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It’s racist to not die for Obama… By: Sher Zieve…..

August 10, 2014 3 comments

By Sher Zieve

I knew this day was coming and have even written about it in past years’ columns. It was a fait accompli when Barack Hussein Obama entered what was once our White House and only a matter of time until he implemented this Orwellian portion of his program. We are already being called racists if we object to having our country invaded by foreign entities; many of whom are diseased, many gang-banger murderers including the infamous MS-13 Latin gang and Islamist terrorists.

So, soon the inevitable devolution into the following will be a reality: If you object to your own death at the hands of the illegals’ diseases, you are a racist…and probably white.

This is the insanity to which we-the-people are being subjected at the hands of a group of leftist globalist elites now running the planet. Think not? Well, consider what has been happening in the United States of America. Obama and his syndicate advisors have now created a wide open border between Mexico and the USA.



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All Aboard the Death Train for the USA

August 1, 2014 1 comment

All Aboard the Death Train for the USADaily Mail UK ^ | July 2014 | WatsonPosted on 8/1/2014, 11:21:47 AM by mgistAll aboard the ‘death train’ for the USA:


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July 22, 2014 1 comment

SARAH PALIN: OBAMA GOLFS, FUNDRAISES DURING CRISES BECAUSE HE’S ‘IN OVER HIS HEAD’Breitbart Big Government ^ | July21.2014 | TONY LEEPosted on 7/22/2014, 8:56:12 PM by Hojczyk


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US Government turns fully against Americans and few seem to care…

July 21, 2014 2 comments

By Sher Zieve


Over last weekend, it finally got out – despite suppression from the White House and the media – that the Mexican drug cartels/human traffickers are now firing .50 caliber ammo at our USBP Agents.


These are bullets that can reach their targets as much as a mile away. This is an act of war. Yet, neither the Pretend POTUS and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama nor any of his minions comment on it at all.


Neither does Obama try to stop the thousands of illegals largely gang members, drug cartels/human traffickers and Islamists…not children that he has invited into the country as a foreign invasion force to replace US citizens and help him bring down the USA.


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



































Besides, he’s already decimated most of the US military, demanded the Border Patrol “stand down” and no longer attempt to stop anyone entering the USA while placing them on diaper and baby-sitting duties for the children coming in with their parents.



propdispl (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)













What difference do some USBP deaths – or any additional US citizen deaths – mean to him? He does, after all, have a one-month vacation in August coming up.Recently, Obama barely commented on the passenger plane that was shot down, apparently by the Russians or their “rebels,” over Russian-held Eastern Ukraine. Instead, he initially called it a “possible tragedy” and then continued on to another fund-raiser. Possible tragedy?




Everyone on board was already known to have been killed and it’s a “possible” tragedy? Note: From Obama, there’s never any wasted – or any at all – compassion. He’s shown that to us all with his destruction of the American people via killing their economy, encouraging them not to work while he destroys jobs and businesses, bringing on the demise of healthcare Hint:


obtyeanny (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






ObamaCare does not provide healthcare, allowing foreign invasions of any and all comers via the US Southern border who are bringing in deadly diseases and being transported to multiple States; without telling the leaders of said States where he’s had them “dumped.” Yes, folks, he’s doing his job extremely well. And still no one is stopping him. Apparently, we have way too many suicidal citizens in the country now.With regards to the growing war between Israel and Hamas, the Obama position has been and remains telling Israel to be careful not to kill too many of the aggressors trying to destroy them, – the only democratic country in the Middle East. Over the years, it has become painfully obvious that Obama’s foreign policy consists of replacing all Islamic Shia countries with Islamic Sunnis.


After all, his supposed family is Sunni and its members are Muslim Brotherhood; that same Muslim Brotherhood is now largely – in de facto modality – running and ruling over the US government. Anything else non-domestic doesn’t really interest the faux POTUS. He was primed for and hired by his masters to destroy America…annihilate it…and he’s done his job well. But, the complete destruction of the USA is tiresome to him and rather a bother. And he does, after all, have a one-month vacation in August coming up.


Priorities must be set!Obama. Eric Holder and the lion’s share of Congressional Democrats still try to downplay the despicable behaviors of Lois Lerner, apparently many if not………………….


EXCERPT   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


via US Government turns fully against Americans and few seem to care.



Gunny G: Regarding The Reducing of The “Standard of Lving” For Americans !!!

July 19, 2014 3 comments
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Gunny G: Regarding The Reducing of The “Standard of Lving” For Americans !!!

Way back in the late 70s/early 80s–B4 the availability of internet articles–I read somewhere that the UN had come to a new conclusion regarding their quest to raise the standard of living for third world countries up to USA levels.
Instead they would like to see the USA standards of living reduced drastically.
Obviously, that is now the reality.
I have never been able to find a specific article on this again, but the following article from 1968 is pretty close, that is, for the average “middle class” American.
For one reason or another, that article made an impression on me, especially as the years and events progressed…but I have never seen the original article again.
I will still BOL for that original reference, but here below is that similar article.

obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)











Dick Gaines

Search Results

Keyword: ‘1968 un’

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the Village… “In a 1968 speech, “The United Nations and Alternative Formulations—The Hard Road to World Order,” Richard Gardner, former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state and U.S. ambassador to Italy, provided an accurate forewarning and picture of the environment in which Americans and citizens of other countries live today, explaining how the elitist planners would, through the use of gradualism, succeed in their century-long plan to create a One World Government” – – Gmail | BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ “THE CLINGERS”

Obama’s end of the USA via fomenting foreign invasion

June 27, 2014 1 comment

By Sher Zieve

Click to enlarge

Sher Zieve

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news. Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.


