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Ted Nugent’s Marine Claim

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Ted Nugent’s Marine Claim
FOX News Channel/The O’Reilly Factor
Posted on 08/31/2007 12:39:57 AM EDT by GunnyBob

Last night on TOF on FNC, Ted Nugent claimed he was a Marine. I can find no evidence to support this but I could be missing something.

Someone want to help me out here?

–Gunny Bob

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Larry Craig: Homosexual by Alan Stang

August 30, 2007 1 comment

by Alan Stang
August 30, 2007

Now that Minneapolis cops have finally nailed Idaho Senator Larry Craig, let it be said that his proclivity is stale news. Craig has routinely been accused of sodomy for at least twenty five years. In fact, Craig’s reputation as a predatory sodomite is so well-established and redundant that I did not bother mentioning him in my new book, Not Holier Than Thou, about the homosexual takeover of the Republicrud Party. Instead, I focused on Republicruds whose homosexual résumés were not so well known.

We are talking about a species of satanic insanity, because buggery means spitting in God’s face, “improving” His work. Consider first Craig’s explanation. It was a “misunderstanding.” He normally assumes a “wide position” with his feet when evacuating. That was why his foot accidentally got into the next stall and touched the policeman. Because he “foolishly” tried to wrap the thing up without counsel, he made the “mistake” of pleading guilty.

Ask yourself: What would a normal man do if accused of homosexuality? What would a normal man do if accused of homosexuality in court? Would a normal man plead guilty? Would a normal man plead guilty even were he acting without counsel? No, a normal man would roar. A normal man would loudly proclaim his normalcy. Many accusers have wound up with black eyes. Some have even wound up dead. Now look at these two You Tube links:

Here you see then Member of the House Larry Craig indignantly and righteously denouncing the usual charges in 1982 – twenty five years ago – when the charges included not just buggery but a suitcase full of cocaine. Convincing, wasn’t he? Believable. In fact, here he says something much akin to what you and I would say. Did you believe him? But now we know he was lying. Now he says this latest incident is a “misunderstanding” and a “mistake.”

But now here comes the ultimate horror. Larry Craig’s official U.S. Senate web site says he is married to the former Suzanne Thompson. I could find only one picture of that lady, the one on his site. It’s a bad picture, but she looks good. They have three children: two sons, Mike and Jay, a daughter, Shae, and “nine beautiful grandchildren.” Imagine – if you can – being one of these poor folks today. No one says anything to you, but you know perfectly well that everyone you meet knows your husband, father or grandfather has been arrested in a men’s room with his pants down.

Other commentators have probably told you all this. Craig was co-chairman in the U.S. Senate of the Mitt Romney campaign. Since the feces hit the fan, he has resigned that post and Mitt has pulled the video of himself and Craig together from You Tube. On the video Craig talks about morality and values. But the media have not told you what really ties them together. It is not religion. A few commentators have mistakenly labeled Craig a Mormon. He is in fact a putative Methodist.

As we now know for sure, Larry Craig is a homosexual. What ties them together is the fact that Mitt Romney is a homosexualist. In fact, Mitt is a flaming homosexualist. The term “homosexualist” satisfies an important need in nomenclature. Credit for devising it goes to Scott Lively, a California lawyer, whose book is Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which suggests that Hitler was a homosexual prostitute in Vienna, and that homosexuality and Nazism are almost the same thing.

You know what a homosexual is. A homosexual is a bugger who buggers other males and is buggered. A homosexual is a male who, in effect, plunges his penis into a pail of excrement. A homosexual is a scumbag who often gives his unsuspecting wife serious diseases. And a homosexual is a male who gets himself arrested propositioning policemen in airport men’s rooms.

A “homosexualist” is an individual of either gender, who may or may not be a sodomite or a lesbian, but who does what he or she can to advance homosexuality. For instance, el presidente Jorge W. Boosh’s predecessor, the man who raped that lady in Arkansas while he was attorney general – I can’t recall his name – and then conducted presidential business in the Oval Office while an intern had sex, is obviously a homosexualist.

