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GyG: Aviation Marines Sea Stories….

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I just happened to come across an old post (2003) regarding a couple old sea stories I had all but forgotten

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GyG: What’s WRONG w/This Picture?

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GyG: What’s WRONG w/This Picture?

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May 13, 2008

Interview With Admiral Keating

American Morning (CNN), 7:00 AM

KYRA PHILLIPS: All right. Well, allegations that the military junta is hoarding good food and giving the rotten food to the cyclone victims on the verge of starvation right now. So, what will happen and will the government in Myanmar even agree to accept more American help? I talked to Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of the U.S. military Pacific command, who led the first relief flight. He got some resistance, a little bit got in. And here were his first impressions upon landing there in the area also known as Burma.

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