Dr. Eugene Narrett, Ph.D
May 27, 2008

“This case is about the fundamental question: who is the bearer of human rights? Who is a person according to the European Human Rights Charter.”[1]

We need to address the current status of the hoarse race to the White House; the number of pretenders is not fixed and each nag must have a mate. But while the whores jockey for new composites of gender and race, for personae to adorn their naked ambitions there are other questions of personhood and brutishness to ponder. As twilight falls, terrible noises come from the underbrush abutting the track.[2]

“Animal Planet” seems to be the name of a new theme park if we read the telescreen right. Perhaps this is yet another “environmental” gambit: they have been tutoring us that this planet is for animals other than humans, the human (Hu) element that messes things up for more pliable, less creative critters. Building from myriad previous essays, speeches and law there is a new group, VHEMT, pronounced, they tell us, “vehement” and an acronym for “Voluntary Human Extinction.”[3] You know the method by now: first it’s a voluntary exhortation, a new Age ‘morality,’ than it’s a moral imperative, then a State desideratum and last, mandatory, to ensure the “quality of life,” of course.

Some may believe, especially after perusing the ape story below that VHEMT actually is a form of the German verhaermt, “barren” or “careworn.” But do believe them when they say they are vehement about this “voluntary” program that has arisen, mirabile dictu just as the ethanol scam for withdrawing cropland is igniting regional famines and boosting the cost of food and fuel. Could it be that the Carnegie and other Foundations with a long stake in population control have some nags in this race? [4] Achtung! “When every human being chooses [sic] to stop breeding [they mean making love and taking part in the great miracle of children] earth’s biosphere will return to its former glory and all creatures allowed to live, die and evolve.” It’s like those increasingly frequent adverts warning, “Don’t outlive your money” neatly timed to coincide with the disappearance of oceans of wealth and jobs. But VHemt’s exhortation calls to mind the rejoinder of a delegate in the French Assembly when it debated banning capital punishment (while the ‘sons of reason’ were engaged in an orgy of revolutionary killing): “les Messieurs les Assassins commencement” (let the murderers begin the ban by not murdering). Let the vehement ones go first: bon voyage! Auf wiedersehn!

In keeping with our barbiturate-laced applesauce days of ‘mercy killing,’ a cute cartoon adorns VHEMT’s home page: a cute green dinosaur with his arm around the dotted outline of a vanished human (male of course). Next to the vanished man stands a smiling chicken whose droppings drew the graphic, figuratively speaking. See, animals don’t speak, human beings do because they have an immortal soul;[5] animals don’t. This is why the greenies want to get rid of that “old” book, or to disparage it, a process that got into high gear about 1700 years ago. These are the most recent “improvements”: total replacement. Identity theft is death, the signature of virtual reality and terminal cuteness.


This is what Animal Planet is all about: terminal cuteness, a classic postmodern fraud. Promoted as a super petting farm with Frisbees, possums and what not, it actually is an advert for “the Comcast family of networks”; virtual reality makes network into family, displaces human warmth for costly static. Just wait till the Macarthur geniuses hit us with the next plan to “interlink” everyone for total monitoring as they “learn to earn” – very philanthropic. Comcast, a major part of the Red Sox, Boston Globe, New York Times – New York Yankees “family” wants us all to purchase “HD” (high definition” televisions. In this family, all the “members” own each other and sell each other, constantly). Ads have been warning analog cable renters that they their sets may not work next year: better get out and buy another! Don’t save; don’t get out of debt, spend so your creditors can count your poverty as an asset: it’s more important to count the stipples in a basketball player’s tattoos or the hairs in Matthew’s nose than to get out of debt.

Who’s Matthew? He’s a chimp, chump. “He is twenty-six years old and his supporters hope to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.”[6] The vehement and barren ones and their sponsors have got to love the implications of this. See the Germans brought, sorry, “abducted Matthew…traumatized him…smuggled him to Austria for use in pharmaceutical experiments,” the online journal reports. When the chimp “shelter” went bankrupt Matthew was going to be deported unlike some other illegal aliens; if they’re persons is he? They’ve been adopted, too, by major Foundations, etc.

Fortunately, a British woman, naturally, came to the rescue. Paula Stibbe has filed an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, a blended Franco-German city that aptly serves as a seat of the EU’s authority. “Matthew” needs legal standing as a “person” for the court to appoint a guardian for him to fight extradition. The Austrian courts, including that nation’s, or virtual nation’s high court ruled that, no, “Matthew” does not have the same rights as human persons. This is where the High Court of the EU, regionalization and the new world omelet come in, an omelet not that we eat but where we are eaten.[7] If they overturn the national court’s decision they get a two-for: further destruction of national sovereignty that curbs the nascent world state’s dictates; perversion of the order of creation, another attack on the Creator and an attack on human beings lethal in its implications, as VHEMT shows.

“Everybody who knows him [the chimp] personally will see him as a person” says Ms. Stibbe in an ominous, outcome-based tautology. Our defeat is hard-wired into the bias of the newspeak. If you don’t see “Matthew” “personally” you’re an impersonal, cold-hearted, male chauvinist, patriarchal etc.

Some pertinent connotations of “person” indicate the core facts and dangers on which we’re being hoist. In legalese, a person “is a human being or organization with legal rights and duties.” If corporations are legal ‘persons,’– “a composite of traits that make up a personality” than why not chimps? When one adds the theological aspect, the post-modern pastiche idea, the corporate person becomes even more disturbing and ironic, part of the cunning of history, or providence. A corporation is God’s doppelganger as Western law and theology would have it. Is not “Matthew” a “composite of characteristics”?[8] Thus, corporations and animals, their mirror image in faking human identity, inherit the earth. Can extraterrestrials be far behind?