It has been a few years since I’ve talked and, subsequently, interviewed former USBP Supervisor David J. Stoddard Ret.

In my opinion – and that of many others – there really is no better information source than Dave for what is currently transpiring at and on our Southern Border.David J. Stoddard BIOUS Border Patrol Supervisor David J Stoddard Ret was with the US Border Patrol for 27 years.


obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)









David served in Calexico, California, Vermont, Yuma, Tucson Sector Headquarters and Naco, Arizona and worked in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other locations.Dave, also, provided testimony about immigration reform to Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner‘s R-WI House Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims in 1999 and a Congressional subcommittee on Criminal Justice,


ayersflag (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Drug Policy and Human Resources in 2002.The InterviewSher: Dave, it’s been a long time since we last spoke about the problems on our Southern border; problems that have recently reached crisis if not catastrophe mode for all US citizens. Thanks so much for your time, today. It appears that thousands of illegal immigrants including the drug cartels, human traffickers, Latin gangs Islamists and even their ISIS members are crossing our border at will, now, due to Obama’s illegal open border policy.


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Gunny G: DEVVY’s Enail Alerts: Read: Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet? – – Gmail

January 1, 2014 96 comments

bigbrowatch (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Links are generally posted at my web site …


Posted on my web site with links;

The items below will remain posted until January 3, 2014

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?

Flashback: Contrails: Killing Us Softly?

Lawsuit: AARP medigap plans defraud seniors

I refused to join AARP when they sent me a card. AARP supports and endorses the unconstitutional \”Federal\” Reserve.

Book you might wish to read: Trust Betrayed: Inside the AARP

Fukushima Debris

Regular readers of my columns know I have been writing about 9/11 for over a decade. My 9/11 archives are here; the earlier ones are on my CD.

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Chinese Soldiers Arrive in USA for ‘Disaster Relief Exercises’ During Grid Ex II

November 14, 2013 1 comment

Chinese Soldiers Arrive in USA for ‘Disaster Relief Exercises’ During Grid Ex II


DC Clothesline ^ | 11/13/2013 | Staff


Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2013 9:43:36 AM by IbJensen



bigbrowatch (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)











Yep, they’ve finally arrived. Chinese troops are on American soil for a joint exercise. Get your cameras out, you may be able to record living history, snapping pictures of Communist soldiers marching across American soil.


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Pravda-Barack Obama: The Worst President In The History of The USA

September 9, 2013 4 comments
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




















Pravda-Barack Obama: The Worst President In The History of The USA


English Pravda ^ | September 7, 2013 | Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Posted on Monday, September 09, 2013 10:15:03 AM by lbryce










Make no mistake: Barack Hussein Obama is preparing to give a speech to the citizens of the United States of America next Tuesday in which he is planning to justify military action against Syria, with or without a nod from Congress. If he does so, he will write his name in the darkest annals of history.




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Searching for what’s still made in the USA… “Not all Americans are made in America any more.”

July 17, 2013 1 comment

propdispl (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Not all Americans are made in America any more.




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Why Conservative Americans Admire Putin

July 15, 2013 2 comments

Why Conservative Americans Admire Putin ^Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 6:38:20 AM by kronos77



obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






After the Great Patriotic War, Americans looked at Russians as atheists and communists. Russians were viewed as intelligent but liars and devils not to be trusted. When Solzhenitsyn came to America he was looked upon as a hero from the Soviet Union by the American press.



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)





The US media later portrayed him in a negative way calling him naïve and ignorant of American society even though Solzhenitsyn was only pointing out the truth known by many conservative Americans. His 1978 speech in this video in America at the Harvard University is not only true about America but prophetic as well. Solzhenitsyn knew communism was infecting society and saw its effect.




He also saw “Destructive and irresponsible freedom” in America. Solzhenitsyn says in the USA, “Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence, such as, for example, misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, motion pictures full of pornography, crime and horror.




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Now fact: all aspects ObamaGov completely corrupt/criminal… “No, folks. The Obama syndicate was never incompetent. It was and is, however, the most corrupt, criminal and openly tyrannical US government, which is now openly attacking the USA and its people, that has existed in US history. “

May 24, 2013 2 comments

By Sher Zieve

No, folks. The Obama syndicate was never incompetent. It was and is, however, the most corrupt, criminal and openly tyrannical US government, which is now openly attacking the USA and its people, that has existed in US history.

It has also, until recently, been able to keep all aspects of its tyranny under wraps…with the assistance and collaboration of the equally corrupt US media.

Barack Obama "Hope" poster, original...Barack Obama “Hope” poster, originally by Shepard Fairey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Even today, many media outlets are still working for Obama, in order to minimize his visible complicity in the assassinations of US citizens in Benghazi, his illegal spying on and record-seizing of news agencies and their reporters (to date the AP and Fox News), his illegal and Gestapo-like usage of one of the most powerful and suppressive agencies ever to exist…the IRS…to threaten and intimidate US citizens (aka conservatives) who do not agree with his Hitlerian and Stalinistic programs and policies with their own and their families’ personal destruction; along with Obama’s continuing active destruction of virtually every aspect of what was once the United States of America.

