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Obama’s Greatest Legacy Might Be Destroying the Media…

January 22, 2013 1 comment

Breitbart’s Big Journalism ^ | January 19, 2013 | John NoltePosted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 3:38:10 PM by 2ndDivisionVetOn Thursday, while looking wistfully back at Obama‘s first four years, NBC News accidentally did some actual reporting. In a First Read article that opened with the question,


“Is the nation better off than it was four years ago,” senior political director, Mark Murray, did something that neither he, nor NBC News, nor the mainstream media was willing to do during this last presidential campaign: report on Obama’s record.But there it finally was: The Truth — and from NBC News, no less.


Poverty’s up from 43.6 million to 46.2 million, middle class incomes are down $50k compared to $52k, the deficit’s exploded from $10 trillion to $16 trillion, food stamp recipients have skyrocketed 33.5 million to 46.6 million, unemployment hasn’t budged, and the same number of people are without health insurance today as there were in 2009.


Still, NBC News couldn’t even bring itself to report the most damning Obamanomics numbers: a population so despondent by a lack of jobs that enough people have dropped out to shrink the labor market to levels unseen since the 1980s. A chronic long-term unemployment problem unseen in this country since World War II.


Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Communist Cows (braying)

January 12, 2013 1 comment

He ordered the centurion to keep Paul under guard but to give him some freedom and permit his friends to take care of his needs. Acts 24:23


America has become two separate countries or actually three. We have one side that wants to stay a free and open country, a second which wants to be a Soviet style communist State and the group in the middle who don’t care. Throughout history we have had two types of people, those who want to take care of themselves and those who want to be taken care of.



mussobama (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Those who will accept a certain amount of risk and those who won’t and these are the two groups who are fighting it out. The bad part of being in a democracy is those who want to live under state control and a Soviet style of gummit can simply vote those who do not into being their subjects.



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




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Rush: Obama at ‘max damage potential’ right now

December 10, 2012 5 comments

……..“He’s at maximum damage potential right now, max damage. He can inflict the greatest damage possible for the purpose of transforming the country from capitalism to Western European socialism,” Limbaugh said Monday afternoon.

“He’s got two years here to double down, triple down, max out on it – and that’s if he cares about the 2014 midterms. But if you listen to Democrats talk, they don’t care about that.”

Limbaugh was commenting on Obama’s push for tax increases as Republicans continue to negotiate with the Obama administration on how to prevent plunging off the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

In 2010, Obama said taxes should not be raised, fearing it would harm the economy.

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More Phony Employment Numbers ~ “The Unemployment Rate is 22.9% Paul Craig Roberts on the Establishment cover-up.”

December 10, 2012 2 comments

Statistician John Williams ( calls the government’s latest jobs and unemployment reports “nonsense numbers.”


There are a number of ongoing problems with the released numbers. For example, the concurrent-seasonal factor adjustments are unstable. The birth-death model adds non-existent jobs each month that are then taken out in the annual downward benchmark revisions.



obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Williams calculates that the job overstatement through November averages 45,000 monthly. In other words, employment gains during 2012 have been overstated by about 500,000 jobs. Another problem is that each month’s jobs number is boosted by downside revision of the previous month’s jobs number.



RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


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More Phony Employment Numbers |

December 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Statistician John Williams ( calls the government’s latest jobs and unemployment reports “nonsense numbers.”


There are a number of ongoing problems with the released numbers. For example, the concurrent-seasonal factor adjustments are unstable. The birth-death model adds non-existent jobs each month that are then taken out in the annual downward benchmark revisions.



mussobama (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Williams calculates that the job overstatement through November averages 45,000 monthly. In other words, employment gains during 2012 have been overstated by about 500,000 jobs. Another problem is that each month’s jobs number is boosted by downside revision of the previous month’s jobs number. Williams reports that the 146,000 new jobs reported for November “was after a significant downside revision to October’s reporting. Net of prior-period revisions, November’s seasonally-adjusted monthly gain was 97,000.”