So is Jorge W. Boosh himself. Boosh has done at least as much as the rapist to advance the cause of sodomy. Boosh named Republicrud leader Mary Matalin, a ferocious homosexualist, as a top adviser. Mary is a heroine to the sodomite Log Cabin Republicans, whose mission is to do to the Republicruds what flaming faggots like Barney Frank of Taxachusetts have done to the Democruds. She has threatened to demonize anyone who opposes homosexuality and calls religious opponents “the Leviticus crowd.” It would be no surprise at all to learn that Mary Matalin is a secret bull dyke.

Again, Mitt Romney is a flaming homosexualist. You will find many pages documenting his homosexualist activities as governor of Taxachusetts in my new book, Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer Is Bush? Since he eagerly collaborated with Taxachusetts queers, there is every reason to believe that as President Romney would do the same on a bigger scale. Here from the book are some examples of Mitt’s homosexualism in action.

I have mentioned the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual group. They endorsed Mitt because he met with them many times and put at least two of them on his staff. An appendix to my book offers a fulsome letter of acclamation from Romney to Log Cabin. In 2002, during Boston’s “Gay Pride” events, the Romney campaign for governor distributed bright pink flyers wishing participants a “great Pride weekend.”

Romney supports every piece of federal legislation that would advance, support, protect and finance Organized Sodomy. In November, 2003, in Taxachusetts, he said he would support homosexual civil unions. In February, 2005, he told South Carolina Republicans that he has always opposed such civil unions.

There have been more than 2,500 cases of faggots infiltrating the Boy Scouts to molest little boys, a major felony, but Mitt says, “I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation.” The 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City were the only Olympics that forbade the Boy Scouts to participate. Mitt Romney, homosexualist, ran the Olympics that year and kept them out.

We also don’t need to wonder about whom a President Romney would appoint, because Governor Romney appointed many homosexuals to top jobs in Taxachusetts government. In April, 2005, he allowed, protected, encouraged and financed distribution of the Little Black Book to Middle School kiddos at Brookline High School.

In another appendix, Not Holier Than Thou reproduces a page from that document. It is not the worst page. To tell you the truth, I feared that, had I reprinted the worst page, you would have blamed me when you threw up. But the page I do reprint tells the middle school kiddos about fisting. I am not going to spell out what fisting is here. Were I to do so, you would no doubt start screaming that I am trying to drive you insane. Again, none of this could have happened without the imprimatur of Taxachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Mitt told Taxachusetts Justices of the Peace that, if they refused to marry homosexual and lesbian couples, they would be fired. Romney thereby went far beyond what the law required. Again, these are just a few examples from the book. So, when Romney shows up in your neighborhood, tall, handsome, urbane, presidential, campaigning for your vote, remember that he is a lying, homosexualist skunk.

To order the book, simply go to and click on STORE, at the top, then scroll down to Not Holier Than Thou. The important thing to remember about all this is that it is not merely about a degenerate in high places, who has finally managed to destroy himself. The book makes clear that the true purpose of Organized Sodomy is quite literally to turn our country upside down, to destroy our civilization and our system. That is why Boosh does not enforce our borders. He thinks he has abolished them.

You can read the plan yourself in Not Holier Than Thou. The goal of the men behind that scheme is to submerge our country in a world government. They can do so only if we are thoroughly demoralized. And there is no more effective weapon of demoralization than the present homosexual assault. What happened in that airport men’s room in the Cities is not just about pathetic Larry Craig. It’s also about the abolition of America. It’s about Mitt Romney.

