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Who Killed Congressman Lawrence Patton McDonald?

August 8, 2007 4 comments

Who Killed Congressman
Lawrence Patton McDonald?

The State Department Cover-Up Of KAL Flight 007
By Todd Brendan Fahey

It is a story that no one wants to talk about anymore.

Neither by ideological colleagues Congressman Bob Stump (R-AZ) and former Senator Steve Symms (R-ID), nor from any quarter of the State Department: the assassination on September 1, 1983, of a United States Congressman aboard a passenger airliner at the hands of Soviet fighter jets. A southern Democrat lawmaker, who was also jointly Chairman of the John Birch Society and President of Western Goals Foundation, both famously anti-Globalist/anti-communist organizations, and who had announced to his advisors in the weeks prior to his death that he would be seeking the Presidency of the United States–as a conservative Democrat–in 1988. A cousin of WWII hero General George S. Patton, and who had inherited Patton’s mountain of anti-Soviet Intelligence records; who had organized a private Intelligence network which threatened to rival that of the CIA–at once commanding, polished on-the-stump and movie-star handsome: …the kind of man who could seriously derail the Presidential aspirations of George Herbert Walker Bush, the elder.

Such is the story of the late-Congressman Lawrence Patton “Larry” McDonald–former U.S. Naval Reserves flight-surgeon-turned-lawmaker-turned Presidential hopeful. In death, even, for the Establishment’s purposes, the most dangerous man in America.

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The Essence of Liberty #117 – Why do we need a new movement to reclaim America?

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The Essence of Liberty: Part 117

Compiled and Summarized by

Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume

Summary of For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray N. Rothbard

The complete book is available for download at:

Chapter 1: The Libertarian Heritage: The American Revolution and Classical Liberalism

Resistance to Liberty

The modern libertarian movement is rooted in the legacy of the American Revolution. But what happened? Why do we need a new movement to reclaim America?

First, it is important to remember that classical liberalism was a profound threat to the political and economic interests of the ruling classes. There had been three revolutions (the English, American and French). But, the victories in Europe were only partial. The ruling classes managed to maintain their landed monopolies, religious establishments, and warlike foreign policies. They also managed to keep suffrage restricted to the wealthy elite. However, the economic and political interests of the mass clearly lay in individual liberty.

By the early 19 th century laissez-faire forces were known as “liberals” and conservatism had began as an attempt to undo the classical liberal spirit of the revolutions. By the end of the century, conservatives realized that their cause was doomed if they persisted in calling for repeal of the Industrial Revolution (and its rise in the living standards for the masses) and their opposition to the widening of suffrage.

So, the Old Order shifted gears and jettisoned their opposition to industrialism and democratic suffrage. The new conservatives substituted duplicity and demagogy for their old contempt of the masses. They snowed the masses with the line, “We, too, favor industrialism and a higher standard of living. But, to accomplish that, we must regulate industry, substitute organized cooperation for competition and, above all, we must substitute war, protectionism, empire and military prowess for peace and free trade.” Big government, rather than minimal government, was required for all of these changes.

Out of this the New Right fashioned a collectivism based on “war, militarism, protectionism, and the compulsory cartelization of business and industry.” This consisted of a huge network of controls, regulations, subsidies, and privileges, which forged a partnership between Big Government and favored elements in big business. But, something had to be done about the “proletariat.”

Until the late 19th century, workers favored laissez-faire and the free competitive market. But the New conservatives weakened their position by shedding crocodile tears about the “condition of the industrial labor force.” Then finally, in the early 20th century, the new conservative “corporate state” incorporated trade unions as junior partners to big government and big businesses in the new statist decision-making system.

