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George C. Clark: Book by Guy Gabaldon USMC, etc.

from George B. Clark <brasshat@kingcon.com>
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date Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 12:18 PM
subject new book, and downloads.
mailed-by kingcon.com
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I have just come across copies of a book I bought years ago, and carefully set aside, and just rediscovered them in a box.
They are by a Marine named Guy Gabaldon, now deceased, I believe. He who talked in “over a thousand Japanese – while on Saipan.”
They are new, the few I have, and in paper with photos, in 245p. If interested in a copy, notify me and send $10.00 for a postpaid copy.
ALSO, I have been thinking of downloading, to a cd, most of my early “reprints” most of which have been out of print for MANY years.
The prices will be either $6 or $8, postpaid, depending upon the length.
If you have any interest I will send you a brief list of those I now have.
I will have to know which format you will want; PDF, WORD, or WORD PERFECT, or ???

George Clark

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