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Bill Clinton urges Hillary Clinton to ‘take maximum advantage’ of his death, new book reveals

June 23, 2014 1 comment

Bill Clinton urges Hillary Clinton to ‘take maximum advantage’ of his death, new book revealsWashington Examiner ^ | June 23 2014 | Paul BedardPosted on 6/23/2014, 1:34:35 PM by PoloSecVIDEOFormer President Bill Clinton has been busy writing “playbooks” for his wife, Hillary, to use in her likely 2016 presidential campaign including how to “take maximum advantage of my death,” according to a new book out Monday



bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Breitbart ^ | 25 May 2014 | by AWR HAWKINS

Posted on 5/26/2014, 5:39:22 AM by kingattax

English: Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator from C...

English: Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator from California (1994) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Many Democrats – Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) among them – have shamelessly attacked the NRA and pushed for more gun control in the wake of the heinous May 23 Santa Barbara attacks.


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Death Rattle of a Country | Economy

May 12, 2014 1 comment

(Before It’s News)

Monty Pelerin / Economic Noise

What Is A Death Rattle?

Wikipedia defines a death rattle as the sound often heard before death:

A death rattle, known clinically as terminal respiratory secretions or simply terminal secretions,[1] is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest.[2]


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4th Banker ‘Suicided’ In A Week! | Economy

February 7, 2014 1 comment

(Before It’s News)

A 4th banker has been found dead of an apparent suicide within the last week according to this story from Russia Today and the video below. Are these bankers committing suicide because they are unable to deal with their financial crimes against society or is this something much more? According To ‘V’ The Guerrilla Economist, Bankers Deaths Are Assassinations!!! (Simply, they’re tying up loose ends!)

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Congress and ‘the people’ can do nothing to Obama UNLESS THEY DECIDE TO « The Roth Show… “The squeeze is on and the deathly blue is flowing in the water all around us. We are a nation, which has been boldly attacked in plain sight as Hitler did with Germany. More and more of us can feel it and know we are dying as Obama and his goons light another cigarette and roll out more tentacles of death and lies.”

May 21, 2013 1 comment

Octopus of evil

Obama’s tentacles have spread through out the country sucking the life out of everything they grab onto. America is dying.

Freedom – Dying

013 5:13:51 PM by IBD editorial writer

Barack Obama "Hope" poster, original...Barack Obama “Hope” poster, originally by Shepard Fairey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Energy industry – Dying

Reputation – Dying

National security – Dying

Sovereignty, state and federal – Dying

Health and privacy – Dying

Law and U.S. Constitution – Dying

Military – Dying

Morals and Judeo-Christian speech and traditions – Dying

The squeeze is on and the deathly blue is flowing in the water all around us. We are a nation, which has been boldly attacked in plain sight as Hitler did with Germany. More and more of us can feel it and know we are dying as Obama and his goons light another cigarette and roll out more tentacles of death and lies.

What is alive and living amidst the dying

* Agenda 21 and Sustainability – Alive

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CDR JOB W. PRICE… “Quite frankly, this doesn’t pass the smell test.” SUICIDE???

January 1, 2013 7 comments

The source was not identified, it was said, because the death is “an ongoing investigation.”

Quite frankly, this doesn’t pass the smell test.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

CDR Price has a wife and young daughter back home in Virginia, and for the officer’s tragic death to be labeled an “apparent suicide” on Christmas Eve, makes us wonder if this was really something else.

Looking into the dead commander’s background, there is nothing to indicate he would do such a thing, much less put his beloved family through such a terrible ordeal at this time of the year.

Price’s past was like a storybook tale. He was a varsity wrestler and member of the championship football team at Pottstown High School in his native Pennsylvania. A member of the National Honor Society there, he was a much-decorated Naval officer who’d been boss of Seal Team Four since June of 2011.


obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Ted Turner: “I think it’s GOOD that Veterans are killing themselves.” « THE WAKING GIANT

October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Racist Eugenics Freak, obama supporter, CNN founder, marxist and NWO globalist thinks it’s GOOD that our Military are committing suicide. Ted Turner “lives” in Montana…….


Like this:



garyjohnson (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




One blogger likes this.


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Prison » More Americans now commit suicide than are killed in car crashes as miserable economy takes its toll

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment


Suicide is the cause of more deaths than car crashes, according to an alarming new study.

