Korean War Project Newsletter – Apr 11, 2008


Korean War Project Newsletter – Apr 11, 2008
 Volume 11 - 1 

Table of Contents: 

1.  Editorial 
2.  KWP New Map Department 353 Maps online  
3.  Bookstore | Films 
4.  Reunions 
5.  Maui veteran provides details of a family’s
 wartime loss 
6.  KIA/MIA/POW/Non-Battle Casualty Book Update 
7.  Membership, Bumper Stickers 
8.  This Mailing List 
9.  Korean War Pilots Return to Korea 
10. Military Brats Registry 
11. The War Memorial of Korea 
12. US Naval Operations, Korea 
13. US Marine Operations in Korea 
14. The Gray Before the Dawn, a poem 
15. Korean War Ex-POW Newsletter 
16. Veteran Health Alert and Resources 
17. Memorials 
18. Help needed B/1/1 1st Marines Sept. 1950 
19. Medal of Honor, MSG Woodrow Keeble, 19th IR 
20. Air Force Korean War Effort  
21. 8204AU in “On Point” magazine 
22. 607th AC&W Yearbook 
23. The Divided Koreas – CBS News 
24. PFC Curtis E. Carrere – Purple Heart found
 –New Orleans

1. Editorial 

Feedback from the Christmas 2007 Newsletter has
fantastic. One of the best pieces of news was
 about “Shanks 
Booties” by Col. David Hughes, 7th Cavalry

Dave wrote that the annual posting of the story
 resulted in direct 
contact with the family. Lt. Shanks is still
 alive as is the baby boy 
according to the granddaughter. 

Dave also sends his thanks for the email, photos
 and letters he 
has received over the years.  

Our Bookstore features three prominent and
 respected authors 
who have been listed here for years, Uzal Ent,
 Brigadier General 
USA (Ret.), Robert Dorr, and Warren Thompson.
 Each of these 
men has special requests. 

This Book Review list is heavy on US Marine Corps
If you have Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard books
 on Korea, 
let us know. 

Hal has a special message for all of you who have
expressed interest in mapping. 

A final note, Hello out there to all our current
 duty servicemen 
and women who write to us from around the world 

2. KWP New Map Department 353 Maps online 

From Hal Barker 

New Map Department - 353 Maps Online For Free
 Unlimited Use 
and Full Size Printing! 

We announce our new map section comprised of 353
including 230 L751 topographic maps. 




The topographic maps are Army Map Service
 1:50,000 maps 
prepared for free download for full size large
 format printing. 
These maps were obtained from veterans, DOD,
Archives, Library of Congress, Corps of
 Engineers, and the 
Edwin J. Foscue Map Library at Southern Methodist
here in Dallas. 

We also have 1:250,000, 1:500,000, and
 1:1,000,000 maps, 
including aeronautical maps of China and North
 and South 
Korea. (Already on our Google section) 

Special thanks to Dr. Dawn Youngblood and Bob
 Foxworth (son-
in-law of Major General Andrew Lolli, USA) of the
 Foscue Map 
Library for their special help in our scanning
 153 topographic 
maps from the 1947 Army map series in the SMU

All topo maps with few exceptions are 1947 to
 1959 Army Map 
Service 1:50,000 maps. We also have a number of
maps ready for online shortly. 

All 353 maps are also on Google Earth as map
 overlays. If you 
do not now use Google Earth, you should go to
 your local library 
to view these maps in 3-D. 

Areas now covered are: 

1. Entire DMZ from Kaesong to the East Sea,
 including the 
Western Front, Munsan-ni, Nevada Cities, Bunker
 Hill, Old Baldy, 
Pork Chop Hill, Boomerang, Triangle Hill, Outpost
Heartbreak Ridge, Bloody Ridge, Luke's Castle,
 Punchbowl, J-
2. Chosin Campaign including Wonson and Hungnam. 
3. Unsan, Chongchon River, Kujang, Chinaman's
 Hat, Kunu-ri, 
Kunu-ri Gauntlet. 
4. Pyongyang corridor. 
5. Entire Pusan Perimeter including Hadong,
 Chindong, Pongam-
ni, Naktong Bulge, Waegwan, Taegu, Pohang.  
6. Wonju, Hoengsong, Chipyong-ni, Yoju, Hongchon,
 Hill 1051, 
Inje (missing, Chaun-ni) 
7. Horseshoe Ridge, Hwachon Reservoir. 

In addition to the maps themselves, we now have
 identified over 
800 physical locations, many down to Company
 level. These 
locations are all overlaid on Google Earth with
 exact latitude and 
longitude. If you have specific points you would
 like identified, 
just let us know.  

We need maps from the Kum River, Taejon North,
Kapyong, Chaun-ni, Sunchon, and several other

We are in need of any maps you have that you can
 copy or scan 
to send to us so we can have additional versions
 of maps. We 
are also seeking any map overlays you may have
 obtained or 
created that we can post online. 