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Ms. Stibbe is a perfectly correct post-modern woman: her love of the alien, primitive and exotic approaches the ne plus ultra of sterile perversity. Again one thinks of Ovid and the nightmarish divine births, transgenderings and shape-changing of pagan myth. Man-phobic and phobic to healthy and beautiful reproductive sex, like the gorilla lady and others, she saves her strange love for beasts. The horrid fascination of Wells’ Dr. Moreau more and more haunts our lives. To Moreau, pain was a sign of brutish weakness, not sensitivity. Only one who was above pain was truly man, an ubermensch, an oligarch.

And so our sports channels showcase Cage Fights in which humans resembling beasts fight like beasts, kicking, clawing, punching, whatever, for entertainment, for now: how long until it’s for food and survival, as in the Coliseum at Rome? The pharmaceutical experiments for which “Matthew” was “abducted” (the West has always foundered by taking metaphors literally and humanizing what is not human) come full circle in the drive to establish him as a person, “a composite of characteristics.” Will they not, do they not say the same of us all; say that we are ‘social constructs?’

“Since he has no close relatives” says Ms. Stibbe, “I am doing this as the person closest to him.” As it is written: “they were reverting, and reverting very rapidly…the pioneers were females [as] the tradition of the Law was losing its force.”[9]

As the race nears its end and the Law loses its force, its time for the rebellious fillies to find their mates: coupling is in the air as harvest season looms on the horizon. With 2020 vision one can see it.[10] The whores race to the finish envisioned by the grand masters of eugenics, the gods of this world, barren. Blues, Reds, Pinks and Purples, the teams were made to blend their colors like the Rainbow Swastika.[11] Is Condoleeza Rice Red? Why not mate her with any of the three horses? Why should we not consider Mrs. Obama VP material? She could run with her husband or whomever. Mix and match. B.H. Obama is quoted as saying “lay off my wife” but the eloquent declaimer of two-fisted jeremiads may likely set her own agenda. It is the era of “Matthew’s” personhood, purple haze and the Corporate Collective; of verhaermt and political rules: of lawless law…

Why not four pairs, each coupling in the grand Cage Fight, the legs of a throne “to keep a drowsy emperor awake,” an eternal distraction persona.[12] Thus Ballot Bowl may find a place for Paula and Matthew; they would match with any network, grist for the blenders of the great ‘debate’ in which words lose their meanings and language its shape.


1. Attorney Eberhardt Theuer, adviser to Animal Rights Group petitioning European High Court quoted in “European Court Agrees to Hear Chimp’s Plea for Human Rights,” This is London, 5/21/08. Note how the headline prejudges the case and the nature of the chimp.
2. Persona – 1) a character in a dramatic or literary work, 2) the role a person assumes to display his intentions to himself and to others.” American Heritage Dictionary (Houghton Mifflin 1982), 925; in classical Greek drama, a mask was essential to each persona or role. Dionysus wore a smiling mask…
4. Edwin Black, The War against the Weak (NY 2003) details the relations between American, English and German ‘eugenicists” and euthanasia ideologies. It also offers quotes demonstrating that by 1940 American eugenicists knew that “the Jewish problem is already solved in principle; it will soon be solved in fact.”
5. Genesis 2:7-24, 2:19-20 on the unique human powers of speech and its relation to love, marital bonding and the miracle of childbirth. See also psalm 139:13-18 for a succinct celebration of this divine miracle.
6. This is London, op. cit.
7. Hamlet 4.3.15-20, “eaten by a very politic conference of worms.”
8. American Heritage Dictionary op. cit.
9. H. G. Wells, the Island of Dr. Moreau (1896), chapter 21
10. See my archive for essay of this title, 2020 Vision: Sighting Global “Solutions
11. Read this masterwork by Hannah Newman.
12. W.B. Yeats, “Sailing to Byzantium” IV; as if in tandem with Ms. Stibbe and her chimp-person, the Vatican’s astronomer, Jose Gabriel Funes told the official Vatican organ, L’Osservatore Romano that space aliens would be “our brothers” and “children of God,” May 14, see coverage including Peter Popham for the Independent, May 15, 2008. While the entire universe is the Creator’s work this news fits the Vatican’s recent embrace of global warming ‘concerns,’ ecumenical praying in mosques, dictates to America and other aspects of the sensate, regressive “New Age” madness of terror-time. Humans are being tutored to align themselves with chimps and ET’s. This is not good.

© 2008 Eugene Narrett – All Rights Reserved

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Eugene Narrett received his BA, MA and PhD from Columbia University in NYC. His writings on American politics and culture and on the Middle East and geopolitics have been widely published. These include four books, the most recent being WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007) which examines the historical roots and purposes of the war on terror as a late stage in the undoing of the West. His previous book, Israel and the Endtimes (2006) lays the basis for these questions.

Dr. Narrett has appeared on scores of radio programs, both major networks like WABC, Radio America, Eagle Forum Radio and Westwood Communications, as well as regional and local stations. He has been honored for his essays on art and literature and on behalf of the pro-life movement.

Since receiving his doctorate in 1978, Dr. Narrett has been teaching literature and art and creating interdisciplinary courses in the Humanities. He lectures on a variety of topics relating to western civilization, geopolitics and the multi-faceted war on the family that is a striking feature of the postmodern west.

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