This New Order was really nothing but a modernized, dressed-up version of the ancien régime. Thus, t he ruling elites had to perform a gigantic con job on the deluded public (a con job that continues to this day). The existence of every government depends on the consent of the public. But, a democratic government must engineer such consent every day. And to do so, the masses “had to be convinced that tyranny was better than liberty, that a cartelized and privileged industrial feudalism was better for the consumers than a freely competitive market, that a cartelized monopoly was to be imposed in the name of antimonopoly, and that war and military aggrandizement for the benefit of the ruling elites was really in the interests of the conscripted, taxed, and often slaughtered public. How was this to be done? “

The intellectual classes in all societies determine public opinion. Despots and ruling elites have always had much greater need for the services of intellectuals than have peaceful citizens in a free society. Up until modern times these services were usually provided by churchmen. The Church informed its deluded charges that the king ruled by divine right and, in return, the king funneled tax revenues into the coffers of the Church. (Hence, the importance of separating Church and State.)

But, for modern times, the new conservatives had to forge a new alliance between intellectual and State—one with secular intellectuals rather than divines. This re-forging came in two parts. In the early 19 th century stress was placed on the virtue of tradition and irrational symbols in order to gull the public into continuing to go along with privileged hierarchical rule and the worship of the nation-state and its war-making machine. Then, in the latter part of the century, “science” was adopted. This was a “science.” that required rule of the economy and society by “experts.” In exchange for spreading the message, the new intellectuals were rewarded with jobs and prestige as apologists, planners and regulators.

To insure their dominance of over public opinion, Western governments seized control of education through public schools and compulsory attendance laws. Furthermore, this insured that teachers and professional educators would be one of the biggest vested interests in expanding statism.

One of the ways these intellectuals did their work was to change the meaning of old labels. For example, laissez-faire libertarians had long been known as “liberals” or “progressives.” But the new statist intellectuals appropriated the terms for themselves and, they were also able to appropriate the concept of “reason” as well. They also tarred their opponents with the charge of being old-fashioned—they even pinned the name “conservative” on the classical liberals.

The growth of socialism was another reason for the decay of classical liberalism. Socialism is a confused, hybrid movement, influenced by both liberalism and conservatism. From the classical liberals it took acceptance of industrialism, glorification of “science” and “reason,” and a rhetorical devotion to peace, individual freedom, and a rising standard of living. Further, it topped the classical liberal adherence to democracy by calling for an “expanded democracy” where “the people” would run the economy.

From the conservatives it took a devotion to coercion and the statist means for achieving these liberal goals. It would install rule by scientists and workers of everyone else—or more accurately rule by politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats in their name. The goal was equality or uniformity of results. It would create a new privileged elite in the name of achieving this impossible equality.

It tried to achieve the liberal goals (which can only be achieved through liberty) by using the old conservative means of statism, collectivism, and hierarchical privilege. The ultimate outcome was, of course, unprecedented despotism, starvation, and grinding poverty.

The worst thing about socialism was that it outflanked the classical liberals “on the Left.” It allowed the liberals to be put falsely into a confused middle-of-the-road position with socialism and conservatism as the polar opposites. But this happened only because classical liberals had allowed themselves to decay from within.

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Jimmy T. LaBaume, PhD, ChFC is a full professor teaching economics and statistics in the School of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX. He does not speak for Sul Ross State University. Sul Ross State University does not think for him.

Dr. LaBaume has lived in Mexico and spent extended periods of time in South and Central America as a researcher, consultant and educator.

“Gunny” LaBaume is a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. His Marine Corps career spanned some 35 years intermittently from 1962 until 1997 when he refused to re-enlist with less than 2 years to go to a good retirement. In his own words, he “simply got tired of living a life of crime.”