English: Skull and crossbones

English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The number of people who commit suicide in the U.S. has drastically increased while deaths from car accidents have dropped, making suicide the leading cause of injury death.

Suicides via falls or poisoning have risen significantly and experts fear that there could be many more unaccounted for, particularly in cases of overdose.

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The Silence of the Fallen – A Tribute to Gulf War Vets | Veterans Today

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment





RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


The booming silence made as warriors fall,


One by lonely one,


Felled not by shrapnel, nor by bullets from a gun.


Silent sounds that echo loudly, sadly heard by very few,


Warriors felled by chemical agents, experimental vaccines, and D. U.


Exotic potions and fancy tools of war, made right there close to you,


In labs securely hidden away from the nuisance of scrutiny’s view,


And the outrage that would surely come, if the public only knew.


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(“The only important things in my life were the US marines, your mother and you kids.””) Used by the State, Even in Death by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

My father died last year. One of the last wishes of this retired career marine father was to have a burial at sea in the tradition of the military.

He told me upon his death bed, “The only important things in my life were the US marines, your mother and you kids.”

I wasn’t pleased at all with this decision for a military burial as I do not believe that the US military really “takes care of its own” at all. One need just look at all the military veterans who are homeless or had their bodies and ashes dumped in landfills for evidence of this. But it was my father’s life and death and, since I no longer live in the USA, it was difficult for me to try to convince my father and remaining family that we should have a quiet family-only ceremony like we did for my mother.

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The obituary of a lifetime goes viral

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

If there’s one time you shouldn’t have to beat around the bush, it’s when you’re dead. At least that seemed to be the sentiment for one Colorado man, who’s raising eyebrows for his not-so-subtle final words.

“He enjoyed booze, guns, cars and younger women until the day he died,” reads the Denver Post obituary for Michael “Flathead” Blanchard.

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A Veteran’s Death, the Nation’s Shame (“For every soldier killed on the battlefield this year, about 25 veterans are dying by their own hands”)

April 15, 2012 1 comment

HERE’S a window into a tragedy within the American military: For every soldier killed on the battlefield this year, about 25 veterans are dying by their own hands.An American soldier dies every day and a half, on average, in Iraq or Afghanistan. Veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes.

More than 6,500 veteran suicides are logged every year — more than the total number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined since those wars began.These unnoticed killing fields are places like New Middletown, Ohio, where Cheryl DeBow raised two sons, Michael and Ryan Yurchison, and saw them depart for Iraq. Michael, then 22, signed up soon after the 9/11 attacks.“I can’t just sit back and do nothing,” he told his mom. Two years later, Ryan followed his beloved older brother to the Army.When Michael was discharged, DeBow picked him up at the airport — and was staggered. “When he got off the plane and I picked him up, it was like he was an empty shell,” she told me. “His body was shaking.”

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Is This The Greatest Obituary Ever Published In The History Of Death?

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

A Celebration of the life of Michael “Flathead” Blanchard will be held on April 14th, 3 pm 8160 Rosemary St, Commerce City. Weary of reading obituaries noting someone’s courageous battle with death, Mike wanted it known that he died as a result of being stubborn, refusing to follow doctors’ orders and raising hell for more than six decades. He enjoyed booze, guns, cars and younger women until the day he died.

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I Am Andrew Breitbart (video)

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I Am Andrew Breitbart (video) ^ | 3/4/2012 | misfit politics

Media personality Andrew Breitbart gives a spe...

Image via Wikipedia

Posted on Monday, March 05, 2012 10:07:23 PM by Nachum

Breitbart’s legacy continues in all those who fight everyday for freedom and we will continue to fight using the example he lead us with. We are Andrew Breitbart.


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27 Years | No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from Prescription Drugs

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Over the past 27 years — the complete time frame that the data has been available — there have been 0 deaths as a result of vitamins and over 3 million deaths related to prescription drug use. In fact, going back 54 years there have only been 11 claims of vitamin-related death, all of which provided no substantial evidence to link vitamins to the cause of death.

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Does a Surviving Spouse Always Collect 100 Percent of Social Security Benefits?

October 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Carrie: Does my wife collect 100 percent of my Social Security benefits at my death? Thank you. — Bert

Dear Bert: I wish I could provide you with a quick answer to such a straightforward question. But as with so many issues related to government programs, there are a number of factors that come into play. So yes, it is (possible for your wife to collect 100 percent of your Social Security benefits after you die. But read on for some of the fine print.

