Feminism is Bad for the Environment


Feminism is Bad for the Environment

Thirty-eight years after the first Earth Day, our progressive friends continue their long, green march through the institutions.

One doomsday scenario after another has fueled their anxiety and goosed them onwards.

At Earth Day I in 1970, biologist Paul Ehrlich promised a “Population Bomb” that would kill as many as a half a billion people in the next ten or so years and only that few if a new Pope “gives his blessing to abortion.”

By 1975, the doomsday du jour was global cooling, whose “ominous signs,” Newsweek promised, “may portend a drastic decline in food production.”

By 1982, in an effort to forestall the placement of Pershing missiles in western Europe, the KGB had concocted the “nuclear winter” scare and found a useful idiot in PBS’s resident pothead, Carl Sagan, to shill for it. [more]

Moderator’s Note: Don’t miss this Saturday’s (April 19th) Darwin, Design & Democracy VII all-day event. Jack Cashill is moderating, and Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed will be featured.


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