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Prison » TSA Illegally Confiscates Pregnant Woman’s Insulin As “Explosives Risk”

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The TSA is at it again. Putting in danger and infringing on the rights of every day Americans attempting to go about their daily business is now par for the course in the nation’s airports.

This time the agency faces a formal complaint over an incident Yesterday at Denver International Airport where a TSO screener confiscated a pregnant woman’s insulin and ice packs, claiming they were “at risk for explosives.”

The woman, who asked to remain unidentified for fear that TSA agents would retaliate against her in future, described the incident to local ABC affiliate 7 News:

“He’s like, ‘Well, you’re a risk.’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me?’ And he’s like, ‘This is a risk … I can’t tell you why again. But this is at risk for explosives,’”

“I got a bottle of nail polish. I got hair spray bottles. I got needles that are syringes. But yet I can’t take through my actual insulin?” she retorted.

The woman says she ensured that the the insulin was clearly labeled and even produced a doctor’s note, yet still the TSO was adamant that the medicine constituted a security threat.

The TSA’s own website clearly states that insulin and all standard supplies associated with diabetes are permitted through the checkpoint once they have been screened.

In addition, TSA procedure does not allow for confiscation of any legal items. Agents may only take something from a passenger via “voluntary surrender”. In this instance the confiscation therefore constitutes theft.

The fact that the confiscated item in question was a diabetes sufferer’s insulin, coupled with the fact that the woman is with child makes the incident even more despicable.

Worse still, the woman claims that the agent never even confirmed the fact that the insulin had been removed from her baggage.

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