Before we get into those details, I want to clarify that there is a difference between standard spousal Social Security benefits, which max out at 50 percent of the worker’s benefit and survivor benefits, which can go as high as 100 percent.

In terms of survivor benefits, if you should die your wife’s benefit will depend on three things: 1) when you begin to take your Social Security benefits 2) her age when she begins to collect survivors benefits and 3) whether or not you had started to collect benefits prior to your death.

Since I don’t know the particulars of your situation, I’ll just briefly lay out a few scenarios.


The simplest is if you begin taking benefits at full retirement age (66 for those born between 1943 and 1954). That would mean you’d collect your full benefit and your wife, should you pass away before her, could then collect 100 percent of your benefits as long as she also was at full retirement age. This doesn’t mean you absolutely have to start taking benefits at age 66. You could also choose to delay up to age 70. The advantage here is that the longer you delay taking Social Security, the larger your benefit–and the larger your wife’s survivor’s benefit–would be.


If you begin taking your Social Security benefits at 62, the earliest age you become eligible, your monthly benefit would be reduced permanently by about 25 percent. In this case, your wife’s benefit is also affected. The IRS rules state that a widow or widower at full retirement age qualifies for 100 percent of what a spouse (set ital) has been receiving (end ital). So if you opt to take Social Security early, upon your death, your wife would collect 100 percent of your (set ital) reduced (end ital) benefits. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t boost the benefit to the full rate when someone dies.


As I mentioned, a spouse at full retirement age can collect 100 percent of the deceased spouse’s benefit. But a surviving spouse can begin to collect benefits at age 60 if necessary (or age 50, if disabled). In this case, however, the benefit is reduced by a small percentage for each month before the surviving spouse reaches full retirement age. This could potentially reduce the monthly benefit to between 71 percent and 99 percent of the full benefit.

For example, assuming that your wife’s full retirement age is 66, if she started collecting survivor benefits at 60, she would get only 71.5 percent of your benefit. If she started at 62, she’d get 81 percent, and so on. The rationale is that by claiming benefits early, you receive them for a longer period of time so it potentially adds up to the same total. You can find a detailed chart of the various ages and percentages on the Social Security website at


Should you die before filing for benefits, no matter how old you are, once your wife reaches full retirement age she would qualify for 100 percent of the benefit you would have received (or her own benefit, whichever is greater). If she starts to collect early, however, it will be reduced as I just described.


While your question concerns survivor benefits, you might also want to make sure you and your wife are maximizing the benefits you’re entitled to today. For instance, if you’ve already filed for benefits, your wife could collect benefits either based on her own work history or the spousal benefit, whichever is higher.

If you haven’t explored your various options, I suggest talking to your financial advisor to come up with the best strategy. You can also contact the Social Security administration. It offers information and counseling to help you weigh the different factors. You can speak to a Social Security counselor at your local SSA office or call 1-800-772-1213. Best of luck.

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Change in Military Funeral Protocol… (Is this related to the “Just For A Flag” Caper?”)

September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

This president has taken off the gloves. My only response to this endless cesspool of Anti-American rhetoric dripping from his mouth is to borrow a phrase (with one minor change) uttered by another temporary Washington resident living in government housing: “Today for the first time in my adult life I was ASHAMED of my country”. I did not serve in the military but my love of country parallels that of people like my late uncle who bled Red, White and Blue.

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Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

DURHAM, N.C.—Grandma was just resuscitated. She wakes up and tells you a bizarre story of coming out of her body and going to heaven. Has she developed psychosis? Was her brain damaged from the lack of oxygen?

After over 30 years of research, scientists have concluded that this is not the case. Instead, they think that this phenomenon is something today’s science is yet to understand, and that it is an opportunity for the advancement of science.

The phenomenon was coined near-death experiences (NDEs) in the 1975 book “Life After Life” by Raymond Moody, M.D. and Ph.D. in philosophy and psychology. NDEs generally include cognitive, affective, paranormal, and transcendental experiences.