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Walking on Eggshells: Bigfoot and Trans-Atlantic Paralysis
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Exposing the Mythology of ‘Multiculturalism’
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Congress Selects Back Door Program for Illegals
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Election 2008 – YouTube, Daffy Definitions and Trophy Wives
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Republicans Not Pleased Withe Their Options

August 8, 2007 1 comment


“…The Republicans on the other hand can’t find a quorum of registered voters who are excited about any of the GOP candidates thus far—least of all the liberal media-ordained and left-promoted GOP frontrunner and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who trails California psychologist Dr. Mark Klein and libertarian Congressman Dr. Ron Paul in most of the grassroots straw polls in Iowa. ( Klein does not show up in the “official” Washington Post-ABC News poll which considers only the media-blessed candidates as viable since they know from 1912 that only those candidates who “get press” get elected.) A recent very unscientific Drudge poll showed Ron Paul leading the pack with 35% of the vote. Trailing him were:…”

Republicans Not Pleased Withe Their Options



By Jon Christian Ryter

August 8, 2007

Moderate Democrats—whose voices are drown out by the far left (and who would prefer someone like former US Sen. Zell Miller [D-GA] or even Joe Lieberman [I-CT] instead of either Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton [D-NY] or Muslim-born and raised Barak Obama [D-IL] (who is in tactical denial about his Islamic roots) as the party’s standard bearer in 2008)—are as unhappy about Hillary Clinton’s attempt to hijack the Democratic nomination a year before the primaries as the Republicans are about the prospect of having only a couple of short-winded “sprinters” but no long distance runners in the race for the White House.

This spells disaster for conservatives in 2008. Unless rank and file right-of-center Christians and social conservatives align behind a Republican candidate and avoid the pitfalls of throwing their vote away on a third party spoiler as they did in 1992 and 1996, the Democrats will not only win the White House in 2008, they will increase their seats in the House and Senate—perhaps to the extent of giving them a veto-proof Congress if GOP Congressmen and Senators continue to back President George W. Bush’s illegal alien amnesty program and the North American Union. (A veto proof Congress requires a super-majority of 290 aligned Congressmen and 67 aligned Senators.)

Clearly, the money barons and merchant princes who have carefully orchestrated every national election in the United States since 1912 and preordained the winners like symphonic maestros, appear to have already decided the next president will be a Democrat. Only, it won’t be Hillary Clinton who jump-started the primary season a year early in an effort to steal the nomination before the money barons picked their candidate—whom, she wisely surmised, would not be her. Nor will it be the Sheik of Illinois who will not escape his Muslim roots when the winnowing of candidates begins in earnest—particularly if al Qaeda is successful in launching another attack in the United States before the 2008 election.

The Republicans on the other hand can’t find a quorum of registered voters who are excited about any of the GOP candidates thus far—least of all the liberal media-ordained and left-promoted GOP frontrunner and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who trails California psychologist Dr. Mark Klein and libertarian Congressman Dr. Ron Paul in most of the grassroots straw polls in Iowa. ( Klein does not show up in the “official” Washington Post-ABC News poll which considers only the media-blessed candidates as viable since they know from 1912 that only those candidates who “get press” get elected.) A recent very unscientific Drudge poll showed Ron Paul leading the pack with 35% of the vote. Trailing him were:

Rudy Giuliani—26%
Mitt Romney—20%
Tom Tancredo—5%
Mike Huckabee—4%
John McCain—3%
Tommy Thompson—3%
Duncan Hunter—2%
Sam Brownback—2%

The Drudge poll reflects the view of 65% of the respondents. That means, 45% of those polled either voted for someone else, or for “none-of-the-above.” In the official Washington Post-ABC News poll, which reflects the opinion of 98% of the respondents, Ron Paul takes 2%. Former US Senator Fred Thompson—who has not officially joined the race—comes in third with 13% of that straw poll.

