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Brown Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants for Drone Surveillance

September 30, 2014 2 comments

Brown Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants for Drone SurveillanceWSJ ^ | 09/29/14 | Zusha ElinsonPosted on 9/30/2014, 9:30:56 AM by Enlightened1Gov.

Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have required police to obtain warrants for surveillance by drone, making California the latest state to weigh on an issue that is dividing lawmakers across the country.

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California bans government sales or display of Confederate flag

September 30, 2014 1 comment

California bans government sales or display of Confederate flag

AP via San Jose Mercury News ^ | 09/26/2014 08:59:06 AM PDTPosted on 9/30/2014, 2:03:48 AM by Olog-hai

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation prohibiting California state government agencies from selling or display items displaying the Confederate flag.

Brown’s office on Thursday announced signing AB2444. It was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton after his mother saw replica Confederate cash sold at the Capitol gift shop. …

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Mysterious private police force destroying legal pot………..

September 26, 2014 1 comment

The headlines are growing alarming, with CBS reporting “Mysterious Men Dropping from Helicopters to Chop Down NorCal Marijuana Grows” and Time reporting “Californians Turn to Private Security to Police Pot Country.”

As CBS reports, citing witness accounts: “These mystery men are clothed in combat camouflage, outfitted for what appears to be battle – armed with the likes of knives, machetes and saws.”Who are they and what are they doing?

Shockingly enough, they’re on an environmental cleanup mission.According to CBS and Time, they’re privately contracted law-enforcement agents with Logistical Environmental Asset Remediation, or Lear Asset Management, who simply drop onto people’s properties without a warrant and start chopping down marijuana plants that are being legally grown in California for medicinal reasons.One permitted marijuana grower, Susan Schindler of Mendocino County, who was subjected to the surprise air assault recounted her experience to CB

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Bet on Obama to nominate Kamala Harris as Holder’s replacement… “She’s been called a “female Barack Obama” and she’s just as far-left as you might imagine.”

September 26, 2014 1 comment

Bet on Obama to nominate Kamala Harris as Holder’s replacement

CFP ^ | September 25, 2014 | Robert LauriePosted on 9/26/2014, 7:36:01 AM by iontheball

If you aren’t familiar with the name Kamala Harris, you should be. The LA Times describes the California Attorney General thusly:

“Aty. Gen. Kamala Harris is a veteran prosecutor, a skilled political leader and a promising politician who is sure to figure in California’s future.”

She’s been called a “female Barack Obama” and she’s just as far-left as you might imagine.

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IMPEACH oBAMA: WATCH The Kickoff Of “National Impeach Obama Week”

August 28, 2014 3 comments


WATCH The Kickoff Of “National Impeach Obama Week” ^ | August 27, 2014 | Roger OgdenPosted on 8/28/2014, 7:44:13 AM


This protest is part of the first “National Impeach Obama Week.” It took place in Carlsbad, CA on August 23, 2014. The positive feedback from the public is very gratifying and encouraging for the protesters.


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The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future….. “The Plan To Enslave America” | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

August 27, 2014 1 comment

EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

………….. Times are changing.In the present time, locating the publicly available information on the megacities topic is child’s play. In fact, I am quite shocked that more of my colleagues in the truthful media are not immersed in this topic and shouting from the rooftops about the implications posed by the implementation of these 11 urban areas to our collectives lives, liberties, properties and our very existence.

The Truth About Megacities Is Out In the OpenWhere ever you find a bold new initiative related to the plans of the global elite, you will find documentation arising from various think tank organizations in support of these goals. With regard to the coming forced subjugation of the American population to the “stack and pack” megacities, two important papers, the 3-D: Infrastructure for California’s Future and the National Academy of Public Administration’s “Memos to National Leaders: Partnerships as Fiscal Policy”, jump to the front of the line in espousing the megacities concept.

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California drought: ‘May have to migrate people’[out of the State]

August 2, 2014 1 comment

California drought: ‘May have to migrate people’[out of the State]CNBC ^ | 24 July 2014 | Mark KobaPosted on 8/2/2014, 11:01:23 AM by LorianneIt’s going from worse to worst each week in California.Suffering in its third year of drought, more than 58 percent of the state is currently in “exceptional drought” stage, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map. That marks a huge jump from just seven days ago, when about 36 percent of the state was categorized that way.

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