Examples of NDEs include experiencing a change in one’s perception and way of thinking, feeling peace or calmness, gaining extrasensory perception (ESP), going through a review of one’s life and seeing the effects of one’s actions on others, a feeling of leaving the body, seeing deceased people and other beings such as angels, and feeling as if one has entered another dimension.Greyson believes that NDEs are an indication that the mind is independent of the brain because impaired brain functions would be expected during the clinical situation that the NDErs underwent, but his research found no corresponding impairment of mental functions in NDErs.

“In most cases……………………


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Passenger chokes to death on in-flight meal and his girlfriend sits next to his body for NINE hours

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Robert Rippingale choked to death while eating an in-flight meal

A woman sat next to her boyfriend’s body for nine hours after he choked to death on an in-flight meal.

Vanessa Preechakul and Robert Rippingale were on an 11-hour flight from Singapore to Auckland when tragedy struck.

Miss Preechakul said she noticed him shaking, but did not realise anything was wrong. ‘I thought he was laughing very hard,’ she said. ‘Then I looked at his face and his eyes were rolling and he couldn’t talk. His lips were turning purple.’

A doctor and two nurses among the passengers went to help after hearing Miss Preechakul’s screams. Mr Rippingale, who had been living and working in Singapore for three years, was carried to the galley where the medical team performed CPR, but were unable to save him.

His body was then moved to the crew rest area, where it was covered with a blanket. Miss Preechakul did not want to leave him and was given permission to sit with him for the remaining nine hours of the flight.

Last night she said: ‘One minute we were sitting next to each other kissing, holding hands and the next minute he was choking.

‘I’m struggling to come to terms with his death. He was so outgoing and generous.’

He was taking her to New Zealand so she could discover the country and share in his parents’ 50th birthdays.

‘This was a very difficult and sad event and our sympathies are with the passenger’s family,’ he said.

The cause of death, he said, will not be known until a coroner’s report has been released later this month.

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Gunny G: Let’s be damn sure that no man’s ghost will ever say “If your training program had only done its job.” (via ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984+ ~ (BLOG & EMAIL))

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Gunny G: Let's be damn sure that no man's ghost will ever say "If your training program had only done its job." et's be damn sure that no man's ghost will ever say "If your training program had only done its job." I have been advised by an e-mail correspondent (namely, Dr. R. E. Sullivan, PhD and Col USMC (Ret.) who is a historian and many other things) that the above well-known inscription is no longer seen on the masthead of The Parris Island Boot (base newspaper), and has been replaced by We Make Marines. "Sully" states that: "Also, digging through some … Read More

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Osama’s Death a Coup for Obama: But is it Enough?

May 4, 2011 1 comment

Osama’s Death a Coup for Obama: But is it Enough?

Osama’s Death a Coup for Obama: But is it Enough? ^ | May 4, 2011 | Donald Lambro

Posted on Wednesday, May 04, 2011 12:04:38 PM by Kaslin

The Obama administration’s daring, nighttime attack by commandos who killed Osama bin Laden and four of his aides has dealt al-Qaida terrorists a severe but far from fatal blow.

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Memorial Services for Major HG “Gene” Duncan, USMC (Ret)…

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment


Gene Duncan
6904 Woodtrail Ct., Ft. Wayne, IN 46835
Tel: 260 485 9645 Cell: 660 537 2225

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Gene Duncan <>
To: …………………
Sent: Thu, February 17, 2011 11:33:44 AM
Subject: Memorial Services for Major HG “Gene” Duncan, USMC (Ret)

Greetings Everyone,

Thank You everyone for your thoughts and prayers regarding my father passing
away. I went through dad’s e-mail address book and am sending this out to all
his contacts.

The Fort Wayne area memorial service will be held on Monday February 21st, 2011
at 1800 hours. The service will be held at the VA Hospital Chapel. The address
for the Hospital is 2121 Lake Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805.

The funeral home suggested that any flowers should be delivered to the VA
Chapel. In lieu of flowers a donation to Heartland Hospice of Fort Wayne would
be appreciated. Hospice did a wonderful job treating and assisting my father
daily in his struggle with his illness.

My father wished that his final resting place would be at Quantico. Arrangements
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Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks …

January 7, 2011 Leave a comment

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Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks


Thousands of dead turtle doves rained down on roofs and cars in an Italian town in the latest in a growing spate of mass animal deaths across the globe.

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Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths …

January 5, 2011 1 comment

Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths


In the last week, nearly 100,000 fish washed up on the shores of the Arkansas River, dead. Also in Arkansas, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky and plummeted to the ground where they were also found dead.

