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The Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL Complex? Gunny G: Ike’s Missing Word Speech! | BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ “CLINGERS of AMERICA!”

October 23, 2014 1 comment

The Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL Complex?

Gunny G:

Ike’s Missing Word Speech!April 7, 2007 Gunny G Edit Leave a comment Go to commentsWe have often heard reference made to President Eisenhower’s so-called farewell warning to the nation, about the military-industrial complex, upon his leaving office in 1961.

Upon closer examination of that speech, both what it did and did not say, we find that very likely he should have referred to it, more appropriately, as the “Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL Complex, ” as, he apparently really meant. At least, as the following reference would seem to infer.Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.

Photo credit: Wikipedia“In this speech Eisenhower identifies for the first time a group called the military-industrial complex. The speech was written for him by Malcolm Moos of Johns Hopkins University. Initially Moos had used the phrase “Military Industrial Congressional Complex”.

Eisenhower was advised not to link members of Congress with this conspiracy. He accepted this advice but the fact remains, Eisenhower believed that certain members of Congress were being paid by the armaments industry to maintain these high-levels of defence spending.

For example, when Eisenhower left office in 1960 military spending amounted to 77% of all federal spending.”..MORE!

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(Rush L.) ~ Mark Cuban’s Advice for the GOP………

October 22, 2014 1 comment

Mark Cuban‘s Advice for the GOPRush ^ | October 22, 2014 | Rush LimbaughPosted on 10/22/2014, 3:39:35 PM by KaslinBEGIN TRANSCRIPTRUSH: Mark Cuban has got the answer.

“Mark Cuban has some advice for the Republican Party: Drop the social issues. ‘If I was going to give guidance to the Republican Party, I’d say, ‘Stay completely out of social issues.'” He said it on CNBC today. I’ve been hearing that since 1992.BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH:



I can’t tell you how many years, since 1992, that I have been hearing: “The Republican Party better get rid of the social issues or it doesn’t have a prayer.” And the theory, here’s what Mark Cuban says. “If you stay out of social issues, then the conversation from that side will only be about economics, and business, and growing business, and ideas. It should be easy! The generation of sex, drugs, and rock and roll didn’t turn out quite like we planned, right? We thought we’d be like, ‘Live free.

Stay out of the bedroom. Stay out of everybody’s lives. Let’s just focus on business.’ It turned out to be the exact opposite.”By the way, there are plenty of Republicans that have stopped talking about social issues. They still get hammered with ‘em. The Republicans are gonna get hammered no matter what they do. The Republicans are gonna get hammered. Look at the War on Women. There wasn’t one. There isn’t War on Women, other than the one the Democrats conduct. There is not a War on Women. And yet it exists.

And it’s not because of anything the Republicans do. It’s not because of anything the Republicans have said. It was totally made up out of whole cloth.You know, giving away ammunition is not the solution to your political problems. Abandoning 24 million voters is not the route to victory. But it’s amazing how the smart people keep coming up with the same suggestion.BREAK TRANSCRIPT

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More Unlawful Presidential Killing….. By Judge Andrew Napolitano….. |

September 24, 2014 1 comment

As the debate rages over whether the president needs congressional authorization for war prior to his deployment of the military to degrade or destroy ISIS, the terrorist organization that none of us had heard about until a few months ago, the nation has lost sight of the more fundamental issue of President Obama’s infidelity to the rule of law.On the lawfulness of his proposed war, the president has painted himself into a corner.

Last year, he quite properly recognized that the Authorization for Use of Military Force AUMF, a statute enacted by Congress in 2002 to permit President George W. Bush to use the military to track down, capture, degrade or kill all persons or organizations that planned the attacks of 9/11, cannot apply to organizations that did not exist at the time of 9/11, of which ISIS is one.

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Generals skewer Obama for ‘control’ of airstrikes… ~ “Vallely believes Obama should resign. “He has no capability of leading this country at this time,” he said. ‘No clue what to hit’ Vallely, who was deputy commanding general of U.S. Pacific………….”

September 18, 2014 2 comments


Two retired U.S. generals have blasted a reported plan for President Obama to assert “personal control” over the selection of ISIS targets in Syria.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely and U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin said the prospect recalls the Johnson administration’s micro-managing of the war theater in Vietnam, when decisions made from Washington often resulted in selecting the wrong targets.

Boykin, an under secretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, said that while Obama’s reported decision to make all the bombing calls of ISIS targets in Syria were reminiscent of Vietnam, President Lyndon Johnson “at least had some military experience.”

Lt. Gen. Jerry BoykinRet. Lt. Gen. Jerry BoykinBoykin pointed out Obama has never served in the military.“[Obama] is absolutely not serious about strategy or destroying ISIS,” Boykin said.

“There is no way we can destroy ISIS with the strategy he’s laid out, and it’s more problematic if he selects the targets.”

The Wall Street Journal reported Obama said he would exert “a high degree of personal control” over military strategy against ISIS in Syria in an effort to avoid getting too involved in the country’s three-year-old-plus civil war.In testimony on Capitol Hill, however, Secretary of Defense

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Media Mantra: “The Reluctant Warrior”

September 11, 2014 2 comments

Media Mantra:

“The Reluctant Warrior”

Rush ^ | September 11, 2014 |

Rush LimbaughPosted on 9/11/2014, 1:57:00 PM by Kaslin

BEGIN TRANSCRIPTRUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, when George W. Bush — some of you new to the program, if you’ve not heard this, it’s amazing.

When George W. Bush was looking for a vice presidential candidate to run with him he appointed Cheney to head up the search committee, and Cheney said, “I don’t need to look.

I’m your guy.” And Bush said, “You know what, you’re right. You don’t need to look. You are my guy.”



So Bush chose Cheney and the media went out, and we had an audio montage put together, had to be 25 different media people all explaining how Bush had chosen Cheney because he needed gravitas. I

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Ex-senator Zell Miller gives split-ticket endorsement in Georgia… | OnPolitics

August 26, 2014 1 comment

135 sharesSHARETWEETEMAILDemocrat Zell Miller was the keynote speaker at the 2004 GOP convention. Jeff Haynes, AFPShare this image:Democrat Zell Miller was the keynote speaker at the 2004 GOP convention. Jeff Haynes, AFPFormer Georgia senator and governor Zell Miller continues to confound partisans, a decade after the Democrat enthusiastically backed George W. Bush’s second term as president.Miller has endorsed Democrat Michelle Nunn for the U.S. Senate, calling the first-time candidate a “bridge builder not a bridge burner” who can help end partisanship in Washington. But Miller is standing by Gov. Nathan Deal, as the Republican seeks a second term.

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No, America Is Not Turning Libertarian………….

August 7, 2014 1 comment

No, America Is Not Turning Libertarian

New York Magazine ^ | August 7, 2014 | Jonathan ChaitPosted on 8/7/2014, 7:30:50 PM by nickcarraway

Barack Obama’s first term provoked the Republican Party’s most libertarian moment since the Goldwater campaign, or perhaps even the advent of the New Deal.


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