3. Bookstore | Films 


From Robert Dorr 

I still have some--mint-condition copies of my
 book about great 
bomber crews in World War II. 

For a copy of "B-24 LIBERATOR UNITS OF THE
by Robert F. Dorr, send a check for $20, which
 includes postage 
and shipping.  

If you'd have questions, send me an e-mail with
 "B-24" in the 

Please note: if you contact me by postal mail,
 please include 
your phone number and e-mail address in your

Robert F. Dorr 
3411 Valewood Drive 
Oakton VA 22124 
(703) 264-8950 

Ed Note: Google Robert F. Dorr for many links to
 include his 
Wikipedia section. 



 account of 
the first three months of the Korean War that has
 ever been 
published. It "tells it like it was." Battle
 narratives include the 
experiences of men who were there. Hundreds of
 Army and 
Marine veterans contributed their experiences.  

The book has undergone many reviews - all of them
complimentary. It is a vital contribution to any
 Korean War library, 
containing over 500,000 words, with many maps and
many never before published. 

General Ent is a combat veteran of the Perimeter,
 serving as a 
rifle platoon leader.  

The book is not a personal history!. 

Price: $35.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
residents add $2.40 state sales tax.  

Order by sending a check to: 
Uzal W. Ent 
37 Golfview Road 
Camp Hill, PA 17011.  

(Cannot accept credit cards.) 

Ed Note: General Ent interviewed 4000 soldiers
 and 1000 Marines 
for the book. 320 soldiers and 90 Marines are
 featured in the 
resultant work. 


From Warren Thompson; 

Comments: I have been a military aviation
 historian / writer for 
over 40 years. This has resulted in my having
 numerous books 
and articles published.  

You can get on line and go to either
 www.amazon.com or 
www.google.com and where they ask for "search",
 type in Warren 
Thompson. It'll show you some of the things I
 have written in the 
past few years.  

Currently, I am writing a book on F4U Corsair
 operations in the 
Korean War. I would like to hear from anyone that
 served in any 
of the detachments during this period. 

Warren Thompson 
7201 Stamford Cove 
Germantown TN 38138 
email: migalley@gmail.com 


"WE CLAIM THE TITLE, Korean War Marines," 

This book is about my experiences in enlisting in
 the Marine 
Corps and then experiencing combat from Mar  7,
 1951 to Sept. 
13, 1951 when I was wounded. Additionally, many
 of the 
experiences of my "bootcamp buddies," including
 those of Jim 
Forrest, are recounted. 

Link at : www.koreanwarmarines.com 

Burton F. Anderson 
2160 Bayo Claros Circle 
Morgan Hill, CA 95037 


On Hallowed Ground 
The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill 
by Bill McWilliams 

Hal and I read the review in Naval Institute
 Press and spent the 
end of November 2007 reading the book. We found
 many of our 
pen pals featured in this powerful treatise of
 the battles of 1953. 

This is a powerful book, to say the least.  

Reviews by Joe Galloway and Hal Moore, Lt.
 General, USA (Ret), 
co-authors of “We Were Soldiers Once – And

Ron Freedman put us in touch with Bill and we are
 grateful for 

Excerpt from email: “…On Hallowed Ground,
 which tells the story 
of the July 1953 battle for Pork Chop Hill -
 while summarizing the 
first 36 months of the Korean War, and the two
 previous battles 
for the outpost, in March and April. As David
 Davino wrote in his 
article in Military History magazine, the battles
 for Pork Chop in 
essence became a single metaphor for the entire
 Korean War. 

Pricing: Check US Naval Institute, Amazon.com and
ISBN: 0-425-19926-6 
Published by: Berkley Caliber Books, NYC 
An Association of the US Army Book 

Bill has authored quite a bit so check this link

Of Note: A Return to Glory: The Untold Story of
Dishonor, and Triumph at the United States
 Military Academy, 
by Bill McWilliams 


Panthers Over Korea 
by George C Schnitzer 

I was a Navy Fighter/Bomber pilot during this
 conflict. I had two 
tours with Air Group 15, first flying off of the
 USS Antietam and 
second from the USS Princeton. I have attached a
 copy of the 
Front and Back cover for your interest. 

"Join the author, fresh from earning his wings,
 as he begins his 
short operational training, learning all about
 flying the Grumman 
F9F-2 jet fighter. There is little time for
 training before 
deployment aboard the USS Antietam. Carrier Air
 Group 15 soon 
will meet the enemy. The grind of combat flying
 becomes quickly 

The enemy gunners try to destroy the
 fighter-bombers with 
multiple anti-aircraft artillery installations
 while trying to stop the 
flow of supplies. For the jet pilots, it is not
 only the enemy flak 
that is faced day after day, but also the
 additional difficulty of 
operating jets off the World War II carrier.  

The flights are either boring as hell or suddenly
 hellish as the 
enemy’s guns’ tracer shells chase airplanes.
 No matter what, 
every flight ends with the split-second timing
 required to land 
aboard the carrier’s short flight deck.  

