Devvy Kidd Is Right! RE: Why I don’t support the Ron Paul Freedom March

Devvy Kidd Is Right!
RE: Why I don’t support the Ron Paul Freedom March
Jim Kirwan

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She’s right about both the situations we face and especially about the context into which anyone out there might try to both be seen and heard. We are in the final stages of a political disease that has already become airborne. To interrupt the spread of this horror, the tactic she calls for here must be tried! We are out-of-time and are virtually on the brink of total failure when it comes to taking any real action – as anything like a concerned group. I checked box number 5.


Americans are still entangled in the dregs of representative democracy without the facility that made it all work: Hands-on RESISTANCE. No one else can do anything for us, because each of us must do whatever we can do for ourselves – we must forget about trying to outsource our revolutions. Resistance has to begin within each heart and mind and then acted upon with the intensity of that conviction.

To “organize” anything is a hangover from a totally different era and will not work in today’s spreading nightmare, because we have forgotten the basics that rule in all of life itself. ‘We’ cannot do this as a part-time job, or just another of our projects in “our very busy lives.” Survival trumps everything else – if you care about it – and there are simply too few people who have ever faced this fact or ever had to fight to stay alive – to make anything else work out.

Political parties are not the ‘answer’ either. Just look at how many trillions were ‘made’ during the ten years that the minimum wage was frozen at well below the definition of poverty ­ and it’s the same in every area that working people care about!

I’ve been a rebel since the ninth grade in school, and I just passed my fiftieth year in this venture that has yielded very little in the way of breakthroughs – for myself or others, but that’s just a footnote and beside the point. (1)

Originally I thought that if people could just “see” what was happening to them, to their lives and to their futures – then they would work to stop this growing political-cancer that had long-since begun to trash their very existence. Awakened individuals, I thought, could and would fight this – wherever they found it, whether as individuals or as part of something larger. From the time I began this war it was clear that this has never been about political parties ­ but ‘power’ only!

Not only did this not happen: what began to grow was the intensity of the herd-mind as that farce began to embrace the Century of the Self to the point of suffocating the Republic which led directly to the death of all that matters. With every passing year in that half-century of “fighting- it” this bestial creature of the mind has taken many turns; much like a Brahma Bull that is determined to break free of any and all constraints!

I tried to keep up, as have many others with the ever-changing targets as each new piece of our world was targeted: but the public has largely not shown up, and the results of these intricately connected actions and reactions in what passes for these closing moments before our blindfolds become permanent; our I-pods become surgically implanted and our tongues will be cut-out-now borders on reality. All of this was planned and if it happens, it will be because the nation failed to pay attention to what came to take our lives!

That is how we got here, to this executioner’s block in history: we cannot simply “send a message with our voices” now, and rightfully expect anything to CHANGE, because CHANGE can only be brought about by intense personal convictions. The herd holds no such powers: it never has, and yet millions of us embraced what so many thought was the easy way out. That exit does not exist and in truth it never has!

We have resisted even looking at the truth we know is in there – down deep at the very root of where each of us lives, regardless of our carefully constructed fantasies. Now when everything has finally begun to come apart: Only now does the herd begin to grumble because at the far end of the meadow we can see the cattle-cars are coming to take us to the slaughter-houses that we know await! Had we not been such cowards we could easily have foreseen this day – yet we turned away at every opportunity in favor of what so many call “the light.”

Darkness and Light have always shared this universe of ours, and we cannot refuse to see this balance anymore than we can outlaw fully half of everything that lives. That is what we chose to do when we outlawed the ‘negative’ side of life. Contrary to what most people think, we learn far more from our mistakes, than we ever do from our moments in the spotlights of success. That is why it’s so important that we admit to our mistakes because they alone can teach us what we need to know.

‘The Public must have what they need to know, not just what they may want to hear.’ That thought was part of the bedrock of journalism that is now extinct. Media replaced that simple truth with every conceivable siren’s song, every possible enticement that could change the subject, or enhance that mythical dream-of-the- self in all its many facets.

A cut diamond has thirty-two polished facets, and the interplay of light between these gleaming surfaces is what makes it beautiful. Each of us is born with the capacity to polish an unknown number of our individual talents, yet by design, most of these talents have been murdered now, even before the age of seven. What remains in most people now, is a lump of coal that has not undergone those terrible pressures that could have made them into the diamonds that each of us were supposed to be.

This massive pressure is needed to convert the common lump of coal into something very special. However that is what actually living your life is intended to give, to each and every person. Yet we allowed the Owners to change the rules of nature, to eliminate anything that might be disconcerting, so that we should embrace only the light and condemn the darkness entirely!

If you remove the black from a television screen there is no picture, because without the microscopic darkness of the black there is no way to obtain the sharpness of an image that creates that something we can recognize. Black is basic to the brilliance of the light – yet we have rejected this, in all our thinking, but especially when it comes to politics. And that is what has provided all the little drops of poison dripped into our systems over time: Poison that is not only killing us as a people but especially as individuals.

There are no shortcuts toward becoming who you are, just as there cannot be an easy way to remain free inside an Outlawed-world. The failures in our lives are the pressure that is needed to convert us from dumb-animals into what each of us was born to do. Instead we have looked to others (these past fifty years) to give us what we say we want and need-when-If we had been honest with ourselves we should have welcomed what befell us, and fought to make it work to improve not just our lives – but the quality of the journey that each of us is here to undertake!

This is what we lost when we let others decide what we should know and not know. It is also what we lost when we surrendered our dreams, our self-determination, and our private conscience to the world-of-business and politics, wherein there are no rules and where only PROFITS have a point to make-all else is meaningless!

Each of us came here with different pieces of that grand dream that is as wondrous as anything that nature can reveal and yet on some level, we have decided that this does not matter, that nature is only here to be “developed” to be “used” and then discarded.

When we failed ourselves, each little-death left a tiny hole in the fabric of the human universe: It’s ironic that only now after so many decades-of-denial that we should finally come to understand that “we” must bear responsibility for all that we’ve destroyed by inattention or design. Because when the finger-pointing stops, ultimately we must admit that we have done this to ourselves and now there is no ‘brighter-bigger image” that we can look to for salvation – there is only this shabby herd of mindless sheep looking for a savior that once lived within each and every one of us, but that inner-strength has long since died from criminal neglect!

Courage can not be dispensed as it requires the exorcism of Fear. Courage is the practice of denial that moves us from the darkness to the light: but it does not come easily for it can only live in beings that reject the fear outright and understand that natural balance that must exist if there is to be a life worth living . . . (2)

Only time will tell if we have blown all our chances to take back our lives but whatever that turns out to be, it will all be pointless, unless people begin to fight for everything they say they have believed in for lo these many decades-of-denial. For far-too-long we have sought to be “un-people” – those without a compass, those looking for a party where everything is free and where there will be no morning-after bouts of conscience. Living one’s life to the hilt is the only true high, and the work involved in doing that is as gratifying as breathing: What is the life of a human-sloth compared to that!

Now we have arrived and found that the storied “room at the top” is empty because we brought nothing of ourselves with us, in our haste to climb the ladders of success that we made of those we used, just to get to ever-greater profits for ourselves. Nothing else mattered to us in that determined climb, except our pleasures: So now when we need to find the courage and determination, we find instead that there is nothing there because we have murdered those parts of ourselves that are always necessary just to keep us free!

1) Intro for Politics

2) Courage & Fear


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