Gunny G: Fair and Balanced? BS!


FoxNews is fond of referring to itself as “Fair and Balanced.”
Brit Hume even likes to say, “Fair, Balanced and Unafraid.”
But is it, really? I don’t think so.

So, if I thought they really were, I’d have a suggestion for them–but I don’t think they are. Maybe a couple suggestions.

For instance, I would remove O’Reilly from his prime-time nitely show–who needs his brand of “news” and “commentary.” If O’Reilly is fair and balanced, I am….(never mind).

Some of his previous supernumeraries would make excellent replacements–and I don’t mean MM, who is just as bad as he is. Having her for his stand-in is a little bit like Bush having Dick Cheney as his VP!

And, in the interest of fair and balanced, why not add Don Imus to their lineup! How’s that for fair and balanced? Not a conservative, you say, hey, they have Geraldo aboard already, don’t they? And Colmes. O’Reilly is neither a conservative, nor a liberal; although many could suggest filling in the blank with various names for this one.

In any case, O’R’s spot is a great time slot, and worthy of a much better personality. And, we, the viewing public are also worthy of something better too.

Imus is a morning person, so he could replace all those silly Fox boys and girlees always vying for attention, attempting to dominate by talking above the other. Does anyone really watch them, anyway?

Hell, they could even tie Imus in doing a simultaneous morning radio/ broadcast. And just think, Imus isn’t a conservative–actually, I don’t think he’s really a lib, either, although many think he is. If they would go w/Geraldo, they oughta go w/Imus–Fair, Balanced…(and unafraid?). Can’t have too many non-conservatives around can we?

No, no, I haven’t submitted this to Fox–you don’t think they’re really fair and balanced do you?–if you like the idea, go ahead and do so yourself. Just thinking aloud.

Dick Gaines


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