George Schnitzer was awarded his Navy wings on
 January 31, 
1951, and joined a recalled reserve squadron
 VF-831 flying the 
Grumman F9F-2.  

In October 1951 he flew his first combat mission
 in the Korean 
War from the USS Antietam. Deployed in January
 1953 with VF-
153, he flew on 161 missions, ending in July 1953
 from the USS 

The book is available from either the author or
 can be order from 
the publisher web site www.publishamerica.com 

George Schnitzer 
10204 Thoughtful Spot way 
Raleigh, NC 27614 
PH: 919-803-0598 


Joanne Patton sends the following review: 

The Korean War: An Exhaustive Chronology 
by Bud Hannings. 

Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated

Date: November 2007 
ISBN-13: 9780786428144  
Edition Description: 3 Volume Set 

It is 3 volumes, with maps and index and covers
 every day from 
January, 1950 to September, 1953. At $245 for the
 set, it won't 
be for everyone, but libraries and colleges
 should seek it out. 
Two reviewers have called it "definitive". 

I have Hannings' works on other wars so I know he
 leaves nothing 

Best, Joanne Patton   


Marine Corps Tank Battles In Korea 
by Oscar Gilbert 

From the Flyleaf: Oscar “Ed” Gilbert was a
 Marine Artilleryman 
and NCO instructor in the Marine Corps Reserve,
 and is the 
author of Marine Corps Tank Battles in the

Oscar began the research for this book by
 choosing Able 
Company  of the 1st Tank Bn of the 1st Marine
 Division. The 
book features interviews with many men who served
 in Korea. 

Read it! 
ISBN: 1-932033-13-0 
Price: $34.95 
Published by Casemate 
2114 Darby Rd 
Haverstown, PA  19083 
email: casemate@casematepublishing.com 


The Secrets of Inchon 
The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert
 Mission of the 
Korean War 
by Commander Eugene Franklin Clark, USN 

I had heard of this daring episode as a lead up
 to the Inchon 
Invasion. The book came about by opening a safe
 deposit box 
where the manuscript had lain for a long time. 

Riveting is the word! 

Published by Berkley Books, Division of Penguin 
Available on Amazon.com  

ISBN: 0-399-14871-x 


Lewis Carlson sent us this recently published
 book notice: 

When Hell Froze Over: The Memoir of a Korean War
Physician Who Spent 1010 Days in a Communist
 Prison Camp 
by William Shadish, M.D., with Lewis H. Carlson 

Published by: New York iUniverse Press, 2007 

Korean War combat physician and POW William
administered heroic and extraordinary care to his
 fellow soldiers 
on the battlefields and in the temporary and
 permanent North 
Korean prison camps, where conditions were so
 horrific that 
more than half of the American captives died that
 first winter of 

Dr. Shadish continued to support his men after
 liberation, when 
he and his fellow survivors had to endure the
 very real effects of 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as
 unwarranted, and 
eventually unsubstantiated, accusations of mass
and brainwashing. 

Submitted by Lewis H. Carlson, author of
Prisoners of a Forgotten War: An Oral History of
 Korean War 


Invisible Hero 
by Roger K. Miller 

Published by iUniverse Publishing 

From Roger; Invisible Hero, a novel inspired by
 the life of a 2nd 
Division rifleman who died in the Changsong POW
 camp, has 
just been released by iUniverse Publishing. 

The author, Roger K. Miller, is a longtime
 newspaperman. He was 
inspired to write the novel, which took years of
 research and 
interviewing, by the life and death of his wife's
 cousin, James E. 
Williams, originally of Bedford County, Pa., but
 who entered the 
Army in Albany, N.Y., in August 1950. The hero of
 the novel is 
called Tim Davis. 

Besides being a novel about the "Forgotten War,"
 it is also a 
coming-of-age tale in postwar America in the
 1940s and ’50s, 
when work was plentiful, cars were shiny and the
 magic of 
television had just lit up the living room. 

Price:  $28.95 hardcover, $18.95 paperback 


Courage and Fear: A Primer 
 by Col. Wes Fox (MOH) 

"'For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at
 the risk of his life 
above and beyond the call of duty . . .' That's
 how the Medal of 
Honor citation for Wesley L. Fox begins.
 Thankfully, the story 
doesn't end there.  In the pages of this primer,
 a legendary hero 
acknowledges the fears he has felt and how he
 overcame them. 