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What Happens When Politicians Get Acting Coaches

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment





………………………………………………………………………………..The Obama campaign ran in 2008 on slick packaging, glitzy marketing, and distraction. That worked. Four years later, American consumers have had ample opportunity to look inside the box and see what’s in it –


Not much.


In 2012, Obama and Biden cannot run on marketing. And they cannot use acting coaches to sway the “jury”; American voters are paying attention. The failures of Obama’s economic policies are everywhere we look. Economic growth is limp.


Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Illinois, right after Biden was formerly introduced by Obama as his running mate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Obama to Defense Contractors: Break Law on Layoffs and We’ll Pay Fines

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment


Following the surprise drop in the unemployment rate last Friday, I have seen many conspiracy charges leveled against the BLS.

I do not believe any of the conspiracy charges. Had Obama instructed the BLS to juice the numbers, someone in the BLS would surely be yapping. They are not all Democrats. Many were hired under President Bush.

Is Obamacare Responsible for Surge in Part-Time Jobs?

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Prison » Max Keiser: Cancer is How They Will Take It All

August 2, 2012 1 comment


Alex talks with former Wall Street stockbroker and filmmaker Max Keiser about the continuing implosion of the economy as the euro crisis plagues global economies, cuts factory and productive output, stimulates endemic joblessness, and the Federal Reserve warns the economy may be stuck in permanent slow growth.

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New Education Benefit for Unemployed Veterans Has Strong Response | Veterans Today

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

WASHINGTON – Within two weeks of being announced, a program to give skills training to some unemployed Veterans has garnered over 12,000 online applications, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“VA is committed to supporting Veterans as they seek employment. This initiative will help provide education and training so that Veterans have an opportunity to find meaningful employment in a high-demand field,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We will continue to build on the success of our initial outreach efforts to Veterans.”

Called the Veteran Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP), the program allows qualifying Veterans between the ages of 35 and 60 to receive up to 12 months of education assistance. Maximum payments are equal to the full-time rate for the Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty, currently $1,473 monthly.

Under VRAP, Veterans apply on a first-come, first-served basis for programs that begin on or after July 1. VA began accepting applications on May 15. Forty-five thousand Veterans can participate during the current fiscal year, and up to 54,000 may participate during the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2012.

The goal of the program is to train 99,000 Veterans for high-demand jobs over the next two years.

To qualify Veterans must:

Be 35 to 60 years old, unemployed on the day of application, and have been issued discharges under conditions other than dishonorable;

Be enrolled in education or training after July 1, 2012, in a VA-approved program of education offered by a community college or technical school leading to an associate degree, non-college degree or a certificate for a high-demand occupation as defined by the Department of Labor;

Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit, such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment;

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Obama: “We’ve Begun to See What Change Looks Like”—America: “No Thanks, Barack!”

May 6, 2012 Leave a comment

In a startling, unprovoked admission of a failure to embrace the American Vision, Obama recently summed up his first three years, stating “We’ve begun to see what change looks like.” That’s called taking ownership.

Now the question is, what does Barack’s “change” resemble? Candidly, Obama’s America has entered a retrograde orbit. For example, the most recent jobs figures looked superficially promising, with official “unemployment” down to 8.1%. This bettered the 10%joblessness of the past few years. Yet, when scratched just below the surface, the figure casts an ominous shadow of decline. For the reason unemployment is down results almost entirely from the 500,000 + Americans who stopped looking for work. And consider a further illustration of America’s pathetic economy—the USA workforce is the smallest since 1981.

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This is What Our President Wants… (“Enjoy it while it last, because if I geelected, this day is the closest it’s ever gonna be to the way you remember this country being.”)