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3 Americans shot to death near Mexico-U.S. border Plus other linked reports

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

3 Americans shot to death near Mexico-U.S. borderNews Canada Canadian man found dead in Mexico By Doug Hempstead, QMI AgencyFamily mourns Carleton Place man killed in Mexico, but says he feared for his safetyFamily suspects Canadian’s death in Mexico linked to high-level contactsA Mexico massacre in unfamiliar place: the capital


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Seeking Proof in Near-Death Claims 18 Hospitals to study mystery of near-death experiences

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

At 18 hospitals in the U.S. and U.K., researchers have suspended pictures, face up, from the ceilings in emergency-care areas. The reason: to test whether patients brought back to life after cardiac arrest can recall seeing the images during an out-of-body experience.

People who have these near-death experiences often describe leaving their bodies and watching themselves being resuscitated from above, but verifying such accounts is difficult.

The images would be visible only to people who had done that.”We’ve added these images as objective markers,” says Sam Parnia, a critical-care physician and lead investigator of the study, which hopes to include 1,500 resuscitated patients. Dr. Parnia declined to say whether any have accurately described the images so far, but says he hopes to report preliminary results next year.The study, coordinated by Southampton University‘s School of Medicine in England, is one of the latest and largest scientific efforts to understand the mystery of near-death experiences.At least 15 million American adults say they have had a near-death experience, according to a 1997 survey—and the number is thought to be rising with increasingly sophisticated resuscitation techniques.In addition to floating above their bodies, people often describe moving down a dark tunnel toward a bright light, feeling intense peace and joy, reviewing life events and seeing long-deceased relatives—only to be told that it’s not time yet and land abruptly back in an ailing body.

The once-taboo topic is getting a lot of talk these days. In the new movie “Hereafter,” directed by Clint Eastwood, a French journalist is haunted by what she experienced while nearly drowning in a tsunami.

Yet the fundamental debate rages on: Are these glimpses of an afterlife, are they hallucinations or are they the random firings of an oxygen-starved brain?


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He That has died is Free From Sin…Romans 6

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

For he that is dead is freed from sin. Romans 6:5-7The Bible teaches us that sin is a multi-faceted horror. We know from 1 John, that sin is the transgression of the Law of God,Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.I John 3:4We have seen from Romans chapter 1, that sin is the rejection of God’s truth and His Glory, and in Romans three it is the coming short of the Glory of God. Sin is failure to love God supremely, or to love our neighbor as ourself, it is lawlessness, self will, and iniquity. In John’s gospel it is called the love of darkness.But in Romans 5 and 6 we are taught that sin is a state of being, it is living under a God estranged rule, an authority called “the reign of sin and death”. It began when Adam transgressed, and all of his children were born under it and have known nothing else all of their lives, but the dominion of sin. The only relief for the faithful was the promise of an absolute deliverance from sin,dating back to the Word in the garden of the coming serpent crusher.For one under the reign of sin, there is no choice, for everything he does is a sin.

It is a state of being. As Proverbs declares, even the “Plowing of the wicked is sin”.Proverbs 21:4 .Within the reign and dominance of sin, there are of course varying degrees of sinfulness, there are some more given to evil than others. But all under sin, must sin, for they live under its power.

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Titanic Sunk By Steering Blunder, New Book Claims by Richard Alleyne

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Titanic Sunk By Steering Blunder, New Book Claimsby Richard AlleyneDaily Telegraph It was always thought the Titanic sank because its crew were sailing too fast and failed to see the iceberg before it was too late.But now it has been revealed they spotted it well in advance but still steamed straight into it because of a basic steering blunder.

According to a new book, the ship had plenty of time to miss the iceberg but the helmsman panicked and turned the wrong way.By the time the catastrophic error was corrected it was too late and the side of the ship was fatally holed by the iceberg.Even then the passengers and crew could have been saved if it had stayed put instead of steaming off again and causing water to pour into the broken hull.The revelation, which comes out almost 100 years after the disaster, was kept secret until now by the family of the most senior officer to survive the disaster.Second Officer Charles Lightoller covered up the error in two inquiries on both sides of the Atlantic because he was worried it would bankrupt the liner’s owners and put his colleagues out of job.