His inspiring discourse on courage-and why this
 quality is so 
crucial to character- it makes this book a 'must
 read' for every 

-Oliver L. North, LtCol USMC (Ret.), Host, War
 Stories, FOX 
News Channel 

"There are few people who qualify as 'experts' on
 courage and 
fear.  Colonel Wes Fox, the ultimate Marine's
 Marine, is one of 
them.  He knows of what he writes and he writes
 beautifully and 
bluntly about it.  Nobody has ever done it
 better-or likely ever 

-Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor and Anchor, The
 News Hour with 
Jim Lehrer and  
Author of The Phony Marine: A Novel 
Published by Potomac Books 
22841 Quicksilver Dr 
Dulles, VA 20166-2012 


ISBN: 987-1-59797-119-5 Hardcover 
Price: $19.95 


Recollections of a Boy Marine 
by Gene Ciliberti - former USMC Sergeant 

Hi guys,: Here’s a story for you. It has to do
 with the beach 
landing at Wonsan by the 5th Marines October
 1950, after 
their successful landing at Inchon September 1950

“Hit the Beach Again” 

The drive to free Seoul had been a swift success.
 It was late 
October and we were ordered to withdraw back to
 Inchon, where 
we had landed earlier. There we once again,
 boarded ship and 
reassembled as a division. Our next objective was
 to hit the 
beach at Wonsan. This would require us to sail
 South down the 
peninsula, around to the Eastern side of Korea,
 then up to the 
northern city of Wonsan. We were told to brace
 ourselves for a 
very difficult and dangerous beach landing. The
 beach at 
Wonsan was fortified with gun turrets that housed
 naval guns, all 
aiming at the sea. It would make a typical Marine
 landing a 
bloody "turkey-shoot" unless we could get some of
 those guns 
destroyed before we landed. Once aboard ship, all
 we thought 
about was how to survive our second combat

The plan was to arrive in the Wonsan area after
 about 2-3 days. 
As we approached the area, the ships came to a
 dead stop in 
the water. The sea was filled with floating
 mines, any one of 
which could destroy a ship and the 2,000 troops
 on board. The 
convoy began to back away. We were ordered to
 wear life 
jackets and stay aft of the bridge at all times.
 It made living 
conditions very difficult. Going to the bathroom
 or to the galley 
for food could happen only once a day. A call
 went out to the 
Navy to send us a minesweeper………. 

Visit: www.geocities.com/gciliberti 
or Amazon.com 


Still A Marine 
by Donald F. McKenna (B/1/7 51-52 

The book is fiction based upon composites of
 Marines pulled 
from a unit roster. Often times fiction puts
 things together that 
non-fiction cannot do.  

The author asks this question: “What ist it
 abut the adventure of 
becoming and being a Marine that makes it a

We encourage you to find out for yourself – Ted

Self-Published www.StillAMarine.com 

ISBN: 978-0-9799990-0-0 

Donald McKenna 
6136 E. San Bernardino 
Tucson, AZ 85715 

4. Reunions 

The following comprise a sampling of reunions
 posted on the site. 


The Engineer Officer Candidate School Association
 EN OCS alumni have held reunions / meetings
 annually since 

Annual Meeting / Reunion '08 to be in Nashville,

Contact point.  TEOCSA, PO Box 14847, Atlanta, GA
Email: TEOCSA@comcast.net 
PH: (404) 231-3402. 

E. T. Mealing 
Pres., TEOCSA 

JSA Reunion 
April 11-13 2008 
Location: Nashville, TN 
Contact: Bill Buntin 

Email: billbuntin007@yahoo.com 
PH: 615 664-1185 

Society of the 3rd Infantry Division 
September 18-21 2008 
Location: Sheraton Hotel Columbus GA 
Reservations: 706-327-6868 

Website: www.warfoto.com/3rdiv.htm 

PR Chairman: Carl Q. Topie 
PH: 513-831-2636 

Second Infantry Division Korean War Veterans
May 1-4 2008 
Location: Covington, KY 
PH: 817-251-3551 

Air Force: 

3 rd Bomb Group Final Reunion 
sponsored by the 89th Attack Squadron 
Location: Austin, TX 
Dates: April 23-27 2008 
Contact: Bill Robinson 
4302 Horseshoe Bay Dr. 
Needville, TX 77461 

Ph: 281-342-0599 
Email: wdrobinson55@airmail.net 

67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing 
May 18-21 2008 
Location: South Dakota 
Contact: DeWayne Hayes 
1513 Jackson St 
Sturgis, SD 57785-1244 
PH: 605-347-3007 
email: dyayes@rushmore.com 

All-SCARWAF Engineer Reunion #16 
September 23-28 2008  
Location: Pittsburgh, PA 
Co-coordinator: James Duane Brannon 
email: j.d.brannon@verizon.net 

Marine Corps: 

G/3/1 Korea Reunion 
September 28 – October 3, 2008 
Location, Dana Point Marina Inn, CA 
Contact: J. R. “Bob” Camarillo 
email:  retired2x@sbcglobal.net 
Ph: 805-647-9319 

US Navy: 

LST 1073 

Four of us who served on the LST 1073 in Korea
 are starting to 
plan a reunion in June 2008  in Evansville, IN.
  We are interested 
in contacting as many former members of the crew
 as possible.  
Please contact me by e-mail. 