© 2007 – Alan Stang – All Rights Reserved

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Alan Stang was one of Mike Wallace’s original writers at Channel 13 in New York, where he wrote some of the scripts that sent Mike to CBS. Stang has been a radio talk show host himself. In Los Angeles, he went head to head nightly with Larry King, and, according to Arbitron, had almost twice as many listeners. He has been a foreign correspondent. He has written hundreds of feature magazine articles in national magazines and some fifteen books, for which he has won many awards, including a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for journalistic excellence. One of Stang’s exposés stopped a criminal attempt to seize control of New Mexico, where a gang seized a court house, held a judge hostage and killed a deputy. The scheme was close to success before Stang intervened. Another Stang exposé inspired major reforms in federal labor legislation.

His first book, It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, was an instant best-seller. His first novel, The Highest Virtue, set in the Russian Revolution, won smashing reviews and five stars, top rating, from the West Coast Review of Books, which gave five stars in only one per cent of its reviews.

Stang has lectured in every American state and around the world and has guested on many top shows, including CNN’s Cross Fire. Because he and his wife had the most kids in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, where they lived at the time, the entire family was chosen to be actors in “Havana,” directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, the most expensive movie ever made (at the time). Alan Stang is the man in the ridiculous Harry Truman shirt with the pasted-down hair. He says they made him do it.


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Larry Craig Pervert Scandal Is Tip Of The Iceberg

August 30, 2007 1 comment

Larry Craig Pervert Scandal Is Tip Of The Iceberg
Media ignores lurid history of snuff style sex scandals

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, August 30, 2007

reddit_url=’’ reddit_title=’Larry Craig Pervert Scandal Is Tip Of The Iceberg’

digg_title = ‘Larry Craig Pervert Scandal Is Tip Of The Iceberg'; digg_bodytext = ‘Revelations about Senator Larry Craig that have mired the Republicans in another sex scandal over the past few days continue to rumble across the media spectrum – but the true scale of perversion, organized child sex slavery rings and their connections to the elite is uniformly omitted from polite conversation.';

Revelations about Senator Larry Craig that have mired the Republicans in another sex scandal over the past few days continue to rumble across the media spectrum – but the true scale of perversion, organized child sex slavery rings and their connections to the elite is uniformly omitted from polite conversation.

Last year, Republican Rep. Mark Foley was investigated by the FBI after he sent sexually suggestive e mails to boys working as congressional pages. It later emerged that House leaders had known for months about Foley’s lurid behavior yet chose to look the other way. Foley was co-chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus.

Larry Craig, albeit on a lesser scale, has now been exposed as a pervert and the media treadmill continues to afford this individual case blanket coverage – a deluge of attention not received by the thousands of missing children and victimized young men who were and continue to be the victims of gargantuan forced child prostitution rings that operate to service political, corporate and media elites all across the globe.

Keith Olbermann sends up the Larry Craig pervert scandal. 

On June 29 1989, the Washington Times’ Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald reported on a Washington D.C. prostitution ring that had intimate connections with the White House all the way up to President George H.W. Bush. Male prostitutes had been given access to the White House and the article also cited evidence of “abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion.”

In July 1990 a Nebraska Grand Jury was convened to hear allegations that Lawrence “Larry” King, then manager of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union and a rising Republican party star, along with Washington lobbyists, had set up a child prostitution ring in which minors were transported around the country and forced to have sex with King, other top officials, and according to victims who some allege were later harassed into recanting, then-Vice-President Bush.

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) was identified by victims as having engaged in the abuse and in a bizarre twist of fate, appeared on Bill Maher’s show last year and made jokes about the outing of Larry Craig as another homosexual Republican.

The Grand Jury dismissed the case as a hoax but former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp later investigated the claims and was horrified to learn that they were indeed legitimate.

Click on the enlargements to read the 1989 Washington Times expose.

The video which you can watch in full below, Conspiracy of Silence, was produced by British Yorkshire Television and was scheduled to air nationwide in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. Despite appearing in TV guides, the documentary was pulled at the last minute. Key politicians implicated in the scandal intimidated Discovery into canning the program and it was never shown in the U.S.

