigation sheds light on clique of powerbrokers, including Prescott Bush, who sought to overthrow U.S. government and implement Hitlerian policies

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A BBC Radio 4 investigation sheds new light on a major subject that has received little historical attention, the conspiracy on behalf of a group of influential powerbrokers, led by Prescott Bush, to overthrow FDR and implement a fascist dictatorship in the U.S. based around the ideology of Mussolini and Hitler.

In 1933, Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush the current President’s grandfather, who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

According to the BBC, the plotters intended to impose a fascist takeover and…………….

via BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984(+): THE GUNNY G WEBLOG @ NETWORK54.COM: “…Two Generations Down The Line The Mission Has All But Been Accomplished”.

Gangster culture [An element of rap music has shifted from the ghetto to mainstream]

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

What was the cause of the riots in the United Kingdom?

This wasn’t a political riot. There wasn’t anything political about it. It wasn’t even race-on-race rioting. It was races rioting together — rioting against the state, and for themselves.

Last week, renowned British historian David Starkey made this point to the BBC: The rioting was just shopping with violence. People sensed a moment of lawlessness and impunity.

But Starkey’s point was an observation, not an explanation. How did thousands of people in the land of the Magna Carta, the land of liberty and law, simply decide to become petty little gangsters?

Starkey referred to a speech made in 1968 by a politician named Enoch Powell, who had warned about unlimited immigration to the U.K., using the phrase “rivers of blood.” Starkey said the violence predicted by Powell had come true — but it wasn’t race versus race.

It was various races together. “The whites have become black,” he said. “A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion.” Uh-oh.

Hundreds of people immediately filed censorship complaints against Starkey and the BBC, and he was widely condemned as a racist.

Perhaps Starkey could have been more careful; he said white had become black — and then immediately became more precise, meaning they had accepted a particular segment of black culture, namely gangsta rap. But his meaning was perfectly clear — to anyone who has listened to rap music, with its glorification of violence and material excess, and who has seen the glamourization of that lifestyle move from ghettos into the cultural mainstream.

What grown men wear hoodies in public? Or their underwear up high and their pants down low? Those aren’t crimes, of course — maybe fashion crimes. But far more serious is the set of values that has been swallowed along with the cultural touchstones of fashion and diction.

Gangsta culture calls women “hos” and “bitches,” a crude misogyny with an undercurrent of a threat of violence. It glamourizes fighting, shooting and even dying in gangland warfare. It holds that the point of wealth is to squander it on bling and champagne.

For some folks, it’s a joke. Take Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comic who created a character called Ali G — a twenty-something white kid trying so hard to be a gangsta.

It was a laugh riot, so over the top it was hilarious. Except that thousands of British kids decided that’s who they wanted to be when they grew up.

As U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday, this isn’t just about mimicking some questionable role models. It has become a substitute moral code. Starkey accurately pointed out where it came from, and where it has gone.

When thousands of British thugs decide it’s not a fantasy anymore, but rather a code for living, that’s the time to blow the whistle.

Cameron’s right. This is a slow-motion moral collapse. And the solution is surely not banning rough music or comedy. But being free to talk about it openly, like David Starkey did, is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

via Gangster culture [An element of rap music has shifted from the ghetto to mainstream].

English Historian Blames Black Culture for Riots

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During a televised discussion of the past week’s riots in England on Friday night, a prominent English historian sparked outrage by insisting that black, Afro-Caribbean culture was to blame for the mayhem and looting, even when the rioters were white.

David Starkey, who has presented several documentaries on the Tudor period, said during a BBC debate: “the problem is that the whites have become black — a particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion — and black and white, boy and girl, operate in this language together; this language, which is wholly false, which is a Jamaican patois, that’s been intruded in England, and this is why so many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country.”

Asked if he was saying that the prophecy of Enoch Powell — an English politician who claimed in a speech in 1968 that immigration would eventually mean, “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man” in Britain — had come true, Mr. Starkey replied: “That’s not true.” He added, “it’s not skin color, it’s cultural.”

The historian then sought to illustrate his point by referring to the way one of London’s leading black politicians, David Lammy, speaks. “Listen to David Lammy,” Mr. Starkey said, “an archetypical, successful black man: if you turned the screen off, so that you were listening to him on radio, you’d think he was white.”

The other participants in the debate quickly objected to Mr. Starkey’s remarks. Owen Jones, the author of a book about working class culture in Britain, told the historian: “It’s utterly outrageous, obviously, what you’re saying. What you’re doing is you’re equating black culture with criminality.”

