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Parents upset over ‘game’ at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’

February 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Parents upset over ‘game\’ at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’

Yahoo News ^ | 2-4-14 | Will lerner

Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 12:57:17 PM by afraidfortherepublic

The game was called “Cross the Line,” an ironic title because that’s exactly what parents of students at a middle school in Marinette, Wisconsin think the educators did. WLUK Fox 11 News is reporting that Marinette Middle School played the game in which 5th through 8th graders were grouped together and asked to step forward if they had a “yes” answer to questions like, “Do your parents drink?” and “Has anyone in your family been to jail?”

It’s unclear who exactly was leading the game. Parent Amanda Fifarek was not happy with the activity, telling WLUK, “It was too personal. It’s just things your kids don’t need to be disclosing to other kids.” It’s hard to argue with Ms. Fifarek. 6th grader Sarah Maitlin told the station, “[The school employee] asked if you ever wanted to commit suicide to step forward and then after that she asked if you ever experienced or wanted to cut, to step forward.” I’m going to say maybe that kind of conversation is best left to a one-on-one.

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Coming Soon to a Law Book Near You: Arrest and Incarceration for Anti-gay “Hate Speech”

August 4, 2012 1 comment



gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Picture this: an eleven-year-old child attends a public school. One day at school, her teacher overhears her talking to a friend.



The child is telling her friend that her mom believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Because of laws now in place, the teacher must get the principal, and the child is taken to the office.


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Prison » Pastor Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Teaching That Parents Should Spank Their Children

May 30, 2012 Leave a comment


Do you believe that parents should be able to spank their children? Do you ever express that opinion to others? If so, then you could be sent to prison. Sadly, that is exactly what happened to one pastor up in Wisconsin recently. A minister named Philip Caminiti was sentenced to 2 years in prisonfor simply teaching that parents should spank their children when they misbehave. Please note that Caminiti was not accused of spanking anyone or of physically hurting anyone.

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At last: parental authority challenges government intruders

May 28, 2012 Leave a comment
English: Woodrow Wilson.

English: Woodrow Wilson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Wes Vernon

It has been a century since Woodrow Wilson reportedly opined that young boys should grow up to be as unlike their fathers as possible. Whether he worded it exactly that way, our 28th president surely pursued the goal, both as educator and as politician.

Not that his era was the first to witness a challenge to parents’ prerogative. However, the early 20th century “progressive movement” (of which Wilson was a part) did offer up the most open manifestation of that attitude in American official circles up to that moment in history.

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Does your child belong to state?

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

What parent hasn’t wondered at some point, “Are those really my kids?”

Now comes a combination of state, federal and international organizations to tell fathers and mothers that, no, they aren’t. At least not entirely.

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Parents Obsessed with Texting + Ignored Kids = Hell to Pay

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

This past week I saw a sad sight. No, it wasn’t Eric Holder trying to convince us that he’s now a terror exposing hero instead of the perpetrator of a deadly Mexican gunrunning op that had its sights set on ultimately getting our Second Amendment rights revoked—though that was pretty sad, as that dog wag had all the subtleties of a Chaz Bono rumba.

What eclipsed that miserable moment (sorta) and caused me grief this week was watching a young mom at Starbucks ignoring her beautiful, little one-year-old girl while said moron giggled and texted for 30 plus minutes.

Yep, with her head buried in the phone, nose two inches off the cancer screen, mommy dearest didn’t have a clue what her kid was doing as she crawled around on a high traffic, grime-laden cement floor between the feet of strangers who held 16- ounce cups of 180 degree liquid above the kid’s tender flesh as they high stepped over her.

Hey, parents, here’s a freebie from Dr. Doug: Why not put the cell phone and gadgets down for awhile when your babies are around and pay attention to them, all right, jackass? There’ll be plenty of time later in life to ignore them—like in college, when they pierce their nipples and become whiny liberal drips, but now, when they are very young, is not the time.

FYI to Y-O-U, mom … dad: You’ve got one shot at raising that baby, and if you want to make certain your spawn doesn’t:

1. Recite hate poems about you at Barnes & Noble’s open mic night regarding how they’d like to stab you in your sleep for ignoring them for the last sixteen years.

2. Show up high as a kite at a NYC Flea Party Rally, bitching and moaning about hard work and shouting up Che Guevara’s weltanschauung as they roast a fatty …

… then you might wanna give junior some TLC while he’s a T-O-T. You dig?

As I watched this neglect go down at Starbucks, I kept thinking that this daft dame could have cooed and cuddled with her little bambina and had 1,800 seconds of parental bliss that lovely morning.

