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Is Barack Hussein Obama Mentally Ill?

January 17, 2013 3 comments

Frightening thought, isn’t it? But increasingly, people are beginning to wonder about Obama’s maladaptive behavior.

Liberal Democrat James Carville railed about Obama’s blasé attitude after the catastrophic oil spill until ordered to shut his mouth. The rabid liberals on “The View” have expressed sympathy for Michelle Obama‘s living with a man so out of touch. And an increasing number of Americans feel Obama to be “disconnected” from events.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s difficult to get a handle on Obama because he is so heavily scripted. There are huge gaps in the first 25 years of his life. Even Obama’s college records have been sealed which is unheard of for a President.

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Is Barack Hussein Obama Mentally Ill?

November 20, 2012 37 comments

Frightening thought, isn’t it? But increasingly, people are beginning to wonder about Obama’s maladaptive behavior.


Liberal Democrat James Carville railed about Obama’s blasé attitude after the catastrophic oil spill until ordered to shut his mouth. The rabid liberals on “The View” have expressed sympathy for Michelle Obama‘s living with a man so out of touch. And an increasing number of Americansfeel Obama to be “disconnected” from events.


RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

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Obama chooses ‘The View’ over private meetings at the UN No private MuzBro meetings for Hussein?

September 23, 2012 Leave a comment


World leaders will be holding tete-a-tetes this week as the annual United Nations General Assembly convenes — but not President Obama, who will instead be chatting it up with the ladies of “The View.”

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July 6, 2012 14 comments


Alamo City Pundit ^ | MAy 15, 2009 | Johnnny Alamo


romino (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Posted on Friday, July 06, 2012 11:52:22 AM by MrChips


obamflagrem (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

I saw a note slide across the #TCOT feed on Twitter last night that mentioned Michelle Obama had no law license. This struck me as odd, since (a) she went to school to be a lawyer, and (b) she just recently held a position with the University of Chicago Hospitals as legal counsel — and that’s a pretty hard job to qualify for without a law license. But being a licensed professional myself, i knew that every state not only requires licensure, they make it possible to check online the status of any licensed professional. So I did . . . MORE

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The First Lady of Fashion: Michelle Obama makes three costume changes during TV..

May 30, 2012 2 comments

As Michelle Obama does the television show rounds this week, it is not just her new book that she is showcasing. The First Lady, notorious for her demure, arm-baring outfits, also appears to be showing off her wardrobe, making the most of costume changes between each television appearance. On Tuesday, Mrs Obama appeared on both Good Morning America, The View and The Daily Show to promote her new gardening book and to discuss her healthy eating campaign.

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Michelle Obama isn’t the next Hillary Clinton

May 29, 2012 1 comment

(CNN) – The wife of the last Democratic president served as a U.S. senator after leaving the White House and is now the most powerful woman in the country. The wife of the current president, however, says she has other plans.

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Whoopi Goldberg On Michele Bachmann: “She’s Not Presidential Material”

November 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Whoopi Goldberg On Michele Bachmann: “She’s Not Presidential Material”

Real Clear Politics ^ | 24 Nov 11 | Unknown

Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011 7:24:35 AM by Evergolightly

“Bonehead,” Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” said when asked if she had to assign a one-word description to Michele Bachmann what would it be. “That’s what I would say. Oh, stop. Oh, please. Listen, I’m sorry. She looks fantastic, I have to say she’s gorgeous. But she’s not presidential material. I’m sorry, she’s not. I’m just saying. This is my opinion,” Goldberg said.

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VIDEO (From “The View”): Herman Cain: Being Gay Is A Choice – “Show Me The Science It’s Not”

October 5, 2011 Leave a comment

VIDEO (From “The View“): Herman Cain: Being Gay Is A Choice – “Show Me The Science It’s Not”

YouTube, “The View” ^ | 10/4/11 | Herman Cain

Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 12:07:04 PM by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears


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Are liberals a ‘degenerative disease’?

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Are liberals a ‘degenerative disease‘?