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Bill Clinton Calls For Internet ‘Ministry of Truth’

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Bill Clinton Calls For InternetMinistry of Truth

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Bill Clinton Calls For Internet ‘Ministry of Truth’

Mr Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton, a man who knowingly lied to the nation on live television at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, has called for the creation of an Internet ‘ministry of truth’ style organization that would be run by the federal government or the UN to address “misinformation and rumors floating on the Internet.”

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Bin Laden raid ‘not assassination': US law chief (version 39.2.1 of the story)

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Bin Laden raid ‘not assassination‘: US law chief (version 39.2.1 of the story)

Bin Laden raid ‘not assassination': US law chief (version 39.2.1 of the story)

AFP/Yahoo ^ | 5/12/11

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:45:34 AM by markomalley

The US commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden was “not an assassination”, US Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday after the Al-Qaeda leader’s sons denounced the operation.

Holder told the BBC the raid on bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan on May 2 was a “kill or capture mission” and that his surrender would have been accepted if offered, but that the safety of US Navy commandos was paramount.

“What happened to bin Laden was not an assassination,” Holder said.

“I think the action that we took against him can be seen as an act of national self-defence. You have to remember it is lawful to target an enemy commander,” he said.

The top US legal official said there was no indication that bin Laden was going to surrender and it was believed he could be wearing a suicide vest.

“It was a kill or capture mission.

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Interview With Osama bin Laden. Denies His Involvement in 9/11 Full text of Pakistani paper’s Sept 01 “exclusive” interview

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Interview With Osama bin Laden. Denies His Involvement in 9/11 Full text of Pakistani paper’s Sept 01 “exclusive” interview

Interview With Osama bin Laden. Denies His Involvement in 9/11

Full text of Pakistani paper’s Sept 01 “exclusive” interview

Daily Ummat in Urdu, BBC translation in English, 2001

Ummat’s introduction

Kabul: Prominent Arab mojahed holy warrior Usamah Bin-Ladin has said that he or his al-Qa’idah group has nothing to do with the 11 September suicidal attacks in Washington and New York.

He said the US government should find the attackers within the country. In an exclusive interview with daily “Ummat”, he said these attacks could be the act of those who are part of the American system and are rebelling against it and working for some other system. Or, Usamah said, this could be the act of those who want to make the current century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity.

Or, the American Jews, who are opposed to President Bush ever since the Florida elections, might be the masterminds of this act. There is also a great possibility of the involvement of US intelligence agencies, which need billions of dollars worth of funds every year. He said there is a government within the government in the United States.

The secret agencies, he said, should be asked as to who are behind the attacks. Usamah said support for attack on Afghanistan was a matter of need for some Muslim countries and compulsion for others.

However, he said, he was thankful to the courageous people of Pakistan who erected a bulwark before the wrong forces. He added that the Islamic world was attaching great expectations with Pakistan and, in time of need, “we will protect this bulwark by sacrificing of lives”.

Following is the interview in full detail:

Ummat: You have been accused of involvement in the attacks in New York and Washington. What do you want to say about this?

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The Struggle to Control the Internet

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…Dominant Social Theme: Let’s spend what we need in order to keep the Internet free. If we can get the money from government and tax-payers so much the better. This is important stuff!

Free-Market Analysis: Two recent news stories regarding government funding of the Internet have caught the attention of the blogosphere recently. The first has to do with a grant that the US is giving to the BBC (see above article excerpt) and the second involves a plea made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (pictured above left) for more funds to combat the success of overseas news services.

Watch Video: Clinton Asks For Cash as US ‘Losing World Info War’

While on the surface both stories have to do with strengthening the freedom of the Internet and supporting an expansive flow of unbiased information, the reality is likely, and unfortunately, diametrically opposed to what it is being said. These two stories, taken together, mark yet another milestone in the determination of the Anglo-American elites to REDUCE (not expand) the reach of the Internet and to push back against the influence of the blogosphere and the alternative news that it provides.

One sees these unmistakable trends in many ways. There is for instance the desperation with which the Anglosphere‘s mainstream media is attacking yet again the alternative news media via pay walls and proprietary news-distribution formats. USA Today just announced yet another reconfiguration of one of America’s largest newspapers. Once a success story, USA Today has lost considerable circulation and revenues…………………..

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ISPs defend plans for two-tier net

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ISPs defend plans for two-tier net03-19-2011 • ISPs have defended their right to operate a two-speed internet, at a key debate into the future of the web.

The debate was organised by the government, which is keen to see the principles of a free and equal net maintained.

ISPs are increasingly looking to prioritise some traffic on their networks and block some. After the meeting the BBC called for the creation of a broadband content group to represent content providers.