May 4, 2012 2 comments


RUSH: Snerdley just asked me an interesting question, and I want to pose the question to you in my own words. After 39 weeks of unemployment over 8%, after an unemployment rate that’s been higher for longer than any since the Great Depression — with only 115,000 jobs added — even if you are Barack Obama, don’t you care a little about your legacy? Don’t you want some improvement somewhere in real life, not just a rate drop from 8.2% to 8.1%? Don’t you want something that’s gonna add to your legacy, make you look good to the historians?

Now, what is the flaw in Snerdley’s question?

The flaw in Snerdley’s question is the premise.

To understand Barack Obama, you have to admit something, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. Not for me, ’cause I know. But it’s a very difficult thing for most people to admit, even though he said so in his own words (almost exactly the words I’m gonna use to you) that we’ve elected a president who doesn’t believe this country has ever worked. It’s been a fraud. All these great presidential legacies from the founding up until him are based on fluff and fraud. We have unjust foundings based on immorality and plundering the world for our own benefit.

He doesn’t believe this country’s been legitimately great. It’s been illegitimately great, and he is out to transform it. Watch the Julia slideshow. You’ll see what the ideal citizen is to Barack Obama. It’s a citizen dependent totally on government who has no independent thought, no independent life. Whatever is needed, there’s something in Washington where you can go to get it. You don’t have to do it yourself. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The flaw in the question is that Barack Obama is cut from the same mold as previous presidents.

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(SEE READER RESPONSES) House Dem: Unemployed Will Vote For Obama To Keep “Their Benefits”

April 26, 2012 1 comment

House Dem: Unemployed Will Vote For Obama To Keep “Their Benefits”

realclearpolitics ^ | 4/26/12

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 28:  Rev. Al Sharpt...

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 28: Rev. Al Sharpton holds a press conference at the National Press Club September 27, 2011 in Washington, DC. Sharpton and labor leaders announced details of a mass march for 'Jobs and Justice' to be held October 15. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:01:41 AM by pabianice

“We’re headed in the right direction. Unemployment continues to drop and those people who are unemployed, they’re not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits, cut access to food stamps, cut job training,” Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) said on MSNBC’s Al Sharpton program.

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Obama poised to win 2012 election with 303 electoral votes: The Signal Forecast

February 16, 2012 1 comment
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

Image via Wikipedia

With fewer than nine months to go before Election Day, The Signal predicts that Barack Obama will win the presidential contest with 303 electoral votes to the Republican nominee’s 235.

How do we know? We don’t, of course. Campaigns and candidates evolve, and elections are dynamic events with more variables than can reasonably be distilled in an equation. But the data–based on a prediction engine created by Yahoo! scientists–suggest a second term is likely for the current president. This model does not use polls or prediction markets to directly gauge what voters are thinking. Instead, it forecasts the results of the Electoral College based on past elections, economic indicators, measures of state ideology, presidential approval ratings, incumbency, and a few other politically agnostic factors.

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When good paying jobs go unfilled (Employers looking to fill these jobs are having little success)

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

We hear so much these days about the unemployment figures and the lack of good paying jobs for the disappearing middle class that it’s almost become the new normal. Combined with that, the plaintive cries from the OWS occupiers about the heavy burdens of oppressive college loans for graduates unable to find work have become a regular fixture in political discussions. Which is why it’s odd when we see the Wall Street Journal reporting on employers looking to fill relatively high wage jobs and having little to no success in finding takers.

Ferrie Bailey’s job should be easy: hiring workers amid the worst stretch of unemployment since the Depression.

A recruiter for Union Pacific Corp., she has openings to fill, the kind that sometimes seem to have all but vanished: secure, well-paying jobs with good benefits that don’t require a college degree.

But they require specialized skills—expertise in short supply even with the unemployment rate at 9%. Which is why on a recent morning the recruiter found herself in a hiring hall here anxiously awaiting the arrival of just two people she had invited to interviews, winnowed from an initial group of nearly five dozen applicants. With minutes to go, the folding chairs sat empty. “I don’t think they’re going to show,” Ms. Bailey said, pacing in the basement room.

