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The Essence of Liberty

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A Condensed Version of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. Prima. 352 pp. $24.95 

Condensed by 

Dr. Jimmy T. (Gunny) LaBaume 

Chapter 7: Waging War on Civilians

2. The Rules of War

An international convention met in Geneva in 1863 for the purpose of codifying the rules of warfare. During the previous century, nations had agreed that attacking defenseless towns, plundering and destroying civilian property and taking more than necessary to sustain an occupying army from the civilian population were all war crimes punishable by imprisonment or death. Furthermore, the only just war was a defensive war. Thus, Lincoln’s invasion of the South was a war crime.

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The Academic General

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by Charley Reese
by Charley Reese


I mean no disrespect, but Gen. David Petraeus is overrated. I don’t for a second question his intelligence, patriotism or courage. He just has had the misfortune of coming along at a time when the Pentagon hands out generals’ stars and decorations like Mardi Gras beads.

He has medals (commonly called a “fruit salad”) from his collarbone almost to his bellybutton, yet he has seen very, very little combat. If you read his military résumé, he has been mostly a desk jockey. Again, the medals aren’t his fault. The politicians in Washington, those in and those out of uniform, have cheapened them all by too generously handing them out for too little in the way of accomplishments.

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“Why I Fear McCain….”

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“It’s why I fear McCain will probably win the election next year. His snarky rictus of a smile, his near pyschotic glare and his rigid and robotic body movements all reflect the collective malaise of the nation.”

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By John Steppling

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ABC News Shielding Cheney after DC Madam Hanging?

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May 6, 2008 at 08:09:04
ABC News Shielding Cheney after DC Madam Hanging?

by Gustav Wynn     Page 1 of 1 page(s)

Florida police made public two notes handwritten by Deborah Jeane Palfrey this weekend, touching off debate on whether her hanging was in fact suicide or staged to look so. At least one reporter is claiming the DC Madam mentioned she’d kill herself before returning to prison, but another interviewer has aired recent audio of Palfrey warning that if she was found dead, it would be murder.

Initial reports of Palfrey’s death conclusively ruled it a suicide, a bit hasty considering the magnitude of the sensitive secrets she held. I first heard the news on an NPR broadcast Thursday afternoon which included an official’s soundbyte on how relatives are victimized in suicides, a strange generalization that pointed blame at Palfrey for hurting her own mother before any other details of the case were released. This statement was attached to the breaking news by an “imbedded pundit”, only raising suspicion of media manipulation in the earliest going.

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Napolitano – A Nation of Sheep

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Napolitano – A Nation of Sheep


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Michael Cutler
May 8, 2008

Two news articles recently appeared in their respective newspapers.

Both articles deal with the same news story but the difference in the way that the stories were written is significant.

The first article makes it clear that the aliens who attempted to procure driver’s licenses through fraud were from so-called “special interest countries,” that is to say, countries that are linked to terrorism. The second article describes these aliens as coming from “New Jersey!”

I know that New Jersey may seem to be an unusual state for folks from other parts of the country, but in point of fact, New Jersey is, in fact one of our nation’s 50 states. The illegal aliens did, obviously travel from New Jersey to New Mexico, but it is curious that the author of the second article attempted to ignore the fact that the individuals who attempted to obtain driver’s licenses through fraud were, illegal aliens.

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 By Jon Christian Ryter

May 7, 2008

The UN’s World Food program announced on April 22 the onset of what the WFP director, Josette Sheehan, described as a global food crisis that will require $770 million in additional funding to ease the global food “crisis.” On May 1, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced that the World Food Program had only $18 million in cash-on-hand and was facing this new crisis with a shortfall it would not be able to overcome due to what Sheehan described as “…a silent tsunami in rising food prices that required a huge infusion of cash…” to meet the new demand in a world of rapidly escalating food prices. The only problem is, the WFP had a cash stockpile on hand of $1.22 billion—plus an additional $1.33 billion in current pledges from UN members.

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