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My “DixieStyle” Rip Van Winkle Dream… “All of a sudden, I found myself economically secure under a limited central government Confederation designed to protect my freedom, wealth and property rather than take it. A strange concept for someone living in the early days of the 21th century where we’ve become accustomed to government as always a threat rather than our defender and protector as was intended by America’s Founding Fathers.”

April 17, 2013 20 comments
The "Confederate Flag", a rectangula...

The “Confederate Flag”, a rectangular variant of the Battle Flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that I awoke in the year 2030 and discovered that the Confederate States of America had been independent from the Washington empire since 2020. Apparently a little known Southern political movement started in the summer of 1999 had taken the Southern electorate by storm and within 20 years the 16 Southern states of the old Confederacy had voted in state conventions to lawfully secede from a morally, politically, and economically bankrupt Washington empire.

How would you like to wake up one morning and realize that the many financial burdens of Washington had suddenly been lifted from you and your family – forever! No more IRS threatening letters or audits, no federal income tax, limited estate and gift taxes that mean you can pass along your business or family farm to your children. All Social Security and Medicare taxes go into your personal private program you control outside the reach of corrupt politicians.

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America: Be Truly Afraid…(“….Closed-Door Session of the House, Etc…..”). « AMERICAN BLOGGER: GUNNY.G ~ WEBLOG.EMAIL

December 29, 2012 180 comments

America: Be Truly Afraid…(“….Closed-Door Session of the House, Etc…..”).


July 7, 2012 Gunny G Edit Leave a comment Go to comments



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


Closed-door session of the House prompts representative outrage, leaks


(March 13, 2008) The House of Representatives held only its sixth closed session since 1812, and the first since July 1983, when it secretly discussed U.S. support for the Contras in Nicaragua. The publicly stated reason for the recent closed session was for members to discuss new citizen surveillance provisions.



drronpaulrev (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


However, conversations off the record have indicated that the meeting was primarily about nine key issues:


1) the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008


2) the imminent collapse of U.S. federal government finances by February 2009


3) the possibility of civil war inside the USA as a result of the collapses


4) advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. citizens” (those opposing the New World Order) likely to move against the government


5) detention of those rounded-up at “REX 84″camps constructed throughout the USA


6) possibility of retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses


7) the location of “safe facilities” for members of Congress and their families to reside during expected massive civil unrest


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Living under the Obama hordes: unprosecuted and ignored treason… “…it appears they — as do the Obama Czars and all those who have sworn allegiance to Obama but, certainly not the US Constitution — are enjoying their portion of the booty stolen from the American people that the Obama syndicate provides to them for their silence and/or acquiescence to his demands.”

December 16, 2012 66 comments

By Sher Zieve


Today’s “leaders” of the [former] United States of America consist of an increasingly motley crew of Agenda 21 land-grabbers, confiscators of citizens’ money, anti-Judaism/Christian and pro-Islam adherents and deviants in myriad ways who are headed up by the most perverse person to ever inhabit what was once our White House: Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.



GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


And the equally corrupt and collaborative members of a dying US Congress have refused — and still continue to refuse — to stop his now overt and almost daily doses of high crimes and misdemeanors. Instead, it appears they — as do the Obama Czars and all those who have sworn allegiance to Obama but, certainly not the US Constitution — are enjoying their portion of the booty stolen from the American people that the Obama syndicate provides to them for their silence and/or acquiescence to his demands.


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How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia…

December 5, 2012 1 comment

How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia
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December 4, 2012

Reblogged from A Lot Of Coffee and Sleepless Nights:

From Fox News

By Phyllis Chesler

Published August 16, 2010

On August 9, the SPEECH Act became the law of our land. This Act protects American authors from having foreign libel judgments against them enforced in America—especially when they have criticized Islam or documented the funding sources for jihadic terrorism.

The Act was a bipartisan Senate accomplishment, but one driven by the fearless and determined Dr.

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How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia


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Islam’s Quiet Colonization of Europe, A Warning…

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Islam‘s Quiet Colonization of Europe, A Warning
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December 4, 2012

Reblogged from Creeping Sharia:

Replace France with USA and it reads about the same. Some excellent analogies highlighted in red. via Islam vs Europe h/t BNI

From Algeria, A Dire Warning to the West About Islamization

When I was a teenager I thought that my ancestors were idiots, useless imbeciles for having accepted this miserable religion 15 centuries ago. I was ashamed of my people of origin.

Read more…… TSA To Blame For More Deaths Than Al Qaeda…

November 21, 2012 1 comment

There is no truth existing which I fear, or would
wish unknown to the whole world.” Thomas Jefferson
The concepts expressed on this web site are protected by the basic human right to freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 1997 as applying to the Internet.
Liberty Knows No Compromise

“Ask any ten people at random whether they would believe that within a decade or so, they’d gave to spread their legs, hold out their arms and submit to a government goon literally handling their privates – including the privates of little children and old people in wheelchairs. Something not even the Nazis did to the Jews. Right here in the good ol’ USA – land of the (formerly) free and home of the (erstwhile) brave… Note carefully that the acronym does not stand for Airport Security Administration. The Blue Goons are coming to a road near you, too. Probably soon.”

