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Millennial Series: Part 11: The Theological Context of Premillennialism… “A general principle guiding the interpretation of prophecy is quite clear in the Scripture. This principle is that the whole doctrine of prophecy should be allowed to be the guide for the interpretation of details. The main elements of prophecy are far more clear than some of the details. “

August 31, 2014 1 comment

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The question of relative difficulty of interpreting prophecy. It may be admitted that there are problems in the interpretation of prophecy which are peculiar to this field. While the problems differ in character from the interpretation of history or theological revelation, they do not consist in the choice of spiritual or literal interpretation.

It is not so much a question of whether the prophecy will be fulfilled, but rather concerning the unrevealed details of time and circumstance.


While premillenarians have sometimes been guilty of making prophetic interpretation appear as too simple a process, amillenarians have erred in the other direction. After all, interpreting Scripture on such subjects as predestination, the decree of God, the doctrine of the Trinity, the person of the incarnate Christ, the sufferings of Christ on the cross, and similar doctrines is certainly difficult even though in the realm of specific revelation and historic fulfillment.

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“The Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven” will be solar | Prophecy

August 31, 2014 2 comments

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“Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven; and then will all tribes of the earth mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven with great power and majesty.

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Satan Does Not Hold the Keys of Death

August 25, 2014 1 comment

Satan Does Not Hold the Keys of Deathligonier ^ | 8/25/14 | RC SproulPosted on 8/25/2014, 5:23:07 AM by SoFloFreeperWe have different vocations with respect to the jobs and tasks God gives us in this life. But we all share in the vocation of death.

Every one of us is called to die. That vocation is as much a calling from God as is a “call” to the ministry of Christ. Sometimes the call comes suddenly and without warning. Sometimes it comes with advance notification. But it comes to all of us.

And it comes from God.I am aware that there are teachers who tell us that God has nothing to do with death. Death is seen strictly as the fiendish device of the Devil. All pain, suffering, disease, and tragedy are blamed on the Evil One. God is absolved of any responsibility. This view is designed to make sure that God is free of blame for anything that goes wrong in this world.

“God always wills healing,” we are told. If that healing does not happen, then the fault lies with Satan—Or with us. Death, they say, is not in the plan of God.

It represents a victory for Satan over the realm of God.Such views may bring temporary relief to the afflicted. But they are not true. They have nothing to do with biblical Christianity.

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Jesus Christ Did Not Believe In Tolerance & Peace, But The Punishment Of Evil Doers & Evil People

June 18, 2014 3 comments

Jesus Christ Did Not Believe In Tolerance & Peace, But The Punishment Of Evil Doers & Evil People



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The Dispensational and Kingdom Implications of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13

May 27, 2014 1 comment

The Dispensational and Kingdom Implications of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13

Spirit and Truth ^ | N/A | Andy Woods

Posted on 5/27/2014, 11:39:36 AM by dartuser

The contemporary evangelical world is engulfed in the idea that the church is presently experiencing the messianic kingdom. The idea of the “kingdom” can be bewildering, especially considering how this term is loosely bandied about by today’s evangelicals.


jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







Many ministries convey the notion that the kingdom is strictly a spiritual and present reality by indicating that they are “expanding the kingdom” through their evangelistic and missionary endeavors. Even Christian political activists sometimes argue that they are “bringing in the kingdom.”


rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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Beliefs in False Prophets | Celebrities

May 19, 2014 1 comment

(Before It’s News)

Deception In The End Times

by: Britt Gillette



obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








‘false According to bible, the end times will be marked by widespread deception, counterfeit miracles, and the appearance of false prophets. Each of these evils will contribute to an atmosphere that will deceive an untold number of people throughout the world.


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King of Kings – “The Bible and The State” ~

April 23, 2014 1 comment

By Paul Green

April 23, 2014

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In statist mythology, distorted versions of Romans 13 could be seen as the trunk of a theological tree. But it is a tree with many branches, and several secondary scriptures have been thought to bolster the idea of the state as a divinely ordained institution:


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