The Starbucks I visited was on beautiful Miami Beach. Mom could have pointed out to baby the seagulls, the palm trees, the gorgeous skies, the warm sun, the six-foot three-inch trannie with a five o’clock shadow, the rats rummaging through the trash eating discarded ham and cheese paninis, and the ubiquitous metrosexuals with over-tweaked eyebrows who use seven words to order their special cup of Joe. It could’ve been both a bonding and educational familial exchange in one warm whack. But no. The bird had to text.

Here’s a challenge for the parental units: If you think I’m full of crap in regard to the ramifications of blowing your kids off as you obsess with texts and/or social media then let’s do an experiment: For the next 13 years abandon the developmental stages of that genetic concoction of yours, and we’ll see how they turn out as you snub them for Twitter. Are you ready? Okay. On your mark. Get set. Go, Slingblade!

Oh and by the way, conservatives and evangelicals … you, too, can be dilatory dillweeds as this sin knows no party or religious affiliation. I know stacks of family values blowhards out there yapping about the importance of family who haven’t talked to their own family in the last few weeks. Hey, dork, save your house first … then talk to us about ours. I know way too many ministers who strode forth to save the world and lost their kids in the process. Didn’t the apostle Paul say something to the effect that if you can’t govern your own house then you need to shut the hell up?

And finally, if my exhortation to selfless and sacrificial love for your kids versus your gadgets has failed to convince you to change your behavior toward your toddlers, perhaps a selfish plea will. Soon, parents, in the not too distant future, you will return to the dependent state from whence you came, and I’m a guessin’ that the child you ignored while he or she was in diapers will more than likely return the favor when you are sporting Depends.

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A New Insight into an Old Truth| The Post & Email

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment


by Adrien Nash

If Obama was not born in the United States, can he be considered even “native-born?”

(Oct. 6, 2011) — I finally realized why the founders used native-born interchangeably with natural-born. It’s because they didn’t simplistically connect it to place-of-birth.

By natural law one is the same as one’s parents. Lions don’t give birth to donkeys. Natural inheritance is an inviolable law of nature. Members don’t give birth to non-members, nor do non-members give birth to members any more than donkeys give birth to lions. If born to a non-member, one isn’t a natural member even if a member by permission.

The most fundamental right in nature is property ownership, which begins with the wives and children of the Alpha male, hence the basis of patrilineal inheritance by descent. The children belong to him and inherit what pertains to him, be it his nature or his name and possessions.

Place of birth is only an issue in regard to “The Divine Right of Kings” and their Lordship over all born within their domain. One is born where one’s parents live and they live with their group for generation after generation. Fathering children with a member of another group is not a natural situation. Such offspring aren’t natives of the group because they aren’t natural members.

After over 100 years of a colony’s existence, its inhabitants became the new indigenous population, the new natives, and their colony was their only homeland. Their children were natives by birth in the homeland to parents who were indigenous members of the colony. They were the new natural natives through natural inheritance by birth to native parents…………



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Debate Over – NOT Natural Born – Period| The Post & Email

October 3, 2011 1 comment

…..So there is no avoiding the fact that ALL members of the US Senate know what Natural Born Citizen means, that John McCain is one, and that Barack Hussein Obama isn’t.

The McCain Resolution was based upon the official legal opinion of Tribe & Olson, posted here in pdf form. The Tribe & Olson opinion states clearly –

“We conclude that Senator McCain is a “natural born Citizen” by virtue of his birth in 1936 to U.S. citizen parents who were serving their country on a U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone. The circumstances of Senator McCain’s birth satisfy the original meaning and intent of the Natural Born Citizen Clause, as confirmed by subsequent legal precedent and historical practice.”

The Tribe & Olson opinion further states –

“These sources all confirm that the phrase “natural born” includes both birth abroad to parents who were citizens, and birth within a nation’s territory and allegiance. Thus, regardless of the sovereign status of the Panama Canal Zone at the time of Senator McCain’s birth, he is a “natural born” citizen because he was born to parents who were U.S. citizens.”

In short, Natural Born Citizenship is based upon the blood of the parents, without regard to “native born” status, or the birthplace, or soil, according to Tribe & Olson and the historical legal documents Tribe & Olson relied upon in their review……………


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Fifth Graders Quizzed on Proper Condom Use

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Does your fifth grader know how to use a condom? They may soon learn if they go to school in Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent on Education is pushing out standardized tests for sex education. The District takes its authority to administer sex education tests to fifth, eighth, and tenth graders from the Healthy Schools Act of 2010.

Here’s how it works: Children as young as 10 will be asked 50 questions. One of the questions reads: “TJ wants to remain abstinent, but also wants to know how to properly use a condom in case he is ever in a situation where he might become sexually active. Give TWO reasons why using a condom properly is important and describe THREE people or places that could give TJ accurate information about condom use.”