Moe Lane jumps on this opportunity with a decision to send the kids to electrician’s school.

Or maybe it’ll be plumber’s school.

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Army of unemployed is now entrenched in U.S. (Obama’s army)

October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Slowly, over the last year, it’s begun to dawn on us: The economic recovery isn’t really making a dent in unemployment.

The public knew this much earlier than economists or pundits did, and as for politicians — don’t ask!

Click to Play Senate blocks Obama’s jobs bill The Senate on Tuesday blocked President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill, highlighting the confrontation between Republicans and the president. Evan Newmark discusses with Laura Meckler. Survey after survey showed Americans didn’t believe the economy was recovering. And people who commented on MarketWatch articles have been downright hostile to any notion that either the markets or the economy were getting better.

But economists need hard data before changing their minds. And over the past few months, more and more of them have concluded that indeed the depth of this particular recession and its roots in the financial crisis have combined with structural changes in the economy to push the so-called “natural” unemployment rate in the U.S. permanently higher.

Read Howard Gold’s analysis “White-Collar Recession, Blue-Collar Depression” on

If they’re right, it would be bad news for millions of Americans whose prospects are bleak enough already. It also would make the U.S. economy more like the Europe we’ve routinely derided — without the social safety net European countries typically provide.

I hope I’m wrong and the fabled American ingenuity in which I strongly believe — and whose most shining star, the great Steve Jobs, died last week — kicks in with new fervor.

But it looks increasingly like that will not be a panacea this time around, either.

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Obama’s Depression……

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Feature Article  •  Economy – Economics USA
Obama’s Depression
Stephen Lendman
   Obama’s global Depression is deepening
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Barack Hussein Obama: The Biggest Fraud Ever to Sit in the Oval Office

October 6, 2011 3 comments


RUSH: We have a president here with a perverse mind. Now, let’s really sum up this press conference for you, this news conference where no news was made. Obama said, “If the jobs bill doesn’t pass, the economy could get worse.” The economy is getting worse! It has been getting worse since his first day in office. It will continue to get worse if he is in office. This guy is the biggest fraud to ever sit in the Oval Office.

He has created widespread, long-term unemployment. We’re now told this is the new normal, nine, 9.2, 9.5% unemployment, really 11. I mean the job universe is down. The number of jobs available in this country is down by two million since he took office. If there were as many jobs available now as when he took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.3%. That’s from James Pethokoukis at Reuters.

So he creates widespread long-term unemployment, comes up with a massive tax bill, which he calls a jobs bill, and then says if it’s not passed the economy is gonna get worse? This is the creation of a perverse mind. Hold that thing up, “The economy is gonna get worse if we don’t pass this”? I don’t know about you, I don’t like a president who threatens me. I want him threatening our enemies. But he makes me feel like an enemy. I’ve got a job, I’m paying taxes, and I’m made to feel like I am his enemy. And you know why? Because I am. It’s true. He looks at me as an enemy, just as he looks at everybody else. When he starts rabble-rousing here, this is community agitating on parade. This is community organizing. If you’ve never really been quite clear what it is, take a look at Occupy Wall Street. That’s community organizing, and he’s the organizer, the money furnished by George Soros.


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Obama Proposes Adding ‘Unemployed’ to Protected Status

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

President Obama has not been particularly successful in fostering the creation of jobs. But he thinks he has found a way to pry open doors in the workplace for many of the unemployed, especially those who have been out of work for a long time.

Mr. Obama’s jobs bill would prohibit employers from discriminating against job applicants because they are unemployed.

Under the proposal, it would be “an unlawful employment practice” if a business with 15 or more employees refused to hire a person “because of the individual’s status as unemployed.”

