Re “Taps for Master Gunnery Sergeant John Marjanov, USMC”

Re “Taps for Master Gunnery Sergeant John Marjanov, USMC

I continue to receive, since 2002 now,  e-mail from Marines who claim to have known the MGySgt; that he had been awarded the VC and others; that this is not so, etc.–in any event, I have never seen any confirmation or denial, official, semi-official regarding any of the above–if anyone has some good solid information on this I would like to be informed.


(See Also the responses bottom of above link)

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3 Responses to Re “Taps for Master Gunnery Sergeant John Marjanov, USMC”

  1. Gunny G says:


    The above story regarding the deceased Master Gunnery Sergeant came about in 2002; for weeks, perhaps months the e-mail on this made its way around and it had begun to attract the attention of Marines and others who doubted the authenticity of the story.

    I attempted to collect the best of the responses that were going around and post them together with the original e-mail/story.

    Slowly the story eventually died out–there are still those out there who swear to the original story, and also those who do not.

    Since I still get e-mail inquiries on this topic, I am posting this as an update of sorts.
    Many of the original posts and responses–posted to many threads around the ‘Net–have by now (2009), seven years later, disappeared from the ‘Net and/or the links no longer alive.

    As far as I know, you can still write to HQMC, History & Museums for whatever info they have on this.

    Semper Fidelis
    Dick Gaines
    GySgt USMC (Ret.)

  2. collins46 says:

    Dear Dick,

    I was with MGY Sgt Marjanov in Vietnam for 8 of the 13 months that I spent there. At that time we were with the First Mar Div, Divisional Engineers just outside of Danang.

    I believe most of what was written about John. He did carry a wooden box in which he had papers and medals. I only seen inside it one time, when he was drunk, and it was a hell of a lot.

    During my time with him, he acted as the body guard for the Divisional Engineer and I acted as the driver. He was not a man to be messed with if he thought you posed any threat.

    I do not know what went on before VN, but I can say that while I was with him, we ran all over the I Corp, from South of Danang to Hue, even during the TET Offensive of ’68. He got my ass out of there and for that I am greatful. There were stories about Korea that some of the other Staff Sergeants told around, but John never bragged. Of course I never was invited to the NCO Club, which he literally owned just below Divisional Headquarters. If he said something I found that it could be trusted.

    During my time with him I came to know him well and surprisingly he was the last one that I seen, just before getting out of the Corps at Camp Pendleton, in ’68. His last words to me was “God Damn Collins, I thought you were Lifer Material.” In my heart right then I felt a strong tug to tear up my release and re-up. I know that I would have been back in Nam in less than 6 months. I had enrolled in College, but since then I have wondered what would have happened. That’s a long time ago. But, Top was one Hell of a man. He had a rings of roses tattooed around each wrist, a song bird on each breast and a dancing hula girl on his right forearm, and a stub of a cigar, not lite but well chewed, hanging out of his mouth most days. His most priced possession was a well polished Thompson, that somehow he had managed to carry with him since, I guess Korea. None of our weapons were standard issue, but somehow he managed to get and keep them (I have my own opinions on how and where).

    I really don’t give a damn about what others say of his metals, but he was a Marine, and they can’t take that away from John.

    Semper Fidelis
    Sheril D. Collins

    PS. I was the Oldest Marine at that Marine Corps Ball, Ankara, Turkey this year.

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