Bob Dunwell, LT, USN, LST 1073, 1953-1955 

Robert R. Dunwell 
Professor Emeritus 
Washburn University 
4523 SW Crenshaw Drive 
Topeka, Kansas  66610 
(785) 862-1755 
email: robert.dunwell@sbcglobal.net 

VP-47/VPB-27 60th Anniversary Reunion 
September 10-14 
Location: Reno, Nevada 
Atlantis Casino & Resort Hotel 
3800 South Virginia St. 
Reno, Nevada  89502 

Reservations: (800)+723-6500 
Contact: Maurice Sherman (775) 624-0982 

USS Hobson Memorial Society Annual Reunion 
May 2-4 2008 
Location: Ramada Inn Charleston, SC 
7401 Northwoods Boulevard 
Reservations: 1-843-414-2210 or 1-843-572-2200 

The Memorial Service will be held at White Point
Battery Park, on Sunday, May 4, 2008, commencing
 at 1:30 pm.  
The keynote speaker this year is Lawrence J.
 (Larry) Boudreaux, 
National President, Fleet Reserve Association. 

F. Donald Mucheck, Hobson Executive Secretary 
Be sure to always check your unit page on our
 Looking For 
section as well as our Reunions section. You may
 also post 
directly from that page at:

5. Maui veteran provides details of a family’s
 wartime loss 

In January 2008 Hal and I received an email of a
 pending article 
in the Maui News. One of our 1999 visitors, Chris
 Chruma had 
posted a Remembrance for his grandfather, Sgt
 First Class 
Robert C. Bennett, B Co 27th Infantry Regiment
 who was killed in 
action September 20, 1950.  

The story link to follow relates an amazing
 story, one that goes 
from Japan to the Internet via the Korean War
 Project and back 
to Hawaii. 


6. KIA/MIA/POW/Non-Battle Casualty Book Update 

From Hal Barker; 

We announced in October 2006 that we were
 preparing to publish 
a book containing the first comprehensive listing
 of Korean War 
losses. We assumed this would take at least two

After a complete upgrade of our computer systems
 in March 
2007, we began a line item edit of all
 approximately 37,000 
known casualties, including non-battle

With the help of thousands of family and friends
Remembrance entries on the Korean War Project, we
 made well 
over 22,000 corrections/additions of hometowns,
 states, names, 
ranks, and locations of loss. 

We compared possible errors in names by a line
 item compare 
to Ancestry.com census data. Apparent errors in
 town spellings 
and county spellings were compared with the
Association of Counties database as well as the
government location database. 

We programmed a central editing page comparing
 six databases 
obtained from the National Archives, DIOR, JPAC,
Prisoner of War Missing Persons Office, American
Monuments Commission, and our own Remembrance
Any variations in these data sets appeared
 flagged in red on one 
editing page. When issues arose, we checked the
 census data, 
location data, official histories, and our
 Remembrance entries. 

Years ago, we discovered issues with Hispanic
especially from Puerto Rico. Hundreds of
 hyphenated names 
were changed in official databases often with
 first name as last 
name and middle name as first name with all sorts
 of variations. 
We also found that many casualties officially
 listed from the 
Virgin Islands were actually Filipino soldiers.  

With the wonderful help from families and friends
 of Hawaiian, 
Filipino, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Japanese
 descent we have 
corrected hundreds of errors uncorrected for

However, we have found that a number of Air Force
do not appear on any databases and this is an
 ongoing project 
to correct. There is also no official database
 for casualties 
subsequent to the Truce. 

We are now looking for a sponsor for the book to
 donate the 
original cost of production of 2000 library
 quality hardback 
books. The sponsor will have cover credit in the
publication and all subsequent editions. When we
 obtain a 
sponsor, this will guarantee the Korean War
 Project can continue 
this complex and satisfying work in the years to
 come. The book 
will also contain a list of all contributors and
 donors to the 
Korean War Project since 1995. 

Through your donations of hardware and special
 software, we 
now have everything at the Korean War Project to
 produce a 
press ready book without outside expenses other
 than the actual 
cost of printing.  

7. Membership, Bumper Stickers 

Consider supporting the mission of the Korean War
 Project by 
donations in the form of Membership/Sponsorship
 and our "I 
Remember Korea" Bumper Sticker campaign.  


Bumper Sticker:

Our Pledge Drive is an ongoing process. Many of
 our previous 
donors no longer can assist. We are recruiting
 from those who 
have not participated, so if you can, jump on in,
 it will be 

The site is free for all to use and those who
 participate help to 
ensure that we remain online whether the donation
 is $1.00 or 

For those persons or groups who cannot
 participate, we certainly 

Donations/Memberships are tax deductible, if you
 use long form 
IRS reports. Our EIN: 75-2695041 501(c) (3)  

Postal Address 
Korean War Project 
PO Box 180190 
Dallas, TX 75218 

8. This Mailing List (going to 40,000 + persons)


We began this newsletter mailing in December of
 1998. The first 
issue went to just over 2000 persons.  

This list is a private list for our visitors and
 members. A person 
may join or leave the list at will. It is
 compiled from our Guest 
Book and comprises public service messages of
 general interest 
to veterans and families.  