Mitt Romney—26%
Rudy Giuliani—14%
Fred Thompson—13%
Mike Huckabee—8%
John McCain—8%
Sam Brownback—5%
Tom Tancredo—5%
Ron Paul—2%
No opinion—11%

Surprising, potential GOP voters in Iowa, when asked by the Washington Post-ABC News pollsters which of the Republicans running for post position in the Iowa caucus was most qualified to hold the office of President, 22% of them picked the former mayor whose only political experience was managing one city, while ignoring the full measure of experience of three governors, three US Senators and two congressmen. If job titles were scholastic degrees, a mayor would be construed to be a high school graduate, a US Congressman would be the equivalent of having a bachelor’s degree and a US Senator or governor would have a master’s degree. A senator who also served as a governor would be equivalent to a doctorate. Rudy Giuliani is not any more qualified for the job of President of the United States than any other working class stiff in America. As President, Rudy will never rise above “America’s Mayor.” Rudy’s a likable guy who was hand-picked by the liberal media as the best “designated loser” for 2008 since whomever he runs against—unless the Democrats find a mayor to run against him—he loses. In other words, put Mike Bloomberg at the top of the Democratic ticket and Giuliani wins.

Conservative Americans flipflop almost weekly on their choice of the person they would most likely vote for President simply because they aren’t satisfied with any of them. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who has been campaigning harder in Iowa than any other GOP candidate, is currently the front runner there even though Iowans believe Giuliani would be a stronger and more decisive leader. Most of those who support Giuliani mistakenly believe he played a major decision-making role in safeguarding New York after 9-11. He did not. While he was kept in the loop and profited greatly from the political photo ops, the action taken in New York after 9-11 was federal in nature and originated in Washington, DC or Albany, not New York City. Giuliani was merely the beneficiary, not the originator.

Throw former US Senator Fred Thompson into the mix and he comes out the winner everytime. Head-to-head, his numbers dwarf both Romney and Giuliani. Yet, when you examine the personal views of conservative voters one thing becomes obvious—almost 40% of them are dissatisfied with the “main course” candidates being foisted on them by the president-makers. In June, Giuliani, who has been watching the numbers in Iowa, decided he could not afford to compete in the Iowa Caucus because if he lost there, he will pretty much be out of the 2008 Presidential race.

Thompson’s a real person. Perhaps a little gruff around the edges, he’s a real life version of Arthur Branch, the role he created on the NBC hit, Law & Order. Dr. Ron Paul, a practicing OB-Gyn, is a real person, too. He doesn’t have Thompson’s rough edges—or his charisma. He is, however, just as outspoken. But Dr. Paul is speaking out on subjects better left to the far right talk jocks like Aaron Russo, Alex Jones and Michael Savage. The Libertarian Party’s candidate for President in 1988, Ron Paul sounds more like a fringe candidate in an aluminum foil cap than a 10-term Republican Congressman from Texas. It is this controversy that has caused Ron Paul’s exclusion from televised debates with the other GOP candidates in Iowa. In addition, he has been dropped from all of the mainstream media presidential polls. The question being raised about Paul’s standings is: was he dropped from the poll tallies because he dropped below the threshold needed to measure his standing? On the surface, the Drudge poll would seem to refute that argument, since it suggests that Dr. Paul is leading the pack by a healthy margin of 9% over Giuliani, his closest rival. However, a Newsweek poll taken at the same time shows Dr. Paul with only 2% support in the polls—precisely the same position he held in June.

Why the discrepancy? Because the Newsweek poll was a real poll. The Drudge poll was not. Newsweek pollsters sample a database that is representative of views of the nation. The pollsters call the individuals in the sample and elicit their opinion on a subject. The results give a fairly accurate snapshot of what the general public is thinking at that moment. When a Ron Paul fan finds the Drudge poll, he or she immediately emails everyone on his or her email list and tells them to go to Drudge and vote for Ron Paul. It’s not a scientific poll and the results do not accurately reflect the view of the voter spectrum—it reflects the views of those committed to the Congressman and it therefore skewers the results—and the integrity—of the “survey.” Polls are accurate only when they cannot be manipulated by either the pollster or the respondents.

Most of the initial support going to Thompson came from Sen. John McCain’s camp when his campaign staffers began jumping ship in June. McCain [R-AZ] made the mistake of supporting Bush’s amnesty plan, open borders and the North American Union. Almost overnight his voter appeal dropped to 8%. Now its at 7% and it’s still tanking as McCain scrambles to stay alive by becoming a foe of amnesty and open borders.

