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Hillary’s RFK Comment Wishful Thinking?

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I have never liked the Klintons at all. But I have always tended to lean toward underdogs in general. I never did quite figure out just which one, if anyone, of the Klintons might be the lesser of evils.

In this case, especially, it may well be a case where her fall from front runner to underdog is likely no coincidence at all.

She obviously was very likely to beat the dogcrap outta McStrangelove come November–could it be that that was unacceptable to someone/something? Then, speaking of coincidences, Obama suddenly appears on the scene, out of nowhere. Clearly, the “messiah” would instantly be recognized immediately by millions of  potentail voters, especially those young potential voters trained, conditioned, indoctrinated, etc. in the marxist gubmint schools of our former Republic.

These are not my ideas, btw, I have been reading  all this stuff wholly and/or in part by others for months now. Of course, this coincidence of her falling from grace and having someone at the same time standing ready in the wings, may have been egged on a lot by….let’s see….who could that be now???–aha, I got it! The msm could have a lotta influence in something like this maybe. Could that be? Perhaps. Why not, anything can happen, right?

As for Hillary’s RFK remark that’s causing the brouhaha right now, that’s really nothing to get excited over. I have also read such things earlier this year about, for intance, both Ron Paul, and Obama himself. Nobody seemed to be offended in those similar cases.

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Top U.S. Officer Warns Not To Mix Military And Politics

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May 23, 2008

Top U.S. Officer Warns Not To Mix Military And Politics

By Kristin Roberts, Reuters

WASHINGTON –Military officers who denounce policies they helped implement are “cowardly,” the top U.S. officer charged on Friday in an apparent reference to retired generals’ attacks on Iraq war policy.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of staff, told U.S. Naval Academy graduates that military officers face two options when political leaders do not follow their advice — obey orders or quit.

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D. B. Cooper???

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 May 24/25 COAST TO COAST AM – has D.B. Cooper been identified?
coast to coast ^ | 5-24-08

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Sorry I didn’t post sooner. This is fascinating about D.B. Cooper. They may have actually identified who he was — he survived the jump.


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We Americans are now engaged in a New Civil war, testing whether this nation, conceived and dedicated as we are, will endure. Take a moment to let this fact register in your mind.  This is not a metaphor or a figure of speechwe are currently in a civil war against domestic political and economic forces that are killing us and destroying our nation. Read more…


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