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Rex84: Suppressed Oliver North Confrontation Video Footage Released

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Suppressed Oliver North Confrontation Video Footage Released

Kurt Nimmo


obamadash (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Prison Planet
Saturday, May 31, 2008

In the recovered footage posted here, citizen journalists get a chance to question Oliver North about REX 84 and COG, the supposed plan for the continuity of government in the wake of a terrorist attack or natural disaster. For daring to do so, these citizen journalists, bearing media credentials, were assaulted at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville by thugs who stole their camera memory cards, thus refusing to honor the First Amendment, as fascist thugs are wont to do. Questioning drug runner and convicted criminal Oliver North — not speculation, but documented historical fact — about REX 84 and and COG, members were told “this is not a press conference,” in other words, they had no right to ask North questions. Again, for daring to do so they were physically assaulted and robbed.

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The Essence of Liberty Chapter 10: The Costs of Lincoln’s War

May 31, 2008 1 comment


A Condensed Version of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. Prima. 352 pp. $24.95 

Condensed by 

Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume 

Chapter 10: The Costs of Lincoln’s War

2. The Death of Federalism

Although its significance is lost on most Americans, the destruction of states’ rights was probably the biggest cost of Lincoln’s war. It was important because the people, as citizens of their states, would no longer be sovereign. The federal government would become master rather than servant.

The doctrine of states’ rights is not just unique to the South. It is a universally acknowledged check on the arbitrary powers of the central state. But unfortunately, it no longer exists. It was destroyed by Lincoln’s war.

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Words of War

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Words of War

By Bill Steigerwald | 5/29/2008

Victor Davis Hanson, a former classics professor, is a renowned conservative scholar of ancient history and military affairs who’s recently become a nationally syndicated columnist and blogger. The author of 17 books with titles like “A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War,” “An Autumn of War” and “Mexifornia: A State of Becoming,” he is the senior fellow in residence in classics and military history at the Hoover Institution on the Stanford University campus. Hanson, whose scholarship and interest in individual freedom recently earned him a 2008 Bradley Prize worth $250,000 from the Bradley Foundation, was on his farm near the central California town of Selma when I called to ask him about his favorite war books.

Q: What’s the greatest book on war ever written?

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 By Chuck Baldwin

May 30, 2008

A bomb exploded inside Washington, D.C., this week, and, no, it was not the work of a Middle Eastern terrorist. It was the work of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. He, perhaps more than anyone else, was the face of President Bush’s White House. He faithfully served President George W. Bush for close to a decade and served as Bush’s Press Secretary for some three years, resigning on April 19, 2006. He was also regarded as one of the most loyal and tight-lipped of the Bush insiders. However, his new book, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception” has exploded in the face of what history will probably regard as one of the most deceptive and manipulative Presidential administrations in American government. The Washington Post (and a host of other media) released a report regarding McClellan’s book this past Wednesday.

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Media Crocodile Shock on Hill´s Assassination Talk © Jack Cashill

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Media Crocodile Shock on Hill´s Assassination Talk

© Jack Cashill  
Posted: WorldNetDaily.comMay 29 , 2008

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California,” Hillary Clinton told the editorial board of The Sioux Falls Argus Leader last week in explaining her reason for staying in the presidential race.

This comment evoked predictable outrage from the Obama-happy media. “The politics of this nation is steeped enough in blood, Senator Clinton,” wailed MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann in higher dudgeon than usual. “You cannot and must not invoke that imagery! Anywhere! At any time!”

Unfortunately for an earlier black rival of the Clintons with presidential aspirations of his own, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, the then Clinton-happy media refused to even inquire into his suspicious death.

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Refitting the Presidency to the Constitution

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Refitting the Presidency to the Constitution

by David W. Orr

The 44th president will assume office with powers greatly enlarged by his or her predecessor. Drawing on recent precedents, the next president could launch preemptive wars with only minor interference from Congress, ignore the ancient right of habeas corpus and imprison political enemies, spy on American citizens without serious legal restraint, use practically any federal agency for political purposes, manipulate the press in ways inconceivable prior to 2000, corrupt the federal justice system for political gain, destroy evidence in criminal cases, use the Justice Department to prosecute members of the opposing party, offer lucrative no-bid government contracts to friends, expand the creation of private security armies, use torture, create secret prisons, assassinate inconvenient foreign leaders, circumvent laws with signing statements, and a great deal more. Such things are now possible because the system of checks and balances carefully written into the Constitution and explained in great detail in the Federalist Papers were weakened as a result of historical circumstances of the 20th century, but systematically and with great forethought by the administration of George W. Bush.

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May 30, 2008 1 comment

 By Tom DeWeese
May 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton. John McCain. Barack Obama. Those are our choices for the next president of the United States. Are you happy with that selection? If not, what is your alternative? As the saying goes, “The lesser of two evils is still evil.”

Beyond the presidential race we have congressional candidates, governors, state legislators, county commissioners, mayors, and city council candidates. Are you happy with whom the parties have chosen to offer for election? If not, what’s your alternative?

The real issues of the day are not even being addressed in the campaigns. The falling dollar that will render our money worthless; the rising gas prices that grab the last of our worthless money; the invasion of illegal aliens that are changing our society; the globalization of our economy; assaults on our private property; the loss of American jobs to foreign countries; and now the threat of food shortages.

These are real problems facing every American, yet it is apparently politically incorrect to discuss them. There are no questions concerning these issues during debates, on Sunday morning political talk shows, or anywhere in the news media in relationship to the candidates. It’s not there. Not to be discussed. The powers in charge are picking the issues – no matter how frustrated the electorate is.

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