Eric obviously does not live in West Texas else he would know that we have been being accosted by dimwitted costumed thugs (aka the uS Border Patrol) for over 20 years now.
Think secession! — jtl, 419
November 19, 2012
By eric’re told Gate Rape saves lives – pure conjecture, since it’s all hypothetical. After all, not one “terrorist” has been caught (much less stopped) as a result of the terroristic tactics of the Blue Shirted Goons. Which is a pretty piss poor record, given they treat everyone as a presumptive terrorist.
You’d think by now they’d have caught at least one actual terrorist.
Ah well. Good enough for government work – right?
But lives have been lost as a result of the terroristic tactics of the Blue Shirted Goons. Not conjecture, either. Real people – thousands of them – dead because of the TSA.
Dead – because they chose to drive rather than fly. Anything – rather than Submission Training and Gate Rape. Even if it means an 18 hour trip vs. a three hour flight.
According to data compiled by Cornell University researchers, the ugsomeness of dealing with the TSA has pushed a goodly number of former air travelers into their cars – and back onto the roads. This, in turn has led to a measurable increase in monthly traffic fatalities – about 242 per month that would otherwise not have occurred. Some quick addition is in order. Let’s be easy on our calculators – and generous to the Blue Goons – and assume the figure is off by more than half. Let’s say it’s only 100 additional deaths per month attributable to TSA Avoidance Syndrome. That’s 1,200 deaths annually. Times four equals 4,800. In less than four years, then, TSA has managed to get more Americans killed than Osama bin Laden.

W.H. Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship and Exile for Anyone Who Signs Petition to Secede

November 13, 2012 15 comments

A White House petition gathering force calls for citizenship to be stripped and exile for anyone who signs a petition in favor of a state’s secession.

Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported,” the full petition reads.

The title of the petition is, “WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them.”

As of this writing, 2,205 have signed the petition; 22,795 more signatures are needed for the issue to be addressed by the White House.


obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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According to this, Venezuelans run our voting machines and count the votes.

October 8, 2012 Leave a comment


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gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




Smartmatic Voting Machines:


Venezuela‘s Smartmatic caught in its lies


By Aleksander Boyd


Caracas 30.10.06 | Finally US officials and the MSM have caught up with the news about Smartmatic and its fully owned subsidiary Sequoia. About time. Since I do not want to bore readers with things I reported over a year ago I would instead address the pack of lies that Antonio Mugica, front boy of the Chavez regime in Smartmatic, is sending out. First off the BBC, ever so lenient and accomodating vis-a-vis thugs associated with regimes considered friendly. The Beeb carries some words of Mugica today whereby he states “No foreign government or entity – including Venezuela – has ever held an ownership stake in Smartmatic” (sic). That’s a lie:


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Sher Zieve: Obama incites Middle East toward chaos and murder

September 24, 2012 1 comment


By Sher Zieve


If you plan to vote for Obama in the 2012 elections, you have identified yourself as being in favor of ending the United States of America and of willingly accepting your position as one of Obama’s slaves.


English: Jay Carney, American journalist

English: Jay Carney, American journalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Observation: I suppose you can aspire to being one of his House Slaves.


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Progressive CJ John Roberts solidifies socialism in U.S. (“Obama’s practice mobs are already turning against all who oppose or might oppose their leader and more and more reports of roving black mobs are coming in (many with videos) from across the country. I have listed only a few links below but…”)

July 2, 2012 2 comments

…..One thing left before it’s over, folks, and the last one turns out the last light in the USA…voting. Obama’s practice mobs are already turning against all who oppose or might oppose their leader and more and more reports of roving black mobs are coming in (many with videos) from across the country. I have listed only a few links below but, there are now thousands of articles on this latest Obama-inspired phenomenon.

Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. R...

Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are trying to intimidate you into staying home and cowering as the Obama Army violence increases. As I’ve stated before, Obama is working tirelessly to start a race war in OUR country.

Do not be intimidated. If Obama is reelected, the violence will only become more prevalent and severe for us all, as he will have nothing to constrain his employment of his openly brutal methods on US citizens. Obama is already testing his “kill” methods with drones overseas. Those drones are currently being tested for use in the USA.

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Obama is Blocking Putting America Back to Work—as his Lies Increase

June 11, 2012 7 comments

isdees (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

By Sher Zieve Monday, June 11, 2012

Unless they are being used as were the Israeli slaves during Pharaoh Seti’s reign to build his Treasure City (Obama‘s just sticking it to Americans by gutting the US Treasury that they built with their own sweat) or agree to be trained as Obama’s soon-to-be-if-we-don’t-vote-him-out personal Palace Guards, Obama has no intention of putting the American people back to work.

He was hired to destroy the USA and the American dream…not to help perpetuate it. And, he has done his job very effectively and quite gleefully. Why do you think he’s still smiling so broadly and laughing so loudly?

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WAR ON TERROR: The World’s Biggest New Business | Veterans Today

May 29, 2012 1 comment

ayersflag (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

…..It is expected by some experts that this new war against the American Citizen will start out as psyops and low intensity warfare, then progressing to full scale “in the streets”, house to house combat until the Sheeple are completely disarmed and subjugated, unless the Shadow Govt is exposed and stopped before it can do so, especially if those in its ranks rebel in mass which is more likely than not.