Posted: August 05, 2011

10:31 am Eastern

© 2011 WND

Rush Limbaugh

This week, Rush Limbaugh celebrated his 23rd anniversary on national radio, but his happiness was tempered by the Congressional “debt deal.”

Limbaugh offered a live “play-by-play” reaction to Obama‘s victory speech, which was classic Rush (FREE audio):

The ladies of “The View” returned to their weird obsession with Rush Limbaugh, when their all-female panel rehashed old accusations and anecdotes about Limbaugh’s alleged “racism” (FREE audio).


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What’s So Hard to Understand About Ron Paul?

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

What’s So Hard to Understand About Ron Paul?

What’s So Hard to Understand About Ron Paul?: “Watching Paul’s appearance on The View, one could already see this dynamic in action. While the ladies on the show were very gracious to the congressman, Whoopi Goldberg took the lead in asking some policy questions and demonstrated the liberal take on Paul perfectly. She first stated that she agreed that she would like to see the wars end, but wanted to know how Paul could get us out of them (a concern that never would have arisen with a Republican running the empire). After Paul gave his customary answer, “we marched right in there, we can march right out,” Goldberg then challenged Paul on his position that healthcare is not a right. She truly looked baffled that any politician could be both anti-war and anti-entitlement.

On the conservative side, media figures have been doing the opposite routine with Ron Paul for years. Glenn Beck (pre-blackboard) routinely had Paul on during the economic crisis and always emphasized his agreement with Ron Paul’s economic positions and his disagreement on foreign policy. Ann Coulter has also weighed in on Paul in this way, as have countless other media figures.”

Posted by Gunny G at Monday, June 27, 2011

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Trump: ‘Why Can’t He Produce a Birth Certificate?’

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Real estate mogul and potential 2012 presidential contender Donald Trump defended his questioning of President Obama’s birth certificate Monday morning with a defiant, “this guy either has a birth certificate or he doesn’t.”

“I am really concerned,” Trump said in a phone interview on Fox & Friends. “You have no doctors that remember, you have no nurses — this is the president of the United States — that remember. … He could have been born outside of this country. Why can’t he produce a birth certificate?”

Trump, who has been flirting with a run for president, first made a remark about the so-called “birther” issue last week on The View. Obama provided news organizations with a scan of his birth certificate during his 2008 campaign, which some oulets also independently vetted.

“I brought it up just routinely, and now I’m starting to wonder myself whether he was born in this country,” Trump said Monday.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Donald Trump on Obama’s Birth Certificate: “I Don’t Want to Be Right on This Issue” (Video)

March 27, 2011 Leave a comment ^ | 03/26/2011 | Gerry Rivers/Jakohoft

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011 1:11:58 AM by Para-Ord.45

Donald Trump doubled down tonight. The bombastic conservative business leader told Geraldo Rivera, “I don’t want to be right on this issue… I just want to see his birth certificate.” Trump also said his conservative friends told him to drop the issue but that he believes it is too important.

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Trump’s Message to Obama?| The Post & Email

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

IF you want to support Trump’s challenge, you can do this WITHOUT declaring him to be your choice for president, or any other office — just keep the pressure on Barry Soetoro/Obama until he is exposed!

To send a thank-you to Donald for speaking out and calling for the birth certificates, go to this website:, click on the “Contact Us” tab, and post your comments there.

It takes less than a minute or two, and you can vent as I did below, if you are so inclined:

Thank you, Donald, for stepping up to the plate and talking about the number 1 question that is on the minds of 270 million Americans: can Obama prove that he can issue anything other than unlawful orders, since he has not proven that he is a natural born Citizen? (If not, then LTC Terry Lakin should be freed from Leavenworth, where he is imprisoned for asking the same question you have.)

The Birth Certificate (not that forged and inadmissible piece of ‘dog mess’ that Obama has posted on the internet – the CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH) is a logical place to start, since the ditzy-dimbulbs on The View can’t even talk logically about that one.

Then, when you hit them with the definition: -“The natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.” – they will become even more apoplectic, and suffer a complete meltdown on public TV or radio.

via Trump’s Message to Obama?| The Post & Email.