The documentary team interviewed victims of the Franklin cover-up scandal and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Washington’s political elite had been involved in Larry King’s pedophile ring.

Connections between male prostitutes and the White House emerged again in early 2005, when James Dale Guckert, working under the pseudonym Jeff Gannon, was given privileged access to the White House despite his lack of suitable press credentials. Gannon first came under scrutiny when he repeatedly gave President Bush softball questions during press conferences – leading many to charge Gannon was a White House plant. Photos emerged of Bush embracing Gannon and appearing very affectionate towards him during meetings. It later came out that Gannon had previously placed ads on homosexual escort service websites.

In almost every case of human trafficking for child sex slavery, from Chile to Australia, to Bosnia, to Portugal, to Belgium, court proceedings get shut down or diverted when a clear connection to the elite arises.

In the mid 1990’s, convicted child rapist Marc Dutroux built a secret prison cell in his Charleroi basement where he kept abducted young girls hostage at the behest of what he called “a big crime ring,” which in the 2004 court case was thought by many to encompass some of Belgium’s top politicians, judges and policemen. The reason why it took so long to apprehend Dutroux was that he was being legally protected by these same individuals.

Material witnesses at the trial described “child sex parties involving judges, politicians, bankers and members of the royal family.” Victims that managed to survive (most were butchered snuff style after being raped) verified the claims.

The Internet leader in activist mediaPrison Get access to hundreds of special video reports, audio interviews, books and documentary films. Subscribers also get instant access to our hugely popular forum where you can network with like-minded people, meet up and get active! Click here to subscribe.

Police actually visited Dutroux’s home and heard the cries of help from children concealed in his basement yet believed Dutroux’s explanation that the sounds were coming from kids playing in the street.

Dutroux was eventually convicted for his role in the pedophile ring but the involvement of the elite of the country was never properly investigated.

After Dyncorp and Halliburton contractors were exposed as having operated child prostitution rackets in the Balkans from the late 1990’s onwards (and more recently in the case of Halliburton), Rep. Cynthia McKinney attempted to get answers as to why the U.S. government continued to do business with these corporations.

On March 11th 2005, McKinney grilled Secretary Rumsfeld and General Myers on the Dyncorp scandal and its protection by the U.S. government.

“Mr. Secretary, I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade. The President called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business. But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children. While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program. Mr. Secretary, is it [the] policy of the U.S. Government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?”

In late 2005, Halliburton subsidiary KBR and Dyncorp lobbyists worked in tandem with the Pentagon to stall legislation that would specifically ban trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S. contractors.

Where were the investigations and convictions in other cases of establishment orchestrated child slavery and prostitution? Like the NATO officials responsible for the mushrooming of child prostitution in Kosovo?

What happened to UN officials identified as using a ship charted for ‘peacekeepers’ to bring young girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes?

The U.S. media largely failed to even report many of these cases at the time yet Larry Craig’s bathroom activities, which are without a doubt perverted, creepy and fully worthy of a disorderly conduct charge, are given a hundred times more press coverage than huge sex slavery scandals with ties to the elite that resulted in the abduction, abuse, rape and murder of thousands of children across the globe – many of which are still missing today.

In addition, Wikipedia allows the page detailing a list of such Republican sex scandals to be deleted by trolls as if no such scandals ever took place!

Copyright © All rights reserved.

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The Party Is Over — Again

August 30, 2007 Leave a comment

The Party Is Over–Again

Posted on 8/30/2007

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In February, 2001, I saw the end of the credit-filled boom , as the stock market went bust, and predicted recessionary times, which soon followed. It seems, however, that Washington, D.C., is one great big toga party, and if it is true that Blutarsky of “Animal House” became Senator Blutarsky (as the film’s credits tell us at the end), perhaps that provides an explanation for the outright foolishness that has gone on with the Federal Reserve System for more than a decade.