Unsuccessful job applicants could sue and recover damages for violations, just like when an employer discriminates on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

White House officials see discrimination against the unemployed as a serious problem. In a radio interview last month, Mr. Obama said such discrimination made “absolutely no sense,” especially at a time when many people, through no fault of their own, had been laid off.

Mr. Obama’s proposal would also prohibit employment agencies and Web sites from carrying advertisements for job openings that exclude people who are unemployed. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received reports of such advertisements but does not have data to show how common they are.

Republicans and some employers criticized the White House proposal. They said that discrimination was not common and that the proposed remedy could expose employers to a barrage of lawsuits.

“We do not see a need for it,” said Michael J. Eastman, executive director of labor law policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Already, Mr. Eastman said, the Civil Rights Act outlaws employment practices that have “a disparate impact on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin,”

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Obama has No Intention of Ending Unemployment Rate, as his Criminal Actions Swell| The Post & Email

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment


by Sher Zieve, ©2011

Is the U.S. Justice Department systematically dismantling every private business in the country?

(Sep. 8, 2011) — Although we can’t say for certain–as we’ve learned over the past three degrading years with Obama that any ruse is possible–strong indications are that the dictator-in-chief’s upcoming “jobs” speech will be nothing more than part of the Obama 2012 campaign. In truth and fact, Obama has no intention of allowing the middle-class to ever have their former jobs back or to gain new comparable ones. Government cannot “create” jobs; it can only allow favorable conditions for prosperity; or it invents new government jobs that are–by design–vampiric and feed upon the real jobs creator (the private sector) and its employees. Note: In the private sector, people who work are called employees. Marxist government working people are called “workers”…sort-of like ants…………….


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Black Tea Party Leader Demands Apology from Maxine Waters

August 24, 2011 1 comment

South Central L.A. Tea Party Founder and President, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is demanding an apology from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), for her remarks that the “tea party can go straight to hell.” Rep. Waters made her comments last Saturday at a forum in Inglewood, Calif., while vowing to push Congress to focus on creating more jobs. “I’m not afraid of anybody,” said Waters. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned the ‘tea party’ can go straight to hell.” According to reports, Waters comments were met with cheers from the audience, which included SEIU members. Newly released figures indicate that California’s unemployment rate last month went up to 12%, from 11.8%. California now has second-highest rate of unemployment in the nation, trailing only Nevada at 12.9 %.

Scapegoating the tea party for the wasteful liberal social policies which are destroying the U.S. economy is wicked and irresponsible,” said Rev. Peterson. “On behalf of millions of patriotic Americans we demand that Waters apologize! The tea party is the solution, not the problem. I’m sure Maxine Waters would like her attacks on the tea party to distract from her failures and serious ethics issues.”

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Why Do Blacks Still Let Obama Off the Hook?

July 18, 2011 2 comments

A Chicago Sun Times article, headlined “The disappearing black middle class,” reports on the disproportionate impact of these hard economic times on blacks.

According to the data, taken from the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute, median net worth of white households fell from $134,280 in 2004 to $97,860 in 2009, while over the same period median black household net worth went from $13,450 to $2,170.

The national unemployment rate stands at 9.2 percent, while black unemployment is over 16 percent.

There’s more, but you get the picture. The nation has been hit hard, but blacks much harder.

Which raises a point of interest.

Approval rates for President Obama among whites have dropped from 56% in early 2009 after he became president to 39% now – a drop of 17 points. But over this same period, Obama’s approval rating among blacks has dropped just 8 points – 93% to 85%.

Many whites who initially had supported our president are now crediting him for our current misery. But blacks, despite suffering far more, are far less inclined to hang it on Obama.

The message that massive government spending and borrowing does not grow the economy has not reached blacks. Rather, like our president, they seem to believe that the problem is we just haven’t yet dug the fiscal hole deep enough.

Is this a racial thing? Whites will jump off the ship run by a black captain in a minute while blacks will ride it out until it hits the iceberg?

No, I don’t think so. I think it’s both a liberal information thing and a moral thing.

