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US/BP Terror Drills —Ron Paul’s Texas City by Captain Eric H. May

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US/BP Terror Drills
—Ron Paul’s Texas City

by Captain Eric H. May
Political-Military Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
May 27, 2008

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

HOUSTON, May 27 Military and police forces from across the U.S. are conducting SWAT-style terror drills in BP’s Texas City refinery, the nation’s deadliest and dirtiest industrial site. The facility has exploded with alarming frequency in recent years, including a Mar. 23, 2005 explosion that killed 15 workers.
The terror drills, which involve explosives, began Memorial Day, and will continue until Sunday, June 1. Extra security will be on hand to keep residents away. BP security supervisor Ben Wier will be present, along with other BP personnel.
Despite official assurances from BP and terror drill participants, many area residents are alarmed.
“There have been too many unexplained things that BP,” an anonymous local said, “and since the company owns this town it gets the paper and police to shut up about anything it wants.”
He pointed out that the local Internet researchers correctly predicted BP Texas City explosions on Mar. 30, 2004 and Jul. 28, 2005.
Most alarmingly, the same researchers predicted a Jan. 31, 2006 Bush administration attempt to nuke the small city in Representative Ron Paul’s 14th Congressional District. The next day, on Feb. 1, a federal nuke team mysteriously appeared in force on the beaches just south of town. Galveston County Daily News reporter TJ Aulds wrote a bizarre story about it, “Nuclear attack warning story dismissed,”
In it, he parroted official assurances that the secretive nuke team was nothing to worry about.
Several BP employees have contacted The Lone Star Iconoclast in the last year, and based on their inside information about terror drills last fall, The Iconoclast issued an Oct. 18, 2007 Southeast Texas “false flag alert.” Within three hours of its publication, the Southeast Texas Dow Chemical pipeline exploded and sent per barrel oil prices to record highs. Read more…

Webb Chides McCain Over Bill GI benefits boost at issue

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 Washington Times
May 28, 2008 
Pg. 4

Newsmaker interview

Webb Chides McCain Over Bill

GI benefits boost at issue

By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

Sen. Jim Webb — already being mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick for the Democrats — yesterday took a swipe at presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain for opposing his 21st Century GI Bill of Rights.

Mr. Webb, Virginia Democrat and chief author of the new bill that provides better education benefits for the nation’s military veterans, warned President Bush against vetoing the measure and said Mr. McCain should “sit down and take a look more carefully” at the bill.

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Criticisms Emerge Of V-22 Osprey

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May 27, 2008

Criticisms Emerge Of V-22 Osprey


CNN Newsroom, 10:00 AM

TONY HARRIS: The Marines V-22 Osprey is an odd bird, huge propellers and a broad body, but has it proven itself?

Here’s CNN’s Jamie McIntyre.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JAMIE MCINTYRE: When the V-22 Osprey flies unescorted, a lone tail gunner is its sole protector, but while not bristling with guns, the revolutionary heliplane is bursting with speed, and that’s its best defense argues the commander of the first V-22 squadron to see combat in Iraq.

LT. COL. PAUL ROCK, V-22 SQUADRON CMDR.: It’s harder to hit a rabbit when he’s running, you know, and we’re just moving faster and much more maneuverable airplane, difficult to engage.

MCINTYRE: The V-22’s original design included a! front-mounted gun that was dropped to save on weight. That was after former Marine Corps Commandant Jim Jones retired.

Does it bother you there’s no nose gun?

GEN. JAMES JONES (RET.), FORMER MARINE CORPS COMMANDANT: No, I would prefer that, but I may be just kind of traditional Marine that an airplane going into a hot zone that can’t fire, you know, to the front.

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Buyer’s Remorse – How Rank and File Democrats are Rejecting Their ‘Inevitable’ Nominee

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 Buyer’s Remorse – How Rank and File Democrats are Rejecting Their ‘Inevitable’ Nominee ^ | 05.25.2008 | Paul Lukasiak

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2008 22:47:23 by neverdem


Ever since the media declared that Barack Obama was “inevitable” after February 19th, based on a two week period when the an unprepared Hillary Clinton campaign suffered “10 straight losses”, rank and file Democratic voters have been sending a message. Rather than rally ‘round the “inevitable nominee” that message has been a consistent, loud, and clear message to the Democratic Party – DO NOT WANT.

In nearly every demographic category since February 19, Clinton percentage of the vote has risen, while Obama’s has fallen. This includes Obama’s supposed “strong” demographic categories such as voters with college degrees post-graduate degrees and voters whose income is above the national median. And Clinton beat Obama in the primaries in March, April and May in most of the major categories.

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It took less than one drink to get Shannon Wilcutt busted for felony DUI[AZ][Busybodys]

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 It took less than one drink to get Shannon Wilcutt busted for felony DUI[AZ][Busybodys]
Phoenix New Times ^ | 20 Mar 2008 | Sarah Fenske

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10:56:48 by BGHater

The businessman was meeting with clients for lunch at Mimi’s Café when he noticed the woman. Sitting a few tables over with her 4-year-old boy, she seemed groggy — yet she was drinking a mimosa.

It got worse. The woman ordered a glass of white wine, then another. She was so out of it, the businessman would later write in a statement to police, that she looked ready to fall asleep at the table.

When the woman paid her bill and left the restaurant, the businessman was right behind her, cell phone in hand. When she ran a stop sign in the parking lot, he called the police.

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Ron Paul’s payroll all in the family

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 – Page updated at 12:00 AM

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GOP hopeful Rep. Ron Paul is also selling a book.

Ron Paul’s payroll all in the family

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, has built a national following largely by preaching an isolationist foreign policy. Stick with your own kind, says the maverick presidential candidate.

And that’s more or less what he has been doing over the past few months, putting relatives in a slew of key positions and paying them a total of $169,063, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

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Sea Stallion Steps Back In History

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 Sea Stallion Steps Back In History
Irish Examiner ^ | 5-25-2008 | Richard Collins

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 18:06:51 by blam

Sea Stallion steps back in history

Richard Collins on a remarkable Danish replica ship.


AT three o’clock next Thursday afternoon Dubliners will be treated to an extraordinary spectacle. The Viking ship Sea Stallion, which has been on display at the National Museum in Collins Barracks, will be lifted 50 metres into the air by a giant crane. Then the huge vessel will be swung out over the three-storey museum building and deposited in the nearby Croppy’s Acre. In the middle of the night it will be moved to the River Liffey, prior to its long sea journey back to Denmark.

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