Any Republican Congressman or Senator or any Democrat in a border State who supports amnesty for illegal aliens, citizenship for illegals, open borders or anything that smacks of an American version of the European Union will be fired by the voters in 2008. When McCain—who won a 4th term in 2004 with 77% of the vote—runs for reelection in 2010, he will likely be defeated. If J.D. Hayworth (former AZ-5th District) is smart, he will take McCain on in 2010. If he does, he will knock McCain out in the primary.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a former church pastor, and Sen. Sam Brownback, a Roman Catholic, are both social conservatives. Huckabee and Brownback were leading among evangelical Christians early on, but support from the Christian right has shifted to Romney, who is a Mormon. While Huckabee is polling well in Iowa with all voters, Romney now polls about 25% with Christians. Huckabee trails at 17%, followed by Thompson, a Protestant and Giuliani, a Catholic. Brownback’s support has dropped to about 7% along with Tom Tancredo who is also a professing Christian. Brownback should be out of the race by Labor Day. If he folds up his tent and goes home, his supporters will likely flock to Tancredo who will then become a much more viable candidate. A Romney-Tancredo ticket would likely galvanize the right and could win against either Hillary or Al Gore, Jr. who is poised to enter the race when Hillary makes her first major gaffe. Gore would have already entered the fray, but he wants to make sure he’s not stuck with Hillary as a running mate.

The unsettled views of conservative voters, and their fickleness towards the Republican candidates indicate that conservatives don’t have a candidate they are comfortable with yet. It also explains why Republican donors are hanging on to their money, and why Democrats are out-raising Republicans by 50% or more. The left is satisfied that their candidates have broad enough coattails to not only win the White House, but they will also increase their majorities in both Houses of Congress next year.

A recent CNN poll indicated that roughly a fourth of all registered Republicans—up from 14% in June—have no idea who they will support as the standard bearer of their party. In other words, they vote “none of the above.” All of the “undecided” are self-described Christian conservatives. Most of them would likely flock to former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore who dropped out of the race because he could not raise enough money to stay in.

Sadly, as Ron Paul’s star fades, his followers—who have skewered the strength of his appeal with grass roots supporters through polls that allow his fans to vote repeatedly—will try to convince the Congressman he can win as a third party candidate. Dr. Paul will likely become a third party spoiler. And, as he peels GOP votes from the right, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg—who has a good chance of becoming the Unity candidate—will drain the Rockefeller Republican votes from the left and, even with a war raging in the Mideast, it will all but guarantee a presidential win for the Democrats—unless the GOP is able to find another Ronald Reagan who can hold the Rockefeller Republicans, the Christian right (which sat out the midterm election in 2006 in protest of Bush’s amnesty and open borders), and capture the Blue Dog Democrats who voted Reagan into office twice, Bush-41 once and Bush-43 in 2000.

What are the uncommitted Republicans looking for? An honest man who will keep his word to the voters. They don’t want an establishment politician. That bodes well for Fred Thompson. They want a president who will reject any notion of amnesty for illegal aliens, and seal the borders. That bodes well for Tom Tancredo. They want a man who will protect them against another terrorist attack like 9-11 and, although it shouldn’t, that bodes well for Rudy Giuliani. They want a man who will peel back the laws that intrude on civil rights and protect the 1st and 2nd Amendments. And, that bodes well for Ron Paul. Put them all together and you have Reagan.

And, in the stark reality of politics, when the dust settles—if Thompson is not able to ignite the patriotic firestorm that unites the Christian conservative right—the 2008 run for the White House will be a race between two men who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the other relay runners to tire themselves out and be forced to pass the baton on to them: Al Gore, Jr. and Newt Gingrich. In a Gore-Gingrich race, Al Gore becomes the 44th President of the United States and fulfills his own 2000 prophecy when he said, “I am destined to be the leader of the free world.”


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