The Shadow Govt officials fear this possibility and are making provisions to import foreign troops to assist, to be explained and rationalized as training exercises.

If the Shadow Govt is NOT planning for a full spectrum war inside the USA against the Sheeple, why then have they activated Northcom, created Homeland Security as a Stasi/Gestapo type organization, why the extreme military buildup inside the USA, the militarization of the police, the passage of unConstitutional draconian laws such as the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, the NDAA 2012, and many more? Why the onslaught against all American freedoms from all sides? So far the Shadow Govt has not justified any of these insane, criminal measures other than to say they are necessary to protect us from FOREIGN TERRORIST, and now the newly arising Domestic or potential or suspected Domestic Terrorists (which darn near includes most law abiding Americans but only exists in their imaginations).

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Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US’s Future by Anthony Wile

May 21, 2012 1 comment
Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his...

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his honor at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently by Anthony Wile: Thomas H. Naylor on Leviathan, Secession and Vermont’s Small Nation Dream

Introduction: Robin Koerner is an influential political journalist who coined the term “Blue Republican.” He also runs, a volunteer force some 400 strong that finds and translates news and views about the USA from all over the world. This interview was conducted prior to the announcement that Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (whom Koerner backs) would not further contest various states in the Republican primary. However, Ron Paul has not given any indication he is actually dropping out of the race and Koerner’s statements below thus stand as stated (unless Ron Paul issues further clarifications) without need of further clarification.

Daily Bell: Give us some background on yourself.

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John Wayne and the Pledge of Allegiance

May 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag……

I want my USA.

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The Daily Bell – Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US’s Future

May 20, 2012 1 comment

The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Robin Koerner (left).

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his...

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his honor at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Introduction: Robin Koerner is an influential political journalist who coined the term “Blue Republican.” He also runs, a volunteer force some 400 strong that finds and translates news and views about the USA from all over the world. This interview was conducted prior to the announcement that Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (whom Koerner backs) would not further contest various states in the Republican primary. However, Ron Paul has not given any indication he is actually dropping out of the race and Koerner’s statements below thus stand as stated (unless Ron Paul issues further clarifications) without need of further clarification.

Daily Bell: Give us some background on yourself.

Robin Koerner: I am in my mid-30s and born in south of England. I studied physics and philosophy at Peterhouse, Cambridge University and have traveled quite extensively. I’m now a permanent resident of the USA (living in Seattle), with the intention of becoming a citizen. I am also the founder and publisher of Watching and probably best known in the USA today for coining the expression “Blue Republican” to refer to those former non-Republicans of more liberal sensibility who are switching to the Republican party specifically to support Ron Paul.

Daily Bell: When did you decide to get involved as an alternative media political commentator?

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Dictator Obama issues new threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare

May 4, 2012 8 comments

By Sher Zieve

In his latest display of his full USA federal government dictatorship over both the American people and the former co-branches of government, Dictator Obama is warning the Supreme Court to either rule in his favor or face severe consequences.

Fox News’ Martha McCallum advised Thursday that the Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.” Therefore, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the US Constitution, Obama & Co will begin its campaign to either destroy Medicare or make those on it suffer greatly. The Obama syndicate is said to be threatening to hold off Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals if SCOTUS does not comply with Obama’s demands and submit to him.

As an additional example of Obama’s illegal and (I believe) highly treasonous behaviors, on 1 May and 2 May Obama issued two additional unconstitutional and illegal Executive Orders. The first E.O., issued 1 May 2012, makes the USA subject to “international regulations” as opposed to looking to and following the US Constitution. Also, with this new E.O., the US FDA will now be able to be bypassed by International committees — thus, replacing the FDA with any international group which may be chosen. In essence, Obama is quickly eliminating US Sovereignty and selling the USA to the international “community.”

The second E.O. issued in 2 days was signed by Obama on 2 May 2012. This E.O. instructs the USA to bow to international regulations instead of the US Constitution and Businessweek reports: “Obama’s order provides a framework to organize scattered efforts to promote international regulatory cooperation, the chamber’s top global regulatory official said today.

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One-world governance policies begin in New Rochelle, NY

April 25, 2012 11 comments

By Sher Zieve

Karl Marx

The revolutionary and Luciferian (he dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer…aka Satan) Saul Alinsky said “”True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.” Alinsky also taught that community organizing (aka ‘teaching radicalism and Satanic concepts’) must begin at the local level and in a forceful manner. Karl Marx, his partner Frederich Engels and Vladimir Lenin wrote and believed the same. Adolph Hitler, along with Marx and the rest, also believed that environmental elements and ‘saving the planet’ were excellent ploys to be brought into every speech and were needed in order to shame and bully a population into submission.

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Prison » The TSA’s Star Studded Psyop Attack

April 24, 2012 1 comment

The Transportation Security Administration has been the subject of criticism by seemingly all who fly in the USA. The TSA is accused of violating privacy when it asks travelers to go through full body scan machines all for the supposed sake of national security.

One of the companies behind the controversial equipment is now pushing to have these scanners installed nationwide. So do the full body scanners make us safer? Charlie McGrath, founder of, joins us for more.

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Perennis: September 2011 (Napoleon, The Pope and The CSA…)

December 17, 2011 2 comments

The USA was not immune to these impulses. Perhaps the territorial designs and war with Mexico (1846-48) was a harbinger of things to come. Yet that seemed more like a classic land-grab than a centralizing power-grab.

