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“For the contributors to this book, secession is not an issue confined to the past. They regard it as an essential remedy for the ills of today’s overly large America. In this connection it is interesting to note that secession had the backing of the renowned American diplomat and historian George Kennan, who, in a manner that would have delighted Thomas Jefferson, called for America to be broken up into a number of regional commonwealths. ” ~ The Mises Review: Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century by Donald Livingston

August 10, 2014 2 comments

If the Constitution established the United States as a decentralized federation, unfortunately federal aggrandizement of power in the long run prevailed. In an incisive essay, Thomas DiLorenzo explores the steps by which the old order was upset.

As he makes clear, from the beginning of our national history, Alexander Hamilton, whom Cecelia Kenyon aptly termed the “Rousseau of the Right” p. 72, and his followers, dissatisfied with the decentralized government of the Constitution, endeavored to substitute for it a regime of centralized power. In this endeavor, Hamilton had the very considerable help of Chief Justice John Marshall, whose nationalist opinions often echoed Hamilton’s words. Marshall also repeated Hamilton’s bogus theory of the American founding, claiming that the “nation” somehow created the states. He amazingly argued that the federal government was somehow created by “the whole people.”…

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Lincoln’s Racial Views –

August 9, 2014 1 comment

By Thomas DiLorenzoAugust 9, 2014Email PrintFacebookTwitterShareThe tall tales told by the Lincoln cult get funnier and funnier as more and more Americans learn the truth about their own history as opposed to the version fed to them by the Lincoln cult.

This time the source of their knee-slapping whoppers is a hilarious attempt to cover up the fact that their hero apparently read and studied a white supremacist screed.A recent article that appeared in the Huffington Post, FOX news online, the Daily Mail, and elsewhere described how Lincoln’s handwriting had been


obtyeanny (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







verified by handwriting experts in an 1854 book entitled Types of Mankind. According to these news articles, the book argued that the different races developed at different times, and were therefore not susceptible to co-existing or amalgamation. “The book was used by nineteenth-century white supremacists!,” screamed the articles.


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Parallels Between Obama and Lincoln – They Are Uncanny! | Life of a Nut, Shell… (GyG: Lincoln Execution, Etc.)…

July 10, 2014 1 comment

Most of us know of the comparable relationship between Lincoln and Kennedy; but have you ever considered the comparisons between President Obama and Lincoln? You might be quite surprised…


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Jesse James Poisoned Lincoln’s Assassin –

July 2, 2014 1 comment

Brothers Jesse,left, and Frank James strike a Masonic poseAfter John Wilkes Booth was poisonedfor breaking his Masonic oath of silence,his mummified corpse was rented outto carnivals and sideshows.”

All of the men in Lincoln’s cabinet were Knights [of the Golden Circle], save for Lincoln.

The KGC was heavily financed by the London and Paris Rothschild brothers. Their goal was to foment as much chaos and discord as possible in order to keep the country divided and to usher in a Rothschild-owned central bank.”Part One – Lincoln’s Assassin Escapedby Mark Owenfor henrymakow.comfrom Jan 21, 2011The outlaw Jesse James killed the actor John Wilkes Booth

English: John Wilkes Booth.

English: John Wilkes Booth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





at the Grand Avenue Hotel in Enid, Oklahoma in 1903 after Booth repeatedly reneged on his oath to never talk about his secret membership in the Masonic-oriented Knights of the Golden Circle KGC and his role in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s rewind.JohnWilkesBooth_LG.jpgleft, John Wilkes BoothBooth’s heavy drinking combined with his continual boasting of KGC exploits eventually brought him to the attention of Jesse James. It was also reported that Booth would become particularly verbose when he partook of laudanum, an opium derivative.Again, we have to rewind…The outlaw Jesse James was not killed by Bob Ford in 1882.


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Comrade Abraham: Was President Lincoln a Closet Marxist? | Nomadic Politics

June 12, 2014 2 comments

When we think of Lincoln, most of us do not consider the sixteenth president as a Marxist revolutionary.

Yet, a little research uncovers some very interesting- slightly confounding- connections between Abe Lincoln and the father of the Communist movement. As fascinating as that might be, there is an even bigger shock in store when it comes to the origins of the Republican Party.

Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the ...

Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the presidency, 1860 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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By Thomas DiLorenzo: Instead of Celebrating Militaristic Fascism –

May 26, 2014 1 comment

By Thomas DiLorenzo

May 26, 2014

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English: The latest photograph of President Li...

English: The latest photograph of President Lincoln. Taken on the balcony at the White House, March 6, 1865. 1 photographic print : albumen ; photo ca. 11 × 14 in. on mount 20 × 24 in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)















One of the tenets of militaristic fascism in America is the oft-repeated slogan that “you don’t have to agree with the wars to honor those who fight them for us.”


isthisman (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






Something to this effect is repeated thousands of times during Memorial Day bloviations all across the fruited plain.


jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








And it is all complete nonsense. “Honoring” paid killers for the state for participating in non-defensive, unjust wars only serves to make it more likely that there will be even more unjust wars in the future.


jarrwin (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)









And it rewards individuals for engaging in some of the most sinful and reprehensible behavior known to mankind.


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May 3, 2014 5 comments
Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth Presid...

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. Latviešu: Abrahams Linkolns, sešpadsmitais ASV prezidents. Српски / Srpski: Абрахам Линколн, шеснаести председник Сједињених Америчких Држава. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)























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