New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US

March  Wednesday 12  2008 (12h44) :
New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US

New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US

March 11, 2008

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports consuming the US propaganda media organs and political elite today are centering upon the charges leveled against the Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer[pictured top left], and who is said to have paid for the services of a high priced prostitute.

FSB reports circulating in the Kremlin today, however, point to a much more sinister effort behind the toppling of Governor Spitzer as he had just begun a new probe into Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center brought down in the September 11, 2001 attacks upon the US, and the Bush Families Carlyle Group.

The focus of Governor Spitzer’s investigation, these reports state, revolve around the growing crisis embroiling the Carlyle Group as it nears total collapse and is facing insolvency due to Larry Silverstone’s withdrawal of over $14 billion from the embattled groups coffers, and which could see the loss to New York States already troubled massive pension fund of over $10 billion.

Governor Spitzer has long battled with the former comptroller for New York States Pension Fund, Alan G. Hevesi, who holds duel Israeli-American citizenship, and prompted a US Federal Probe that charged Comptroller Hevesi of using the over $100 billion of funds entrusted to him for the personal benefit of his friends and family, and to which Mr. Hevesi pled guilty for and paid a $5,000 fine.

Prior to his taking office as New York States Governor, these reports continue, Mr. Spitzer, as a prosecutor, had long targeted the United States Banking System for their vast theft of money from the American people, and had won billions in judgments against Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Smith Barney and UBS Warburg.

It is more than interesting to note, too, that these are the exact same International Banking Giants who are now reeling under the Global assault against them, with Bear Stearns becoming the latest victim, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Independent News Service:

“Panic swept the credit markets on reports of an insolvency crunch at both the US investment bank Bear Stearns and the mortgage giant Fannie Mae, triggering a dramatic surge in default insurance and rumours of yet another emergency rate cut by the US Federal Reserve.”

As Governor Spitzer becomes yet another victim to vast power of the West’s war, political and media elite assault against him, and by their introduction of sex charges against him, as they have done to so many of their adversaries in order to destroy their credibility, the truest warnings of these events to the American people will no doubt be lost, again.

And, with the most dangerous of these warnings coming from the World’s richest man, Warren Buffet, and as we can read as reported by the Market Watch News Service in their article titled “Buffett and Gross warn: $516 trillion bubble is a disaster waiting to happen”, and which says:

“In short, despite Buffett’s clear warnings, a massive new derivatives bubble is driving the domestic and global economies, a bubble that continues growing today parallel with the subprime-credit meltdown triggering a bear-recession.

Data on the five-fold growth of derivatives to $516 trillion in five years comes from the most recent survey by the Bank of International Settlements, the world’s clearinghouse for central banks in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is like the cashier’s window at a racetrack or casino, where you’d place a bet or cash in chips, except on a massive scale: BIS is where the U.S. settles trade imbalances with Saudi Arabia for all that oil we guzzle and gives China IOUs for the tainted drugs and lead-based toys we buy.”

There used to be a time when warnings were prudent to be given to the American people so  that they could, in some small measure, protect themselves, but, and sadly, those times are now gone as these people have nearly completed their descent into the abyss of total slavery to their masters with virtually no knowledge of the horrific future that lies before them.

By : Sorcha Faal,
March Wednesday 12 2008

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New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US
13 March 2008 – 02h15 – Posted by 208.***.30.***
Who is the woman behind Sorcha Faal?

Be it known that the stock market will flat line. The Supreme Court Justices will stand trial for crimes against humanity.

George Bush & Condoleeza Rice will lawfully hang by the neck until dead.

Danny O’Dell Have Law Will Travel

New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US
13 March 2008 – 02h59 – Posted by 75.**.6.**
Spitzer drop in the wave of 9/11 doubt
13 March 2008 – 06h18 – Posted by 64.**.149.**
Whoa Sorcha! What a good post.

Investigating Silverman would set off a lot of alarm bells. Everyone is growing suspicious over 9/11, not so much from a sense of trying to understand who did it and how, but more from general uncertainty arising from the follow-up response.

Even the Good Germans among us might pause from their daily routine and wonder-albeit for the smallest of time—just what it would mean if al Qaeda had been created by Western intelligence agencies, or that the Towers had burned molten hot for weeks (sign of thermate), or that WTC 7 (housing the SEC’s safe containing investigations of tech bubble trades) fell faster than gravity, or…

The list of doubts keep growing. The first round of explanations for 9/11 has dissolved. The outing of Spitzer has no chance of putting the Humpty Dumpty of the Official Explanation back together again.

The failures to win in the 9/11 Wars have fanned discontent over the government’s explanation of 9/11 from spark to burning embers that are spreading. Once the fire catches it won’t matter where the surviving perpetrators hide. Anywhere on this earth they will be hunted down.

Odd how the US has to torture so much, isn’t it? If the people were really guilty, surely they would have more substantial evidence than coerced confessions, eh now? Another explanation could be that al Qaeda was never an organized entity capable of launching a cross-continental terror strike, or that alleged terrorists simply had nothing to do with 9/11.

New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks On US
13 March 2008 – 22h37 – Posted by 74.***.172.***
Eliot Spitzer’s Constitutional Hang-up

Spitzer was one of the chief architects of the New York version of the fear-provoked PATRIOT Act.

The Left is Out There
13 March 2008 – 23h03 – Posted by 205.***.117.**
This is a fascinating story and thread. It should be saved for posterity’s sake. Written by an End-Times writer with a tilt to the left, it ‘s far more implicit than explicit, which so many left leaning narratives now share. For instance, Where’s the evidence of a fix?

Is mere implication sufficient to “prove” a fix? And in turn does this sheer implication mean every other conspiracy is viable? Is everything everywhere fixed? If so, Why write about it? Because the lord’s coming back? What a joke.

The evangelicals are everywhere picking on the dying bones of a empire in crisis, only to push another kind of spiritual empire. They’re on the right. They’re on the left. It’s pathetic how superstitious people have become.

At the rate of the deterioration of critical thinking now being exhibited throughout the West, but particularly in America, we might as well hand over the fate of the planet to cockroaches, which will, no doubt, assume control once we destroy ourselves, right now.


R. W. “Dick” Gaines
(AKA: Gunny G’s  Globe and Anchor Online….)


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