The liberal information thing is that blacks overwhelmingly get their information from liberal sources.

Blacks watch CNN and MSNBC, not Fox. They listen to urban black radio.

They are not going to hear from these sources that if you look all over the world, nations with the most prosperous economies are the ones with the most limited governments. Liberal media refuses to get and pass the word that socialism has failed.

The major organizations that supposedly represent black interests are all on the left, generously funded by big left wing white foundations and by our nation’s corporations. The former do it because they are liberals and the latter do it to show that they are not racist.

And, like the Economic Policy Institute, that produced the data reported in the Sun Times article, they are supported by unions.

But I think more corrosive is the moral thing.

Almost a half century since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, too many blacks still don’t want to be free and accept the responsibilities that go with it. Too many blacks still believe that the condition of their lives is caused by what someone else does or has.

It is sad that this is true despite the fact that blacks go to church more often, pray more often, and say religion plays a central part in their life more than any other ethnic group in the nation.

Why does a people so inclined to turn to God so readily violate the Tenth Commandment’s prohibition on covetousness and measure themselves in terms of what others have? And then use this sin to justify violating the Eighth Commandment and give government license to steal what others have in order to redistribute?

Perhaps most fundamentally, how can a church going people buy into the materialism of socialism?

There is a solution to the general travails of our nation and the particular travails of our black brothers and sisters. It is called every man and woman taking personal responsibility for their lives, turning to government for protection of life and property – not redemption, and living as free people according to traditional biblical mores.

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Outcasts:Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Cars

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Outcasts: Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Cars, In Tent Cities Or On The Streets… Economic despair is beginning to spread rapidly in America. As you read this, there are millions of American families that are just barely hanging on by their fingernails. For a growing number of Americans, it has become an all-out battle just to be able to afford to sleep under a roof and put a little bit of food on the table. Sadly, there are more people than ever that are losing that battle. Tonight, tens of thousands of formerly middle class Americans will be sleeping in their cars, even though that is illegal in many U.S. cities. Tens of thousands of others will be sleeping in tent cities or on the streets. Meanwhile, communities all over America are passing measures that are meant to push tent cities and homeless people out of their areas. It turns out that once you lose your job and your home in this country you become something of an outcast. Sadly, the number of “outcasts” is going to continue to grow as the U.S. economy continues to collapse.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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The Birth/Death Adjustment Was Responsible For Over 50% Of The Payroll Gains In The Past Yr

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Every time someone brings up the backing out of the birth death adjustment from the Non-Farm Payrolls number (which 99% of the time are additive), economists get all defensive and say you can’t really use that number because it is akin to comparing apples to oranges, it is only applicable for the Non-Seasonally Adjusted NFP data (while the numbers that make the headlines are the seasonally adjusted ones) which of course means that the conversion from the NSA to SA number is a product of a multivariate equation with two unknowns (the B/D adjustment and the actual seasonal adjustment). Of course, this is just how the BLS likes it: after all this gives them plausible deniability to blame either X or Y or a combination thereof, but never disclose just what is the culprit for any specific discrepancy. So what does the BLS tell us to do when attempting to eliminate the B/D benefit? Simple: add or subtract the B/D adjustment from the Non-Seasonally Adjusted number. Yet when doing it on a quantized, monthly basis this is impossible due to the abovementioned layering of the seasonal adjustment.

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No Longer a Basis for Young People to Respect Old People, Van Jones Brown-Nose Youth Recruitment

March 9, 2011 Leave a comment

You Are Gods…No Longer a Basis for Young People to Respect Old People, Van Jones Brown-Nose Youth Recruitment

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Why Is Indiana Putting Armed Security Guards Into 36 Unemployment Offices Across The State?