However, the Fed and the rest of the D.C. crowd really did not need the hard-partying Blutarsky to set policy, as it seems that Alan Greenspan and his successor, Ben Bernanke, were willing to shed their dark suits and starched collars for a toga made of bed sheets (or maybe some strips of old stock tickertape). Certainly, the policies that these two men and their agents have foisted upon this country since the heyday of the Bill Clinton Administration fall into that of one big party with the Fed spiking the punchbowl with easy credit.

It is hard to know just how far the current meltdown in the stock market and housing market will go, but we can say unequivocally that it will not be business as usual, or business that has been usual for the last many years. We can forget about a 14,000-point Dow for a long while, as economic law — something that politicians have assured us exists only in the minds of “kooks” — reasserts itself, and the results are not pretty.

In this piece, I will briefly point out some of the more egregious things the Fed and the financial system have done and why this monetary charade has been able to go on as long as it has. Before doing that, however, I will deal with one important aspect of economic theory: the relationship of production to consumption.

One of the continuing debates throughout modern economic history (modern meaning the past 300 years or so) has been that of the relationship between production and consumption, the source of what we call Say’s Law. This is what separated Say and his allies from Thomas Malthus, and the Classical economists from Marx and his followers. The debate went on into the 20th Century, with the Austrians taking one side, and the Keynesians the other.

The basics of the debate are this: One side (Say and those who followed him) says that consumption and production are directly related, and that consumption flows from production, or “supply creates its own demand.” The source of one’s consumption, they argue, is one’s production. On larger scales, economies that produce much also are going to be societies that engage in the most consumption of goods.

The ramifications of this set of beliefs are important, for if one holds to Say’s Law (as do the Austrians), one is acknowledging the efficacy of production and also the acknowledgement that in a market economy markets generally will work efficiently, as long as governments do not interfere with them. Adherents to Say’s Law do not disagree that there can be economic downturns; indeed, Say begins his famous Book I, Chapter XV, describing what we would call “recession” conditions. (I make this point because many critics of Say have accused those who hold to Say’s Law of believing that recessions are impossible. Socialists are fond of saying that “the Great Depression discredited Say’s Law,” which is simply not true.)

On the other side, beginning with Bernard de Mandeville and his 1714 “The Fable of the Bees,” it is held that because production of goods is not a guarantee that they will be sold (which in itself is true), therefore consumption must always be encouraged or economies will quickly stagnate into periods of “general overproduction” and fall into ruin. To combat this problem, they have argued, people should be encouraged to spend and spend and spend, as saving money ultimately means unsold goods, and unsold goods mean overproduction, and overproduction means layoffs and mass unemployment.

Karl Marx and others systematized this viewpoint to make the case that free-market economies are inherently unstable and if governments do not intervene to bring about consumption, the capitalist economies will implode. For Marx, the source of underconsumption was the profit-taking by capitalists, who had no right to that product which “rightfully” belonged to the “proletariat.”

John Maynard Keynes, in his 1936 General Theory, also “discredited” Say’s Law and held elsewhere that the creation of new credit by monetary authorities could “turn stones into bread.” The idea to Keynes was that private investment spending was unstable, and that that very instability, when coupled with the multiplier effect of investment spending, meant that a market economy was vulnerable to quick downward surges of general underconsumption and overproduction that would quickly lead to the dreaded “liquidity trap.”

Thus, his view — and the view that has dominated government economic policies for at least a century — is that government must act to prop up consumption through various actions of monetary creation through central banks, as well as massive spending on public works and transference of income from the non-consuming rich to the consuming poor. The idea was that wealthy people were unlikely to spend all of their income, displaying an unhealthy “propensity” to save, which meant that their spending habits would ensure general underconsumption unless some of that money was taken via taxation and given to those entities — individuals and government agencies — that would “responsibly” spend and keep the economy afloat. Just put money into the “hands of the people,” they will spend thusly, and from that spending, production will automatically occur, just as the Golden Calf allegedly rose from Aaron’s fire.