We’ve Reached the Limit| The Post & Email

March 25, 2011 1 comment

The first thing one learns in debating class is to never attack a person, just the person’s conclusions. For example, if you don’t like the message, kill the messenger. Alright, kill the messenger, why don’t you? So what? The message is still the same. Today’s prime example is that of the non-existent birth certificate. There is no birth certificate, so what’s with this “birthername-calling? Calling someone a birther doesn’t address the birth certificate question. Actually, there is a birth certificate and it’s from Kenya. End of name-calling. But it’s not over, is it? Sleight of hand, take your mind away from the truth. Just hear lies. Day after day. After day.

And what about the saturation level of the lie ‘either?’ “Stimulus” is another name for “payoff.” “Transparency” is a catch-word for closed doors. The truth is a lie and a lie is still a lie. The mainstream media dishes out portions of lies and more lies. Every day. Americans have reached the limit of lies. The fight for the truth has been fought a thousand times yet must be fought for the thousand and first. There is no other way. The cowards, the bullies, cheats and lying politicians will not, cannot, survive in the light of truth.

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Trump Refuses to Back Down Over Obama’s ‘Very Strange’ Birth

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Donald Trump is not backing down from his demand that President Barack Obama produce his birth certificate and stepped up his criticism by questioning why he has not released other personal records, including college transcripts and legislative papers.

The billionaire real estate tycoon and star of “The Apprentice” created a stir on Wednesday when he said on “The View” that Trump must release his birth certificate.

Now Trump has reiterated his call in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, with this simple message for Obama: Why don’t you produce your birth certificate and put to rest all speculation that you were born outside the United States?

He says Obama’s birth certificate controversy is a “strange situation” — there are conflicting reports as to what Honolulu hospital he was born at, and the governor of Hawaii claims he somehow remembers Obama being born 50 years ago.

(Excerpt) Read more at …

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Donald Trump Chips The Fringe Off of the Birthers

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s fascinating that we’re going on into the third year of Obama’s presidency and not only has the issue of Obama’s birth certificate not died, but now a C-list celebrity like Donald Trump is starting to chip the fringe off of it…

Where does Donald get off making such demands about birth certificates?!? I know where…look at that comb over, if anyone deserves to issue demands of honesty from others it should certainly be from the guy who wears it on his skull.

Bottom line, it’s a fair question, especially since the left has been acting like such asses about the whole thing. Yeah the birthers are obnoxious too, but liberals could easily make fools of them by showing the damn piece of paper already.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else think that Trump is only running for president so it can be the theme of the next season of The Apprentice?

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Donald Trump was our 45th president? They could broadcast Obama’s concession call to him live and the whole world could hear the Donald accept it…

Trump: Barack, you were the project manager for this assignment we call America, you failed to provide a clear vision, you failed to lead, you trashed your team in front of the competition, and when they needed you the most YOU WENT GOLFING.

Obama: Mr. Trump if…if…if you inherited this mess from George-

Trump: You went over budget to the tune of trillions. The world thinks you’re such a joke the country just asked ME to succeed you!

Obama: -W….W. Bush you would see that this job didn’t…uhh…support my ego in the way I thought it-

Trump: SOMEBODY SHUT OFF THIS GUYS TELEPROMPTER! I’m tired of you putting divots on my golf courses, I’m of tired your wife telling me I can’t have a cheese steak sandwich, and Mr. Obama, frankly, the entire country is tired of you.


I’m suddenly very close to endorsing Donald Trump for president…just kidding…maybe…

via Donald Trump Chips The Fringe Off of the Birthers.

Bill O’Reilly And Old Media: Not Waving But Drowning

March 7, 2011 Leave a comment

It has become abundantly clear that the establishment is so petrified of the fact that Alex Jones is at the tip of the spear of a new media revolution that is sweeping away the old guard, that we have now reached the point where talking heads like Bill O’Reilly and indeed the Obama White House itself dare not even mention his name.

a segment about “the dumbest things of the week,” Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly entertained his dwindling geriatric audience by poking fun at Alex Jones’ appearance on The View last week, chuckling and guffawing at the behavior of “some guy on the radio, we really don’t know who he is.”

for Bill O’Reilly, whose own radio show was cancelled in 2008 because of plummeting ratings, that “guy on the radio” is totally creaming Billo on every measurable platform…………………………….