Since his death – by then a war hero from the Dunkirk evacuation – it has remained hidden for fear it would ruin his reputation.But now his granddaughter the writer Lady Louise Patten has revealed it in her new novel.”It just makes it seem all the more tragic,” she said.

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California Police Chief Put on Leave California, PA Police Chief Can’t Prove She is US Citizen

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment


Acting Police Chief Tracy Vitale has been placed on administrative leave amid questions over her citizenship.snipVitale’s attorney, Chuck LoPresti, said the acting chief was adopted in Germany by her American parents, and brought to the U.S. at age 3.

She has always felt that her parents completed all of the paperwork needed to insure her citizenship.When she applied for any police job, she has answered “yes” to the question of whether she is a citizen because she has always believed that’s the case.But in this case, someone has asked the borough to question Vitale.LoPresti said a team of attorneys is working with the federal government to prove Vitale’s citizenship.


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“9/11 The Falling Man” Video–not for the faint of heart

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the entire documentary “9/11 was one of the most pivotal events in world history.

Its impact will be felt for years to come. You owe it to yourself to go beyond the sound bites and the simplified official story.

This is an extremely complicated story with numerous players and motives. …”



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The Facebook Hit List Murders

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Read other blogs and stories at thedailybeast.comIn southwestern Colombia, teenagers are turning up dead after their names appear on a list on Facebook.

Constantino Diaz-Duran on the terrifying Internet hit men holding a town hostage.Three teenagers dead and dozens more exiled, sent far from home by terrified parents.

Panic has taken over southwestern Colombia, after emerging guerrillas took to social-networking websites to impose their will on the populace. Criminal gangs, which local journalists claim are affiliated with drug cartels, are holding entire towns hostage. And they are doing it by issuing death threats through Facebook.Over the past several days, almost 90 teenagers in the town of Puerto Asis have been named on hit lists distributed online by criminal gangs seeking to sow fear and anguish in the community.

The lists have been sent to those whose names are in them, as well as to their friends and relatives. They contain the names of children as young as 16 who, according to the perpetrators, will be murdered if they don’t leave town within three days. The first list was distributed through Facebook and MSN Messenger on August 15. At least two more lists have been issued since, and already, 16-year-old Diego Ferney Jaramillo, 19-year-old Norbey Alexander Vargas, and 17-year-old Eibart Alejandro Ruiz Munoz have been shot dead. Juan Pablo Zambrano Anacona, 16, was wounded during the attack on Vargas.

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June 26, 2010 Leave a comment


Captain Jimmy Bones And His Devil-Dog Marines

‘Twas winter time in Quantico in nineteen-twenty-two,
The slum was pretty rough that night, and all the men felt blue;
The hail and sleet, with ghostly feet beat on the bunkhouse dome,
Some men doped out their time to do, while others thought of home.

Then from the starless night, there slipped in through the bunkhouse door,
An old top sergeant that no man had ever seen before;
The hoar frost glistened in his hair, his eyes like star shells shone,
A gnarled mustache hid half his face, and he was skin and bone.

He sat down near the glowing stove and warmed his fleshless hands,
The chill of death was in his breath, like thunder his commands;
His voice was hollow, like the tone of one who’d long been dead,
And when he spoke, the silence broke, and this is what he said:

“Pipe down, all you devil-whelps, and snap out of your dreams,
And a tale I’ll tell of heaven and hell, and the Devil-Dog Marines;
Just Captain Jimmy Bones, M.C., their skipper wrote his name,
He was a fiend for fighting, he had no care for fame.”

“Have never seen so fierce a man on land, nor sky , nor sea,
He had a scar for every war, and fought in ninety-three;
When he was riled, he had an eye that drilled a hole through men,
He spoke but once, and no man asked him how, nor why, nor when.”

“Now Jimmy was the headpiece of a hundred brave Gyrenes,
He used to have a whole lot more who died from eating beans;
But them what ate the chow and lived, they sure were hard-boiled guys,
They flicked the bullets off their coats just like so many flies.”

The old top sergeant’s voice grew low, and at its ghostly gloom,
Men shivered, and the vermin crawled upon the bunkhouse broom;
He stuffed a live coal in his pipe, and deeply did inhale,
He blew the smoke clean through the roof, and then resumed his tale.