All of this hit me hard when I briefly chatted with an official from the Federal Reserve System at a recent economics conference in Seattle. When I spoke to him about the various bubbles the Fed has created over the past decade, he did not deny that point. Instead, he insisted that the bubbles were good, since unemployment is relatively low. My answer (that he admittedly said was hard to argue against) was that he was trying to tell me that without these bubbles, we would be worse off, economically speaking, something that is incredulous on its face.

While the Fed has been advocating credit for nearly anyone with a pulse, in reality it has been advocating the old Keynesian position that it must constantly create new “money” in order to facilitate commerce, and the Fed has not disappointed in that arena. However, despite the assurances of various Fed spokespersons, in reality a bubble is called a bubble precisely because it cannot be sustained over time.

The reason that the Fed has been able to get away with its monetary shenanigans for more than a decade has been the historical accident of the US dollar being a major world currency, and the rise of the Asian economies. The Asian central banks have been willing to hold dollars at levels well out of proportion to their real value, and Americans have benefited — temporarily, I will add — by the fact that the Chinese and others will accept US dollars for their relatively inexpensive goods.

Indeed, one can say that in one way, the Fed has succeeded (temporarily) in giving us the ultimate Keynesian economy, one in which the US government prints dollars and the Chinese accept them without question. All one has to do is find a way to get dollars in one’s hands — the lending and credit processes seeming to do the trick — and then sit back and consume, consume, consume!

Thus, whether it be the refinancing of one’s home (again and again) to put extra cash in one’s pocket, beating the latest stock bubble, or “flipping” a house, there has seemed to be no end to government schemes to direct money to people to enable them to live beyond their means. However, Say’s Law is not dead; indeed, the markets now seem to be catching on to the reality that Austrians and their fellow travelers have recognized for years, and that is that a policy of easy money cannot sustain itself. Someone has to pay the piper, and he has shown up at the door.

Americans my age and older have been down this road before. Following World War II, the dollar truly was the world’s reserve currency, and it was considered to be “good as gold.” Bolstered by the dogma of the “New Economics,” which was Keynesian garb in American academic robes, promoted by the high priests of US economists, Paul Samuelson and Walter P. Heller, the US government went on a spending orgy. (Compared to the government spending habits today, the “orgy” of the 1960s was little more than a tea party.)

By 1971, however, it was clear that the dollar by itself was empty, and when President Richard Nixon closed the Bretton Woods “gold window” on August 15, 1971, it was the official beginning of the stagflation that dominated the US economy for a decade. Only when the dollar was rejected by others was the folly of Washington’s endless economic toga parties fully exposed.

While I was roundly critical of the Clinton Administration for its irresponsible economic policies, nothing compares to what the George W. Bush Administration has given us, making Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter look responsible in comparison. The entire time this administration has been in office, it has given us the “economy by bubble.”

George W. Bush makes Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter look responsible by comparison.

From the housing bubble to the latest brief upward explosion in the stock market, we are now faced with the hard reality that there is no place for this huge wad of cash to go. It is not the case that we have a “liquidity problem” because there is no money to lend; we have a “liquidity problem” because the outlets for borrowed money have shrunk drastically.

Furthermore, the Chinese are now beginning to realize that the dollar is not what it used to be, and bellicose talk from Washington is wiping out whatever good will has been present between China and the United States. The war in Iraq has turned that country into a charnel house, oil and gasoline prices have drastically increased, thanks to the war and government policies, and people are finding that Washington has nothing to offer, as if it ever did.

War abroad and fiscal and monetary irresponsibility at home gave us the infamous end of Bretton Woods 36 years ago. (I am not endorsing the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, which Henry Hazlitt knew from the beginning to be terribly flawed, but in retrospect, it was still superior to the current monetary madness that is the Federal Reserve.)

