As December Looms More Take Notice of Obama [the Kenyan] Eligibility Issue

America’s Right ^ | 11/27/08 | Jeff Schreiber

Posted on Thursday, November 27, 2008 2:48:08 PM by solfour

As December Looms, More Take Notice of Obama Eligibility Issue

Christian Science Monitor latest to weigh in on citizenship debate

Every single day, it seems as though more and more information is coming across my Blackberry and e-mail inbox regarding the citizenship and eligibility questions surrounding Barack Obama. There are new reports analyzing Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth, reports refuting the first reports, information about forged selective service documents, and even rumors of death threats against one of those who has brought suit.

So much new information has come across that I am forced, due to constraints in time and resources which preclude me from examining and verifying and properly sourcing everything to the point where I feel comfortable running it in these pages, to act much like a spectator in all of this and limit the coverage here at America’s Right to things with I can personally see and feel and smell and examine, such as the various legal filings in the different suits across the country.

Thankfully, it seems as though word is steadily getting out. The great folks at WorldNetDaily have taken it upon themselves to spearhead an operation bridging the gap between the new media and the mainstream press — and it seems to be working. A few days ago, a question about the birth certificate issue was asked at a White House press briefing, and now we see that even the Christian Science Monitor has picked up the baton and chosen to weigh in.

When I first broke the story on August 21, I waited patiently for the mainstream press to pick up on it. I remember that first weekend, telling my wife on Sunday night that the late nights in front of the computer would likely come to an end,

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