To join or leave the list: email to: Ted Barker
Place: Subscribe or Unsubscribe in the subject

Consider forwarding the Newsletter to your
 friends by email or 
print. Word of mouth is how we grow.  

Thanks for being part of the Korean War Project

9. Korean War Pilots Return to Korea 

 Photo Link:

Left To Right: Carl Schneider, Buzz Aldrin, Pete
"Hoot" Gibson, "Chick" Cleveland, Hal Fischer,
 Bob Moxley, Sam 

A group of distinguished former fighter pilots
 returned to Korea 
last September. These men were met by
 dignitaries, the Korean 
Veterans Association and US Forces Korea staff.
 Retired Major 
General Carl Schneider sent Hal and I a large
 packet of 
information about this trip down memory lane. 

In attendance, Col. Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin,
 (Ret.); Col. Ralph ‘Hoot’ 
Gibson, (Ret.); Lt. Col. Harold ‘Hal’ Fischer
 (Ret.); Major Gen. 
Carl Schneider, (Ret.); Robert ‘Bob’ Moxley,
 then Lt;. Col. Wilbur 
‘Pete’ Carpenter, (Ret.); Col. Ken Shealy,
 (Ret.); Lt.Gen. Chuck 
‘Chick’ Cleveland, (Ret.).  

From all the material MG Schneider sent, the red
 carpet was 
definitely rolled out! Quote: ‘Our overall
 impression was the 
respect and thanks for the efforts of all United
 Nations Forces 
who contributed to their (South Korea) current
 prosperity and 
freedom’. – MG Carl Schneider, USAF (Ret.) 

There have been many articles printed on this
 trip. Be sure to use 
Google to find many of them. Photos of these men
 are posted 
in many of the articles to include these links: 

Washington Times (US) 

Joongang Daily (S Korea) 




Photo Link: (Hal) 

10. Military Brats Registry 

For those of us who grew up with parents in the
 military, this 
website helps to re-connect us to our past. 

“The Military Brats Registry will soon
 celebrate 11 years online! 
80,000 Military Brats have joined so far, and
 every day new 
members find us by word of mouth, advertising, or
 just plain luck 
while performing a search. 

Marc Curtis 

Website: www.militarybrat.com 

11. The War Memorial of Korea 

There is a stunning website for the Memorial.
 Neither Hal or I had 
surfed the Internet to see it. Be sure to view
 both the Hangul 
version and the English version, well worth the
 time spent. 

Link: www.warmemo.or.kr 

Ed Note: Thanks to Gen Schneider for the printed
 material on this 
excellent Memorial and website. – Ted 

12. . US Naval Operations, Korea 

Our May 2007 newsletter featured two CD’s,
 ‘Marines in the 
Korean War, Commemorative Series’, and ‘The
 Sea Services in 
the Korean War 1950-53’. The second one of them
 allowed an 
online download for Naval Ops, US Marine Corps
 Ops and the 
US Coast Guard in Korea. This CD could not be
 downloaded by 
most of our viewers for technical reasons.  

The Naval Historical Center website has all the
 contents of the 
US Navy section from that CD online. What a
 wealth of naval 
history, photograph and one of my most treasured
resources, the DANFS – Dictionary of American
 Naval Fighting 

For any student of Marine Corps and US Navy
 history the visit to 
this site is well worth many viewing hours.  

Tip: Use the link directory in deep blue along
 the left side of each 
section for navigation. Sections for children and
 teachers and 
museum features are included. 


Main Intro Page: www.history.navy.mil/index.html

13. US Marine Operations in Korea 

The CD mentioned in the US Navy section, 12,
 ‘The Sea Service 
in Korea’ contains  the volumes by Montross and
Kuokka, Hicks and Yingling. The entire 5 volumes
 are included. 
Again, that CD was almost impossible to download
 for our 
viewing audience. (The CD is out of publication.)

The USMC Historical Publications section of the
 USMC website 
has some of the contents of that CD in Adobe PDF
 file format. 
Downloading can take a long time but the
 documents are well 
worth the time. There is a wealth of USMC history
 and many of 
the Korean War historical publications at this

Tip: visiting the site late at night is the best


Marines in the Korean War, Commemorative Series 


14. The Gray Before the Dawn, a poem 


The mist hangs like a dirty drape - 
    Formless shapes struggle to escape -        

Lying on my back - stands of water on three
    Swirls - like tidal pools when I was a kid - 
Life teeming in a little world - star fish -squid
    Sand all over my weapon - none to play with. 
My boots are wet - my feet are cold - 
    What am I doing here - am I to grow old? 
Thunder in the sky - planes flying by - 
    Can't see them - clouds hung out to dry. 
Don't sleep much - we're in for a big one - 
    Waiting for the dawn - waiting for the Sun. 
This is an odd place - 
    Everyone with the same face - 
Can't drink the water - rations are poor - 
    Bed down at night - the earth for a floor. 
Complain? - can't do that - my choice - I
    Could have listened to the old folks - as
 they insisted. 
Mortar rounds screaming overhead - 
    Sickening thud! - giant craters - filled with
 the dead. 
Had a girl back home -she's waiting - 
    Last moments - gave her a gentle kiss -
I thought that I would be forever young - 
    But within a week my hair turned  - I've been
The Sun is up - parting the Gray 
    We are sons and daughters of prey - 
Our minds buried in this mire - 
    Here they come!   - HELL IS ON FIRE!!! 