It now seems that the authorities have learned nothing from the financial disasters of four decades ago: they are determined to make the rest of us repeat them. Granted, many of us have benefited from this era of “easy money,” but that is going to change. Indeed, the party is over, the lights are out, and I don’t know when they will be turned on again. Please leave your togas at the door.

William Anderson, an adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute, teaches economics at Frostburg State University. Send him mail. See his articles. Comment on the blog.


“A Ron Paulian Blueprint?”

August 30, 2007 4 comments

Rockwell’s Thirty-Day Plan

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


When Eastern Europe broke free in 1989, we all realized just how little thought had been given to the transition from socialism to capitalism. Mises had told us the collapse was coming, and we should have been prepared.

As America comes to resemble a command economy, we need a transition plan here too. Yuri Maltsev proposed a “One-Year Plan” for the U.S.S.R. We’re not in that bad a shape (yet), so we could do it in 30 days.

DAY ONE: The federal income tax is abolished and April 15th is declared a national holiday. The 40% reduction in federal revenues is matched by a 40% cut in spending. The budget is still almost twice as big as Jimmy Carter’s.

DAY TWO: All other federal taxes are abolished, including the corporate income tax, the capital gains tax, the gasoline tax, “sin” taxes, excise taxes, etc. Businesses boom, and the few legitimate federal functions are funded with an inexpensive head tax. People who choose not to vote need not pay it. (Note: this was a mainstream view in the 19th century.)

DAY THREE: The federal government sells all its land, freeing up tens of millions of acres for development, mining, farming, forestry, oil drilling, private parks, etc. The government uses the revenue to pay off the national debt and other liabilities.

DAY FOUR: The minimum wage is reduced to zero, creating jobs for ex-federal bureaucrats at their market wage. All pro-union laws and regulations are scrapped. The jobless rate falls dramatically.

DAY FIVE: The Bureau of Labor Statistics, like the rest of the Labor Department, is sent to that big hiring hall in the sky. Without detailed economic statistics, future economic planners will be blind and deaf.

DAY SIX: The Department of Commerce is abolished. Big business has to make its own way in the world, without subsidies and privileges at the expense of its competitors and customers.

DAY SEVEN: The plug is pulled on the Department of Energy. Oil and gas prices plummet.

DAY EIGHT: All regulatory agencies, from the Interstate Commerce Commission to the Federal Trade Commission, are deep-sixed. Competition is legalized.

DAY NINE: HUD is squashed like a bug. There’s a building boom in cheap, private, apartments.

DAY TEN: The interstate highways reopen as private businesses. Road entrepreneurs price travel according to consumer demand. Using modern technology, drivers get bills once a month. Credit risks – and drunks and dangerous drivers – aren’t allowed on the road. Non-drivers no longer subsidize car owners.

DAY ELEVEN: Government welfare is wiped out. Bums work or starve. The deserving poor find a cornucopia of private services designed to make them independent. Private charity explodes, as the American people, already the most generous in the world, find their incomes almost doubled, thanks to the tax cuts.

DAY TWELVE: The Federal Reserve closes its open-market operations and stops protecting the banking industry from competition. But banks can now engage in all the non-bank financial activities previously forbidden to them. The business cycle, which is caused by monetary expansion through the credit markets, is liquidated.

DAY THIRTEEN: Federal deposit insurance is scrapped. All insured deposits are redeemed from federal assets, which include the personal assets of high-level government employees. The threat of bank runs forces banks to keep 100% reserves for their demand deposits, and prudent reserves on all other accounts. There are no more inherently bankrupt banks propped up by the government, at taxpayer expense, and no more bail-outs.

DAY FOURTEEN: The shaky fiat dollar is defined in terms of gold, with the ratio determined by dividing the government’s gold stock by all existing dollars on that day.

DAY FIFTEEN: The federal government sells National and Dulles airports to the highest bidder, and stops all subsidies to other socialist airports around the country. All constraints on airline prices and service cease. It costs more to fly during peak hours than off-peak, but overall, air travel drops in price.

