Amnesty Or Treason? – Vote Or Don’t Vote?

Amnesty Or Trason? – Vote Or Don’t Vote?


For those of you who say that the new immigration bill now pending represents not only amnesty but treason–I agree. And I do not care to waste time arguing whether or not this may be technically correct or not with those who think otherwise.. I fully expect that, like so many previous cases, this bill, regardless of terminology, will become law. Perhaps that is what it will take to wake people up–but will it then be too late; is it now too late?

Providing that Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo will not be a presidential candidate in 2008, I will not vote Republican again. I will vote Libertarian or Constitution Party, etc.

Whether or not what ever candidate I choose has a chance of winning matters not. Today, more than ever, it is time I vote my conscience without regard to the odds of the “game” involved, etc. Further, I may very likely decide not to vote at all. And please don’t bother to advise me that if I don’t vote that I have no right to complain as to the outcome of the election. That is BS, too.

Maybe more people should consider what I have written here. In the event that some others may have interest in my words here, be advised that many have also written and spoken on this topic, and several examples are provided below , lest ye think this is original with me.

Just my own personal outlook on things, folks.


llegitimi non carborundum

Dick Gaines


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GnySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952--'72 PC: History, Poly-Tiks, Military, Stories, Controversial, Unusual, Humorous, etc.... "Simplify...y'know!"
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