“The guideline questions necessitate age-inappropriate instruction for 10 and 11-year-olds. Previously, comprehensive sex education advocates would have the minimal—but insufficient—courtesy of allowing parents to opt their children out of their classes,” says Emmett McGroarty, executive director of the Preserve Innocence Initiative. “Now, parents are being informed that a non-mandatory class is being replaced by a mandated test.”

McGroarty argues that sexual decisions have serious moral and spiritual implications, and even comprehensive sexual education curricula openly acknowledge it. As he sees it, now is time to find solutions that empower parents to address issues related to STDs rather than undermining parental authority, meddling in admittedly spiritual decisions and imposing a one-size-fits-all test on local schools.

“As a man who was raised in inner-city Washington, I know that many District families believe that sex is more than biological—that it should be a full expression of committed, life-giving love,” McGroarty says. “Many families will be horrified that the District education establishment is demeaning sex-related education topics to the level of a standardized test.”

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The Age of Helicopters

August 31, 2011 1 comment

We live in an age of babies. It’s official. And I HATE it. Today, as I was fundraising for the YAF 9/11 Never Forget Project, I was pulled into the office of my head of school. I was told to take down the posters we had up, that read “Never Forget” with pictures of various attacks on Americans, such as 9/11, the bombing of the Marine barracks, and a picture of Daniel Pearl with a gun to his head. Now, my head of school said that the picture with the gun was inappropriate. Granted, I do go to a school with kids from Pre-K to 12th. Still, this is a perfect opportunity to educate all children on violence, and the violence committed against Americans. Censorship is part of the problem in this country. What we allow is violence in music, video-games, TV and movies. What we don’t allow, is showing real life violence and what its consequences are for innocents.

This is a problem that is plaguing this country, these “helicopter” parents. I know I was subject to it once, because I remember 9/11, but I never understood it until about 5th grade. Parents have become too protective, but in all the wrong ways. Parents have dulled the outside world, playgrounds, schools, extracurriculars etc, so much, that kids go inside. Those studies that say we’re addicted to the internet? We’re addicted to movies and TV? We’re violent because of video-games? Good job worried parent. That’s probably your fault. You censor useful things, like literature (Harry Potter etc.) and instead let your kids play Call Of Duty, to go blow a Russian’s head off.

This is the epidemic that contributes to America’s problem. You know how all us conservative complain on government dependency and such? Well, part of that is due to the fact kids aren’t allowed to grow up anymore. They can’t go break an arm on the playground, because the playground is plasticized and “safe.” They can’t learn about violence because God forbid we teach about violence in school, we’ll just let kids get desensitized at home without any moral or ethical basis for them to understand what they’re watching. The point is, again, kids don’t grow up anymore. Therefore, when they’re older, and their parents don’t want to support them anymore, they turn to Big Daddy, a.k.a., the government.

Yes, this may seem pointless, and rambling, and I am sorry. This is my first post in quite some time. I’ve been on a school retreat, fundraising for 9/11, at church and taking care of some personal matters. No worry, I should be back now.

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“Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values,” says school administrator!

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

We’ve been saying it for a while: The sexuality agenda is now in the elementary schools, and it’s worse than you can imagine.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Pollster: PC parenting is ‘crippling’ children

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Pollster George Barna warns that today’s Christian parents have been hoodwinked by political correctness into adopting an attitude so destructive to their children‘s faith and future that he calls it “laissez-faire lunacy.”

But at the same time, he says, many of today’s grandparents are positioned better than ever to make an impact on their grandchildren’s lives.

Barna met with WND during the Iowa Renewal Project’s Pastor’s Policy Briefing to discuss the role of faith in America, when the conversation turned toward future generations:

“Our surveys show people’s faith is being decided upon at later and later ages in life, rather than embracing Christianity as a young person,” Barna said, then followed by explaining how that reality has permeated America’s younger parents.

“An activity that has traditionally been influenced by parents, attempting to get their children to embrace the parents’ Christian faith – we find more and more parents are saying, ‘Culturally now that’s unacceptable, that’s deemed inappropriate,'” Barna said, “so they’re not as aggressive in bringing their children along in the Christian faith.”

The net effect, Barna said, is that children today are increasingly left exposed to the appeals of many other religions, delaying their decision to follow a particular faith until later ages and turning more and more to atheism and agnosticism.

