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American Red Cross Hires Attorneys To Hide Hurricane Sandy Expenditures

June 27, 2014 1 comment

American Red Cross Hires Attorneys To Hide Hurricane Sandy ExpendituresThe Daily Caller ^ | June 27 2014 | Alex PfeifferPosted on 6/27/2014, 9:06:37 AM by PoloSecThe American Red Cross has employed an expensive New York law firm in an attempt to hide information about how it spent Hurricane Sandy donations, ProPublica reports.


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Obama’s Deranged New Yorker Interview

January 20, 2014 1 comment

Obama\’s Deranged New Yorker Interview

Rush ^ | January 20, 2014 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on Monday, January 20, 2014 9:47:24 PM by Kaslin


RUSH: Obama has an 18-page, if you read it on the Internet, interview/story with New Yorker Magazine. He said that Al-Qaeda is a JV unit. So the Al-Qaeda unit that did all the damage in Benghazi was the JV unit.



isthisman (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


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Darren Weeks – Tucson, Arizona Quietly Placed Under Martial Law?

March 8, 2013 1 comment

Mayoral resolution approved by council gives power to military


Martial Law is defined by Random House dictionary as:


1. the law temporarily imposed upon an area by state or national military forces when civil authority has broken down or during wartime military operations.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




2. the law imposed upon a defeated country or occupied territory by the military forces of the occupying power.


In my last article, I explored the Martial Law declaration that was issued in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and its devastation. I made the statement that I believe we are beginning to see the unfolding of a new norm. A trend seems to be evolving where local, state, or regional officials are using states of emergency or outright Martial Law declarations to deal with small-scale problems.


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Warning Signs: Living in a Forest…

December 23, 2012 Leave a comment

By Alan Caruba


Driving around my hometown and surrounding communities in New Jersey, a familiar sight has been tree stumps, the wreckage left behind by Hurricane Sandy. Having lived here with few breaks my entire life, it never occurred to me how many trees there are. From a lookout point in the Essex County South Mountain Reservation area one sees in the distance the city of New York.


As far as the eye can see, it is entirely forested.


Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey

Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In an interesting new book, “Nature Wars”, by Jim Sterba, a veteran journalist, takes the reader on a journey to America’s long ago past and brings him to the present. In the process, he removes a lot of mythology and replaces it with some extraordinary facts that are the background for the way our modern lifestyles put us in conflict with many species that are not only thriving, but some which faced virtual extinction from over-hunting, especially during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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Mitt Romney Says Bill Clinton Told Him Hurricane Sandy Won Obama Election…..

November 15, 2012 1 comment

gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)





–Romney says president Bill Clinton called him after the election and said he might have won if not for Hurricane Sandy. Romney: “I spoke with president Clintonthe day before yesterday, he called and spent thirty minutes chatting with me. He said a week out I thought you were going to win.



romino (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


And he said, but the hurricane happened, and it gave the president a chance to be presidential, and to look bipartisan, and you know he got a little more momentum, and of course he also said that when he was watching Ann speak at the Republican convention, he decided he was tempted to join the Republican Party. So he may have just been effusive with generous comments as he chatted.”


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(“Shut Up in a FEMA Camp Sandy victims are the police state’s guinea pigs,”) ~ Camp FEMA Update: ‘We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp’ by Mac Slavo

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently by Mac Slavo: SHOCK: 72 Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas, Transportation Standstill

Though details are scarce and media coverage has been completely restricted by officials, stories of what victims of Hurricane Sandy are experiencing at the hands of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the wake of the storm have begun to emerge.

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Just before Hurricane Sandy, Obama signed executive order merging Homeland Security with private sector to create virtual dictatorship

November 8, 2012 Leave a comment

NaturalNews While all eyes were on Hurricane Sandy in the days leading up to the storm’s breach on the mainland of the Northeast, the White House was busy devising new ways to enslave Americans under the guise of protecting national security.

On October 26, 2012, Barack Obama quietly signed an Executive Order EO establishing the so-called Homeland Security Partnership Council, a public-private partnership that basically merges the Department of Homeland Security DHS with local governments and the private sector for the implied purpose of giving the Executive Branch complete and limitless control over the American people.One of the most effective ways by which the federal government has been able to spread its tendrils into every level of state, regional, and local governments in years past has been to continually convince the people that terrorism lurks around every corner, and that the federal government is needed to provide safety. This, of course, is how blatantly unconstitutional provisions like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA were able to get passed with relative ease — without these draconian expansions of federal control over American affairs, the terrorists will win, we were all told.

White House forming nationwide secret police to monitor lives of AmericansThis is precisely the angle being taken with the new EO, except it goes even further in conflating federal power structures with local governments and the private sector. Based on the eery language contained in the EO, the federal government appears ready to begin rapidly expanding its command and control operations at the local level by establishing a vast network of homeland security “partnerships” throughout the country, which will be tasked with reporting back to the central command center and feeding “intelligence” information as requested by federal officials…….

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