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“The Worst, If Congress Eventually Passes The ‘Bailout’ Bill, Is Yet To Come”

September 30, 2008 1 comment

Socialist “Bailout” Could Spark Collapse

By Cliff Kincaid

September 30, 2008

While many of the talking heads and pundits on TV have been providing calming words of reassurance about proposed federal intervention in the financial system, analyst Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital has been accurately warning for years about a financial meltdown and says that the worst, if Congress eventually passes the “bailout” bill, is yet to come.

Asked for comment on current media coverage of the financial meltdown, he told Accuracy in Media, “Absent when they have me on, it’s pretty bad.”

Many commentators, Schiff said, are telling people that if the bailout doesn’t go forward, there will be an economic crisis. However, “if we do it, there will be a bigger crisis,” he predicts.

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The Myth of the Morally Superior Yankee by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

September 29, 2008 5 comments

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Hillary Clinton is a museum-quality specimen of a Yankee – self-righteous, ruthless, self-aggrandizing”

~ Clyde Wilson

Being born and raised in Pennsylvania, I am a northerner but not a Yankee. The same is true of my friend Lew Rockwell, a native of Massachusetts who would qualify for membership in Sons of Union Veterans. The word “Yankee” gained popularity in the early to mid nineteenth century to describe a particular brand of New Englander: arrogant, hypocritical, unfriendly, condescending, intolerant, extremely self-righteous, and believing that he and his were God’s chosen people.

Yankees have never shied away from using the coercive powers of the state to compel others to be remade in their image. That’s why compulsory government schooling originated in New England, as did prohibitionism. It’s also why Stalinism took hold in the North (especially in New York City) in the twentieth century, as did its offshoot, neoconservativism, in more recent times. Indeed, many of the more notorious neoconservatives openly admit that they were Stalinists in their youth and have never fully abandoned those beliefs.

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Bush Wants To Bankrupt America: There is Method To His Madness

September 29, 2008 1 comment



Bush Wants To Bankrupt America: There is Method To His Madness

By Sam Hamod

07/01/03: “ICH” — – Some have wondered if GW Bush knows what he’s doing with his tax cut that benefits the corporations and the very rich, and cuts away the remaining money of the poor and the middle class. I say yes, he does know what he’d up to, as do his corporate advisors and his neo-con economist friends and theorists, chief among them Grover Norquist. Norquist has been the chief architect behind the dismantling of the American federal financial structure in terms of benefits for the common citizen, but has helped to create the superstructure of tax breaks for the very rich and the corporatocracy that now has a choke-hold on America.

The plan is very simple, but not obvious on first blush. Make sure that all the money is gone from the U.S. treasury, make sure the deficits are so great that all social and educational programs are cut, increase the military and security budgets to “protect our nation” with all these monies going to corporations and security firms who are extra-national (not tied to any country, but actually more than multi-national in that they are outside the purview of any nation at any single moment) and stave in the social security fund by allowing it to go to private corporations for “investment”-and you have the perfect scenario for saying, “only the private sector can save us-we’re broke and they have the money to run every program, fund every program, but of course, at huge costs and profits for the private corporations.” Our only resource will be the corporate lenders, especially the large extra-national corporations who will have loyalty to no one except their corporate coffers and large share owners throughout the world.
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‘Our Surrender Has Been Negotiated’ Jim Kirwan

September 29, 2008 1 comment

‘Our Surrender Has Been Negotiated’
Jim Kirwan

Americans do not seem to realize that there is only one point to having a congress at all: The purpose of the US Congress is to serve as a translator for the public, to their government that was suppose to serve the people, and thereby the nation. Congress has no “other” purpose!

I’ve been a vocal observer of this charade officially, for 44 years: during that time I have yet to see the needs of the public served, by the congress, or for that matter by any of the branches of government.

What I have recorded have been the outright crimes and treasons, as well as tyranny’s that this government has continued to do to the public: in the name of the public-essentially without any real consequences for the self-serving actions of this so-called government-whether in the name of setting polices or of creating “public standards.” These corrupt figures have never varied from their practice of selling out the people for personal and-or political gain; just as the subject of all their actions (the public) have never failed to ignore the crimes and treasons that government has continually done to their willfully deaf, dumb and blind approach to everything political!
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September 29, 2008 1 comment

July 28, 2006

Statement by Robert Greenstein
Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The House Republican Leadership has announced its intention to have the House vote, before adjourning on Friday or Saturday, on several major pieces of legislation that are not yet available to House members in final form because behind-closed-door negotiations on the proposals are still going on.  The Leadership apparently intends to use a process known as “martial law” to allow these bills to be brought to the floor very shortly after negotiations are completed, with the result that Members of the House are likely to have virtually no time to examine and consider the details of the legislation before they will be required to vote on it.

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Dr. Paul’s House floor remarks on the bailout

September 29, 2008 1 comment

Dr. Paul’s House floor remarks on the bailout

Dr. Paul gave a quick speech on the House floor this morning concerning the bailout.  Due to the nature of the debate today, he didn’t have time to read his full remarks, which were put into the congressional record and are featured below:

The process of this bailout reminds me of a panic-stricken swimmer thrashing in the water only making his situation worse. Even a “bipartisan deal”—whatever that is supposed to mean— will not stop the Congress from thrashing about.

The beneficiaries of the corrupt monetary system of the last three decades are now desperately looking for victims to stick with the bill after they have reaped decades of profit and privilege.

The difficulties in our economy will continue because the Legislative and the Executive branches have not yet begun to address the real problems. The housing bubble’s collapse, as was the Dot Com bubble’s collapse, was predictable and is merely a symptom of the monetary system that brought us to this point.

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Eye-Opener: Donald Trump on $700 Billion Bailout Plan

September 29, 2008 2 comments

Friday , September 26, 2008


Donald Trump On 700$ Bailout Plan


This is a rush transcript from “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” September 26, 2008. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, Donald Trump saying, anything close to that $700 billion bailout would be a black eye for an economy he says rushing into one big depression.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump joins me now on the phone.

Donald, you could take care of this issue quite quickly by writing a check yourself, but I guess that is out. What do you make of this?

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