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Michelle Obama Urges ‘Tolerance’ in Open Letter to Parents About the Tucson…”The mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona offers a teachable moment for American parents, says First Lady Michelle Obama”

January 14, 2011 1 comment
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Michelle Obama Urges ‘Tolerance’ in Open Letter to Parents About the Tucson Shooting (BARF)
CNS News ^ | 1/14/11 | Susan Jones

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 8:17:23 AM by markomalley

The mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona offers a teachable moment for American parents, says First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an open letter posted on the White House Web site, Mrs. Obama says the “lessons” include “the value of tolerance” and giving others “the benefit of the doubt, particularly those with whom they disagree.”

Mrs. Obama urges parents to tell their children about the six people killed in the Jan. 8 shooting. “And we can work together to honor their legacy by following their example – by embracing our fellow citizens; by standing up for what we believe is right; and by doing our part, however we can, to serve our communities and our country.”

The text of the letter — posted on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011 at 6:07 p.m. EST — follows in its entirety:

An Open Letter to Parents Following the Tragedy in Tucson

Dear parents,


Like so many Americans all across the country, Barack and I were shocked and heartbroken by the horrific act of violence committed in Arizona this past weekend.  Yesterday, we had the chance to attend a memorial service and meet with some of the families of those who lost their lives, and both of us were deeply moved by their strength and resilience in the face of such unspeakable tragedy.

As parents, an event like this hits home especially hard.  It makes our hearts ache for those who lost loved ones.  It makes us want to hug our own families a little tighter.  And it makes us think about what an event like this says about the world we live in – and the world in which our children will grow up.

In the days and weeks ahead, as we struggle with these issues ourselves, many of us will find that our children are struggling with them as well.  The questions my daughters have asked are the same ones that many of your children will have – and they don’t lend themselves to easy answers.  But they will provide an opportunity for us as parents to teach some valuable lessons – about the character of our country, about the values we hold dear, and about finding hope at a time when it seems far away.


We can teach our children that here in America, we embrace each other, and support each other, in times of crisis.  And we can help them do that in their own small way – whether it’s by sending a letter, or saying a prayer, or just keeping the victims and their families in their thoughts.

We can teach them the value of tolerance – the practice of assuming the best, rather than the worst, about those around us.  We can teach them to give others the benefit of the doubt, particularly those with whom they disagree.

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Homeschooling keeps Michele Obama out of childrens’ lives…

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment
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Homeschooling keeps Michele Obama out of childrens’ lives.
Examiner ^ | January 5, 2011 | Martha

Posted on Wednesday, January 05, 2011 10:35:36 AM by usalady

Many parents are turning to home schooling in order to retain their right to decide what is good for their kids.

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Baby snatched for dad’s politics back with parents Oathkeepers

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Police State USABaby snatched for dad‘s politics back with parents reunited!

Newborn returned to family where father accused of being ‘Oath Keeper’A tiny baby girl snatched from her parents’ custody a week ago when her father was accused of being an “Oath Keeper” was returned to her parents today.According to WND sources close to the case, the accusations against the father, Johnathon Irish, whose fiancée, Stephanie Taylor, is the mother of Cheyenne, have been dropped.

WND originally reported on the case last weekend when the state took the baby, ordering the father to stand with his hands behind his back and frisking him while social workers took the child. The affidavit supporting the actions cited the father’s affiliation with the patriotic organization Oath Keepers.Irish, reached today by telephone by WND, said New Hampshire state law prevents disclosure of details of family court disputes.

But the WND source confirmed that the little girl had been returned to the family and there were no future court dates scheduled in the case.Officials with the state Family Court system could not be reached by WND.Learn how to foil those who would damage the nation. Get “Taking America Back” now from the WND Superstore.Just hours earlier a protest was held outside the court where the hearing was going on, and as WND reported, officials with Oath Keepers submitted a demand letter to the state’s social services agency to remove the reference in the affidavit in the Irish case.

The organization collects affirmations from soldiers and peace officers that they would refuse orders that violate the U.S. Constitution in light of what they perceive as the advance of socialism in the U.S.


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Govt Seizes Baby Over Politicl Beliefs of Parents; Oath Keepers Statement…

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Feature Stories

Government Seizes Newborn Baby Over Political Beliefs Of Parents


A newborn baby was ripped from its mother’s arms by officials from the New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services accompanied by police last night after authorities cited the parents’ association with the Oath Keepers organization as one of the primary reasons for the snatch, heralding a shocking new level of persecution where Americans’ political beliefs are now being used by the state to kidnap children.


Oath Keepers Statement On Seizure Of Baby Over Parents’ Support Of Constitution


We are doing all we can to confirm and document this. But if is IS accurate, and a newborn child was ripped from her mother’s arms because the parents were “associated” with Oath Keepers by simply being members of our online ning discussion forum, then this is a grave crossing of a very serious line, and is utterly intolerable. It cannot be done. It cannot be allowed to stand.

No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.

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