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Perry: Unaccompanied minors ‘side issue’ in border dispute focus on criminal aliens

August 3, 2014 1 comment


Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












Perry: Unaccompanied minors ‘side issue’ in border dispute focus on criminal aliens

Politico ^ | Aug 3, 2014 | Eric BradnerPosted on 8/3/2014, 7:56:12 PM by InnovativeTexas Gov. Rick Perry said on Sunday that the unaccompanied children who have streamed across the U.S.-Mexico border in increasing numbers are a “side issue” compared to the illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

“What we are substantially more concerned about in the state of Texas, and I will suggest to you, across this country, are the 80-percent-plus individuals who don’t get talked about enough who are coming into the United States illegally and committing substantial crimes,” the Republican governor said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”Since September 2008, he told host Candy Crowley, 203,000 illegal immigrants have been booked into Texas county jails.

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The Cavalry That Never Came … Mark Steyn

May 10, 2014 1 comment

The Cavalry That Never Came … Mark Steyn

Steyn Online ^ | 9May 2014 | Mark Steyn

Posted on Saturday, May 10, 2014 4:37:04 AM by Rummyfan

A week before the 2012 election, I wrote:

Someone at the highest level of the United States government made the decision to abandon American consular staff to their fate and cede U.S. sovereign territory to an al-Qaeda assault team — and four out of five Sunday news shows don’t think it’s worth talking about.


bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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GyG: PP Feature Stories, Etc!!!!!!!!!!

October 26, 2012 Leave a comment

GyG: PP Feature Stories, Etc!!!!!!!!!!


garyjohnson (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Obama slammed for ‘vicious stare’ in debate

October 23, 2012 1 comment

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Barack Obama is being criticized for sporting a “vicious” stare during last night’s debate with Mitt Romney, making the president lose his aura of likability.

“That was a slam-dunk observation,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said this afternoon. “Just the split screen. Just Obama’s stare.”

“There was a point in this debate where Obama was staring Romney down viciously – you could see it on the split screen – and it did not distract Romney … at all. He was jumping in Obama’s chili at the time and it didn’t stop him, this attempt to intimidate. It didn’t work at all.”

U.S. historian Dr. Tim Stanley agrees about the facial expressions, writing in Britain’s Telegraph, “The president insulted, patronized and mocked his opponent rather than put across a constructive argument. His performance was rude and unpresidential. Obama seemed to have a touch of the Bidens, wriggling about in his chair, waving his hands dismissively and always – always – smirking in Romney’s direction. By contrast, Romney sucked up the abuse and retained a rigid poker face all night. He looked like a commander in chief; Obama looked like a lawyer.”

One of the most talked-about exchanges from the foreign-policy debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., was when the Republican Romney lamented the shrinking numbers of ships in the U.S. Navy.

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Did Obama & Crowley Know Questioner/Question Beforehand?

October 19, 2012 2 comments

This isn’t my blog – I just came across it via Twitter. I have been reluctant to think that Crowley and Obamawere working off a script….until now.



garyjohnson (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


There is a lot on this blog that, in my opinion, doesn’t point to any pre-knowledge. However, the second point that is made, and supported by video, is that Obama knew who the questioner was regarding the Benghazi attack BEFORE the questioner identifies himself.


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Rush: Will Obama Pull an October Surprise?

October 19, 2012 8 comments


RUSH: Doug in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. This is truly an honor.


garyjohnson (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CALLER: I just want to throw this out. I expect Obama to try to pull something, and I want to know: Is he gonna try to pull something like foreign policy-wise before the debate on Monday, like a possible attack on Iran?

RUSH: People have been thinking he would do something like that sometime this month. That would appear very suspicious, timing-wise.


RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

With this guy, anything’s possible, but the way I’m looking at it honestly here, Doug, I don’t think he’s gonna have to. In his mind, just get together with Bob Schieffer before the debate like he did Candy Crowley.

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Is this the lull before the storm? (“The big question is will he lead the Socialist Revolution of America from the Oval Office or from the street as a returned community organizer with the power of “former President” added to his name.”)

October 19, 2012 18 comments

Nineteen days out from Election 2012 and are there’s a nagging unease making it feel like the proverbial lull before the storm.


realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

All check points from the latest polls show Governor Mitt Romney an impressive seven points ahead of President Barack Obama, something that even weeks ago seemed improbable.

All maps are now showing a flickering light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

The Pocket Messiah is treading, rather than walking on, water.

Romney and Obama could have been a resurrected from a kinder gentler past Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, ‘roasting’ each other in scintillating humour at last night’s annual Al Smith dinner.

Media celebrities and Catholic attendees laughed uproariously at Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s big event where you’d never know that ObamaCare’s birth control mandate will soon be the law of the land.


With Candy Crowley’s televised, CNN tagged “superb” rescue mission fast fading from the rearview mirror, there’s mercifully only one presidential debate left and it happens on Monday.


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Is America’s almost four year long Obama nightmare really over?

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