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Alex Jones: “US media doesn’t speak for us”

March 4, 2011 Leave a comment

The United States is at war according to Hillary Clinton, no it’s not a military the US is fighting instead the US is fighting to spread its propaganda across the world.

Recently Secretary Clinton testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on foreign policy priorities, particularly the media.

Radio Host Alex Jones says it’s not just people from other countries but it’s the American people who don’t believe in US propagandized media.Stock up with Fresh Food that lasts with eFoodsDirect AD

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Alex Jones Culture Jams The View

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Alex Jones blasts the truth to The View’s audience of 30 Million, bringing up the slaughter of a million innocents in Iraq, TSA grope down abuse, as well as the collapse of Building 7.Watch below for a higher quality clip.

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Jane Seymour: ‘My son is channeling the spirit of Johnny Cash’

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

She was there to promote a book about angels, but the hosts of US chat show The View probably never expected Jane Seymour to reveal that her family is being watched over by a very famous one.The former Bond girl says that she believes her teenage son is channelling the spirit of late country music star Johnny Cash.

The actress, who was close friends with the legendary musician and his wife June Carter made the head-scratching admission during an appearance on US chat show The View. The Ring of Fire singer was godfather to her 14-year-old son Johnny, who has followed in his footsteps by taking up music.

Host Barbara Walters commented: ‘You have said that you feel that the departed Johnny Cash is being channelled through your son.’


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Jesse Ventura 9/11 Cover-Up Simulcast Special

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Alex talks with Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, Navy veteran, actor, former radio and television talk show host and host of the popular TruTV series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

Jesse returns to the show to talk with Alex about the latest revelations and developments surrounding the inside job that was 9/11.Having A Supply Of Healthy Foods That Last Just Makes Sense AD

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Reader issues challenge to Bill O’Reilly

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In my opinion, Faux is bad enough in itself, but why bother with 0’pinhead at all?


“Don’t get the impression that you arouse my anger. You see, one can only be angry with those he respects.

-Richard M. Nixon

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Reader issues challenge to Bill O’Reilly

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

…I am a disabled vet… service ..from 1969-1989. I never had yellow ribbons welcoming me back home….you get the point…. I am a VERY good friend of the wonderful conservative radio show host, Barry Farber, in New York call him and ask him who I am. Barry’s cell is 212-xxx-xxxx and for the last 1½ years, Barry has invited me on HIS show as a guest more than a dozen times to have an INTELLIGENT discussion of the eligibility issue.

I have a feeling you probably have a modicum of respect for Barry for his intelligence, character and his 50 years of service to the microphone.

HE is a devout “birther”…does that make HIM a pinhead?

…I am just SO sick of Fox the network that SHOULD be all over this issue making fools of us when you won’t look at certain facts…..yes, Bill, facts….

I hope very much to hear back from you.


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‘View’ Stars Fight with Bill O’Reilly … Storm Off Set over 9/11 mosque

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

In a fit of rage, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar angrily charged off the set of “The View” this morning in the middle of a screaming match with Bill O’Reilly over the mosque near Ground Zero

… and moments later Barbara Walters railed on the women for being unprofessional.


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Video: Hasselbeck: Tea Party Like ‘Bed Bugs’

October 6, 2010 1 comment

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, co-host on the The View, says that the Tea Party is like bed bugs in that they are many in number, nobody knows where they are coming from, and they are “powerful little suckers.”

“Everyone thinks the Tea Party is automatically in favor of the Republicans,” said Hasselbeck during Tuesday morning’s “Hot Topics” segment.

“The Republicans don’t even have control of them.

They’re like bed bugs, okay? My point being–they are many in number and nobody knows where they’re coming from, but they are powerful little suckers and they took the wind out of Mike Castle in Delaware.”


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