It, along with content providers such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype, is growing increasingly concerned about how the issue of net neutrality is being dealt with. Net neutrality – the principle that all net traffic should be treated equally – has been challenged in recent years as ISPs look to make a return on their increasingly expensive networks.

They argue that if content providers want to pay to get their traffic prioritised on the network, then they should be allowed to do so. But some content owners and digital activists such as Open Rights Group argue that such a policy would do long-term damage to the internet, which was always conceived as a platform for everyone – not just those with deep pockets.

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Nuclear Plant Designer Says Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis

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A former nuclear power plant designer has said Japan is facing an extremely grave crisis and called on the government to release more information, which he said was being suppressed. Masashi Goto told a news conference in Tokyo that one of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant was “highly unstable”, and that if there was a meltdown the “consequences would be tremendous”.

He said such an event might be very likely indeed. So far, the government has said a meltdown would not lead to a sizeable leak of radioactive materials.Mr Goto said the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant were suffering pressure build-ups way beyond that for which they were designed. There was a severe risk of an explosion, with radioactive material being strewn over a very wide area – beyond the 20km evacuation zone set up by the authorities – he added.

Mr Goto calculated that because Reactor No 3 at Fukushima-Daiichi – where pressure is rising and there is a risk of an explosion – used a type of fuel known as Mox, a mixture of p lutonium oxide and uranium oxide, the radioactive fallout from any meltdown might be twice as bad.He described the worst-case scenario: “It is difficult to say, but that would be a core meltdown. If the rods fall and mix with water, the result would be an explosion of solid material like a volcano spreading radioactive material.

Steam or a hydrogen explosion caused by the mix would spread radioactive waste more than 50km. Also, this would be multiplied. There are many reactors in the area so there would be many Chernobyls.”He accused the government of deliberately withholding vital information that would allow outside experts help solve the problems. “For example, there has not been enough information about the hydrogen being vented. We don’t know how much was vented and how radioactive it was.”

He also described the use of sea water to cool the cores of the reactors at Fukushima-Daiichi as highly unusual and dangerous.Watch BBC live coverage.

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Lockerbie Bombing: Libya was Framed

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On December 21 1988, a Pan Am plane mysteriously exploded over Scotland causing the death of 270 people from 21 countries. The tragedy provoked global outrage. In 1991, two Libyans were charged with the bombing.In the event, only Abdulbaset Ali Mohammad Al Megrahi, a Libyan agent, was pronounced guilty by a panel of three judges, who based their decision on largely circumstantial evidence.

Al Megrahi and the Libyan government have protested their innocence all along.Nevertheless, after suffering punitive UN sanctions which froze overseas Libyan bank accounts and prevented the import of spare parts needed for the country’s oil industry, Tripoli reluctantly agreed to pay $2.7 billion to victims? families $10 million per family, on condition the pay-out would not be deemed as admission of guilt.In February, 2004, the Libyan prime minister told the BBC that his country was innocent but was forced to pay-up as a “price for peace”.

Al Megrahi is currently serving a life sentence but earlier this year the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission ruled there may have been a miscarriage of justice on the basis of lost or destroyed evidence.

Later this month, a Scottish appeals court is due to revisit the case and is expected to overturn Al Megrahi’s conviction as unsafe.The Libyan leader’s son Saif Al Islam recently said he is confident Al Megrahi will soon be found innocent and will be allowed to return home.Stock up with Fresh Food that lasts with eFoodsDirect ADLockerbie Bombing:

Libya was Framed 101210banner4On Sunday, an Observer expose written by Alex Duval Smith reported “a key piece of material evidence used by prosecutors to implicate Libya in the Lockerbie bombing has emerged as a probable fake” with allegations of “international political intrigue and shoddy investigative work” levelled at “the British government, the FBI and the Scottish police”…………………

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Shariah and democracy are incompatible…

February 8, 2011 3 comments

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Shariah and democracy are

Washington Times ^ | February 7, 2011 | Tony BlankleyPosted on Tuesday, February 08, 2011 11:46:44 AM by kingattax

Last Sunday, as the media were reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood was sitting down with Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, the BBC reported in an unrelated story that British Prime Minister David Cameron had announced that “state multiculturalism has failed”:“David Cameron has criticized ‘state multiculturalism’ in his first speech as prime minister on radicalization and the causes of terrorism.“At a security conference in Munich, he argued the U.K. needed a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to all kinds of extremism. He also signaled a tougher stance on groups promoting Islamist extremism. … As Mr. Cameron outlined his vision, he suggested there would be greater scrutiny of some Muslim groups which get public money but do little to tackle extremism.” ‘Ministers should refuse to share platforms or engage with such groups, which should be denied access to public funds and barred from spreading their message in universities and prisons,’ he argued. ‘Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism,’ the prime minister said.”Excerpt Read more at …

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Obama Changes The Story To Exploit Terror Scare

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Obama lies about the Bomb at Midlands UK airport, BBC don’t even try to hide it. As the producer in V for Vendetta says “It’s not our job to make up the news, that’s the governments”The FAKE bomb attack comes 4 days before the Midterms, and 3 days after British Airways said security was to tight and that naked body scanners weaving A Sre too intrusive, how convenient for those America scanner makers that this story would break.