But there was restlessness in the Northern states. The growing Northeastern materialist establishment began to cast their eyes on the government in Washington. The antiquated relic of Jacobite idealism would not bend to their wishes and impress the will of the few upon the whole country. Supported in the South the power balance and decentralized structure of the Constitution promised integrity for the individual while it bridled government control. The North chaffed under the Constitution. This out of kilter situation was doomed.

Benjamin Disraeli

With a close eye on Europe, adoration for the French Revolution, and the acceptance of Karl Marx into the pantheon of intellectuals the establishment in the North was aware which way the wind was blowing. In the 1800’s the heroes of modern Europe were centralizers, colonizers, and empire builders; led by strongmen like Benjamin Disraeli, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Bismarck. These trends were known to the Yankee powerbrokers who did not want to be left behind.

The only thing that stood in their way was the South. From the swamps of Florida to the Ozarks of Missouri the vast geography harbored “archaic” notions of governance. In the same way that Prussia coveted Bavaria and Austria the Yankees craved the South and its wealth.

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Will the Obama Syndicate Ever be Held Responsible for its Crimes?| The Post & Email

November 25, 2011 22 comments

big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






…..To say that the Obama syndicate is the most corrupt and criminal in US history is to minimize what it is actually doing. Obama and his band of Marxist-Leninist marauders are doing no less than overthrowing the country–and they have been effecting it since they usurped power.




As I have been writing for years now, the Obama regime is completely lawless. Yet, Congress has done little to nothing to stop him.


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Dr. James Howenstine — Stay Away From Chemotherapy and Radiation

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

For many years it has been known to well informed individuals within the medical community that chemotherapy and radiation were quite toxic and essentially worthless in the management of malignancies. This information is carefully covered up by our controlled media so that these two methods of therapy are regarded by lay persons as the proven therapy for malignancies. Like lemmings going over a cliff the general public lines up for these therapies and nearly all treated persons proceed to die.

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HISTORY 102: American Radicalism 1960-1980

November 25, 2011 1 comment

HISTORY 102: American Radicalism 1960-1980 ^ | eagle i

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2011 9:08:09 AM by ttjemery

(I found these series written on gather, I found them helpful in understanding what is going on in the USA right now) Cultural Revolution and Political Radicalism in the Sixties

In reaction to what was increasingly perceived as narcissistic materialism and humanitarian complacency of adults by the post-war “Baby Boom” generation of teenagers and twenty-somethings, the narrow victory of moderate Democrat John F. Kennedy over Richard Nixon heralded the beginning of a new era of government power and influence. Now government offered the possibility of not only curbing abuses of big business, but also and especially ending war and protecting the equal rights of groups who allegedly had been discriminated against in the free market, especially women, Blacks and the poor.

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Utopia? Hardly ~ “Disturbingly, the man who warned of an American Napoleon became the American Napoleon.”

November 20, 2011 3 comments

…..Disturbingly, the man who warned of an American Napoleon became the American Napoleon.

Which brings me to a personal confession: Joe Sobran has softened my thinking on Lincoln. When I came to study the Civil War, and study it in-depth, over eight years, it occurred to me that, truly, the conflict is more properly named the War for Southern Independence.

The Northern view of the war which I had been spoon-fed in school parrots the earlier English view of the colonial (American) War of Independence — right down to laughing at the notion that the relevant rebels could possibly claim to be fighting for freedom, merely because of the issue of slavery. By the way, the English figured things out the second time around — and rooted for the Confederacy. In that regard, see Sheldon Vanauken‘s The Glittering Illusion.

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OWS Rushing USA to Point of No Return

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment

We are sitting in the eye of a hurricane. The media jackals, like a tornado, are destroying everything and everyone in their path who is a conservative and not a subscriber to European socialism and one world government.

Alphabet soup pundits dedicate hundreds of stories and airtime to Occupy Wall Street unemployable collegiate malcontents, filthy vagrants, druggies, and communist agitators who are getting more and more violent.

Occupiers with trust funds claim to be the 99 percent of the people who want the spoils of the one percent, the rich. They complain that the homeless are stealing their electronic gadgets and food.

Apparently, “stealing is a problem when it happens to you, ‘social justice’ when it happens to someone else.” Lazy agitators abhor capitalism and banks, yet are hypocritically eager to deposit donated funds in the bank.

Goethe said, “Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.” And there is plenty of ignorance walking the streets and parks of Occupy Wall Street.

One outraged group was flooded by job application flyers falling from offices above the street. Here is a novel idea, instead of complaining for weeks and laying in your own filth, get a job created by the government control you so crave.

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The Advantages for the Minority Left| The Post & Email

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment


by Sher Zieve, ©2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests against the nation’s financial sector began on September 17, 2011, Constitution Day. Are they financed by George Soros and other leftists?

(Nov. 1, 2011) — Leftists have a distinct advantage over we who believe in the God-given rights (as identified in the US Constitution) of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Leftists are not constrained by the “outdated notions” of morality, any consideration that those who oppose them have any rights and–most specifically–those on the Left are not subject to nor expected to exhibit either logic or its attendant reasoned and common sense behaviors. In fact, the US–if not the world–media applaud and support all forms of leftist riots, murders, uprisings, seizure of more moderate governments and other chaos and mayhem reaped upon the “we-just-want-to-work-and-support-our-families” majority population. The Left delights in–and gets away with–working toward the destruction of all “traditional” aspects of society in favor of replacing them with its own perverse distorted mirror image.