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Did you ever think that things in America would get so bad that we would need to put armed guards into our unemployment offices? Well, that is exactly what is happening in Indiana. Armed security guards will now be posted at all 36 full-service unemployment offices in the state of Indiana. So why is this happening now? Well, Indiana Department of Workforce Development spokesman Marc Lotter says that the agency is bringing in the extra security in anticipation of an upcoming deadline when thousands upon thousands of Indiana residents could have their unemployment benefits cut off. But it is not just the state of Indiana that could have a problem. In fact, one recent study found that approximately 2 million Americans will lose their unemployment insurance benefits during this upcoming holiday season unless Congress authorizes another emergency extension of benefits by the end of November.

At this point, however, that is looking less and less likely.So perhaps all the states will have to start putting armed security guards in their unemployment offices. The truth is that frustration among unemployed Americans is growing by the day.Could we soon see economic riots similar to what we have seen in Greece and France?Let’s hope not.The following is a video news report about the armed guards that are going into Indiana unemployment offices….click to the site to view the video

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SHOCK REPORT: “60 Minutes”: The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17% video

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

60 Minutes“: The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17%CBS: “The national unemployment rate of 9.5% percent sounds incredibly high and of course, it is. But, it doesn’t nearly capture the depth of the trouble. It doesn’t count the people who’ve seen their hours cut to part-time, it doesn’t count the people who’ve quit looking for work. If you add all of that together, the unemployed and the underemployed, it’s not 9.5% percent, it’s 17% and here in California it’s 22%.”


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Obama — The President America Needs Now “Barf Until Your Intestines Are On Floor” Alert

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

History books will celebrate Barack Obama as one of the greatest American presidents of all time. If we’re smart, we’ll start celebrating him more now.President Obama created at least 800,000 jobs and as many as 2.4 million new jobs through emergency economic stimulus, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Perhaps more importantly, faced with an economic crisis of extraordinary proportions — brought on by failed policies under Republican leadership — President Obama put the breaks on recession and started the slow climb to recovery. According to a survey of 50 independent economists conducted by USA Today, without the actions taken by President Obama, the unemployment rate would be even higher than it is now and a dire situation would be much, much worse.But that’s not all. In addition to stopping a bad short-term recession from becoming a full-blown depression, President Obama has paved the way to a better future for all of us in the long-term. Thanks to President Obama, 32 million previously-uninsured Americans now have health insurance and all of us can stop worrying about being denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.


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Restoring Once-Vibrant Economy Hinges On Repeal Of ObamaCare

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

One has to congratulate President Obama and his advisers on their success. Rahm Emanuel‘s quip about “never let a crisis go to waste” in late 2008 was a prelude to the administration’s attack on U.S. economic growth.

In perspective, Obama mounted an attack on the pillars of U.S. economy — growth, wealth creation and personal responsibility — that amounted to a shock-and-awe economic attack.

It took Obama less than 18 months to transform a historically vibrant U.S. economy to one that has been paralyzed by his shock-and-awe economic policies. The U.S. economy has little or no private-sector job growth, nearly 10% unemployment, a high rate of underemployment, no wealth creation and a heavy dose of government control.

This administration has been relentless in its push to transform an economy that was based on growth, wealth creation and personal responsibility to one characterized by wealth-sharing, government control and slow growth. Obama succeeded in what he wanted for the U.S. economy.Obama signed the crown jewel of his U.S. economic transformation — the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — on March 23 of this year. ObamaCare amounts to, over time, a takeover of the health care industry — 17% of the economy.

It is a wealth-sharing policy that increases costs and taxes on the private sector.ObamaCare is phased in over the next four years, but taxpayers and businesspeople responded immediately to the higher costs and taxes as if ObamaCare were already fully implemented.


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We Got One That Can See: Former Obamanoid Reveals Truth on Fox News

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

It was a remarkable moment in the annals of corporate media television. During a Fox News segment on the staggering unemployment rate among the young, a former Obamanoid manages to sneak in the truth — there is no difference between Clinton, Bush and Obama, they are all puppets for elite bankers.


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