Ernest A. Botti  eabotti@comcast.net 

Formerly 1st Lt. USAF 
339th/319th Fighter Squadrons All Weather-Korea 
“The Forgotten War” 

Dedicated to the men and women who  fought the
 ground war. 

15. Korean War Ex-POW Newsletter 

Jack Chapman has begun to deliver the newsletter
 by email as 
well as in print format. 

He asks that any person who can use email for
 delivery of the 
news to contact him so that costs for USPS
 delivery and printing 
can be reduced. 

To take delivery by email, send to:  

Any questions may be directed to Jack at:

16. Veteran Health Alert and Resources 

Veterans continue to be diagnosed with health
 problems from 
asbestos exposure. The following resource website
 was brought 
to our attention in Feb 2008. 


Excerpt: . ‘In recent years, tens of thousands
 of former Army, Air 
Force, Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard personnel
 and their 
spouses have begun to develop mesothelioma .
 Decades after 
their military service in World War II, Korea,
 and other 

Gibran Garcia 

17. Memorials 

1.) Chuck Payne sent this link for the
 Philadelphia Korean War 
Memorial located at Penns Landing. General Uzal
 Ent was the 
keynote speaker at the Oct 2006 dedication. 


2.) Bill Stegall of the KWVA Chapter 265, North
 Carolina recently 
wrote that a model of the planned Korean War
 Veterans Memorial 
of North Carolina has been unveiled just outside
 of Charlotte, 
NC, in Mint Hill. The dedication was September
 29th, 2007.  

The KWP had announced the fund-raising initiative
 some time 
ago thanks to input from Don Putnam and Bill
 Stegall. Both 
those gents have been long-term pen pals.  

From Bill:  ‘The memorial is designed to
 resemble the South 
Korean Flag when seen from the air.  It will have
 an open design 
through which people can see.  The circle of the
 memorial will be 
60 feet in diameter with a 45 foot walkway from
 the parking area 
up to the circle.  It will be located 15 feet
 from the Fairview Road 
right-of-way.  The material will be granite with
 four black pillars (4 
feet wide and 8 feet tall) in the center with the
 784 names of 
North Carolinians either killed or missing in
 action.  At each end 
of the memorial will be two statues of American
 soldiers wearing 

‘The veterans are working to have the memorial
 completed by 
June of 2009.  They want to dedicate it during
 the month of June 
because that is the month the war started in
 1950.  When the 
memorial is completed, it will be turned over to
 the town of Mint 
Hill and it will be maintained by the town for
 future generations to 

The memorial was designed by R. Kent Goolsby and
 it will be 
made of granite which should last for hundreds of
 years.  The 
veterans are selling pavers which will be used to
 line the 
walkways leading to the memorial and will also
 offer benches 
and plaques for trees to be planted around the

Kudos to these dedicated North Carolinians! 

For more information please contact  
William "Bill" Stegall 
 914 Sugar Creek Rd West 
Charlotte,N.C. 28213-5873.  

PH: 704-596-9583 
Email: wstegall2@carolina.rr.com 

Veterans Park – Hampton Bays, NY 

Nick Lombardi wrote in late October 2007 about
ceremonies on Veterans Day 2007  

“We are dedicating a Veterans Park in Hampton
 Bays this 
Veterans Day Sunday Nov.11. We have received a
 donation, for 
a lease on the property we own, for the building
 of this park. 
Local families are buying nameplates, benches and
 bricks in 
remembrance of family or friends. 

Hand Aldrich Post 924, The American Legion 
Nick Lombardi, Adjutant 
PH: 631-728-4340. 

18. Help needed B/1/1 1st Marines Sept. 1950 

From: Don Dalton 
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008  

Subject:  Immediate Assistance Requested 

I have been requested by Colonel Len Hayes, USMC
 (Ret) to 
assist in locating any Marine or Corpsman who
 served with B/1/1 
in Korea on Sep 21, 1950.   

On that date the 1stBn, 1st Marines were involved
 in the attack 
on Yongdong-po B Company attacked over a series
 of dikes 
outside the town and the western part of
 Yongdong-po and 
suffered heavy casualties.   

One Plt Ldr, Lt Connor Hollingsworth, from B/1/1
 was severely 
wounded and many have stated previously that he
 should be 
awarded an award for his heroic conduct during
 this engagement 
with the enemy. 

After the Seoul engagement the Company Commander,
Bland was transferred to Wpns Co.  Capt Bland
 (LtCol Bland, 
USMC-Ret recently passed away) but prior to his
 passing sent an 
E-Mail to Lt Col Marvin D. Gardner, USMC (Ret)
recommending 1stLt Hollingsworth for an award.   