DAY SIXTEEN: All government regulations that create and sustain cartels are abolished, including those for the post office, telephones, television, radio, and cable TV. Prices plummet, and a host of new and unforeseen services becomes available.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Centrally planned agriculture, as imposed by Hoover and Roosevelt, is repealed: there are no more subsidies, payments-in-kind, marketing orders, low-interest loans, etc. Farm prices drop. Entrepreneurial farmers get rich. Welfare farmers go into another line of work. The poor eat like kings.

DAY EIGHTEEN: The Justice Department shutters its anti-trust division. Companies, big and small, are free to merge – up, down, or sideways. Stockholders can buy any other company, or sell their stock to anyone else. Marginal producers can no longer battle their competitors with bureaucratic weapons.

DAY NINETEEN: The Department of Education flunks the constitutionality test, and is kicked out. Private charities set up remedial reading and writing programs for the former bureaucrats. Federally subsidized sex education and other anti-family programs go out of business. Local school districts become responsive to parents or close, pressured by a fast-growing private school sector (which many more parents can now afford).

DAY TWENTY: All federal monuments are sold, in some cases to non-profit groups based on the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association, which owns and runs George Washington’s home. The VFW buys the Vietnam memorial. There is much bidding for the Jefferson and Washington monuments. Nobody wants FDR’s, so it’s torn down and the land sold to a farmer. (With the federal government cut back to its constitutional size, much of Washington reverts to productive uses like agriculture, as in late 18th century.)

DAY TWENTY-ONE: The computerized financial and political dossier maintained by the government on every American is erased. The public wanders through the federal offices to make sure, in a reprise of the East Berliners’ visits to Stasi headquarters.

DAY TWENTY-TWO: Equal rights are granted to all Americans, even members of non-victim groups. There is no affirmative action, no quotas, no set-asides, no public accommodations laws. Private property and freedom of association are fully restored.

DAY TWENTY-THREE: The EPA is cleaned out, with all “clean air” and similar big-government laws repealed. Ten thousand lawyers leap from their balconies. Private property is established in air and water. Americans harmed by pollution are free to sue the polluters, who are no longer protected by the federal government.

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Americans are given complete freedom of contract, restoring rationality to malpractice and product liability law.

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Government scrambles for more assets to sell (i.e., the National Zoo, also known as Washington, D.C.) to pay off the liabilities of the privatized Social Security system.

DAY TWENTY-SIX: Porno artists have to earn their own livings, as the National Endowment for the Arts tries to raise its budget through sidewalk painting sales.

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: Foreign aid is outlawed as unconstitutional, unjust, and un-economic. Foreign politicians have to steal their own money. The World Bank, IMF, and United Nations close their super-luxurious doors.

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: The American people are given the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms.

DAY TWENTY-NINE: The Defense Department is reoriented towards defense. American troops come home from all around the world. We adopt a policy of armed neutrality, remembering the Founding Fathers’ teaching that we could not have an empire abroad and a constitutional republic at home.

DAY THIRTY: All tariffs, quotas, and trade agreements are put through the shredder. Americans can trade with anyone in the world, without barriers or subsidies. Japanese car prices drop an immediate 25%.

In just 30 exhilarating days, we have established the outlines of free market. Radical? Maybe so. Me, I can’t wait until Month Two.

August 30, 2007

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. [send him mail] is president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, editor of, and author of Speaking of Liberty. This article appeared in The Free Market for March 1991.

Copyright © 2007 Ludwig von Mises Institute

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Let me ask you something. What is political correctness? To quote from Wikipedia, “The term “political correctness” is derived from Marxist-Leninist vocabulary, and was used to describe the appropriate “party line,” [7] commonly referred to as the “correct line.” [8] The term was used in communist countries, and by communist and Trotskyist parties.
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