The Whites of Their Lies – ALAN KEYES

The Whites of Their Lies – ALAN KEYES
Loyal to Liberty ^ | August 20, 2009 | Alan Keyes

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 2:29:14 PM by EternalVigilance

The Obama faction’s drive to consolidate totalitarian, national, socialist control of key sectors of American life is stirring up some strong negative feelings in many Americans. The self-righteous, ‘How-dare-you-question-me’ tone in which many Obama faction pols have lashed out at critics has aggravated their resentment. So have the bully-boy tactics intended to discourage people from attending public meetings to voice their concerns.

If the Obama faction’s strategists thought these tactics would make Americans whimper and scurry back to their hidey-holes, they were sadly mistaken. Americans can be ferrets when it comes to truth, but some are more like mountain lions when roused to battle by tyrannical bullies. In the landscape of twentieth century history, pillars of smoke rising from the ruins of their would-be empires mark the burned out pyres of tyrant –isms and self-worshiping individuals who made the same mistake.

This history is so well known though, that I find it hard to believe the Obama strategists failed to take account of it. On the contrary, the deployment of SEIU blue-shirts and tax-funded ACORN rent-a-crowds is intended to provoke a John Wayne reaction. The ensuing brawl becomes their excuse to abuse the color of law in order to move against and criminalize their opposition. In their so-called ‘hate-crimes’ legislation they have already successfully positioned the logic of repression that will allow them to argue that any criticism of their actions or policies is part of a syndrome of violence that makes dissident speech as criminal as the actions they will claim it inspires.

The Obama Faction’s media claque is already preparing the way for this overt repression in their coverage of events. There are legitimate concerns about the implications of armed civilians in the vicinity of events involving the present occupant of the White House. But some reports have used blatant race baiting tactics, doubtless intended to stir up fear and anger among Black Americans. During a segment on MSNBC one anchor wondered “whether this has a racial overtone. I mean here you have a man of color in the Presidency and white people showing up with guns…” Now, as seen in the following video clip, the man who was the focus of the episode being discussed happened to be “a man of color” firmly opposed to the Obama faction’s proposed national socialist takeover of health care…

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