The Awards Board at HQMC refused to accept this
Personal Award Recommendation submitted by the
 former Co 
Cdr, now deceased.  LtCol Gardner's
 recommendation was 
considered acceptable to the Awards Board, but we
 need one 
additional, signed & notarized statement from
 another Marine or 
Corpsman who witnessed 1stLt Hollingsworth's
 heroic actions 
during that engagement. 

Captain Hollingsworth was medically separated
 from the USMC 
on Nov 1, 1950. He is being recommended for the
 Bronze Star 
Medal w/v and we have been informed that he is
 not expected to 
live. Those that knew him would like to see him
 receive this award 
before he passes away.   

1stLt Hollingsworth was the Plt Ldr of the 3rd
 Plt of B/1/1.  

Anyone having witnessed the heroic actions by the
 Lt are asked 
to contact Colonel Len Hayes, USMC (Ret).
  Business Mgr of the 
1st Marine Division Assn.  LtGen Dick Carey, USMC
 (Ret) is also 
working on this award.  

Colonel Hayes may be reached by calling (760) 967
 - 8561/62 
(Office) or (760) 712 - 7088(Cell).  Time is of
 the essence.   
Don Greenlaw 
Captain, USMC(Ret) 
Marine Mustang      

19. Medal of Honor, MSG Woodrow Keeble, 19th IR 

Merry Helm has been working for a very long time
 on all things 
related to the 19th Infantry Rgt in Korea. Her
 pet project has been 
to obtain a lost Medal of Honor for MSG Keeble.
 Her efforts 
have been rewarded. Many of our pen pals and
 former unit 
members have been working diligently with Merry. 

Her only regret is that “Woody” passed away
 prior to the award 
ceremonies at the White House. His Sioux family
 and friends are 
no doubt very proud. Russell Keeble accepted the
 award on 
behalf of the family. 


Contact: Merry Helm loonybook@cableone.net 

20. Air Force Korean War Effort 

Mr. Barker Sir: 

I believe I have written before and this email is
 very similar to my 
last one, I'm sure. I fully realize that there
 were many more 
ground troops than Air Force troops during the
 war but the Air 
Force played a very significant part in the war,
 specially the Air 
Force units based in Korea rather than Japan.  

I refer to the fighters, fighter bombers and
 light bombers such as 
the Douglas A/B-26 "Invaders" specifically. This
 type of aircraft 
was flown by the 17th Bomb Wing (Light), the 3rd
 Bomb Wing 
(Light) and the 67th Tac Recon Wing.  

I was a proud member of the 17th Bomb Wing,
 stationed at 
Pusan Korea, (K-9) during 1952 and 1953. I was
 not a pilot but an 
aircraft mechanic. 

This job kept me and my fellow mechanics busy
 year around 
through summer heat and VERY cold winter weather.
maintenance equipment was very limited in
 quantity and type.  

For instance, we used a crane and a group of
 empty fuel or oil 
drums well padded, on which we perched the
 aircraft due to our 
lack of proper jacking equipment. 

We also developed and built some of our own
 equipment such 
as landing gear strut dollies used when changing
 a landing gear 

We, as mechanics did not see much combat except
 for aircraft 
coming back with battle damage and an occasional
 dead or 
injured crew member. And sometimes an aircraft
 just failed to 

I always look forward to reading your newsletter.

Thank you,  

Slim Larby. Slimlarby@aol.com 

21. 8204AU in “On Point” magazine 

Helen Cheek writes: 

This website has an article on the 8204th which I
 wrote.  It was 
published in On Point, the magazine of the Museum
 of Army 
history. The website has no byline. Thought you
 might be 


22. 607th AC&W Yearbook 

Rick Munroe 

Hello to all at KWP. I have finally finished
 scanning my father's 
old 607 AC&W Unit Book from his time in
 Korea. If
 you want a 
copy it's in 4 zipped sections of about 9 Mb
 each. Send me your 
email address and make sure your mailbox can
 accept an 
attachment this large. 

Rick barking_barnacles@yahoo.com 

23. The Divided Koreas – CBS News 


24. PFC Curtis E. Carrere – Purple Heart
 found–New Orleans 

Posted to Remembrance 

We have found a Purple Heart that was engraved
 for Curtis E. 
Carrere from New Orleans. We have found last name
 to be 
spelled Carrere, Carrare, and Carrara. Also
 middle name may be 
spelled Ucklet pronounced as Euclid. From our
 research we 
believe that the parents names where Ucklet and
 Gladys, both 
deceased. We are looking for relatives to give
 the medal to. Also 
have his Korean service medal. These were found
 by our church 
while cleaning up from Hurricane Katrina in the
 Holly Grove area 
of New Orleans.  

by James Savage 
NYC, NY on March 27 2008 

Contact Hal Barker at hbarker@kwp.org 


Thanks to all who have made this newsletter and
 the website 

Donors: www.koreanwar.org/html/membership.html 

Hal and Ted Barker

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