“They say the devil made him mean when he was in the skies,
And filled them all so full of hell it shone out through their eyes;
Then old St. Peter found the bunch, and gave them souls of white,
But hell still boiled up in them, and they couldn’t else but fight.”

“So Peter had to can old Nick, and when to earth he fell,
He got himself a steady job recruiting souls for hell;
Well, Peter stamped Marines ‘OK,’ and marked them all first class,
‘Cause all that ever scared ‘em was to see a looking-glass.”

“Now some they come from Texas sand, so they was full of grit,
And some was from Montana plains where they’d been roughing it;
Some more they come from old New York, and wore a Bowery frown,
Then some which was the toughest came from good old Frisco town.”

“Old Jimmy Bones shoved off for France in nineteen-seventeen,
And shipped across the toughest crew the world had ever seen;
Each man had ‘First to Fight,’ tattooed across his chest, in black,
And right betwixt his shoulder blades, ‘Watch out, we’re coming back!’”

“Them hundred Devil Dogs sure was a bold and daring crew,
They bit the soles right off their shoes whenever they’d want a chew;
There wasn’t one among that bunch of those U.S. Marines
Who couldn’t spit three fathoms deep, and sink three submarines.”

“And when it came to shooting guns, why, say, them men were there,
They’d shave a man a mile away, and never miss a hair;
They’d trim the eyebrows off a lark, a- soarin’ in the sky,
Or shoot the points off shooting stars, as long as they had an eye.”

“They cruised on all the seven seas and rationed on hard tack,
They fought their way around the world and half to hell and back;
They fought in every war there was, clean up to Vera Cruz,
The only things they hadn’t fought was huns, and too much booze.”

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Gunny G: Let’s be damn sure that no man’s ghost will ever say “If your training program had only done its job.”

July 12, 2008 5 comments

big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



Let’s be damn sure that no man’s ghost will ever say “If your training program had only done its job.”




I have been advised by an e-mail correspondent (namely, Dr. R. E. Sullivan, PhD and Col USMC (Ret.) who is a historian and many other things) that the above well-known inscription is no longer seen on the masthead of The Parris Island Boot (base newspaper), and has been replaced by We Make Marines.





“Sully” states that:




“Also, digging through some of my older (what I laughingly call) Archives I resurrected a copy of the Parris Island Boot from late 1944.  The masthead proclaims:  “Let’s Be Damned Sure That No Boy’s Ghost Will Ever Say, ‘If Your Training Program Had Only Done Its Job….’”




Just for the heck of it I looked up the present masthead on the Parris Island Boot which is:  “We Make Marines.”







No more mention of “Boy’s and Ghosts.”  Probably would not go over too well with the Recruiters in this day and age, to say nothing at all about the parents of would be warriors.  When in 1944 we were all assured that we’d be dead within six months of leaving P. I. at least some of us breathed a sigh of relief.  The thought of returning to any kind of school was much more fearsome to those of us who were not academically gifted than dying a hero’s death on an enemy shore.  Ah, the romance of it all!







Oh, well.  Different times, and different strokes for different folks.  On the other hand, thinking back to my days as Piedpiper 6 in ’65/’66 during the SEA War Games, if we couldn’t show ten enemy bodies for every Marine we lost (i.e. “became a ghost), it was considered prima facie evidence of our incompetence to command.  And not infrequently old Lew Walt would descend from his Deus ex Machina to place his right foot on the chest of a deceased enemy, and smile as he said “One.”   At the same time he gazed down the aligned corpses that were presented for his inspection.  My guess is, from reading between the lines of current goings-on, that commanders must fight a bloodless war, at least on our side of the ledger.  Must assume that those who insist on such fanciful outcomes never cringed under direct fire or  ranging mortar rounds trying to land in our back pockets as did lesser mortals such as I.”




It seems to me that I have seen that inscription on a sign (in Marine Corps colors, of course) many times online, I suppose the sign itself somewhere aboard MCRD, Parris Island, South Carolina, and it may have also been at the Drill Instructor School at PI.




A long Google search online has been unsuccessful in finding an image of that sign that I have seen many times online, though the words themselves abound on the Internet.




Questions arise in my mind-housing-group regarding this:
Is the sign still alive and well aboard PISC?
Or maybe the DI School, PISC?
Was it passed over for the possibly more PC We Make Marines?




Lest ye think maybe all this is my own personal pipedream, here is just one reference fyi.




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