Trilateral Chief lusts for World War III

Trilateral Chief lusts for World War III
The Last Crusade ^ | Sept. 20, 2009 | Julius – Milton Mark

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Julius – Milton Mark

Several people have expressed muted outrage over Zbigniew Brzezinski’s call for Obama to shoot down Israeli aircraft.

Our friend Gummo called to remind us that most U.S. Presidents since 1948 have had similar plans on their global agendas. We must admit that singling-out our Mystery President for the same treachery that other corrupt, Satan-worshiping leaders and their advisors have displayed, does seem a bit unfair.

Trilateral Comm

What is taking place now is the seamless continuation of the “Baker Plan” which envisions a world without Israel as a paradise of peace and plenty.

Obama, like Bush-Klinton-Bush before him, blames tiny Israel and the British for all the myriad of crimes committed by Islam.

By “correcting” the British mistakes of cartography (establishing a Shiite Crescent and ending Persian isolation by allowing Iranian access to the Mediterranean Sea) and Lord Balfour’s blunder (the establishment of Israel), there will be 1,000 years of peace….and plentiful business opportunities with a grateful Muslim Ummah.

There will be no peace.

The nincompoops whom we elected to guide the United States during the past twenty years have squandered our wealth, and the futures of untold generations, by arming the Islamic Nation in preparation for the “Final Solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

When it comes to defending her citizens, Israel has been left with very few options, and five-million Israeli Jews marching into the sea, whistling “God Bless America” is not one of them.


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