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Yemen UPS Bomb Scare Is A Hoax : BBC Confirms NO Explosives

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Pardon me if this is old news . I’m in Japan and just woke up . Couldn’t finy anything via search .

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If You Want To Board An Airplane In America You Now Have Two Options: Let Airport Security Gawk At Your Exposed Body Or Let Airport Security Feel You Up…

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- Prison – -

If You Want To Board An Airplane In America You Now Have Two Options: Let Airport Security Gawk At Your Exposed Body Or Let Airport Security Feel You Up

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The American Dream [1]
Oct 30, 2010

In America today, we have become so spooked by “terror threats” that now we will submit to just about anything in the name of security.  At this point, we are allowing ourselves to be treated as little more than cattle.  Procedures that would once be considered an affront to human dignity are now accepted as “the new normal”.  If you want to get on an airplane in America today, you must either go through one of the incredibly intrusive full body scanners that are going into all U.S. airports and let airport security gawk at your exposed body, or you must allow airport security to feel you up using the new “enhanced pat-down” techniques they are being instructed to employ.  As you will see below, these new pat-down procedures are incredibly intrusive.  If anyone tried to touch us like that out on the street they would be put in prison.  But this is the new America where all of us must give up all of our privacy and all of our dignity just so that everyone can feel a little bit safer.

Up until this week, many Americans were not that concerned about the new full body security scanners going into airports across the nation because they still had the alternative of opting for a minimally intrusive pat-down.  But now that has all changed.  It turns out that too many Americans were opting for the pat-down, so now the TSA is rolling out their new “enhanced pat-down” procedures.


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9/11: Where Are All The Whistleblowers?

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A common tactic used to debunk questions surrounding the official 9/11 story is to claim that if there was inside involvement in the plot, whistleblowers would have gone public and exposed the conspiracy.The claim assumes that conspiracies cannot be kept covered up, a fallacy disproved by the Manhattan Project. The development of the nuclear bomb was kept hidden for years before its announcement, despite the fact that thousands of individuals from all kinds of different disciplines worked on the project.

This proves that top secret, highly sensitive operations can be covered-up. In comparison to the Manhattan Project, 9/11 was miniscule in its reach, and only required the foreknowledge of dozens, not thousands of people, to be successfully carried out.In addition, there have been numerous whistleblowers who have gone public and used the knowledge from their respective fields to dismiss the official 9/11 story.FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, the most gagged woman in America, having the State Secrets Privilege imposed on her twice, went public last year to reveal that Bin Laden maintained “intimate” relations with the US right up until 9/11.Another whistleblower is former Sergeant in the United States Army named Lauro “LJ” Chavez. Chavez was stationed at MacDill AFB where he claims he witnessed unusual preparations for a potential airplane hitting the base on the morning of 9/11 and distinctly heard officers talking about a stand down. This led him to go public in questioning the NORAD stand down and the demolition of the twin towers.Indeed, the fact that BBC, CNN and others reported the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell was a form of blowing the whistle, as were the first responders and firefighters who have gone on record to say they saw and heard bombs tear down both Building 7 and the twin towers.

Former NYPD officer Craig Bartmer was in the immediate vicinity of Building 7 before its collapse at approximately 5:20pm.

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Web attack ‘aimed at one blogger’

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Web attack ‘aimed at one bloggerFacebook iconFacebook was not taken completely offline by the attackA “massively co-ordinated” attack on websites including Google, Facebook and Twitter was directed at one individual, it has been confirmed.Facebook told BBC News that the strike was aimed at a pro-Georgian blogger known as Cyxymu.

The attack caused a blackout of Twitter for around two hours, while Facebook said its service had been “degraded”.Google said it had defended its sites and was now working with the other companies to investigate the attack.”[The] attack appears to be directed at an individual who has a presence on a number of sites, rather than the sites themselves,” a Facebook spokesman told BBC News.

“Specifically, the person is an activist blogger and a botnet was directed to request his pages at such a rate that it impacted service for other users.

“Botnets are networks of computers under the control of hackers.The machines were used to mount a so-called denial-of-service DOS attack on Thursday.


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