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EDITORIAL: Anarchy in the USA

October 4, 2011 1 comment

The Occupy Wall Street protest is reminiscent of the scene in the 1953 film “The Wild One” where a young woman asks a motorcycle gang leader played by Marlon Brando, “Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?” Brando deadpans, “Whaddya got?”

The New York demonstration is in its third week, and similar protests have sprung up in other cities. Other than some temporary traffic blockages, the movement hasn’t achieved anything tangible. It is a method without a message; rather, the method is the message. The protest is an exercise in creative anarchy, a statement against ill-defined and probably misunderstood power, a directionless movement claiming to represent 99 percent of America. It seeks to raise awareness, but where you go after that is up to you. It has no organization, uncertain goals, unlisted membership and lots of cardboard signs.

There is something for almost every type of radical in the occupy movement. It welcomes hard-currency advocates, opponents of water fluoridation, anti-war groups, anti-capitalists, anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-socialists, anti-Bilderbergers, opponents of the bank bailout, and chemtrail activists, among others. Their signs scream, “People over profit!” “Get out and shout!” “Eat the rich!” “End the Fed!” and “Dissent is patriotic!”

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Starbucks Asks for Five Buck Donations to Help Obama Economy

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment


RUSH: Get this. Starbucks is gonna start accepting donations to help the economy. According to the AP: “Starting Nov. 1, Starbucks will begin collecting donations of $5 or more from customers to stimulate U.S. job growth through its ‘Jobs for USA‘ program.” I kid you not, you’re gonna go into a Starbucks starting November 1st, they’re gonna have an opportunity for you to give them five additional dollars on whatever you order for a job creation program. Now, Howard Schultz is the founder, proprietor, owner, CEO, whatever, of Starbucks. Is this how he started the company with five dollar donations? You would think this guy knows how jobs are created because he’s done it.

So obviously it’s a PR move, five dollars for job creation when you go to Starbucks. The best thing they could do is turn off all the electrical outlets and get all the slackers in there out of the store, people sitting there drinking one cup of coffee every ten hours while they worry about what’s on their computer. Get ‘em out of Starbucks and get ‘em over to the employment office. Five bucks. Why not just send the money to Obama? Obama knows how to create jobs. Obama is out there saying (summarized), “By the way, I know that you’re worse off than you were four years ago. I know you’re not better off.” We’re gonna play an audio sound bite where he said, if that was the case, he’s finished; he’s a one-termer. He knew it.


Get this one, folks: “States that borrowed billions from the federal government to keep unemployment benefits flowing through the recession…” This is the 99ers. This is the extended unemployment benefits. Wait ’til you hear this. “States that borrowed billions of dollars from the federal government to keep unemployment benefits flowing through the recession now have to start paying those loans back,” and you know what they’re doing? You know how they’re doing it? They are hitting businesses with new assessments and higher taxes to make that happen. In all, 27 states owe the federal government nearly $38 billion.” The Feds mandated extended unemployment benefits. The states went out and borrowed the money from the Feds in order to pay the unemployment compensation extension, and now they gotta start paying those loan backs.

There’s a total of $38 billion owed by 27 states. “The first interest payments on those loans were due Friday and totaled about $1.1 billion.” So the states don’t have the money because nobody has any money. A couple of states have the money. Virginia has some money; Texas has some money. But there aren’t a whole lot of states that have any money, and what’s happening here is so now the states are gonna raise taxes on businesses while Obama’s out there, “Get my jobs bill passed!” Eric Cantor, by the way, made it official. He confirmed what I, your trusted and loyal host, have been telling you from the get-go: That bill is dead. The Obama jobs bill is dead as a package. It’s going nowhere. It’s dead in the House, it’s dead in the Senate. It was never intended to be anything other than dead on arrival.

It’s nothing more than a campaign prop. It’s the 2011 version of the Greek columns at the Democrat National Convention in Denver in 2008. Now, back to this unemployment extension. Bills are coming due now. “Joe Olivo, owner of Perfect Printing in Moorestown, N.J., with 45 employees just outside Philadelphia, estimates that he’ll pay an additional $24,000 this year in unemployment insurance taxes. He’s also dealing with higher expenses elsewhere, mainly for his employees’ health care.” Whoa ho! Health care? Shazam! So, Obamacare drove those costs up way sky-high, through the roof; Obama’s unemployment extensions drove the costs to the states sky-high so they’re now in debt to the tune of $38 billion. The first interest payment of $1 billion is due Friday, so they gotta start raising taxes on businesses while Obama’s out there saying, “Yep, I know you’re not better off than you were four years ago.”


via Starbucks Asks for Five Buck Donations to Help Obama Economy.


September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

A lady in Monte Vista,CO had this dollar bill. This is her story.
You don’t think we’re in a  war???
These are starting to show up around  our country!
After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her  purse and displayed it on the table.
Underneath the words “In God  We Trust” someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink—NO GOD BUT  ALLAH.
We asked her where she had gotten this dollar bill. She said  it was part of her change in Alamosa , CO .
We took a picture of her  dollar bill. If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as  change,
please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill  that
has not been defaced.
Send this on to everyone you know, please.
God bless our USA !

Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?| The Post & Email

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?| The Post & Email

Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?

| The Post & Email:

The facts are now so obvious and blatant that even dyed-in-the-wool Obama sycophants should be able to see and hear the truth. What took the people of this country generations of their blood, toil and sweat to accomplish and build has been destroyed in less than four years………….



via BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984(+): Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?| The Post & Email.

July 4, 2011: Why America’s Founders Originally Rebelled & Their Thoughts Today

July 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Somewhere between confusion and ignorance lies the teaching many Americans receive today on the motives of the Founders of the USA. The American Revolution was really a battle over ideas between the Old and New Worlds. And the chief idea being fought over in the 1770s was that of Liberty.

Colonists considered themselves heirs of the rights of freeborn Englishmen. This powerful conviction was torn-asunder by the decisions of mad King George and an arrogant Parliament. The English realized too late that principled Americans would be willing to fight and die for such beliefs as the right to representative government and the sanctity of private property.

Amazingly, we again today must reassert our rights to such concepts as Life, Liberty and Property, against a tyrannical government or allow our children to eke out an existence as slaves of an all-powerful state.

via July 4, 2011: Why America’s Founders Originally Rebelled & Their Thoughts Today.

Obama Gives UK Nuke Secrets to Russia—He MUST now be removed from office and power

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Free RepublicBrowse · Search Pings · Mail News/ActivismTopics · Post ArticleSkip to comments.Obama Gives UK Nuke Secrets to Russia—He MUST now be removed from office and powerCanada Freepress ^ | February 5, 2010 | Sher ZievePosted on Saturday, February 05, 2011 3:16:42 PM by opentalkTalk about High Crimes and Misdemeanors!


Barack Hussein Obama, the Usurper to the US Presidency, now appears to be pulling out all of the stops.-Yesterday, I advised of the ObamaPlan to rid Egypt of Hosni Mubarak and turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood—the Mother Ship of virtually all Islamic terrorism and the entity supported by the corrupt Obama to seize Egypt for and as an Islamic state. Obama’s Google also has Wael Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the Middle East, flying into Egypt to join the opposition to Mubarak. Ghonim is now reported to be the “spokesman” for the opposition.Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press reports that in the last quarter of 2009 Code Pink was in Egypt after wending its way through Gaza to get there and were later joined by domestic terrorists and ObamaFriends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They claimed it was a “coincidence.” Uh-huh. Sure it was.

Were they assisting in planning the Egyptian revolution? Sure looks like it. Was Obama involved?…Today, however, the Drudge Report and The UK’s Daily Telegraph are reporting about something more insidious and far more menacing to the survival of the USA and the world…… “Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia, as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week.” So, not only has Obama destroyed the USA’s defense system but, he is bent upon taking Great Britain down with it.Excerpt Read more at …

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Obama Tires of Destroying USA–Turns to Egypt| The Post & Email

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

WHY IS THE OBAMA REGIME INTERFERING IN EGYPT’S TURMOIL?by Sher Zieve, ©2011Faux Vice President Joe Biden is contradicting his boss in regard to the action Mubarak should takeFeb. 4, 2011 — The awkward, anti-American and increasingly dangerous team of Tweedledum and Tweedledee are now leading the USA even more quickly toward its ultimate demise.

For years former Delaware Democrat Senator and now, embarrassingly, Vice President Joe Biden–aka “Tweedledee”– has made gaffe after gaffe the latest in his repertoire is “I would not refer to him [Mubarak] as a dictator” that the leftist media have merely brushed off as “that’s just Joe.” Biden also said that Mubarak should not step down and “We’re encouraging the protesters to – as they assemble, do it peacefully. And we’re encouraging the government to act responsibly and – and to try to engage in a discussion as to what the legitimate claims being made are, if they are, and try to work them out.”

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September 27, 2010 Leave a comment


The Freedom Fighter’s Journal ^

| September 27, 2010 | RonboPosted on Monday, September 27, 2010 7:01:55 AM

by Ronbo1948

The Leftist revolutionary forces and the revolutionary terrorist barbarians of radical Islam are allies in an unholy cabal with the same goal in mind: The complete destruction of Western Civilization. They are opposed by only a few brave Freedom Fighters who understand that appeasement, compromise and living side by side by with these forces of tyranny is impossible and who realize that the best means to stop revolution is counter-revolution.

As is well known in my circle of friends, since 2005 with creation of The Freedom Fighter’s Journal, I’ve collected the names and locations of a large number of trustworthy people all over the USA, Europe and the world, who, whether they want to admit it at the present time, are a revolutionary cadre:

A small radical minority of rugged individualists and heroes who have been “Mugged By Reality” in a dozen different nations and understand that the various governments of the West cannot be reformed — They must be destroyed or they will murder our lives and liberties in time.My main focus is revolution in the USA first — a Blue Revolution — like the original American Revolution to restore liberty and put into place lasting checks on a return by socialists and Islamists to power.

I think if America, the world’s most powerful country, does a 180 degree turn in its politics, philosophy and culture: The rest of the world will follow our lead beginning with the Anglosphere countries: Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Salt in the wound
YouTube ^

| Rita W. Jones

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 10:07:34 AM

by BMC1

This about says it all.

Pass it around.

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