February 20, 2009

Erica Carle

After watching the quick approval of the so-called stimulus package it ought to be obvious to any thinking person that our so-called legislators, do not legislate. They do not even read proposed legislation before casting their votes.

Someone other than the legislators writes the legislation. Someone other than the senators and representatives decides what must be approved and what must be rejected. The so-called legislators merely put their unthinking sanction on packages they are told to approve. There is no need for them to read the legislation because they are not expected to think about what they are doing. They are not even expected to represent the thinking of voters in their states. There is no sense denying this fact because that is the way it IS. And IS means IS.

This impotence and robotization of legislative bodies was planned many years ago by none other than that crazy Frenchman, Auguste Comte. He made it perfectly clear in his Positive Philosophy that in the future, thinking would no longer be necessary or desirable on the part of most individuals. He wrote:

The requisite convergence of the best minds cannot be obtained without voluntary renunciation on the part of most of them, of their sovereign right to free inquiry.

One of his followers, sociologist, Lester Ward explained the situation as far as legislation is concerned. In his 1906 book Applied Sociology he boasted:

It must not be supposed that such legislation can be conducted to any considerable extent in the open sessions of legislative bodies. These will doubtless need to be maintained, and every new law should be finally adopted by a vote of such bodies, but more and more this will become merely a formal way of putting the final sanction of society on decisions that have been carefully worked out in what may be called the sociological laboratory.

So I maintain there is NO ONE, DEAD OR ALIVE, who is more to blame for the ongoing destruction of the United States and the United States Constitution than that crazy Frenchman, Auguste Comte.

Tell me about Edward Bellamy and Looking Backward; Madam Blavatsky, Annie Besant and the Theosophical Society; Theodore Herzl and the Zionists; John Dewey and his influence on education; Andrew Carnegie, the Rockefellers, Thomas J. Watson, etc., etc. After being inspired and instructed, directly or indirectly, by Comte, all of them worked for their own versions of world government. All of them were important. All of them and many others played significant roles in the drive to destroy nations. But the crazy Frenchman out-flummoxed every one of them. He accomplished for the WORld Management System (WORMS) what no one else had accomplished.

He not only convinced millions to stop thinking independently, he gave them what they believed was moral justification for the abandonment of self and personality. He did this by coining the word “otherism.” Otherism gave the WORMS promoters a feeling of virtue for the worship of Comte’s new goddess, Humanity. By claiming their motives come from otherism, the nation destroyers allowed themselves to believe they are not evil, not traitorous, not greedy, not naïve, not stupid. They are concerned — totally concerned — with the welfare of others. (otherism in French=altruism). The crazy Frenchman wrote:

The ultimate systematization of human life must consist above all in the development of otherism.


Man’s peaceful activity must become, not merely collective, but distinctly otheristic in character.

No matter what aspect of the ongoing destruction you are trying to prevent, this is one of the most important reasons why the crazy Frenchman is your chief adversary. Comte gave WORMS promoters a feeling of moral justification for the destruction of personality, and the destruction of nations that respect personality.

The WORMS desperately needed this feeling of justification, but they also needed something else — a method. The crazy Frenchman also gave them that method. With just five words that he credited to Louis Napoleon, the simple plan of action was created.


Here is how it works:

To destroy Christianity he replaced it with the Great Being, the Goddess Humanity.
To destroy theology he replaced it with sociology.
To destroy Christian charity he replaced it with otherism.
To destroy nations he suggested replacing states with cities and the tracts of country, which freely adhere to them.
To destroy personal affection, he replaced it with love of all humanity.
To destroy personal knowledge he replaced it with control of public opinion and education.
To destroy Truth he replaced it with approval for censoring the achievements of all scientists who did not support evolution and Positive Philosophy.

The crazy Frenchman’s followers learned their lessons well:

To destroy Christian missions they replaced them with the Peace Corps.
To destroy Christian morality they replaced it with choose-your-own morality.
To destroy the states they are replacing them with regional government.
To destroy local control of education they replaced it with international sociological control by the United Nations.

To destroy government answerable to the people they are replacing it with government by political and social “scientists.”

To destroy independent businesses they are replacing them with government stimulus for international corporations approved by the International Chamber of Commerce.

To destroy government answerable to the people they are replacing it with government answerable to the United Nations.

Now you get the idea. We could go on and on. If you wish, please send me your additions to the ever-growing number of examples of TO DESTROY YOU MUST REPLACE.

The Hate Factory – a primer on the goals and methods of the crazy Frenchman’s sociology and how it is used in schools to corrupt the children.

© 2009 Erica Carle – All Rights Reserved

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, “Truth In Education” for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.

THE HATE FACTORY– Again available.



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